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Beautiful Tribute to Mrs. Day.
No death throughout the entire
community could have come as a
greater shock or caused more genu
ine heartfelt sorrow than that of
Mrs. P. B. Day. Taken suddenly ill
.on Saturday afternoon, she never
regained consciousness and in the
. calm'of Sunday night her sweet
spirit took it flight and returned to
the God who gave it. No wonder
that Trenton mourns to-day the loss
. of one whose |place will be hard to
fill. In all church work she was a
tower of strength, faithfully dis
charging every trust imposed upon
her. As wife and mother, she had
no superior and few equals, her
record is. of the highest, noblest,
tenderest. Her four noble moral
are splendid examples of her teach
ings. By a peculiar charm of man
ners she won her way into the hearts
of all who knew her. She loved
everybody and everybody in turn
loved her. She was warmhearted,
sympathetic, charitable, in all
things gentle and lovable. True to
her convictions she never faltered
when duty called her, and the love
she so justly won and deserved in
life was beautifully evidenced at
her death by the large concourse of
relatives and friends who attended
lier funeral and. in the numerous
floral designs that covered her grave.
If one branch of her work had
pre eminence over the other, it was
'that of the temperance cause. She
was a devoted member of the I
W. C. T. U. and her heart
?.wrapped up in her work with
the L. T. L. of which she was lead
er. At one of the meetings recently
she became somewhat discouraged,
and when she mentioned this fact to
one of the older boys who is just
turning into young manhood,he said
"'Miss Annie if your little band
Tealized what your teachings along
this line have done for me and what
that pledge I signed has meant when
temptations encounter me, they
would tak(> more interest" and to
the writer of these feeble words she
said ' that i:ave me renewed courage
and I shall gd on doing my best, for
I feel that if I have saved one boy
from the evil of drink I will not
have lived in vain." Her love for
little children was beautiful,
thoughtful and tender and the out
. "burst of grief among them was pa
thetic. Th?y h.id heard her say that
she wanted to die when the violets
were,in bloom and remembering
this, each child in school carried a j
- bjooh of th?dd-h?T ^Svor?t? flower
?and as the body of dear "Miss An
nie (as she was affectionately and
lovingly known") was tenderly
borrie into ?the church by her own
noble sous and her nephews, each
child silently and tearfully placed
his or her offering of love on the
casket. The tribute paid her by hei
devoted rector, Rev. R. G. Shan
nonhouse was touchingly beautiful
and full of pathos. His regrets were
not for her. but for himself and for
all of us who need her and those
who sit in the dark shadow of sor
row. The memory of her beautiful
- character and loving kindness will
be to her family and those who
loved her a priceless recollection.
Let us thank God for her precious
life and may it be a guide post to
others in their journey along life's
'4You ms.y break you may shatter
the va93
But the scent of the rose? will hang
around it still."
'Trenton, S. 0.
Building Pastures.
Mr. Henry McKie came up from
. his farm near Colliers last Thurs
day with two four-mule teams and
purchased one and a half miles of
woven wire from Messrs. Stewart
. & Kernaghan. Mr. McKie is one of
the most progressive farmers in the
.county and it is his purpose to con
vert a considerable area of his large
faim into pastures. Hundreds of
others should go and do likewise.
If the men of Edgeiield will meet
me this Sunday in the Presbyterian
church at 11:30 T will preach a ser
mon that will help you; and one
that women and children can hear
to advantage. Come, men, women
and children.
The Liver Regulates the Body
A Sluggish Liver Needs Care
Someone has said that people
with Chronic Liver Complaint
should be shut up away from hu
manity, for they are pessimists and
see through a glass darkly." Why?
Because mental states depend upon
physical states. B i 1 1 i o u s ness,
Headaches, Dizziness and Constipa
tion disappear after using Dr.
ping's ?New Life Pills. 25c. at
your Druggist.
Mrs. Mathis.
E. C. B.
7 Grand Jury For 1915.
E. J. Barker, North Augusta,
G. W. Bussey, Jr., Collier,
E. R. Mobley, johnston,
H. H. Herlong, Picken?,
J. P. Payne, Elmwood,
J.N. Lott, Johnston,
H. C. Watson, Edgefield,
H. W. McKie, Collier,
H. A. Smith, Pickens,
E. R. Clark, Wards,
W. S. Middleton, 'Washington,
S. B. Mays, Wise.
Hold-Over Grand Jurors:
J. M. Shaffer, -
J. M. Miller,
R. H. Queries,
Ervin Smith,
Mike Herlong,
H. F. Cooper.
First Week's Petit Jury.
Robert McKennie, Plum Branch.
Sherod Holmes.Collier,
J. W. Morgan, Moss,
A. F. Walton, Johnston,
J. C. Williams, Blocker,
T. P. Salter, Shaw,
S. E. Morgan, Pickens,
P. B. West, Talbert,
L. H. Hamilton, Blocker,
H. E. Bunch, Washington,
. J. H. Temples, Wards,
T. H. Whitlock, Shaw,
C. V. Holmes, Wise,
J. A. Claxton, Wards,
Daniel Strother, Moss,
J. B. Timmerman, Meriwether,
J. T. Herlong, Pickens,
J. L. Hart, Pickens,
J. F. Griffis, Moss,
W. M. Barling, Edgefield,
J. L. Wells, Plum Branch,
J. W. Parkman, Elmwood,
C. L. Mathis,- Red Hill,
T. C. Winn, Hibler,
H. A. Simmons, Hibler,
W. C. Hammond, Collier,
J. W. Shaffer, Elmwood,
M. L. Lott, Wards,
S. T. Adams, Washington,
Bud Berry, Pickens,
J. R. Cantelou, Wise,
Thomas Hall, Elmwood,
S. A. Brunson, Edgefield,
T. C. Cromer, Wards,
J. D. Hughey, Hibler,
Walter W. Wise, Trenton.
Death of an Infant.
Death came and kissed away the
life of little Louis Burnett last
Thursday morning. Louis was the
infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Burnett. He was only six months
old but was a sweet and lovely
child. We join in with the whole
community in sympathy for the be
reaved ones.
It has been two weeks since we
have had rain. The roads have
dried off wonderfully. The log drag
has been used in many places and
has helped so much.
The farmers have lost uo time in
sowing: oats.
Mr. Tom Wood sowed wheat last
We are'sorrv to report the severe
illness of our friends, Messrs. H.
H. Smith and George Mathis. Both
are thought to be some better this
morning. We hope and pray for
their speedy recovery.
Rose Cottage.
Cold Spring, S. C.
Living History.
A Boston University professor
comes forward to recommend the
reading of newspapers as part of
the public school course.
Isn't this rank heresy in the realm
of eduction? It's easy to recall the
time when any college professor
who recommended the reading of
newspapers for any purpose what
soever would have lost caste. News
papers were regarded by all high
brows as hopelessly vulgar, futile
and trashy. Some of them, horrible
to relate, were "yellow." Nearly all
were beneath the dignity of a schol
ar, particularly the news columns.
And as for putting such stuff into
the hands of innocent school chil
dren-the very idea!
Maybe Lhe newspapers have im
proved since that epoch; we hope
they have. But certainly the edu
cators haye improved. And as they
wake up to an interest in real life,
and a perception of the fact that
education is intended to fit children
to live the same life, they develop
appreciation of the wonderful ad
vantages offered to every man, wo
man ;ind child by the modern news
The teachers of the young used
to act as if history were worthless
until ii had become fossilized in
books. Now they recognize that we
have here, in the news columns from
day to day, history in the making
which is vastly more interesting
and perhaps vastly more important
than any ever concocted from the
bones of dead events.-Augusta
Let us supply you with seed Irish
potatoes that bear the stamp of
government inspection, which is a
guarantee against diseases that at
tack many potatoes. We have the
Early Rose, Bliss, Irish Cobblers
and other popular varieties.
Penn & Holstein,
?). A. R. Celebrates Washin
ton's Birthday.
The monthly meeting* of tl
Daughters of the Revolution w
held at the home of Mrs., Mara
Tillman on Tuesday afternoon. Bi
ing so near the birthday of Geor?
Washington, the occasion w;
treated with more than usual co
sideralion, and the decorations wei
of the national colors, red, whi
and blue, with many of our cou;
try's flags lending to the scene a
air of patriotism and loyalty.
The programs were very tast
fully arranged with a picture i
colors of a cherrry tree and hatol
et. The historical numbers were a
ranged by the historian, and ca
ried out in detail. Selections ha
been assigned to Mrs. B. E. Niche
son, Mis. A. A. Woodson and Mr
J. L. Mims. These included a sketc
of George Washington, "Rem
niscences of George and Marti
Washington" and the "Religioi
life of the fathei of our country.
Music added greatly to the afU
noon's entertainment. The vocal ?
lections were greatly enjoyed an
appreciated. Mrs. J. R. Tompkir
and Miss Miriam Norris sang ?
a duet "O wert thou in the caul
blast." Mrs. Shannonhouse gave th
. vocal solo "Till the end of time,
and Miss Elizabeth Raiusford, a
part of the historical program sang
George Washington's birthday, at
companied by Miss Emily Torap
kins. "The nightingale" was sun
by Miss Miriam Norris, and an in
strumental duet, "The march of th
continentals" was rendered by Mn
Tillman and Mrs. J. L. Mims.
As each guest arrived they wer
served to cherry punch, Misses Ma
ry Lewis and Florence Miras serv
ing, and then repaired to the recep
tion room where the officers of th<
local chapter stood in the receiving
There were about twenty guesti
from the Johnston and Trentoi
chapters who were most graciously
welcomed, and who aided greatly
in the good cheer and successful de
velopraent of the afternoon's pleas
Mrs. A. A. Woodson, regent o:
the chapter presided, and welcomec
the visitors, and expressed appr?cia
tion to the hostess for her larg?
share in this delightful occasion.
In the midst of the program i
great sensation occurred, when it
was announced that two distin
.guished guests had just arrived, the
hostess in great haste proceeding tc
bring them in. Who should it be
but George Washington himsell
and bis beloved Martha, bringing
with them a cherry tree which ic
cherry season would have been full
of beautiful cherries, but out ol
season, so remarkable was the va
riety, heavily laden with bright /ed
hatchets tied with blue and white.
Of course each guest speedily seized
one of them, especially when they
found that they bore upon their
blades messages from the father ol
their country enjoining the same
honesty he practiced when he cut
the cherry tree.
It was soon discovered however,
that the two who bore the cherry
tree were not George and Martha at
all, but Hansford and Winks, who
were as devoted during the after
noon as the real George and Mar
tha w ere said to be.
Another sensation was the ap
pearance of a young bride of 16 in
the costume which she wore 160
years ago, a beautiful buff silk made
entirely by hand. This was worn by
Miss Gladys Chappell who told very
sweetly something of the history of
the dress.
At the close of the .program an
elaborate two course luncheon wae
served. The sweet course consisted
of pink and white Charlotte Russe
and miniature pound cakes bearing
the auspicious 1732 and standing
upon them a tiny silk flag waving
as if to proclaim to the world the
victorious life that had begun in
1732, and had culminated in such
wonderful achievements,
"And long may it wave
O'er this land of the free, and
Home of the brave."
But the costumes: It would never
do to leave off a description of that
most wonderful feature of the af
ternoon. There were among the
forty guests present so many quaint
and beautiful colonial gowns that
we were loath to think that we were
living in the 20th century. Most of
them had gray hair, but they all
from 20 years to forty, perhaps,
looked to be "sweet sixteen." Each
one hoped that the fashions of Geo.
Washington's time would speedily
return, if we could all look as state
ly and beautiful as we thought all
the others looked.
Altogether we have never
had a better time, nor realized so
fully the value of the true patriotic
spirit as we did on this occasion and
we wish George Washington's birth
day came twice a year. F. A. M.
In case your machine fails to go
phone the Edgefield Auto Repair
I Shop, phone 19 L, Mr. Cobb will
move it.
Edgefield Auto Repair Shop.,
Card of Thanks.
This is to thank our dear friends
?and those of our mother for their
'gracious kindness to us aT?d to her
during her recent illness, and for
the beautiful expressions of love in
the many floral offerings that cov
ered her grave.
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Swearingen.
Trenton, S. C.
Colds Are Often Most Serious
Stop Possible Complications.
The disregard of a Cold ha9 often
brought many a regret. The fact
of Sneezing, Coughing, or a Fever
should be warning enough that your
system needs immediate attention.
Certainly Loss of Sleep is most se
rious. It is a warning given by
Nature. It is man's duty to him
self to assist by doing his part. Dr.
King's New Discovery is based on
ascientific and analysis of Colds.
50c. at your Druggist. Buya bot
tle to-day. .
Trespass Notice.
Notice is hereby given that all
! persons are forbidden from tres
passing in any manner whatsoever
upon my farm south of Edgefield.
Walking, riding and driving across
the fields especially forbidden. All
trespassers will be punished as pro
vided by law.
Mrs. Mary J. Norris.
Use Agricultural Oyster
Shell Lime.
It is good for jour Vegetable
Garden, your Oats and Wheat, your
Cotton and your Corn. I have it for
sale at -SlO.50 per ton, $1.10 per
sack. I used t?n tons on my farm
last year and am well pleased with
???? M. A. TAYLOR,
Edgefield, S. C.
? Feb. 12, 1915.-2t.
Free Flower Seed.
Hastings' Catalogue
Tells You About flt
If you are engaged in farming, or|
If you plant only vegetables or flow
ers, . you cannot afford to be without
the big catalogue published fresh and
new every year by the great South
ern seed house, H. G. Hastings &
Company, of Atlanta, Ga., and sent ab
solutely free, postage paid, to all who
write for it, mentioning the name of
this newspaper.
3j|this catalogue we tell you of a
splendid offer of free flower seed to
all our customers, five magnificent
varieties that mean beauty about your
home and a pleasure to wives and
daughters that nothing else can give.
This catalogue tells you, too, about
our big cash prize offer to the Com
Club boys of your state. It tells all
about our fine yielding varieties of
corn and cotton-the kind we grow on
our own 3,200 acre farm. It tells
about the best seeds of all kinds for
planting in the South. It should be
in every Southern home. Write to
day and let us send it to you.-H. G.
HASTINGS & CO., Atlanta, Ga.-Advt
Be it resolved by County Board
of Commissioners of Edgefield
county, that for the interests of
Edgefield county, the ^following
roads be discontinued as public
(1) The road leading from Stone
wall Neal's gin to public road lead
ing to Philippi through premises of
(2) The road leading from Long
Cane road, intersecting Delphi road
at S. N. Timmerman's, via Prince
(3) The road leading from James
Powell's to Delphi road opposite
James DeVore's residence.
County Board of Commissioners of
Edgefield County.
Go to see
Before insuringjelsewhere. We
represent the best old line com
Harting & Byrd
At the Farmers Bank, Edgefield
Dental Surgeon
Residence 'Phone 17-R. Office 3.
Will Surely Sion That Gough.
Shoes and Harness
I desire to notify the public that I have purchased an
up-to-date machine for half-soling shoes and repairing
I have reduced my price to 60c. for sewing
Can do your work while you wait
Shop in Paul's Garage
Ginning Notice
Beginning at once, we will operate our
Ginnery every Wednesday and Friday
until March 1st. After that time, we
will discontinue ginning until next sea
son. Thanking our customers for their
We are in the Market for Cotton Seed
at all times
Beaver Dam Plant
Ford Automobiles
We have accepted the agency for the
Ford Automobiles for Edgefield County,
and will have constantly on hand a stock
of Touring Cars and Run-Abouts. Shall
be pleased to show them to those who
contemplate buying a car. The Ford
cars defy Edgefield's winter roads.
They are an All-the-Year-Round Car
. We will also carry a full assortment of
all parts of the Ford cars, and can fill or
ders at our Garag? without your having
to wait to get extra paris by express. .
Make your auto wants known to us, and
we will satisfy them on short notice and
at reasonable prices.
Auto and Repair Shop
Edgefield, South Carolina
J. C. LEE, President F. E. Gibson, Sec. and Treas.
If you are going to build, remodel or repair,
we invite your inquiries.
We manufacture and deal in doors, sash, blinds
stairs, interior trim, store fronts and fixtures,
pews, pulpits, etc., rough and dressed lumber,
lath, pine and cypress shingles, flooring, ceiling
and siding.
Distributing agents for Flintkote roofing
Estimates cheerfully and carefully mane.
Woodard Lumber Co.
Corner Roberts and Dugas Streets.
Our Motto: 8KB

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