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Office No. 61.
Residence, No. 17.
Wednesday, Feb. 24.
At Johnston Sunday' night 7:45
preaching in . Presbyterian church.
M?68 Jessie Harris of Henderson,N.
C.,ifl the guest of Mrs.VV. C. Lynch.
IMake a special effort to be at
Methodist church Thursday night
pt 7:30.
I Rev. J. R. Walker will preach at
pe mill chapel next Saturday night
bt 7:30.
At Trenton Sunday morning
preach in fr at 11:30 in the Presbyte
rian church.
Mrs. E. J. Watson of Columbia
bas bpen the guest this week of
Mrs. W. W. Adams.
Mrs. Jacob Alstok of Brooklyn,
N. Y., is here spending some time
with her sister, Mrs. Israel Muka
Miss Janie Harris of Henderson,
N. C., is visiting ber sisters, Mes
v dames J. R. Tompkins and W. C.
Dr. and Mrs. A. H. CoTley enter
tained some friends Tuesday evc
insr with an elaborate tea beautifully
-served in courses.
Mr. O. B. Anderson is in Saluda
this week taking the tastimony in
the sessions court with his usual
speed and accuracy.
Mr. Floyd Rainsford has pur
chased a new Ford touring car from
Mr. George Adams. Recently Mr.
Adams has sold five Ford cars.
Mr. Charles R. Dobson is at
home for a few days, having re
turned Saturday from a business
trip to New York and Boston.
The next union service will be
"held in the Baptist church the third
Sunday night in March and Rev. E.
C. Bailey will preach the sermon.
Tie members of the Baptist
church paid for their pipe organ a
few days ago, ?600 of the amount
being: donated by Mr. Andrew Car
Miss Sallie Hammond has return
ed to her position as a member of
__ihe-BSilesforce of the fCorner Store.
Her friends have welcomed her
yery cordially.
Let all the people, both saved and
unsaved, hear the sermon on the
atonement at Methodist church, next
Sunday night. Night service 7:30.
Morning service 1U30.
Cadet Rainsford Cantelou and
Cadet Egbert Morgan spent the
week-end at home, having complet
ed theirmid-session examinations at
the Bailey Military Institute.
Better get your remnants of seed
cotton together, if you wish to have
it ginned this season. The ginner
ies are closing down. The Beaver
Dam ginnery will close after Fri
day of this week.
The jury for the second w?ek of
court is published this week, and it
is. probable that a third jury will be
necessary to clear the civil dopket,
two of the three juries being for the
court of common pleas.
Our friend Oscar Timmerman
was in town Tuesday and stated to
the writer that be is living on home
made flour, home-made meat, home
made lard and home-made meal.
That's the way to live at home.
Mr. S. B. Mays was in town yes
terday and, upon learning that the
Baptist church has extended a call
to Dr. E. Pendleton Jones, said
Horn's church will very probably
request him to serve them as Dr.
Burts and Dr. Jeffries did.
The play which some Edgefield
ladies are planning to give in the
opera house will probably be the
most elaborate entei tainment ever
given by local talent. There will be
between 75 and 100 persons to take
Have those Charlotte people kid
napped Mr. Arthur Tompkins? His
Edgefield friends have greatly miss
ed him during the pant fortnight
and will hold those Tar Heels strict
ly to account for his prolonged ab
Dr. M. D. Jeffries, pastor of ibe
Southside Baptist church, has let
the contract for the firection of an
.eight-room house on Hydrick street
to J. H. Armstrong, local contract
or. The improvement will cost about
$2,500.-Spartanburg Journal. 1
Mr. Bennie Rabenstein left for
New York Monday morning to pur
chase a large spring stock for the
Rabenstein stores. He is an ex
perienced bayer and knows where
to purchase to the best possible ad
vantage. Mr. Rubensteia will con
duct his millinery department again
this season. Miss Winnie Bryans,
the young lady who has had charge
of the department for several sea
sons, will arrive about the middle
of March.
Much Damaged Cotton.
We have heard of more damaged
cotton than usual this year, which
is probably due to the heavy and
almost continuous rainfall through
out December, January and a por
tion of February. How strange it is
that a farmer will work hard eight
months in the year making a crop
and then throw it out m the weath
er unprotected! Why not profit by
the experience of others? Cotton
that is thrown put on the ground
v\ ill soon become damaged.
Old Reliable Factors.
In this issue will be found the
advertisement of Messrs. Russell
and Allen, one of the oldest and
most reliable cotton firms in An
gosta. They solicit y oar cotton
and will make liberal advances on
all of the staple stored with them.
The members of this . popular firm
give personal attention to all con
signments of cotton. If you are
not already one of their patrons
give them a trial. You will find all
of their dealings satisfactory.
Will Purchase Spring Stock.
The Corner Store will blossom as
a rose, all of the bright spring mer
chandise being on display. Mr.
Turner left for New York on his
annual spring trip to market. He
is not dismayed nor deterred by
conditions incident to the war bat
will purchase a stock of spring
merchandise that will maintain the
Corner Store's record for keeping
abreast of the times all along the
line. Mr. Turner will also purchase
his usual stock of spring millinery.
Miss Samuel accompanied him to
New York to study the late styles
and to assist in purchasing the
spring millinery.
Baptists Call Pastor.
A committee from the Baptist
church, composed of Mr. Orlando
Sheppard, Mr. W. B. Cogburn and
Mr. J. L. Mimsy, wenft to Newberry
last Thursday to have a conference
with Dr. E. Pendleton Jones, to
learn from him whether or not be
would consider a call from the
Edgefield church. The committee
made its report to the church Sun
day morning and a unanimous call
was extended to Dr. Jones. Proba
bly not within the history of the
church has a call been issued with
such enthusiasm and with such
unanimity. It is believed that Dr
Jones will come to Edgefield. al
though up to this time, no definite
answer has been received from
him. ,.
The Guest of Honor.
Mrs. Amy C. Weech of Alexan
dria, Va., will be the guest of honor
at the Trenton convention of the
W. C. T. U. on Tuesday evening
and morning. Mrs. Weech has
been most err?ciously received in
South Care lin1. Has received very
complimentary notices from all who
have heard her. The moon will be
shining brightly, and it will be a
good opportunity for many from
our town to go over and hear Mrs.
Weech Tuesday evening at Trenton.
All the ladies of Edgefield whether
members of the W. C. T. U. or not
aie most cordially invited to attend
the all day meeting at Trenton on
Tuesday, and partake of the hospi
tality of Trenton. The music for
Tuesday evening will be in charge
of the Trenton voices.
Mrs. Smith Entertained.
One of the most delightful card
parties of the season was given
Tuesday afternoon of last week
from four to six by Mrs. Lovick
Smith. The parlor was tastefully
decorated, the color scheme being
pink and green. Soon after the
guests arrived they were seated
about the four tables that had been
arranged for auction bridge. The
game proved to be very spirited,, re
salting in a score that gave Mrs. J.
W. DeVore the first prize, a richly
embroidered shirt waist, and the
consolation prize, a picture in sil
ver frame, to Mrs. R. C. Padgett.
At the close of the contest Mrs.
Smith served a salad course, follow
ed by block cream, coffee and whip
ped cream. Miss Clair Grice and
Miss Mae Tompkins assisted the
Hostess in serving.
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the highest score and was presented
with a dainty piece of hand em
broidery. The score cards were red
hatchets. An elaborate salad course,
with coffee and whipped cream was
Mrs. Victoria Hart has moved to
her country home and her son Mr.
Claud Hart, who has resided in
Macon, Ga., several years, is now
occupying the house vacated.
Miss Hortense Padgett of Edge
field spent the week end here in the
home of Mr. J. C. Lewis.
Mesdames A. P. Lewis and John
Wright were guests of Mrs. W. B.
Cogburn last week.
The Emily Geiger chapter, D. A.
R. held a deligh:fnl meeting in the
home of Mrs. Alice Cox on last
Monday. During business, Mrs.
James White was elected delegate
to the congress in Washington this
spring. Upon a general request the
chapter will have a silver shower at
the next meeting, this to go to the
memorial hall fund. The subject
for the afternoon was "Ann Pame
la Cunningham," and a paper pre?
pared by Mrs. W. B. Cogburn of
Edgefield, one of the members, was
greatly enjoyed. Mrs. James Hol
land of Edgefield is a namesake of
this noted, and praiseworthy wo->
man, her mother and Miss Cun
ningham having been warm friends.
Current events were given bv Miss
Lillian. The hostess served a most
tempting salad course follow
ed by coffee, whipped cream and
block fruit cake, and genuine old
time hospitality-abounded.
Miss Maud Nickerson is at home
from a two weeks visit to Black
Mrs. A. P. Lott entertained a
number of her friends with a spend
the-day party on last Saturday the
chief feature of the day being quilt
ing, and those present had nimble
fingers for two quilts were com
pleted, these quilts being the handi
work of Mrs. Missouri Lott. An
elegant dinner was enjoyed.
Miss Eva Rushton has been elect
ed to fill the unexpired term of Mr.
Joe Jacobs in the High School. MY.
Jacobs has taken charge of route
No. 5,. .
Mrs. J. L. Smith spent a week 01
more recently in McCormick with
her daughter, Miss Ola Smith, who
was sick.
Mr. McMillan of Mullins has
been the-guest of her sister, Mrs.
H. D. Grant. . ?
The regular meeting of the New
Century Club met with Miss Zena
Payne on Tuesday afteTno?cT"a?d
after a short business period con<
ducted by the president Mrs. W.
F. Scott, the lesson study was taken
up, Mrs. J. A. Dozier being teacher
who made the lesson very interest
ing. "Henry Wadsworth Longfel
low, his education, college mates
and domestic life," Mrs. P. N.
Lott; 'His place in literature as
compared with American and Eng
lish poets," Miss Zena Payne; read
ing, "Hanging of the Crane," Miss
Clara Sawyer; solo, "The Bridge/5
Mrs. J. H. White; "Oliver Wendell
Holmes, his education and populari
ty," Miss Alma Woodward: read
ings, "The Brain," Mrs. P. B. Wa
ters; "Aunc Tabitha," Mrs. James
Strother; "William Cullen Bryant,
author and man," Mrs. J. L. Wai
ker; reading,, "The corn-shucking,"
Mrs. F. M. Boyd; piano duet, "The
village blacksmith." Mesdames W.
F; Scott and E. R. Mobley. Fol
lowing the program the guests were
invited into the dining room where
a salad courue with coffee and whip
ped cream was served. The seatfi of
each at the table were designated
by pl?ce cards, on each one being a
picture portraying a chief character
istic, with a bit of verse. The decora
tions were of quantities of the club
flower the violet, the two shades
being used. Shaded candles added
a soft light.
Prompt Action Will Stop Your
When you first catch a Cold (of
ten indicated by a sneeze or cough),
break it up at once. The idea that
"It does not matter" often leads to
serious complications. The remedy
which immediately and easily pene
trates the lining of the throat is the
kind demanded. Dr. King's New
Discovery soothes the irritation,
loosens the phlegum. You feel
better at once. "It seemed to reach
the very spot of my Cough" is one
of many honest testimonials. 50c.
at your Druggist.
Let us supply you with seed Irish
potatoes that bear the stamp of
government inspection, which is a
?narantee against diseases that at
;ack many potatoes. We have the
Karly Rose, Bliss, Irish Cobblers
md other popular varieties..
Penn & Holstein.
Save the Food and Save the Men.
Is it not time that something was
done to conserve the food supply of
Canada? We are face to. face with
the effects of a war, the proportions
and destructiveness of which is put
ting the word "Armageddon" on
the lips of thousands. In many parts
of the world last year's crops were
below the average* and next spring
who is going to till the soil and
BOW the seed in continental Europe,
where millions of dead men's bones
now lie? Russia has stopped the
manufacture of alcohol, thus saving
its contribution to the world's
granary. Norway, with Scandiva
vian frugality, has done likewise.
Germany has cut down its manu
facture of intoxicants 40 per cent,
and in Sweden strong pressure is
being brought upon the government
to prohibit potatoes and corn being
hied for the production of strong
.. Every Canadian patriot should
rise up and demand that for the love
of Home, Country, Empire and the
world at large, our food stuffs
should not, in the face of starvation
in many quarters, be converted into
that which is not bread, but, in ad
dition, that which impoverishes the
blood, lessens the producing power
ot the one who drinks it, or, as in
thousands of cases, makes him a de
?- Canada ?s in need of men. Over
7v000 of our citizens go down yearly
to'drunkard s graves, to say nothing
?of those who are indirectly slaugh
tered as a result of the drink traffic.
;.The Canadian government should
make an immediate move to con
serve our grains and other food
products used in the manufacture
of Canada's curse, and thus con
serve the men who would be better
employed stopping bullets than
being bottle killed.-Canadian
White. Ribbon.
Keep it Handy For Rheumatism.
No use to squirm and wince and
try to wear out your Rheumatism.
It will wear you out instead. Ap-|
ply some Sloan's Liniment. Need
not rub it in-just let it penetrate
all through the affected parts, re
?3ve the,soreness and draw the
pain. You get ease at once and
feel sp much better you want to get
right out and tell other sufferers
about Sloan's. Get a bottle of
Sloan's Liniment for 25 cents of
any druggist. and have it in the
house-against Colds, Sore and
Swollen Joints, Lumbago, Sciatica
and like ailments. Your money
back if not satisfied, but it does
' bottle to-day.
Landreth's Garden Seed.
When in need of garden seed.
Irish Potatoes, Corn, Onion Sets,
etc., let us supply your wants.
W. E. Lynch & Co.
In case your machine fails to go
phone the Edgefield Auto Repair
Shop, phone 19 L, Mr. Cobb will
move it.
,Edgefield Auto Repair Shop.
While the weather is i
and enlarge your facilitie
We Buy the "Pi
Lots and cs
Some large Edgefield j
getting prices in near-by
This celebrated wire is
need for building a pastu
We carry several heigl
cow or horse pasture.
Ask your neighbor \
likes it.
There is
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Edgefield County Convention
Methodist Church, Trenton, S. C.
Tuesday, March 2,1915
Morning Session, 10:00 A. M.
Called to order by Mrs. J. L. Mims.
Devotions-Mrs. Lnther Watson.
Activities of Unions since Florence Convention: Clark's HiII?,
Edgefield, Harmony, Johnston, Philippi, Trenton.
Loyal Temperance Legions.
Young People's Branch.
Plans for local unions in 1915.
Music: "Some Glad Day."
How May Essay Contests Best Develop Prohibition Senti
ment-Mrs. T. H. Rainsford.
The Cigarette, the Boy's Enemy-Mrs. W. E. Lott.
What May the Flower Mission Mean to a Community-Mrs.
S. T. Adams.
"Vocal Selection-Miss Eliza Mims.
Plans for Co-operative Meetings-Miss Zena Payne.
Recitation-Mrs. M. P. Wells.
Sowing Temperance Facts-Mrs. W. B. Cogburn.
Music: "Stand Up for Prohibition."
Message from Mrs. Amy C. Weech, Alexandria, Va^
1:00 P. M.-Recess.
Afternoon Session, 2:30 P. M.
Song service.
The Value of Music in a Meeting-Mrs. Tillman..
Palmetto White Ribbon-Mrs. J. L. Mima.
Our Temperance Periodicals-Mrs. T. R, Denny.
"The South is Going Dry"-Mrs. M. P. Wells.
Music-Mrs. R G. Shannonhouse.
Address-Miss Cleo Attaway.
Evening Service.
Devotions-Rev. J. R. Walker. '
Special music in charge of Trenton Union.
Address-Mrs. Amy C. Weech of Alexandria, Va., National'
Lecturer and Organizer of the Woman's Christian Temperance
Shoes and Harness
I desire to notify the public that I have purchased an
up-to-date machine for half-soling shoes .and repairing:
Have reduced my price to 60c. for Sewing:
Can do your work while you wait, '
Hiram Lowe
Shop in Paul's Garage Edgefield, S. C..
'asture Fenee
lot suited to other farm work, build your pasture fence
s for raising stock.
ittsburg Perfect" Woven Wire in Car jg|
m Make You a Verv Close Price ^
farmers have recently bought their wire from us after
horse high, pig tight and bull strong-just what you
re economically and permanently.
its, and can supply your needs whether it be for a hog,
vho is using the "Pittsburgh Perfect" wire how he
Nothing Better on the Market

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