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EatabLtalpd 1H35..
/. L. MI MS.-Editor
Published every Wednesday in The
?ivertiser Building at SI.50 per year
I j advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield. S. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
The rank is but the guinea's stamp;
the man's the eold for all that.
Wednesday, Mar. 10.
The split log drag season has not
closed vet.
Ty Cobb is among the celebrities who
are visiting Augusta.
A lull in the war gives Harry Thaw
prominent position again.
The situation is improving. Bread
has declined to five cents the loaf.
"French announce further small ad
vances." Probably a few feet a day.
Dispatches say Madame Bernhardt
is able to sit up-but she can't walk
Have the English and French no sub
marines with which to even up with
Germany? I
Thus far that powerful English navy
has done but little except furnish tar
gets for German submarines.
Cotton is still coming in. Better buy
some and store it away. It's cheaper j
now than the 1915 crop can be made.
The scenes have so shifted as to
bring Turkey and Greece to the fore
front in the heavy headlines, if not in
It's snowing down in Texas, not
withstanding it is March, which adds
another t) the long list of reasons why
we do no . care to live in Texas.
It is reported that the rural police
men of Charleston are seizing contra
band whiskey. Wonder what the city
policemen are doing along that line?
There are already eight avowed can
didates for congress to succeed Con
gressman Johnson, with probably a
baker's dozen yet to be heard from.
Those Mexicans had better promise
to be good. President Wilsen is about
to decide that there are times when
"forbearance ceases to bea virtue."
The express company has issued or
ders to its employees looking to the
enforcement of the one-gallon-per
month law which becomes effective
Friday, March 12.
The sheriff of Newberry county is
allowed an automobile and $1U0 per
annum for its up-keep. It is probable
that the allowance for the up-keep of
the official machine has to be supple
mented by about half of the officer's
A few days ago a white man was
sentenced to the electric chair from
Greenwood and yesterday Laurens sent
a man to the chair for arson.
By pursuing the policy of "standing
by his friends, ' ' the former governor,
cheated the electric chair of its dues.
Change of Method Needed.
The manner in which the engrossing
department of the legislature has been
conducted is being quite generally crit
icised. As a result of the old, out-of
date system of copying bills by hand,
two of the most important measures
enacted by the recent legislature are
defective. It ts said that the bill pro
viding for the tax commission and that
providing for the reorganization of the
hospital for the insane may both be
declared null and void because of er
rors made in the engrossing depart
ment. Instead of having copyists,
some of whom are lacking in expe
rience, the department should be or
ganized along modern lines. The force
should be composed of experienced
stenographers and the bills should be
copied on typewriters instead of by
hand. Who will take the initiative in
re-organizing the engrossing depart
ment of the legislature? It appears to
us that somebody has been negligent
or the system of copying bills would
have been altogether changed long
A Welcome Visitor.
There was general regret over tl
State when early in the new year tl
Newberry Herald and News suspen
ed publication on account of fina
cial troubles. Now there is wid
spread rejoicing because Mr. Aull h
been able to place the good old pap
on a sound financial basis again,
has been a strong factor in Newber
for many years and we trust that
will appear throughout the years wit
out missing 'a single issue. We w<
come the Herald and News to our de
again, and extend cordial greetin
and good wishes to brother Aull.
Seed Selection.
It will not be amiss at this seas
for The Advertiser, which is alwa
deeply interested in the agricultui
progress of the county, to remind fs
mers to give due attention to the pro
er selection of the seed they plant,
is impossible to obtain a satisfacto
harvest from inferior seed. It requir
no more laoor or fertilizers for a cn
grown from inferior seed than for 01
that comes from strong, well-bred see
while the result at harvest time w
widely different Be sure that y<
plant good, sound seed that have be<
selected with care. Let this be tri
i of the garden and field crops.
Strong With The People.
President Woodrow Wilson has con
plet^d the first half of his first tern
and while doubtless his administratic
has mistakes to its credit, yet there
no gainsaying the fact that he is stror
with the people of every section. Fe
presidents, if any at all, have ha
more difficult problems to solve tha
Mr. Wilson, and the splendid mannt
in which he has directed the affairs c
this great nation has called forth th
admiration of some of his most bitte
antagonists. Bul; for having a man c
the Woodrow Wilson type in the Whit
House, this cour try would in all prob
ability have become involved in a wa
that would cost thousands of lives an
countless millions of dollars. Mr. Wil
son deserves the commendation of th
people of every section.
Compulsory School Attendance.
Will the people of Edgefield count;
avail themselves of the local optioi
compulsory sc100I attendance law'
Already several districts in other coun
ties have made the law apply to theil
schools. There is a growing sentimeni
in this county in favor of compulsory
education and it will be interesting tc
note whether the law, even in its pres
ent mild form, will be invoked to in
crease attendance upon the schools.
The new stn tute provides three forms
of operation: First, upon the petition
of a majority of the qualified electors
I residing in the district; second, upon
election following the petition of one
fourth of the qualified electors residing
in the district; third, upon election fol
lowing a petition of a majority of the
ru-1? es of any town containing 1,500
Well Deserved Rest.
After arr almost continuous session of
Congress lasting through a period of
nearly two and a half years, Senator B.
R. Tillman is now at his Trenton home
where he will enjoy a well-deserved
period of rest and relaxation. In spite
of the fact that he has been constantly
in the forefront of the fight incident to
the enactment of Democratic princi
ples into law, Senator Tillman has
stood the physical strain splendidly.
Being entirely in harmony with the
President, Senator Tillman's presti:e,
influence and wise counsel have beerr of
inestimable value to the administra
tion, all of which has been duly appre
ciated by the President himself.
Congressman James F. Byrnes is
also enjoying a period of rest at his
home in Aiken. He has all along been
one of the most alert and active mem
bers of the national house of represen
tatives, and has rendered valuable ser
vice to his constituency, to his party
and to the nation. Although one of
the youngest members of Congress,
Mr. Byrnes has frequently been ap
pointed on some of the important com
mittees, giving him an opportunity to
render service of lasting value to his
constituency and to the people at
Half Your Living
Without Money Cost
A right or wrong start in 1915 will
make or break most farmers in the
Cotton States. We are all facing h
crisis on cotton. Cotton credit is up
set. The supply merchant cannot ad
vance supplies on 1916 cotton. You
must do your best to produce on your
own acres the food and grain supplies
that have made up most of your store
debt in the past
A good piece of garden ground,
rightly planted, rightly tended and
kept planted the year round, can be
made to pay half your living, It will
save you more money than you made
on the best five acres of cotton you
ever grew! But it must be a real
garden, and not the mere one-plant
ing patch ia the spring and fan.
Hastings' 1915 Seed Book tells all
about the right kind of a money-sav
ing garden and the vegetables to put
in lt. It tells about the field crops
as well and shows you the clear road
to real farm prosperity, comfort and
independence. IT'S FREE. Send for
it today to H. G. HASTINGS & CO,
Atlanta, Ga.-Advt
What Others Say j
Make Ends Meet.
They say- preachers are not good
financiers. Wonder how it is then,
that they manage to get along at all
on the small sums their stingy con
gregations pay them.-Newberry Ob
Real Belligerents.
It is generally and universally recog
nized now that this European war is
being waged between England and
Germany. The other powers are count
ing only as allies, but in no sense as
principals.- Yorkville Enquirer.
"Fishy" Dog Story. .
A "boom" paragraph from Gaffney
tells of a man who has a collie dog that
drives the cows home from the pas
ture, and picks out the animals that
have beun eating wild onions, so their
muk may be given to the hogs. -York
ville Enquirer.
Give Wife Half.
The new liquor act requires a man,
if he keeps liquor at all, to keep it
at his home, ls that so the wife may
get her share? Good idea. If liquor
is a good thing for a man, why not
for a woman? The husband should
not be permitted to appropriate ail
the good things for himself.-Newber
ry Observer.
Warning to Cotton Growers.
With Germany bottled up, Italy and
Roumani:! coming in to help the Allies
the end of ihe war may be said to be
insight. All the same, Col. Aldrich is
right in saying that all our plans ought
to be made as if the war was a^ cer
tainty for the rest of the year. Unless
cotton acreage is cut fifty per cent
the price will be about the same
next fall that it is now.-Greenwood
A Warning to the South.
The threat of the Allies to shut off
all shipments to Germany has its spe
cial warning for the South. Whatever
comes of the present move, it illus
trates the possibility that we may wake
up almost any morning to find ourselves
without a European market. Farmers
who have been encouraged to hope that
cotton may bring a big price this fall
should take heed accordingly. The man
doea not live who can foretell what the
next six months may bring fortr for
the United States. To plant hesvily
in cotton this summer will be criminal
folly. Those who do so will bmnd
themselves the worst of speculator;.
News and Courier.
{. .$.
fr ?Iii
I Smile Provokers J
fr I +
fr / f
>[.* ?*-?/. .$ ? v -]~> v1-I* v* -I- v? 'I* v v *!* ^ 'I4 ' I* 'M'* v '?'*
"My son, said the father sicily,
suppose I should be taken iway
suddenly, what ' would becoue of
t "Why, .said the son, irreverently,
I'd stay right here; the question is,
what would become of vou?"
Mistress (indignantly)-Jane,
whatever did vou mean by wearing]
my lovv-neckcd evening dresss it the
bus drivers' ball last night? Really,
you ought to have been a chained of
Jane (meekly)-I was mum. You
never beard such remarks as they
Sammy was not prone to over
exertion in the classroom; therefor?
his mother was both surprised, and
delighted when he came home one
noon with the announcement, . I
got IOU this morning."
"That's lovely, Sammy?" exclaim
ed his proud mother, and she kissed
him tenderly. What was it in?"
"Fifty in readin' and fifty in
'rithmetic," replied Sammy, radiant-]
Shortly after the reconstruction
period began, an old southern plant
er met one of his negroes whom he
had not seen since the latter's libera
"Well, well, slid the pfanter,
what are you *doing now, Uncle
"I's a-preachin' of de gospil."
"What! You are preaching?"
"Yassuh, master, I's a-preachin'."
"Well, well! Do you U3e Dotes?"
"Nossuh. At de fust I notes, but
now I demands de cs.sh."
We have just received feveral
Iota of men's Blue Serge suit?. We
have one lot of 25 all-wool serges
which we picked up at a bargain
while in New York, the kind we
solo last season at 112.50, at $6.50
while they last.
An Appeal to my Friends and
Help me to win one of The Au
gusta Chronicle's prizes. Send your
subscription to rae at Plum Branch,
S. C. Price of the daily and Sunday
?6.-00 per year, 6 months $3.00, 3
months $1.50. . . i ? .
Mrs. J.?M?ude Adams.
Plum Branch, S. C.
Edgefield People Have Absolute
Froof of Deeds at Home.
It's not words but deeds thal
prove true merit.
The deeds of Doan's kidney pills,
For Edge-Held kidney sufferers,
Have made their local reputation.
Proof lies in the testimony of
Edgefield people.
T Gray, Gray street, Edgefield.
says: "Ki3ney trouble came on me
with torturing pains through my
back and sides. The action of my
kidneys was irregular. A depressed
and tired feeling took hold of me
and it was only through a great
effort that I could get around. My
back was lame ar:<jf sore and I could
hardly bend or straighten. Fortu
nately I heard of Doan's kidney
pills and began using them One
box made me feel like a different
man, removing the aches and pains
and improving my health generally.
You may continue to use my for
mer endorsement of Doan's kidney
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's kidney pills-the same
that Mr., Gray had. Foster-Milburn
Co., prop*., Buffalo, N. Y. 1 .
? Classified Column, t
.fr T
FOR SALE-Two good mules
cheap for cash. L. T. May.
STRAYED-Small pig with
black and white feet has strayed
from my premises. W. H. Turner.
FOR SALE-Good gentle horse
and second-hand buggy. Apply to
O. P. Bright or Miss Kate Samuel.
FOR SALE: One two-year-old
mule. Sound, long-bodied and long
limbed, will make large mule, can
work tnis year. Would sell on time
and lend some money on first mort
gage real estate to quick buyer. Ad
dress RFD Box 57, Pleasant
Lane, S. C.
FOR SALE: Three English Bull
pups, males, $5 each. P. J. Cole
man, Trenton, S. C.
FOR SALE-Some fine pigs two
months old from Essex and Duroc
Jeisey stock--?3 each. S. W. Mays.
I OR REN T : Residence o f seven
rooms and pantry, near High School.
Well on back piazza, and all neces
sary out buildings. Apply to J. L.
FOR SALE-Lumber cut any
dimension, Mill now located on niv
farm six miles north-west of Edge
field, a lot of fine white oak and
some heart pine. Prices reasonable.
W. F. Holson.
tions received for loans from $150.00
to $ 10,000, on improved town prop
erty and lands, interest 8 per cent
straight. Interest payable annually
or serai-annualiy. Time: one to ten
years. Applicant) for loans will
please give description, location,
and valuation of property offered as
security for loan. State improve
ments and valuation of same.
We want Couny representatives
to receive applications for lo?ns,
appraise property, and serve as our
exclusive represenative. Attorney
or real estate man preferred. Ap
plicants for loans, and applicants
for agencies positively required to
furnish at least twocharacter refer
ences and forward jostage, five 2c
stamps, for applicaton blanks, full
particulars, and prompt reply.
VVxite Southern Oice, Southeast
ern Mortgage Loan Assn., Fourth
Nat'l Bank Bldg., Alanta, Ga.
The State of Sout Carolina,
County of Edpfield.
By W. T. Kinnaid, P>bate Judge.
Whereas, Henry TMedlock has
made shit to me, to grat him Let
ters of Administration of the Es
tate of and effects ofMrs. Mattie
C. Medlock, deceased.
These Are Therefoieto cite and
admonish all and singar the kin
dred and creditors of tl said M re.
Mattie ?. Medlock, de?ased, that
they be and appear me, : the Court
of Probate, to be held i Edgefield
C. H., S. C., in ray one on the
2nd day of April next Jter publi
cation thereof, at ll o'ock in the
forenoon, to show eau, if any
they have, why the saidAd minis
tration should not be graed.
Given under my Han-.ir.his 10th
day of March A. D., 1915
W. T. Kin.ird,
Mar. 10, 1915. J. XE. C.
BITTERS Family idiciiw. ?
For Praise Service, Johnston
Baptist Church, Sunday
Night, March 14th,
Organ voluntary, Miss Willis.
Processional, "Holy, Holy, Lord God
Hymn, orchestra accompaniment.
Soprano and alto duet, "Beautiful
Country," Mrs. Latimer and Miss Clara
Anthem, "Lift Up Your Head,
Offertory, Miss Willis.
Mixed quartette, "Though Your Sins
Be As Scarlet," Miss Mobley, Mrs.
Latimer, Avery RIand and F. M. Boyd.
Scripture reading, Dr. King, pastor.
Hymn, orchestra accompaniment.
Sermon. f
Anthem, "Jesus Lover of My Soul,"
choir, with soprano obligato by Miss
Hymn, orchestra accompaniment.
Miss Lilla Maude Willis, organist.
F. M. Boyd, choir director.
Whooping Cough.
Well-everyone knows the effect
of Pine Forests on Coughs. Dr.
Bell's PineJTar-Houey is a remedy
which brings quick relief for
Whooping Cough, loosens trie
mucous, soothes the lining of the
throat and lungs, and makes the
coughing spells less severe. A fam
ily with growing chi'dren should
not he without it. Keep it handy
for all Coughs and Colds. 25c at
your Druggist. -2
Landreth's Garden Seed.
When in need of garden seed.
Irish Potatoes, Corn, Onion Sets,
etc., let us supply your wants.
W. E. Lvnch <fc Co.
These are the People
Your Trips on tl
The First-class
Stands Ready to ?
Life's Jour
With it's Remedies, Pr<
Helps and Comforts.
To nave A
Copyright 1909, br C. E. Zia
F all the ur
not one in a hi
iccount and not one home
>ank account is unhappy. Il
mt it off any longer, when
natter to start a bank accou
OFF ' ?;RS : J. C. Sheppard, Preside
I. J. Hims, Cashier; J. H. Allen, Assistai!
DIRECTORS : J. C. Sheppard, Geo.
lainsford, B. E. Nie; olson. A S. Tompk
Bedding Sweet Potatoes.
From Sooth Oaroltna: -'Pleat-e
riend rae the beet method for bed
ding sweet potatoes early without
the use of gla??."
Make an excavation a foot deep
and five or six feet ? ide and three
feet loni; for every bushel bedded.
Then ?et a lot of fresh horse ma
nure and pile it near till it heats
atid then pack the excavation full
of this and cover with Lb ree inches
of sandy soil. Put a thermometer
in the bed and watch the heat rise
and begin to decline, and when it
has fallen to 75 degrees bed the po
tatoes and cover with two inches of
sandy soil above them. Then cover
wi til a good coat of pine straw, and
watch the bed that it does not get
too hot. If it threatens to get too
hot remove the straw and punch
holes in it to let the heat out. Af
ter the sprouts appear keep the pine
straw off in sunny days but return
it if the night threatens to be cold.
I have grown them well in this
way, but I find that a frame and
class sashes is better and cheaper in
the lonir run. - tVoirressive Farmer.
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin
gle Mills, Engines, Boilers,
Supplies and repairs, Porta
ble, Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth, Files, Belts
and Pipes. WOOD SAWS
Gins and Press Repairs.
************ ********
Who Help to Make
lie Flyers Safe
> Drug Store
lelp Make Your
ney Safe
?ventatives, Palliatives
We're On Guard
merman C0.--X0. 44
ihappy homes,
undred has a bank
in a hundred who has a
: seems almost foolish to
it is such a simple, easy
mt; B. E. Nicholson, vice-President;
it Oashier.
W. Adams, Thos. H. Rainsford, John
ins, C. C. Puller, E. J. Mims, J. H.

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