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(?dgcfirt? petites:.
For the Legislature:
Having received the next highest
vote to a successful caudidate, by a
^lose margin, in the last primary,
the same being a majority of the
votes cast, and feeling that I am
the logical person now for this posi
tion, I. hereby announce myself as a
candidate to fill the vacancy now ex
isting in the House of Representa
tives for Edgefield county.
M. P. Wells.
Jan. 20, 1915.
I am a candidate for the position
in the legislature made vaoant by
the death of the lamented Hon. J.
P. DeLaughter. I will, if elected,
support the bill now pending in the
General Assembly to submit to the
democratic voters of the State the
question of State-wide Prohibition
S. Med. Simkios.
I take this means of announcing
to the people of Edgefield county
that I am a candidate for the va- j
-caney in the House of Representa-1
tives caused by the 3eath of Hon.
J. P. DeLaughter. If elected I will
?to the best of my ability represent,
the peo pre of every section of the
J. Lucas Walker.
Johnston, S. C.
Augusta Beneficed by Close of
Blease Administration. /
One result, of the downfall of
Bleaseism came on Saturday.
Heretofore, Augusta bad men
skipped over to Hamburg or North
Augusta, and from the Carolina
side gave Augusta officers the "mer
ry ba! ha!" Governor Cole L. pro
tected them.
Saturday two of them (they had
escaped from the city stockade and
having Iv en in prison, had not seen
the newspapers and didn't know
that Colonel Cole, the merry old
soul, had quit) skipped .over to
"North Augusta.
Chief Elliott telephoned magis
trate Hahn. The Carolina pffii&V
Husbed the esoapes and co m pei Ted
them to hot-foot it across the Nottfr
Augusta bridge-and, as arranged,
'-into the aims of two Augusta po
licemen. They are again "?doing
Except during the Blease regime,
-Carolina has always co-operated
with Augusta..in these mattere, ;
TEere wasite time when we may
.have gone too far. But our officers
never suffered. For instance when
?Chief of Police Hood hired an en
gine and, preceediug down the Port
Royal road (the Charleston & West
ern Carolina now), brought back
two men who had robbed the Na
tional Bank of Augusta of a roll.
Oh, yes, the bank robbers' law
yers were there, and no Georgia
officer could take a man from Caro
lina withont extradition papers, but
-Chief Hood was a man of action.
He seized the robbers, flung them
on the engine and told the engineer
to "throw her wide open" back to
Warrants charging Chief Hood
with kidnapping were sworn out,
but that was the last of that feature
of it.
South Carolina does not want to
harbor Augusta bad men and pro
tect them after their wrong doing.
-Augusta Chronicle.,
Union Meeting.
The union meeting of the third
division will meet with Parksviile
Baptist church January 30-31.
11:00: Devotional by moderator.
11:30: Enrollment of delegates
with report*.
1st Query: Church loyalty, J C
Morgan, Graves McDaniel.
2nd Query: General condition ol
our country churches, W R Parks,
J. P Nixon.
12:3: Adjourn for dinner.
3rd Query: Are we giving for the
advancement of God's kingdom as
he has prospere'd us,J M Bussey.J C
Harvely, Jim Garnett.
4tb Query: Having a divine pur
pose in our christian life, P H Bus
6ey, Luther Bracknell.
Sunday morning Sunday school
in usual order.
Missionary sermon by Rev. P B
Adjourn one and a half hours for
1:30: Song service.
5th Query: How should the
-church deal with non attendants,
J G McKie, Dr. Blackwell.
6th Query: What ought to be the
christian attitude towards the liquor
trafile, T G Talbert, J M Freelaud.
S. T. Adams.
For committee.
In case your machine fails to go
phone the Edgefield Auto Repair
Shop, phone 19 L, Mr. Cobb will
move it.
Edgefield Auto Repair Shop.
What Anger Costs.
Do you know what it costs yo
to become angry? Every time
man gets an2ry he shortens his lif
so roany minutes or da.yf, perhaji
even years. A great deal depend
on the intensity of his anger. Ev
ery time we become angry our v
tality shrinks so much in proporlio:
for every outburst.- After even th
most artfully suppressed signs o
bad temper our vitality become
smaller and smaller, until f nail,
nothing is left. The moral deduce
from the advancement of this late*
theory in medicine is, of course
that we should never allow oui
selves to become angry if we valu
our health and life.
Anger is a certain kind of cerebra
(brain) excitement. The hypei
stenic (very strong) subject is a
way8 on its verge, while the net
rasthenic (nervously debilitated) b(
comes infuriated only by a sudde
bound of reaction excited fror
without. But at the moment whe
they are let loose the two are al i kt
save that the strongman is a blind?
brute; while the weak man is som*
what of an actor, and seems-to ail
at effect.
All emotions are due to disorder
fat the circulation of the blood, an
$ngg?,. in particular, to an intent
?il?Sron of the small arteries of th
brain. Redness and swelling of th
face are constant signs of anger, an
anger is a state of hypernerv'atioii
The muscular fibers surroundin
the arteries in which the blood cu
ciliates, and which form a continu
bus sheath for them, are tightene
in pro portion to our angerVTh
caliber of the arterial tube fdimii
i s h. ed and then, the blood bi i tig ut
der a high pressure, the watery pai
is driven back into the surroundin
tissues and the red globules, dilute
in a less quantity of liquid, appea
far more numerous in tbe field c
the microscope. The concentrado
of. the Jbhjod and rise in arterh
pressure I consider to be almost a
ways present in caso of anger,
have found them whenever I hav
been able lo examine a patient.
Let us form a clear idea of a
that there is in a fit of anger-vai
expenditure of effort, aimless niovt
me..ts, energy spent in biting th
fists, stamping on the ground, kiel
ing against doors, or tearing up
book. All tbiet clearly indicates
mental condition of no high o rd el
At every stajre we recognize ravi
c early that the proi.lera of auger ?
a problem cf cerebral mechanics.
In a condition of nervuus exoil?
raent all our energies are at a big
aitch. The heart sends to eve*
part of the body concentrated bloui
extraordinary rich in globules, whic
utilizes itself instantaneously in th
tissues; our organic combustiu
takes place with almost doubled it
tensity, our sensibility is consider:
bly excited. We are too muc
Variations of temper are varij
lions of energy, of muscular tonici
One is sad or timid because one 1
too weak; angry because one is to
strong. Oscillations of the min
are caused by the excitement pre
d ticed by the contact of our nervi
of sensibility. There is a short ci:
(?nit in our nerves, followed by
rad ey increased muscular energ;
the heart's power of coutractioi
ihe i.'ood pressure in the anent
and ie activity of nutrition.
]Su\v, the immense work perforn
ed by the brain during the.angt
crisis is so much work lost, wort
than lost, harmful; apart from trj
evil it may do to its object, wh
may be killed by it, it is harmful t
the person who gets into the rag
We are degraded by anger; not on I
does it humiliate us in ihe eyes 1
others, but it leaves us dejected au
exhausted.-Prof. John Lange.
Card of Thanks.
Feeling under lasting obligatio!
to our friends for kind assintam
rendered at ?he burning of our hom
also in rebuilding same we wish t
exto.jd to each one, both white at
colored our sincerest : hanks.
7V?r. Sam Ayoer aod Farail;
Modoc, S. C.
(Continued from First Page.)
! making the afternoon pleasant for|
j the guests.
j The Man* Ann Buie chapter,'IT.
j D. C., held the January meeting in
? the home of Mrs F. M. Boyd and
about two hours were occupied with
business, there being various reports
of committees and officers. To fa-1
cilita'e the work of the chapter and
to create interest committee work
j is excellent, 50 mons iron crosses!
J have been purchased by chapter to [
mark the veterans graves and lhe?
placing of these was discussed. A
record of the lives of the veterans
of camp McHenry who passed over
thc river during 1914, is beingvpre
pared by the recording secretary
and will at an early date appear in
The Veteran. As a means to re-im
burse the treasury,, the movies will
be brongrht into service, that have
been giving good attractions at the
opera house, and at an early date, a
matinee and evening show will be
held under the auspices of the chap
ter. Aiong historical lines the chap-|
ter is doing splendid work and Lee's
and Jackson's biithdays will be
celebrated on Thursday afternoon,
at 3:30 o'clock in the home of Mrs.
Albert Dozier.
The Emily Gelgrer chapter, IX
A. R., met with Mis? Maille W:
B ters on Monday afternoon, the
c chief matter of business being the
rj placing of a flag on the new school
;t| building. They had hoped to do
this on Washington's birthday, btft.j
p. i being unable they hops to material
e I ize their plans on flag day. The sub-1
ject fnr the afternoon was "Coloni
al literature," several papers being)
given. During the social hour the
hostess assisted by Mrs. M. W.
Crouch served a salad course, fol
lowed by coffee with black and
white fruit cake.
Mrs. J. R. Kelly and Miss Daisy
Brockington were hostesses fora
charming afternoon p:irty on Tues
day, the occasion being held in the)
home of the former. Ferns and
pal ms were the decorations and in
the rear parlor, a hugo palm occu-:
pied the center and around this
were the tables for progressive
ira m es the score cards being the
work of the hostess in water color:
The hours proved mont delightful!
ones for the guests and an elaboi'
ate salad course with Coffee, was.]
nerved by Misses Frances and-Bes
sie Ford Turner. .
Mitts Pet La G rone has gone ty|
RookJrlillito.visit.friends. .;. if, ?g
Mr. Luther Lott of Amenons,
Ga, bas been here for a few days |
visiting relatives.
M?98 Bertha Stahn of Chester in
expected soon to visit Mrs. F. M.
Mr. J. L. Oxner of Hephzibah
was here last week on a sad mission
coming to attend the burial of his)
mother Mrs. Smith, died at the
home of her daughter Mrs. Wertz,
near Mt. Willing, and the inter
ment tool: place in the family bud
ing ground near by.
The inclement weather of last
Tuesday did not prevent the meet
ing of the New Century Club,
which was in the home of Mrs. J.
W. Marsh, but with a two thirds
membership, a most enjoyable meet
ing was had. Mrs. Marsh is an ideal
hostess and gave all a cordial wel
come. After all business, the lesson
study of Juvenile writers was taken
up. The authors being studied were|
Eugene Field, Jairns Whitcomb
Riley, Louisa Alcott and Kate Doug
las Wiggin, those on the program
being Mesdames A. T. King. H.
D. Grant, James White, C. D.
Kenny, P. B. Waters and J. \Y.
Marsh, and Misses Clara Sawyer,
Alma Woodward and Zena Payne.
Mrs. F. M. Boyd sang "Little boy
blue," (Field), and Miss Gladys
Sawyer gave a piano solo. The hos
tess served a delightful sweet course
followed by cofft-e and cheese wa
fers. The table was covered with a
handsome lace cover and the center
piece was of lillies.
LO ?
Church Members:-Do you not
think that when your paRtor takes
several clays out of a week to prepare
a sermon to preach on 8unda,\ for
your soul's edification, that it is as
little as you can do, out of regard to
his feelings, to say nothing abjut
vour religious duty, to be present?
Do you think that you could con
scientiously ^neel down reverently
on Sunday morning and offer a
prayer like thin: "Lord, it is rain
ing to-day, and I beg to be excused
from attending services. It is true
I do not allow rain to keep me from
business or pleasure, but I pray thee
to excuse me this rainy day?" If
you can do this, you are excused.
No, it is a deep-seated trouble, and
there is no cure for it bul. SPIRIT'
,d j E. C. B.
United States Civil Service Ex
animation For Rural Carrier.
Places of examination, Edgefield,
South Carolina.
Date of examination, February
13, 1915.
County for which held, Edgefield.
Vacancy at Parksville, S. C.
The United States civil service
commission announces an open com
petitive examination on .the date
and at the examination places named
above, as a result of which it is ex
pected to make certification to fill
the vacancy in the position of rural
carrier at the place named above
and other vacancies as they may oc
cur on rural routes at post offices in
the above named county, unless it
is found to be in the interest of the
service to fill any vacancy by re
instatement, transfer or promotion.
The compensation of a rural carrier
is based upon the length of the
route and ranges from $484 to
$1,200 per year.
Age. 18 to 55, on the date of the
examination. The maximum age is
waived in cases of persons honor
ably discharged from the United
States military or naval service.
An applicant must have his actual
domicile in the territory supplied
by a post office in the county for
which the examination is announc
The examination ia open to all
mal? Citizens of the United States
who can comply with the require
. Application form 1341, and full
information concerning the require
ments of the examination, can bo
secured from the secretary of the
local examining board or tho
postmaster at any of the examina
tion points namvd above, or from
the United States civil service com
mission, Washington, D. C.
Applications should be properly
executed and filed with the commis
sion at Washington. As examina
tion papers are shipped direct from
the commission to the places of ex
amination, it is necessary that appli
cations be received in ample time to
arrange for the examination desired
at the place indicated by the appli
cant. The commission will there
fore arrange to examine any appli
cant whose application is received
in time to permit the shipment of
the necessary papers.
An eligible register for the posi
tion of rural letter carrier for each
county in which the post office that
.supplies his bom? is situated. As a
result of such examination he may
"become eligible to appointment aa
rural carrier at any post office in
buch county. .A rural, letter carrier
.after one year's satisfactory service
may be transferred to the position
of clerk or carrier in a first or seo
and class post office, to the position
of railway mail clerk, or to othei
positions in . the classified service,
subject to such examination as maj
be required by the civil servict
John A. Mell henny,
.M* "M^M1 .^^^4* .M*4' <. "M^W" .{..M^?* .MHH
.J* *?
I Classified Column. |
FOR SALE-6ne Duroc Jtrsej
hoar, less than one year old. Boi
44 Ed ge field.
FOR SALE-Barred Plymouth
Rock eggs for hatching, 15 for
81.G0. Mrs. E. J. Munday, Edge
field, S. C.
WANTED-Several hoarders at
$15 a month. Nicely furnished
rooms and good table. Apply P.
0. Box 114,'Edgefield, S. C.
FOR SALE-Georgia ribbon cane
syrup in 35-gallon barrels at 35cts.
per gallon. Also gallon cans 45cts,
Shipped direct from farms. J. S.
Chapman, Morgana, S. C.
* OR REN V: Residence of seven
rooms and pantry, near High School.
Well on back piazza, and all neces
sary out buildings. Apply to J. L,
WANTED-Cows with youug
calves, or will rent some cows foi
three months. Address: R. F. D.
No. 1, Box No. 5, North Augusta
S. C.
Go to see
Before insuring^elsewhere. We
represent the best old iine com
Harling & Byrd
At the Farmers Bank, Edgefield
Free Flower Seed.
Hastings' Catalogue
Tells You About lt
If you are engaged in farming, or I
if you plant only vegetables or flow-j
ers, you cannot afford to be without I
the big catalogue published fresh and
new every year by the great South
ern seed house, H. G. Hastings &j
Company, of Atlanta, Ga., and sent ab
solutely free, postage paid, to all who
write for it, mentioning the name of
this newspaper.
In this catalogue we tell you of a
splendid offer of fres flower seed to
all our customers, five magnificent
varieties that mean beauty about your
home and a pleasure to wives and
daughters that nothing else can give; [
This catalogue tells you, too, about
our big cash prize offer to the Corn
Club boys of your state. It tells all
about our fine yielding varieties of
corn and cotton-the kind we grow on
our own 3,200 acre farm. It tells
about the best seeds of all kinds for
planting in the South. It should be
in every Southern home. Write to
day and let us send it to you-H. G.
HASTINGS & CO., Atlanta, Ga.-Advt.
t\t ?$? l|l fyfy fy fy y fyfy fy ^YTT
I Whenever You Warn
t About Drugs or Remedies (
? hold Necessi
! Best Bought at
X Because of the ?
% Tell the Hello Girls to give you N
+ . You the In
We have accepted
Ford Automobiles fe
and will have constai
of Touring Cars and
be pleased to show
contemplate buying
cars defy Edgefield's
They are an All-tl
We will also carry
all parts of the Ford
ders at our Garags t
to wait to get exti
Make your auto wai
we will satisfy them
at reasonable prices.
Auto and F
Edgefield, So
Purchase your Wedding
Largest Jewelry Store. Bi
Call to see us when in
you can't come. Write fo
A. J. B
Try This For Neuralgia.
Thousands of people keep on suf
fering with Neuralgia because they
do not know what to do for it.
Neuralgia is a pain in the nerves.
What you want to do is to soothe
the nerve .itself. Apply Slo?n'e
Liniment to the surface over the*
painful part-do not rub it in.
Sloan's Liniment penetrates very
quickly to the sore, irritated nerv?
and allays the inflammation. Get
a bottle of Sloan's Liniment for 2fc
cents of any druggist and, have it
in ?he bouse-against Colds, Sore
and Swollen Joints, Lumbago?
Sciatica and like ailments. Your
money back if not satisfied, bat it
does give almost instant Jelief.
Our machinist is au experienced
plumber and can repair gins, en
gine*, boilers and all kinds of ma
chinery. When in need of an expert
machinist call on us.
Ederefield 'Vuco and Repair Shop.
Will Surely Stop Thal Ceuob,
9)^ If A15349
t ta Know Anything
>r about any of the House
ties that are
; a Drug Store
Superior Quality
fo. 8. We will be pleased to giive
the agency for the
>r Edgefield County,
ltly on hand a stock
Run-Abouts. Shall
them to those who
a car. The Ford
winter roads.
tie-Year-Rouni Car
a full assortment of
cars, and can fill or
vithout your having
a par s by express,
its known to us, and
on short notice and
lepair Shop
>uth Carolina
l Presents from Augusta's
cautil ul assortment of
the city. Order by mail if
r catalogue.

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