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Entertained Beautifully.
Saturday afternoon (rom four to
six Mis^ Virgini.i Addison enter
t ai ned with ?notion bridge in lioiioi
cf lier gutstv Mrs. P. P. Blalork,
Jr., of Atlanta. Four tables were
arranged for the spirited trame. The
pleasure of the contest with cards
was heightened by tie sparkling
wit which characterized the conver
sation of the players. At the close
of*the game the first "prize was pre
sented to Mis. Bonis Camel ou and
tue consolation prize fell lo ihe lot
.of Miss Ruth Tompkins. The hos
tels presented the guest of honor
with a handsome embroidered cen
tre pitee. Ambrosia and cake were
.Nvv Bachelor's Retreat on the Hill.
Last Friday evening Mr. W. D.
Allen proved himself to be an adept
in the art of entertaining, having
invited more than a hundred of his
friends to a "house warming" at
his delightful retreat on Griffin
Hill. Very unique invitations were
issued and a large number of friends
from the town and the surrounding
country responded, earn presenting
the host with some article that a
young bachelor can put to practical
use. As ihe guests arrived they were
refreshed with delicious fruit punch.
The tokens were placed in the front
parlor and presented an unusually
attractive scened there being rugs,
.china, towels, * glassware, lamps,
chairs, tables, pictures and numer
ous oihtr anieles that are highly
acceptable in any household es
pecially in "war times." The nu
merous tokens reflect the popularity
-of the young host. The amusements
of the evening consisted of dancing
and popular games that were thor
f -oughly enjoyed. Adieux were re
luc?an liv said as the miduigbt hour
Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union.
On Monday afternoon at 3:30
o'clock Mis. Rainsford and Mrs.
<rreneker will entertain the regu
lar monthly meeting of the W. C.
T. LT. This will be the occasion of
the celebration of Frances Willard
-day, and the conclusion of an effort
to enlist more members ior the lo
cal organization.
The request is that each member
attend this meeting and bring a
new member who will aid us in
: strengthening the influence of this
-" " "^e?ii?Ti TJf^ihV*white .ribbon army,
which numbteis now in the Uuited
States more than 400,0(J0 women
pledged to abstain from intoxicat
ing drinks of any kind and to use
-all proper means to discourage the
uie and traffic io the same, f1 or for
;.' ty years this organization has been
' m*king sentiment along intelligent
lines, and now that the most press
ing problem before the American
people to day is rapio ly being rec
ognized as this one of the evil of
intoxicants, eveiy christian woman
should it her duty to dou the while
ribbon and let the friends and
neighbors and the world know the
?tond she takes on this all-impor
tant question. The following pro
gram will be carried om: j
Devotions, Mrs. J. W. Peak.
"Why a Frances Willard?." Mrs.
"W. L. Dunovant.
The Memorial Fund, Mrs. J. L.
3d im*.
Selection, "America for rae,"
JVliss Ouida Pattison.
Crossing tbs .bar,1' vocal solo,
Miss Elizabeth Rainsford.
Frances E. Willard, selection,
Mrs. Rainsford.
Quartelle, "We're coming dear
leader," Mesdames R. G. Shannon-!
house, W. L. Dunovant,i J. R.
Tompkins, G. F. Mims.
Selection, "The south is going
dry," Mrs. M. P. Wells.
It's a short way to prohibition,''
vocal solo, Benjamin Coghurn.
An opportunity will be given
tho.M? who desire lo do so, to sign
the pledge ind become a member.
E<ich delinquent member is asked
to bring dues, uid all 'are expected
to contribute a small amount to the
Frances memorial fund.
Mrs. J. L. Miras, Pres.
U. D. C. Meeting.
Edgofield Chapter U. D. C. will
meet at the home of Mrs. C. E.
May on atternoon of February 9th
3:30 After usual business program,
Historical reading by Mrs. R. A.
Marsh, Mrs. M. P. Wells, Mrs.
Lovic Smith, Reading by Mrs. J.
H. Cantelou, Musio on piano by
Mrs. W. S Cogburn and Miss
Rosalie Parker. All members who
have not paid dues wiil please do
so at this meeting without fail.
R. S. V. P. L.
William's Talcum Powder 25
cents siztt-for 15 cents while it lasts.
Everybody knows this celebrat
ed brand.
Penn & Holstein.
I Report of Union Meeting at Mt
The Union Meeting which con
vened on last Saturday at Mt. Zion
church proved to be a very profita
ble and interesting occasion.
The da\ itself was bright and
beautiful, bringing with il the first
touch of spring, and giving a grate
ful contrast to the many stormy
d;t.\8 we Lave had this winter. The
crowd, though small, was appr?cia
tive and gave the best of attention
lo the servite".
Despite the ?bsenee of several of
the appointed speakers, the pro
pram me wiis carried out fully,
every subject being thoroughly and
interestingly discussed, lln?se re
sponding heitiif Mr. Walter'Car
penter, Rev. P. B. Lanham, and
Messrs. S. B. Mays, J./C. Whit
lock and W. J. Gaii.es
Several gave expression to the
enjoyment they had experienced i ti
the discussions, saying that they
had never heard so many good
speeches at one time.
Not the least enjoyable feature of
the occasion was tue picnic dinner
eaten out in the bright sunshine.
And it is due to be said lhat no peo
ple, in town or country, c tn serve a
more tasteful or delightful open-air
feast than those ot* old Mt. Zion
At the close of Saturday's ser
vice the Union adjourned in honor
of the Rev. J. P. Mealing, the sad
news of whose death had been an
nounced, and whose burial was to
take place at Republican church on
the following day.
The next union meeting is to be
held at Antioch church, on the 5th
Sunday in May.
Mt. Zion, S. C.
Tribute to Rev. J. P. Mealing.
Shortly after noon on Sunday,
January 31, the mortal remains of
Rev. J. P. Mealing were laid to
rest in the cemetery of Republican
church beside the grave of his nonie
wife who preceded him to the grave
several years ago. Mr. Mealing was
79 years of age and had been in the
service of God for 55 years. No
limit can be set upon the number
ol bis friends, nor upon the impres
sions he has made, for who can tell
from how many pulpiis he has pro
claimed God's word?
Like the Saviour in whose foot
steps he so faithfully trod, he im
pressed all who heard bim wilh his
deep faith in ihe power and necessi
ty of prayer. His death will be
generally mourned throughout the
state. The deepest sympatuy ot hun
dreds of people from both far and
.near gOes out to his bereaved fami
''Farewell, dearly loved one
Thy soul is at rest.
Far away from earth's sorrows
In the laud of the blest.
Across the dark waters through
death's portals cold,
The Saviour has taken his loved
io his fold.
We will meet thee again
On tnat beautiful shore,
When life with its sorrow and
weeping is over.
And with thee forever
His praises will hing.
Who has bought and redeemed u%
Our Saviour and king."
Trenton, S. C. M. Shaw.
The Democratic revolt in the
se?ale is unfortunate, coining as it
did, just when the ship-purchase
bill promised relief for congealed
shipping. This is one of the causes
of ihe high price of foodstuffs. Bul
some of us aro trying hard io main
tain a balance, and we shall be glad
to MIp ply you with fancy groceries
promptly and satisfactorily.
Collett & Mitchell.
Free Flower Seed.
Hastings' Catalogue
Tells You About lt
If you are engaged in fanning, or
if you plant only vegetables or flow
ers, you cannot afford to be without
the big catalogue published fresh and
new every year by the great South
ern seed house, H. G. Hastings &
Company, of Atlanta, Ga., and sent ab
solutely free, postage paid, to all who
write for it, mentioning the name of
this newspaper.
In this catalogue we tell you of a
spier.aid offer of free flower seed to
all our customers, five magnificent
varieties that mean beauty about your
home tmd a pleasure to wives and
daughters that nothing else can give.
This catalogue tells you, too, about
our big cash prize offer to the Corn
Club boys of your state. It tells all
about our fine yielding varieties of
corn/and cotton-the kind we grow on
our own 3,200 acre farm. It tells
about tho best seeds of all kinds for
planting in the South. It should be
in every Southern home. Write to
day and let us send it to you.-H. G.
HASTINGS & CO., Atlanta, Ga.-Advt.
Kigg-'s mi LIFE PILLS
The Fills Th5?r. Do Cur*?
Letter From Red Hill.
Dear Advertiser: All EdirefiVld
enmity will be grieved to know of
the death of Rev. John Ff. Mealing,
for he waa known in every part ol
ihe county. Mr. Mealing began t?i
preach the gospel in his young man
hood rt?ys, and served as pastor of
many of our best county chinches
He was a strong earnest preacher
in his dav, and did mach good.
Mr. Mealing was also a very popu
lar preacher. He was moderatot of
the Edgefield association for many
years, and wa?? one of the founders
of the Edgefield Baptist Sunday
school convention, also of our union
meeting on the 5th Sundays. Mr.
Mealing was loyal to his denomi
nation. He was.always inperfect
sympathy and harmony with all the
work of; his church He was a
faithful pastor, sd fe in counsel, and
has spoke words of comfort to hun
dreds and thousands of people in
his long and useful lite. Mr. Meal
ing was blessed with some of this
world's goods, and lived comforta
bly all his Hie, his worldly oosses
sions was not only for himself, but
he gave liberally to the causo of
christ, and PO one ever was turned
away from nis door who sought
jhelp. So a-ter serving his diy ai d
generation he fell to sleep last Fri
!day evening, and his futiere) was
'conducted by his pastor Rev. J. T.
Littlejohn, at Republican church
Sunday at 12 o'clock, a great con
gregation assembled to pay their
last respects to him, we placed his
body in the tomb beside that of his
j loved wife. The grave was covered
with many beautiful flowers. To
his children?and love I ones we ex
tend our deepest sympathy and
pra\ers. 0
The union meeting of the second
division of the Edgefield ai sooialion
met with the Mt. Zion church on
Saturday andthere waua nice congre
gation. The program was carried out
as published. The next union will
meet with the Antioch church in
May. The union adjourned ou Sat
urday in honor of Bro. Meah"t?,
and all was given a chance to at
tend his funeral.
j We are pleased to note that some
: of our roads are being drug with
'the split log drag. We hope this
will be generally done over the
county, it will be a great help.
The following names *?ot on the
honor roll from Red Hill graded
school last mouth, we hope to see
many more next month: Mamie
Holmes, Byrdie McUlendon, Aininee
Quarles, Maggie Quarlei?, Myrtia
AioClendon, Lavinia Smith, Warren'
Johnston, William Talbert, Addie'
Sue McClendon, Lizzie Holmes,,
Kathleen Talbeit, lleen Young
bljod, G. B. Quarles, Herschel
Rose Cottage.
At last the Dacia has sailed with
a cargo of cotton for Bremen. We
may, therefore, expect to hear,soou,
that cotton has gone down-to the
bottom of the seav No om; m ed be
alarmed, however, as we shall not
go to war, and \ou can get your
prescription filled here as usual.
Collett & Mitchell.
Presiding Elder Kilgo.
Edgefield people will have the
privilege of hearing Dr. J. W. Kil
go at Methodist church nex^Sun
day morning at 11:30 o'clock. At
night at 7:3U the pastor wih pre.ich.
Come to both services.
J, R. Walker.
Let us supply you with seed Irish
potatoes that bear the stamp of
government inspection, which is a
truaraniee against diseases that at
tack many potatoes. We have the
Early Rose, Bliss, Irish Cobblers
and other popular varieties.
Penn & Holstein.
A freah shipment of Buist's cele
brated garden seed just received
Penn & Holstein.
Be it resolved by County Board
of Commissioners of Edgefielrl
county, that^for the interests of
Edgufield county, the following
roads be discontinued as public
(1) The road leading from Stone
wall Neal's gin to public road lead
ing to Philippi through premises of
(2) The road leading from Long
Cane road, intersecting Delphi road
at S. N. Timmerman's, via Prince
(3) The road leading from James
Powell's to Delphi road opposite
James DeVore's residence.
County Board of Commissioners of
Edgefield County.
Tor Weakness and Loss of Appetite
Thc Old Standard general strengthening tonic,
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives out
Alalaria and builds up the system. A true tonic
apH sure Appetizer. For adults and chiktrcn. 60c,
The Observations of a Drumme
on Past and Future Condi
The story which follows was con
tributed to the Retailer by a wei
known salesman, whose name foi
obvious reasons is omitted and w.-i
sent personally t<> th" Chief Ooti
mist nf The Shoe Retailer. It con
tp.ins some good points and it wil
be particularly interesting to trav^
..ling shoe salesmen
"After nearly four months ol
hard work here comes Christmas t<
remind a fellow that no matter whal
is the matter with business. Ile mu-i
be au Optimi.-.t and greet 'Santa
with a smile.
"I carried a smile with me dunn?
mv tri|>, which reminds me of a
little poem containing the lines,
'The man worth while is the man
who can ?mile, when everything
?roes dead wrong.' My territory way
ihe'everything gone dead wrong'
this trip, but I bought one of those
little motto cards with the inscrip
tion, 'Smile, d'n you, smile,' on it
and every time I felt the grin die
away I looked at the ca d and m.\
optimism came to my aid and I
kept my smile.
" This has been a fine trip-so
cially. I had p'enty of ti mp, nobody
was busy and 1 had lots of opportu
nit?s lo cultivate the social side of
my work.
"lt was evident that the Germans
have much longer range guns than
they are credited with for tiny
reached Dixie and shot hell out of
business, and that's some distance
"I tobi a fellow t raveler the other
dav that, our territories would have
to be changed. Every merchant I
talked with said that business has
gone to hell.' Well, in order to gel
business a fellow must eo where
business is-do yon get me? One
tliiri? that conditions down here
have done is to make more Hetty
Gleen.'? arni Andrew Carnegies,
along the line of saving, or rather
not spending, than were ever known
"I've seen scores of salesmen
the big fellows who usually eat
planked ?teaks-i.ding the ponies
at some little Greek restaurant, in
haling noiipat IO cents a quart with
bi ead and butter gratis. The Greeks
have hid one big season, and so
have the safety razor manufactur
"If shoes would only get theap.
and if the manufacturers would
take coito i at 10c atw'i?d in pav
ment for them, old Dixie would
.blossom forth like a rose. But she'll
ironie back-she just ha* to; jot;
can't keep lier down. We've got tht
climate, we've got the men with
strong hands, stout hearts and plen
ty of gray matter lo plan a wav om
of the mire of hard times. We'l
rai?e more hogs (not the end sea)
variet\)and less cotton, an I we'll
'get there' some how, with the bel h
ringing and they'll be joy bei IR, too
"G-e! I've <-.het-red myself up tc
beat the band. If I were a smoket
I'd light rnv cigar, or if a drinker
I'd drink ymir health because yoi
are the big optimist, but times an
so hard I've cut out drinks and to
bacco and so I'll have to toast yoi
in spring water-which, thank God*
is almost free. So here's to .vom
good- health! May hea'th, happine-i
and prosperity attend you and bi
yours throughout 'fifteen, and i
there's any better things than beint
an Optimist, may you be it."
Prompt Action is Pleasing Man]
Edgefield Citizens.
Get down to the cause of every
Bad backs are frequently causee
by weak kidneys
Help the kidneys to get rid o!
kidney backache.
Doan's kidney pills are for the
kidne.xs only.
No time wasted trying to curt
other troubles.
Edgefield people endorse then
J F. Todd, Edgefield, says: "I
had a dull pain in my back and in
the morning I wa? sor? and stiff 1
had headaches and dizzy spells too
My sight blurred and the kidney s ;
cretions were scanty and irregulai
in passage. Friends recommendel
Dean's kidney pills and I got a box
They cured me of all symptoms o;
kidne? trouble."
Price 30c at all dealers. Don'
simply ask for a kidney remedy -
get Doan's kidney pills-the sam<
that Mr. Todd had. Foster-Milbun
Co., Props, Buff il o, N. Y.
Due to the fact that 1 am agen
for the Ford car, and having al
repair parts in stock and a first
class mechanic, can afford to d'
first-class livery cheap.
Edgefield Auto Repair Shop
Courts Cannot Compel Tele
phone Operators to Divulge
Atlanta, Ga., F*-b. 1-A tele
phone yiri-.?r man-may lisien on
the wire if it's necessary lor the
good of the service, bm he must not
divulge what goes over, and ihe
courts cannot mane him do it, wi*
the ruling of Judge Emory Speer of
tl e Federal court in Si.nth Georgia.
He handed down the decision in ihe
case of Littlejohn vs. Vereen iroin
A night telephone operator named
Doles wa? put on the stand io tes
tily to a conversation he had heard.
Doles protested, stying he had
sitrned a contract with the company
not to divulge anything about any
message which passed over the
wires. Judge Speer held that he
could not be compelled to testify, as
a telephone conversation was in the
nature of a private letter, and should
li? h"IH confidential. \
I Hard Working Merni
I Will Find Her?
! Many Delightful T<
I The Harder
! The More You Wi]
Febj 5th
.Some in^fp
ff?ese fine m
full piece he
Jbr Imme?
Purchase your Wedding
Largest Jewelry Store. B(
Call to see us when in
you can't come. Write fo
A. J. E
A Teat for Liver Complaint
i Mentally Unhappy-Physi- *
cally Dull
The Liver, sluggish and inactive,
first shows itself in a mental state
unhappy and critical. Never is
there joy in living, as when the
Stomach and Livei are doing their
vork. Keep your Liver active and
healthy by using Dr. King's New
Life PilN; they empty tue Bowels
freely, tone up your Stomach, cure
your Constipation and purify the
Blood. 25c at Druggist, Bucklen's
Arnica S live excellent for Piles.
. -- - "s
Our machinist is an experienced
plumber and can repair gins, en
gines, boilers and all Winds of ma
chinery. Wi en i'i need of an expert
machinist call on us.
Edgefield Auto and Repair Shop?
Will Surely Sfoo That Couoh.
sers of the Fair Sexf
3 at all Times |
Dilet Preparations I
You Work I
ll Appreciate Them!
i and 6th
fi andie
measured by
. Presents from Augusta's
;autiful assortment of
the city. Order by mail if
r catalogue.

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