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.important to Construct Earth Roads
That They May be Kept In a Rea
sonably Good Condition.
In its bearing on rural life the good
Toads question stands in the very
.foreground. The question of the high
er and more expensive grades of roads
will not be discussed further in this
paper than to say that the men who
.are urging their construction in lead
ing centers are rendering their coun
try a most important service. But
the building of these cannot become
.general for a long time to come owing
to the expense of building them. In
^Britain all the roads are good where
soever they may he found, but it took
-centuries to build them and they were
built In a country where* labor is or
?was proverbially cheap.
The bulk of the roads in rural places
will consist of soil only for a long
time to come, whatsoever may be the
Cross Section of Road, Showing
Lumps of Clay Placed on a Sand
Subsoil and Covered With Sand.
nature of the soil. The all-important
-cuesti?n, therefore, is, to so construct
and care for these roads that they
may be kept in a reasonably good con
dition, and at the least outlay that
-will effect this end.
It goes without saying that when
constructing a country road it ought
to be put in condition that will read
ily take away the water that falls.
Without this no road can be kept in
a proper state. It should be wide
-enough to admit of the easy passing
of two loads of hay on racks, and it
should not be of unnecessary width or
height in the center. When laying
out this road it is usually plowed to
the desired width. What that width
may be should vary somewhat. In
the judgment of the writer it does not
need to have a width of more than
40 feet In most instances the road
Tied is made ail too wide. Oftentimes
it is made 60 to 70 feet. Where is
the necessity for a road being so
wide? When this wide, it is much
more liable to ruc, since the water is
much more liable to lodge in any de
pression:} that may occur as the result
of traffic.
The road Is rounded np nowadays
py the use of the road grader. The
^grraaving of laoor In "tnte methoar'cTToad
ouildlng as compared with the scra
per ls very great. The roadbed should
"be so shaped that the highest point j
should be along the line of the cen
ter, and the slope should be gradual,
till the sides of the ditches may be
approached, when lt may then he
much more abrupt. The ditches
should be deep enough to carry away
the water readily. It is not necessary
that they shall be any deeper.
When laying out a country road, at
tention should be given to the
straightness of the lines made by the
plowman. If he makes furrows ab
? solutely straight on outer sides of
the roadbed it will remain straight
for ali time. The roadbed will in it
self have an attractiveness that is
-pleasing if for no other reason than
that it is absolutely straight The
necessity for very deep ditches on the
.-sides is not apparent, and there is no
necessity for having the crown of the
road unduly high.
When the soil roadbed is thus made,
the .next important matter is to so
manage it that it will give the great
Cross Section of Road, Showing Dis
placement of Lumps Of Clay When
Subjected to Travel.
est amount of efficiency with the least
amount of labor. This can be best
accomplished hy the use of the split
log. This should be run over the road
if possible after every heavy and pro
longed rain, and at a stage in the dry
ing of the soil when it will crumble
because of the presence of the drag
passing over it.
Split-Log Drag ls Useful.
A split-log drag or some similar de
. vice is ? very useful in maintaining
the surface after suitable ditches and
. cross section have once been secured.
This drag can also be used to advan
tage on a gravel road as well as on
an earth road. The principle involved
in dragging is that clays and most
heavy soils will puddle when wet and
set very hard when dry.
Three Good Road Rules.
Macadam, one of the most famous
road builders, laid down three rules
for making a good road: (1) Good
Drainage, (2) Better Drainage, (3)
Still Better Drainage; or in other
words, "A good road has a tight roof
and a dry cellar."
Of Value to Country.
Good road3 may not be the whole
solution for prosperity and happiness
of country life, but they are a part of
it, and a very necessary and important
.part of it.
Extra Heat, Just When You Need It
T^ITH a Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater in the
house you are safeguarded when accidents
happen to your heating system.
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Half Your Living
Without: Money Cost
A right or wrong start in 1915 will
make or break most farmers in the
Cotton States. We are all facing a
crisis on cotton. Cotton credit is up
set. The supply merchant cannot ad
vance supplies on 1915 cotton. You
must do your best to produce on your
own acres the food and grain supplies
that have made up most of your store
debt in the past.
A good piece of garden ground,
rrigb?y- -nl^tedr-righ-trr- -tended" -oafr
kept planted the year round, can be
made to pay half your living. It will
save you more money than you made
on the best five acres of cotton you
ever grew! IBut it must be a real
garden, and not the mere one-plant
ing patch in the spring and fan.
Hastings' 1915 Seed Book tells all
about the right kind of a money-sav
ing garden and the vegetables to put
in it. It tells about the field crops
as well and shows you the clear road
to real farm prosperity, comfort and
independence. IT'S FREE. Send for
it today to H. G. HASTINGS & CO.,
Atlanta, Ga.-Advt.
Be it resolved by County Board
of Commissioners of Edgefield
county, that for the interests of
Edgefield county, the j following
roads be discontinued as public
(1) The road leading from Stone
wall Neal's gin to public road lead
ing to Philippi through premises of
(2) The road leading from Long
Cane road, intersecting Delphi road
at S. N. Timmerman's, via Prince
I Adams's.
(3) The road leading from James
Powell's to Delphi road opposite
James DeVore's residence.
County Board of Commissioners of
Edgefield County.
Send me your or
ders for Pine or Oak
Wood, 75 cents per
load, cnt anjr lengths.
Orders filled on short
notice. 'Phone No.
To Prevent Blood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reliable DR.
pical dressing that relieves pain and h gal s a*,
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Ford Automobiles
We have accepted the agency for the
Ford Automobiles for Edgefield County,
and will have constantly on hand a stock
of Touring Cars and Run-Abouts. Shall
contemplate buying a car. The Ford
cars defy Edgefield's winter roads.
They are an All-the-Year-Round Car
We will also cany a full assortment of
all parts of the Ford cars, and can fill or
ders at our Garage without your having
to wait to get extra par. s by express.
Make your auto wants known to us, and
we will satisfy them on short notice and
at reasonable prices.
Auto and Repair Shop
Edgefield, South Carolina
J. C. LEE, President
P. E. Gibson, Sec. and Treas
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we invite your inquiries.
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stairs, interior trim, store fronts and fixtures,
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Distributing agents for Flintkote roofing
Estimates cheerfully and carefully mane. .
Woodard Lumber Co.
Corner Roberts and Dugas Streets.
Our Motto: SSE
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generous offer by which Dr. Miles'
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selves of it should hasten to send
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vice given in a clear, readable form.
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you know its contents thoroughly.
Do not wait for the emergency to
occur and then look up the necessary
treatment, but in your leisure mo
ments carefully read and absorb the
knowledge contained therein.
Do not make the mistake that
this book is just an advertisement
for Dr. Miles' Restorative Remedies.
It is true that in the particular cases
where any of the Miles' Remedies
are indicated their use is advised.
This is because it is believed that
they are the best remedies of their
kind. But Dr. Miles' Medical Guide
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general nnhlic a practical insight in
to household medicine and in all
cases thc ;rcatment recommended
is that which is considered to bc thc
li you wish to obtain ope of these
books without any cost to yourself
send your name and address on a
post card or in a letter addressed
clearly to
Family Medical Guide,
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.,
mentioning the name of this paper
Memoirs of
In Three Volumes
This man caused the last
general European war.
His personal memoirs, written
by his secretary, Baron De
Meneval, are full of the most
absorbing incidents, especially in
view of the present great Euro
pean struggle.
Just a hundred years ago, his ambi
tion? hat^id th* Continent inp, gpa of
blood. France alone, under his leader
ship, fought Germany, Russia, Austria,
Italy, and Great Britain-and tuon.
Get these Mepioirs
By special arrangement with the pub
lishers of COLLIER'S, The National ;
Weekly, we are enabled to oiler a lim
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ADVERTISER 1 50 ISeTci?.^52
Go to see
Before insuringlelsewhere. We.
represent the best old line com
Harting & Byrd
At the Farmers Bank, Edgefield
Dental Surgeon
Residence 'Phone 17-R. Office 3.
A. H. Corley,
Surgeon Dentist
Appointments at Trenton
On Wednesday?.
Real Estate
125 acres land near Hibernia
in Saluda county.
120 acres near Monetta, Sa
luda county.
330 acres in Aiken county,
near Eureka.
100 acres near Ropers.
300 acres near Celestia or
Davis' mills in Greenwood
and Saluda counties.
50 acres near Edgefield [C.
250 aeres hear Trenton,S.C.
Several tract* near meeting
Street, and other tracts near
Monetta and Ba te sb ur g."
-Apply to
Ideal Pressing Club
Ladies Coat Snits Cleaned and
Ladies Pleated Skirts Cleaned and
Pressed _ _50c.
Ladie Plain Skirts Cleaned and
Pressed ._.40c.
Ladies Evening Gowns Cleandd and
Ladies One-Piece Dress Cleaned and
Gents' Suits Sleam Cleaned ?and
Pressed .__._.75c
Gents' Suits Dry Cleaned and
Hats Cleaned and Pressed_25c.
Hats Cleaned and Blocked_..50c.
Remember we are first-class in
every workmanship and can please
the most fastudist person. Work
done while you wait. Don't throw
away that old suit or hat. Brin? it
to us and let us make it look like
new. We appreciateyour patronage
and guarantee satisfaction.
Bacon Street,
Edgefield, South Carolina.
Southern Railway.
N. E. Schedule figures published
only as information and are not
Trains depart to
No. Time
209 Trenton, Columbia 7:20 am
231 Trenton, Augusta 11:10 a rn.
229 Aiken, Charleston 12:20 pm
29V Trenton, Augusta 7:20 p or
Trains arrive from
208 Augusta, Trenton 8:20 am
230 Columbia, Trenton 11:55am
232 Charleston, Aiken 4:00 p m
20:6 Columbia, Tienton 8:05 p m
For additional information, Tick-,
ets, etc., Communicate with
Magruder Dent., District Passen
ger Agent, Augusta, Ga. J. A.
Townsend, Agent, Edgefield, S. C.
For Weakness and Loss of Appetite
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GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives out
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