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(BUa? ?Newspaper 3n jioith Carolina
. " ' .."?fi.' ' ?
m. 42.
Good Work of Sunday Scfcool.
Mr. Turner Greatly Improv
ed. New Century *mCUb
-._. /
On the first Sunday of tho new
year the Baptist Sunday school
jnade a splendid beginning,1 there
being 224 present, with a class col
lection of $6.87. The music now is
especially attractive, with the or
.hestra, Messrs. F. M. Boyd flute,
David Crim cornet, Claud Lott
clarionet, and Dr. J.A.Dobey violin.
On new year's eve, Mr. and Mrs.
O. S. Wertz entertained with a din
ner, the honor guests being: the pas
tor of each church with his wife,
Rev. and Mrs. M. L. Rester and
Dr. and Mrs. A. T. King. An ele
gant course dinner was served, the
centerpiece of the table being a
large bowl of fragrant Christmas
lillies, outlined with a holly wreath.
Mrs. Taylor Goodwyn assisted her
parents in making the evening one
of much pleasure to each one pres
Miss Josephine Mobley entertain
ed a few of her friends with a
.pend-the day party last week. The
?tay was happily and merrily spent.
Mr. M. T. Turner who has been
so ill for the past two months or
more, is now able to be up, but is
still confined to his home. His many
friends rejoice that he is now rap
idly recovering.
The high school resumed exercis
es on Monday and it was a happy
and memorable day for the pupils,
teachers and the entire town as
well. The handsome and modern
$2?,000 school building had been
completed, and the work of 1915
was resumed in full. The publio
bad been invited to the opening ex
! ercises and the auditorium was fill
ed with patrons and others interest
ed. The exercises were delightful
Jmd inspiring and the onplook for
"Vee"coming session is uisst promis
ing, with Prof. William F. ScoU/at
[the head, and wit- the able corps of
[teachers much will be acoomplised.
A Christmas house party that
Ibrought abundant happiness and
much joy to the parents, was that
in the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. S
rertz, all of their children being
cresent: Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Good
wyn, of Greenwood; Mr. and Mrs.
Setzen Wertz and Mr. and Mrs.
SOeSaussure Hogan and Mr. and
Hrs. Claud Wertz of Columbia;
Prof. and Mrs. Wilber Wertz, of
loontville, S. C., and Mr. Leroy
IWertz of Belton.
Mr. W. T. Hamilton of Middle
brook, Va., spent the holidays here
'ith his sister, Mrs. Allen Mobley.
Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Dobey and j
{fames Nixon are at home from
Miss Daisy Sawyer of Vidalia has
,een visiting relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Walker en
tertained with an elegant dining on
lew year's day.
Miss Emma Bouknight entertain
ed with a spend-the-day party on
.'uesday at her attractive home near
Miss Marie Fewell of Rock Hill
[as beon the guest of her friend,
[Irs. B. T. Boatwright at "The
[edars," and while here her
Ilough tf ul hostess arranged several
leasures for her which were also
ijoyed by others invited out.
Mrs. W. J. Hatcher who has been
mimed to bed for three weeks was |
trried to Columbia on Sunday for
'fedical treatment. Dr. Edith Simms j
.' Columbia came to accompany her. j
The New Century club met with
rs. C. D. Kenny on the afternoon
the 29th, and the holiday season
lade it one of unusual pleasure,
'hristmas lillies and ferns made a
pretty decoration, and the bright
:owing fires and hospitality and
hod cheer of the hostess, assisted
ty her daughter, Mrs. IK D. Moor
made the afternoon such a cap
one. During the business con
futed by president, Mrs. W. F.
;ott, the chief point was plans
?ade for Reciprocity day, February
Mrs. B. L. Allen was leader for
?e study hour and the following
[as had: "James Fenimore Cooper
.rst American novelist), childhood,
id the wilderness his teacher,"
rs. H. D. Grant; reading, "The
?y," Misti Clara Sawyer; "Wash
igton Irving, birth and ancestors,"
rs. W. F. Scott; reading from
^e.sketch book, Mrs. P. B. Wa
fs; "Nathaniel Hawthorn, solitary
and existence," Miss Zena
Payne; "Colonial Betting of the
scarlet letter," Mrs. James White;
"Rester Prinne and Arthur Dimes
dale as character types, * Mrs. P. N.
Lott. The program closed with ?
beautiful Christmas carol. The hos
tess served a salad course, followed
by cofl'ee with black and white
frnit. ?Mike tfhifih wag- artistically
arranged. '
Mr and Mrs. A. P. Lott enter
tained with a Christmas dining that
gave much pleasure to a number of
their friends.
Miss Ruth Smith of Ttnille, (ra.,
is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Wil
mot Ouzts.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cogburn
spent Sunday here in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lott.
Miss Martha Watson was the de
lightful hostess for & new year's eve
party., and an hour or more was
spent in progressive cards and con
test games. Delightful refreshments
were served and while enjoying
this, lovely music was listened to
from the music room. The decora
tions of the home were of the Yule
tide season.
Mrs. Newton Broadwater died at
her home on Christmas day after a
long and painful illness. Before her
marriage she was Miss Hattie War
ren, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.
D. Warren. She was a sweet spirit
ed Christian woman who had lived
for those in her home circle, and
was a devoted wife and mother.
During all her suffering she never
murmured but trusted her Saviour,
and with this abiding faith she
passed over the river into the bright
beyond. Besides her husband and
brother are left several children, a
sister, Mrs. Wallace Tompkins and
four brothers, Messrs. Leon* Hugh,
DeLoach and William Warren. The
funeral services were conducted on
Sunday morning the 27tb, at Har
mony church by Dr. A-T. King, she
being a member of the Johnston
Baptist church. Her body was ten
derly \<ai? *-y rctt brai?? che gr?V?s
of other loved ones.
Mrs. James White who has
charge of the L. T. L. entertained
the members in a most ideal man*
ner on Saturday afternoon. Many
pleasant pastimes afforded amuse
ment and stereoptioon views gave
much delight. The hostess served
refreshments and when each one
left it was with the pleasantest of
memories of this gathering.
Mr. Buford Scott died at his
home in the Harmony section early
Tuesday morning, the immediate
cause of his death being paralysis.
He was apparently well and during
the holidays his entire family had
been with him. On Monday after
they had all departed he started to
his mail box and was found soon
lying in an unconscious state never
gaining consciousness. His children
wera telegraphed for, and were soon
at his bedside, his son Leon, who is
at Annapolis, had or?ly gotten as
far a? Columbia. Mr. Scott was
about 08 yeais of age and was held
in high esteem in the community.
He was a good Christian man, who
delighted in doing the will of his
Master. Beides his widow he leaves
six children, Mesdames Kelly of
Aiken; Wilson, of Blackville; Mr.
Walter Scott, of Charleston; Prof.
Everett Scott, of Georgia, Joe and
Leon Scott. The funeral services
were conducted on Wednesday
morning at Harmony church.
Sympathy for Bereaved Loved
The death of Mrs. R. N. Broad
water on December 25 caused pro
found sorrow amona: her relatives
and host of friends in many sections
of the county. She had been a pa
tient sufferer for many months and
death came as a relief. Her ills
have been healed by the Great Phy
sician who has called her to the
other shore where she has received
the reward for those who are faith
ful here. Two beautiful tributes
are paid Mrs. Broadwater in this
issue of The Advertiser, one from
our Johnston correspondent and the
other by a Trenton friend and
neighbor. She was deserving of
all that has beer said, and more be
sides. Her unselfish life will be
lived over again through her chil
dren. Although absent in body
her beneficent influence will still
be a living force in the home and
The Advertiser -extends sincere
sympathy to the bereaved husband
and children in this dark hour.
Senator Tillman Makes Contri
bution to McKi? Meriwether
Monument Fund.
[Augusta Chronicle.]
Senator B. R. Tillman, making a
subscription of 125.00 to the Mc
Kie Meriwether monument fund,
heartily indorsee the movement.
The Chronicle has secured^from
Mr. J. B. McKie, who bas interest
ed himself in the monument, the
following intimate letter from Sena
tor Tillman, and takes the liberty
of presenting it.
It shows the deep interest of the
senator in the monument enter
prise and bespeaks for it hearty
As is generally known, the South
Carolina legislature has made an ap
propriation for-this monument, but
the committee in charge of the pro
ject has decided to augment the
state fund by individual subscrip
tions, that a more imposing shal t
may be erected than that contem
plated in tho state appropriation.
Washington, D. C., Dec. 13, 1914.
Mr. J. B. McKie, Woodlawn, S. C.
De-ir Jim: I see in last week's
Advertiser a photograph of McKie
Meriwether and a letter to you from
suine unknown pei son. I am
prompted to assist you in getting
money for the purpose of erecting a
worthy monument to that brave
and splendid boy-he was little else
than a boy when he was killed. I
enclose my check for $25.00. I wish
I felt able to make it more, but
times are very hard as you know
and money is hard to get hold of,
I am holding my cotton and the*de
mauds on my purse seem almost
If I knew the name of the man
who wrote you the letter, I would
send him a copy of my oamphlet J
had printed some years ago giving
my r?miniscences of the various,
ript* ? was 3???<??O<7 -itv^4^U.g* -?n?r
memorable year of 1876. I am
sending you a copy of this pamph
let as I know you will appreciate
it. You will find the description
of the Hamburg riot and your
cousin's death on pages 14-26.
You will recall in those old dajrs
when we were friends that you and
I were Nos. 1 and 2 of the first set
of fours in the Sweetwater Saber
Club, and I think of many inci
dents of those days with a great
deal of pleasure.
If I may suggest, you should get
someone with good literary taste to
write the inscription for the mon
ument when you build it, and I
sincerely trust that rooney enough
will be raised to enable you to j
make it a worthy one.
Very sincerely yours,
B. R. Tillman.
Tribute to Mrs. Hattie Broad
Christmas day is generally the
happiest day of all the year, but on
this Christmas day the heart of
every one in our community was
deeply saddened for it was then
that the sweet spirit of Mrs. Hattie
Warren Broadwater left us. It was
just as she had said, that she would
spend Christmas in Heaven. Fe\V
haye to suffei as she did, but with
such patience she bore it, and her
example bas been an inspiration to
others. She was young to have to
give up life and loved ones but her
will was submissive to our Father
who gave her life. So often she
would say "there is rest for the
weary" and asked that these worJs
be sung at her grave. Never have
I seen a more restful look on any
ones face than on hers and how im
pressive it is to look on the sleeping
face of a sleeping friend whom
God has called to come to Him.
How sad it is to stand at the open
grave and see our friends put away
one by one, and yet when we see
their bodies put in God's clean
earth and know their souls have
gone to be with Him the sting
should be taken away. On Sunday
morning Deo. 27th we tenderly laid
her to rest in Harmony cemetery
by the side of her baby girl. The
casket was covered with many
beautiful flowers from loving friends.
The sympathy of the entire com
munity goes out to all her loved
ones, and may they be brought
nearer to her God through the life
that she has lived.
A Friend.
Trenton, S. C.
Announcement Concerning Cot
ton Lean Fund.
The Cotton Loan Fund Commit
tees ??re now prepared to receive ap
plications for loans from that fund.
The fund consists of $100,000,
000, ^subscribed by Northern and
Western Banks, upon the condition
that? every oase where a loan is
made; som o Southern Bank will
take one-fourth of the amount loan
ed; -The Northern and Western
Bantts1 receive Class A certificates;
the Sinthern Banks Class B certifi
cate?drew 6 per cent interest from
dat<$?nd are payable quarterly, and
matnye on or before February 1st.
A?, applications for loans must
be ?ifi?e by the ownor of the cot
ton tp be pledged through some lo
cal bank, which must agree to sub
scrib?-for a Class B certificate to
the amount of one-fonrtli of the
loan.k The applicant for the loan
mustiiave some responsibility out
side #f the cotton on which the loan
is to i>e made; he must be the own
er of ' the cotton, freed from any
lien or incumbrances, and the cot
ton ftiust be warehoused so as to
protect it thoroughly from the
weather. The warehouse must be
undei? the ownership and control of
somipother party or parties than
the Applicant, and the warehouse
man^ the warehouse corporation
must have some substantial respon
sibility. The applicant must pledge
warehouse receipts for cotton at not
morei'than 5c per pound, basis mid
Three per cent of the loan is de
ducted and deposited in ^Guaran
tee Fund''. This "Gu?rante^ Fund"
i? used, first to pay expenses; then
to pay any IOPSCS which might be
incurred by the holders of: Class A
certificates; and then to pay any
lossei? which might be incurred by
the holders of Class B certificates.
Whatever is left is returned pro rata
?^5iiJ3rrJ?i?fesir" 0 per*'Jeu i. iii iciest
from date payable quarterly. If
the cotton is disposed of during
any intermediary period, the inter
est must be paid up to the end of
the quarter. These quarters are
May 1 and February 1, 1916. Of
course all cotton must be insure i
and the insurance policy assigned to
the Cotton Loan Fund Committee.
The local bank must be responsible
for the prompt payment of the
quarterly interest, the insurance
premiums and the warehouse
The bank through whom the ap
plication is made must forward the
application, together with a check
for one-fourth of the amount of the
loan applied for, to the Local Com
mittee for the County. This Com
mittee for our County is,
A. E. Padgett, Charman,
E. J. Mims. ?
After the Local Committee has
passed upon the application, it is
forwarded to the State Committee
for South Carolina. This Commit
tee is composed of the following:
R. G. Rhett, Chairman,
E. H. Pringle, Jr.
Henry Schachte,
John M. Kinaid,
C. G. Rowland.
If the application is approved by
this Committee, it is forwarded to
the Cotton Loan Fund Committee
in the city of New York. If this
Committee approves the loan, il
will transmit to the local bank a
check for the amount ol' the loan
applied for, less 3 per oent, which
will be retained for the Guarantee
An Appreciative Response.
Knowing that it is impossible for
us to extend the hand of apprecia
tion and gratitude to every one who
befriended us on the occasion ol'
the death of our husband and fath
er, this method presents itself as an
incomplete means of expression. We
wish to thank all who shared with
us their sympathy, their service and
their words of comfort. In the
hours of profound sorrow it has
been a source of comfort and con
solation to feel the warmth of hu
man sympathy that manifested it
self so evidently. And it is our
prayer that the spirit of peace and
righteousness might always dwell
among this noble people among
whom we have so long lived.
Mrs. J. B. Scott and Children.
In case your machine fails to go
phone the Edgefield Auto Repair
Shop, phone 19 L, Mr. Cobb will
move it.
Edgefield Auto R epair Shop.
A marriago of more than usual
interest to the people of Edgefield
occurred near Ora, Laurens county,
last Thursday. Mr. Luke Thomas
May, than whom Edgefield bas no
citizen who is more highly and
more universally esteemed, and Miss
Ora Adella Hunter were married at
the bride's home, tho ?ervico being
performed by Rev. I. N. Kennedy
of Ora. ,
Mr. May was accompanied to
Ora by Mrs. W. E. Prescott, Mes
srs. Wallace and Eustace Prescott.
L. W. Cheatham, E. E. Padgett,
T. B. Culbreath, Paul Cogburn and
Dr. J. ?3. Byrd, all of whom speak
in unmeasured terms of thu delight
ful occasion.. The wedding march
was played by Miss .Unie Massey
Kilgore of Woodruff, appropriate
songs being sweetly sung by Mrs.
Thoraas F. Jones of Laurens before
and during the ceremony. Miss
Linda Hunter, a sister of the bride,
was the. maid of honor and Mr. E.
E. Padgett acted as best man. The
attendants were Miss Linda Hunter
with Mr.Eustace Prescott, and Miss
Aunie Downs Kilgo with Mr. Wil
liam Hunter, a brother of the bride.
The flower girls_were Misses Louise
Hunter of Ora and Ida Marie Hunt
er of "Laurens, cousins of the bride.
The home was beautifully decor
ated for the nuptial occasion. After
Mr. and Mrs. May had received the
hearty good wishes of relatives and
friends an elaborate wedding break
fast was served. A large number of
valuable gifts were bestowed by
friends in Laurens county aud from
other parts of the state. A number
of Edgefield friends have sent to
kens of love and esteem to theil
boarding place in Edgefield where
they will be found upon their return.
Mrs. May changed her handsome
bridal gown for a stylish traveling
suit and very soon they departed
amid a shower of rice . upon their
wedding journey in Florida.
Be a Man.
This is a subject that ought to bc
impressed upon every soul in this
wide, wide world. Simply to live
and manifest a hoggish disposition
is the full proof that such a person
is under the power of the devil. To
show the gentle, loving spirit is
the full proof ot the fruits of the
spirit, to condescend to do some
things that men do, is simplv
shameful, so small, so little; a man
without principal is a thing, he is
no man. To be a man is to walk in
the steps of the blessed Christ and
be sure to help some poor, strug
gling soul toward heaven. Try to
be a man this year of grace 1915,
aud see how much good you can do,
how many tears you can dry up,
bow many wounds you can heal,
how many broken hearts you can
bind up, how many of the poor you
can help. May the good Lord help
you to do ali these things that will
increase your own happiness and
that will help others. Let us not
continue to cry hard times. There
is a lot of crying done ahead of
time. We love the man with roses
on his tongue, the'man whose voice
is full of music of ibe birds, the
man who cati hunt birds without
a gun; whose handshake is an in
spiration, aud his '"God bless you"
is a benediction. It is like a sun
beam playing on the mountain side,
that vanishes when a cloud of sor
row or untruth overshadows, ii, is
the loving handmaiden down in tho
valley of sorrow when the sharp
strings of unjustice persecute and
prosperity may faii to lind its way.
So let us stop that old cry of com
plaining of hard times, and thank!
the good Lord for the many bless
ings of the old year that has forever
gone, and to ask Him - for grace,
faith and patience, that we may be
able to meet every issue as they
come to us in this year of grace
Mirth is God's medicine. Every
body ought to bathe'in it. All this
rust of life ought to be scoured off
by the oil of mirth. It is better than
energy. Every man should rub him
self with it. One without mirth is
like a wagon without springs, to be
jolted by every pebble over which
it runs.
J. Russell Wright.
Our machinist is an experienced
plumber and can repair gins, en
gine?, boilers and all kinds of ma
chinery. When in need of an expert
machinist call on us.
Edgefield Auto and Repair Shop.
Social Calendar Filled Through
out the Holidays. Senator
and Mrs. Tillman Return
to Washington.
Trenton's social calendar barf
been filled to overflowing this sea
son for this bas been the happiest
ind the gayest Yuletide that we
have ever known. There have been
parties and dinings galore through
jut the entire holidays. The most
?lab?rate perhaps were the spend
.he-day parties when Miss Sadie
Long, Miss Roth Salter and Mrs.
Wallace Wise each enteriained a
large number of friends, each serv
ing an elegant course dinnei. Then
the lovely afternoon and evening
parlies with such charming hostesses
is Miss Ethel Harrison, Miss Mary
Hellen Harrison, Miss Fannie Mil
ler, Miss Fannie Harrison, Miss
Drrie Sabe Miller, Miss Marie
Marsh. Then came the ''rose bod
?et" as we instinctively called the
ittle maidens who gave such ani
mated parties so full of jolity and
merriment. This consisted of Miss
Marion Clark, Miss Corine Clark,
.Miss Gracie Salter, Miss Louise
Padgett, Miss Sabe Miller, Miss
Julia Wise. Last but by no means
east was the beautiful afternoon
party with which handsome master
Fred Bryan 'entertained. Doesn't
.his prove beyond a shadow of
ioubt that this has been a gay and
festive season for the Trentonites
md the fair visitors within her bor
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Day and
:heir splendid baby boy from Bir
mingham added happiness to the
lome of Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Day
i>y giving them a surprise Christ
mas visit.
Mis. A. B. Miller andrer beauti
ful little girl ar?. at nonie* after a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. Jordan of
Mrs. E. L. Posey and Mrs. W. B.
Posey are in Crescent City Fla.,
visiting relatives, and the Posey
home is very lonely without these
ladies and baby Yera..
Mrs. E. L. -Ryan spent part of
th? past week verv delight!illly in
Winnsboro with her friend Miss
Claudia jordan.
Mr. J. B. Knight and Mr. Austin
Clark spent the past week near
Yemmasee on a duck and bird
tiuut. They returned home de
lighted with their trip.
Mr. J. G. Hughes from Union
was another welcomed visitor in our
midst for Christmas.
Miss Agnes Flythe from Augusta
was among the Cnristmas visitors at
Lhe nome ot' Miss Emma Bouk
Mrs.-W- F. Roper from Florence
Has returned home after a visit to
loved ones, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Mathis. All ot her trieuds were
Happy to see her, and regretted that
her husband on account of business
was not abie to accompany ber, tor
a warm welcome will always await
this lovely young couple m Trenton.
Senator and Mrs. B. R. Tillman,
Mrs. Luther Jones, Mr BR iiinu?*u
Jr., and iiis little girls left here on
Sunday for Washington
Miss Lucy Quartes left here on
Saturday for Walterboro where she
lias accepted a position as leacher.
She Oeguu her duties on Monday.
Just before the Yuletide the
Trenton S. C. D. A. R. held its
regular monthly aieeiiug witn Mrs.
Walter Miller and a very interest
ing literary program was rendered.
Alter the meeting adj urned Mrs.
Miller enteriained with a lovely
luncheon. Her dining room was a
picture of artistic charm in crimson
iud green, the red poinsetta and
holly place cards beiug ai every
plate and the central decoration be-'
mg a tall vase filled with poinsettas
and fern covers were arranged for
seventeen and an ellegant course
luncheon was served. Mrs. Miller
always entertains delightfully, and
this affair was characterized by her
occustomed charming hospitality.
Officers Elected.
The members of Concordia lodge,
A. F. Ml, have elected the follow
ing ofticeis for the year 1915: L. T.
May, worshipful master; M. P.
Wells, senior warden; O. B. An
derson, junior warden; N. M. Jones,
treasurer; J. R. Tompkins, secreta
ry; John Rainsford, senior deacon;
J, G. Holland, junior deacon, and
C.. E. Qnaries, tiler.

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