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EataMiate? J1H35.
/. L.MMS,:..Editor
Published every Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building at 81.50 per year
5.1 advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield, S.-C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
_ }
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Politeness has beon well defined as
benevolence in small things.-MA
Wednesday, Mar. 24.
Blind tigers will not riake barrels of
money on a gallon-a-month sales.
The Berlin press admits that the fall
of Pzemysl is "a painful blow to our
It is quite naughty of Madame Spring j
to let Winter linger in her lap this
The way to Constantinople via the
Dardanelles seems to be as long as that ]
to Tipperary.
If your gallon is out already, we're
sorry for you. The next orderin' day
is ? long, long way off.
While it is the early bird that catches
the worm, bear in mind that it is the
early worm which gets caught.
Watching a comet must be tame
pastime compared with watching for a
noctural attack from a flotilla of Zep-1
"Seed Crushers to Meet," so say the
headliner. The seed producers should
be as thoroughly organised as the seed
In planning for the crop of 1915,
baar in mind that the largest crop of
cotton on record was made in 1914
last year.
.- ?sJVonld it be hazarding too much to
predict that the fall of Przemysl
(pronounce it whatever you please) is
the beginning of the end?
Referring to being prepared for war,
the headlines say. "Haly h putting
her house in order." lit is not likely
to remain in order long.
. Notwithstanding the cold weather,
they are having a hot time in Colum
bia over the proposed bond issue for |
road improvement.
The man who has discovered a way
for making gasoline at three cents per
gallon is the greatest benefactor of the
age-so say automobilists.
Barnwell county didn't wait until
the referendum was voted onto join the
ranks of the "dries." The Governor
made Barnwell dry with a stroke of
the pen.
The new colonels will, we trust, re
main neutral.-The State. The an
nouncement that they must serve with
out compensation assures their contin
ued neutrality.
There is vet hope for Newberry
county. Last week The Observer con
tained three notices of special elections
for the purpose of voting an extra
levy for schools.
As a war-time economy and, too, to
open up other avenues of cotton con
sumption, The Advertiser moves that :
the South Carolina colonels be request
ed to use cotton fabric for their uni
According to the official record in the
naval observatory in Washington,
spring was scheduled to arrive at 11:50
Sunday mornings, March 21, but ac
cording to the reading of the mercury
these morning there must have been
a wash-out or blow-out somewhere that
has delayed its coming.
If foodstuffs go much higher, poor
old Ed DeCamp may yet be ? forced to
cot down to five meals a day, -The
State. This exploitation of DeCamp's
daily requirements, causing the Co-j
lumbia hotels to increases their rates to
him, gives this disciple of Epicurus
good ground for a damage suit.
When the Gould stables were burned
at High Point several nights ago, 13
horses and 1,300 bushels of corn were
burned and it was stated, that the most
valuable horse was worth $1,300. Of
course one would naturally expect the
Fates to be against such a combina
tion as this.
"A New Day Dawning."
The pendulum is swinging bael
South Carolina. As a result of
great number of cases in which ex
tive clemency was extended and
laxness with which the law was
forced in many sections during the
mer administration, there were
dences of demoralization on e
hand. But it appears now that a
mal status is being restored. Re
ing doubtless that law enforcer
was at a low ebb in South Caro
Governor Manning at once set abot
improve conditions. Where it
known that the law was being flagr
ly violated, the Governor has com
nicated with the sheriff, reminding
of the responsibility that rests u
his as an officer of the law and tha
will be expected and required to
prove conditions.
The following from the Colun
correspondent of the Augusta Chr
cle indicates that law enforeemer
on the upgrade in South Carolina:
"There seems to be a new day da
ing in South Carolina in the matter
law enforcement. The juries are
ing their duty; the state penitenti
is gradually filling up, following
storm of several months ago, whe
former governor almost denopulated
the death house is crowded; the jui
are finding men guilty of murder
gardless of color. There are many
??cutions set for April."
The Heroines of War.
Let us not forget that every v/ar ?
its heroines as well as its heroes. Th
were mothers, wives and daught
throughout our southland in the 9
ties who were as deserving of hom
as the men who braved the bullets
the battlefields. Privation, suffer
and self sacrifice which were endured
home was not any less trying to hi
dreds of noble women than were 1
hardships and dangers incident
actual service.
And let us say in this connection tl
the horrible war of Europe is not wi
out its heroines, women who are as i
serving of crosses and royal recog
tion as the men at the front.
To-day throughout England the c
is being made to women to come f<
ward and fill places in commercial a
civic life that are now filled by rm
in order"that the mer. may volunte
for military service. Thousands up
thousands of women from all ranks
life are volunteering for these plac?
Who does not admire the spirit th
prompts this action?
In London the other day one worm
of prominence offered to drive a c
livery wagon, while another wrol
"I am the mother of five soldiers a
sailors and i want to do my little 1
to release men to go and fight. " WI
would not stand with uncovered he
in the presence of such a heroine?
Why This Furor?
Frankly, we are unable to unde
stand why such a furor has been rais<
in some quarters over the formation i
the Western Judicial District and ovi
the appointments incident to puttir
the court machinery in operation,
vast majority of the States have tv
districts and some that are but litt
larger than South Carolina have thre
Instead of going out of one's way 1
criticise, there should be rejoicing ar
self-congratulation that South Carolin
had representatives in the'Senate ar
House, in the persons of Senator Til
man and Congressman Byrnes, wt
had the influence and astuteness 1
secure the passage of the act creatin
the district.
The formation of the Western Dh
trict should cause rejoicing in tha
in addition to providing increase
facility for handling with dispatc
the business of the circuit court i
South Carolina, it will be the means o
I bringing, through a legitimate channel
many thousands of dollars annual!,
from the national treasury into thi
State. So limited are the ways fo
securing appropriations of Federa
funds for Southern States, no oppor
tunity should be lost for securinj
these appropriations, especially when
the interests of the people arepromote<
Besides the constant stream thal
flows from the national treasury
throughout the North in the form o]
pensions to Union soldiers, many ol
whom are altogether unworthy, thert
are scores of ways and opportunities
open to that section for securing pub
lic funds that are closed to South Caro
lina. The Advertiser does not desire
to see a single dollar of public money
secured for this State that is not se
cured in the right way. But when we
have just ground for asking and re
ceiving, why, in all good conscience,
should we not secure every dollar to
which we are entitled?
Again, we ask, why all this furor?
A word as to the appointments that
have been made: Up to this time only
two have been announced from Wash
ington, and we have yet to see or hear
the allegation that these men are not
men of integrity and character, who
also possess the abilitj' necessary to a
faithful performance af the duties of
the position which they are to fill.
As to the names suggested or nomina
tions yet pending, which when an
nounced will complete the full comple
ment of officials necessary to put the
court in operation, they are men who
are hbove reproach and who possess
unquestioned ability. Where, then, is
there just ground for criticism?
What Others Say
We wonder how many church mem
bers will vote against State-wide pro
hibition this fall.-Abbeville Medium.
Easy to Answer.
If the mothers of men voted for or
against war which do you think would
win, maternal love or patriotic greed?
Orangeburg Times and Democrat.
Others Will Take Heed.
"This wav out," said Governor Man
ning to the Barnwell dispensary board.
The lesson will not be lost upon other
county dispensary officials.-Greenville
Unwise Merchants.
The merchant who will not advertise
when business is depressed is exactly
as sensible as the fellow who will not
strop his razor when it is dull.- Spar
tanburg Journal.
Kew Word Needed.
Editor Hearon tries to describe grip
in the Spartanburg Herald. It can't
be done until somebody invents a sin
gle word more horribly expressive than
that which Sherman employed to de
scribe war. -Greenville Piedmont. -
Slated For Governor.
It is to be inferred from the press
comment upoi Robert A. Cooper s an
nouncement that he will not be a con
gressional candidate, that the newspa
pers of this snate are generally of the
opinion that he is destined lo be gover
nor of South Carolina af ter Manning.
Greenville Piedmont.
Ths.nks to Byrnes.
From Senator Tillman's account of!
how the new Western Federal District I
came to be created by this Congress it
will be seen i.hat Congressman "Jim
my" Byrnes, of the Second District,
deserves practically all of the credit
for getting the bill through. He showed
fine head work and while he had fine
team work to back him on the part
of the entirs delegation, the whole
matter would have fallen through but
for his head work. He is a bright, en
ergetic young fellow and will be heard
from in public life. -Greenwood Index.
* f
* Smile Provokers ?
i ?
"Dead men tell no tales, observed
the sage."
. "Maybe not, replied the fool, but
their tombstones are awful liars."
Cincinnati Enquirer.
v "Is the man your sister ia goiKg
to'marry rich?"
"Naw.; every time the marriage is
mentioned pa says, poor man."-St.
Louis Post-Dispatch.
"Could you learn to love me ask
ed the sweet young thing.
"Well, replied the young man, I
have learned to love a lot of other
girls."-Yonkers Statesman.
Muggins-That little shrimp does
not look like a hero, does he?
Buggins -Great Scot, no! What
has he ever done?
Muggins-He's been married six
times.-Philadelphia Record.
j A small negro boy went to a
physician to he treated for a pain
ful sensation in one of his ears. The
doctor examined and found the ear
was full of water.
"How didi this happen, he asked
after he had drained the ear; been
going in swimming?"
"Naw, sub, said the little fellow,
been eatin' watermelon!"-Ex.
"Madam, said the tattered and
torn suppliant to the benevolent
\&?y who answered his timid rap at
the door, have you any old clothes
you can sp&re for an unfortunate
victim of the European war?"
"I think X have, my poor man;
but how does this happen? You can
not have been in this war, surely?"
"No. madam, humbly replied the
sufferer; but my wife has sent all
my clothes to the Belgians."
Two farmers met in a certain
town a day or two after a cyclone
had visited that particular neigh
' "She shook things up pretty bad
out at my place, said one, stroking
his whiskers meditatively."
"By the way, Hi, he added, that
new barn o' yourn get hurt any?"
"Waal drawled the other. I dun
no. I haven't found it yet."
Youth's Companion.
Two men were talking of hard
"Does your wife ever grieve be
cause sbe threw overa wealthy man
for you?" queried Hall.
"Well, she started to once, was
the reply, but I cured her of that
without delay."
"I wish you would tell me how,
said Hall.
"I started right in grieving with
her, replied the other, and I griev
ed harder than she did."
; -ii
Miss Sc
one of t
of Balti
We are
der for
and see
now ar]
The Edgef
Announces to the Public
Royster's, Armour
Call on Mr. R. C. Padgei
Mrs. Mattie Shaw and the Misses
Lanier announce the engagement of
their great-niece, Melvie Stella Mat
thews, to Mr. John Randall De
Laughter, the marriage to take
place on Easter Sunday at the fami
ly homestead, on the Martintown
road, beyond North Augusta.
Sincere interest will be felt in
this announcement. Miss Matthews
is a charming young woman and is
extremely sweet and lovely. Mr.
DeLaughter is a popular and well
known young man, and a member
of one of the oldest families in
South Carolina. Their marriage will
be a quiet affair, and will take plaee'
in the presence of the family and
few close friends in the historic old
home of the Misses Lanier on the
Martintown road.-Augusta Chroni
It is impossible for the supervi
sor or either commissioner to reach
all parts of the county. I would
be glad if the people in different
neighborhoods would suggest and
petition that certain persons be ap
pointed overseer in their respective
communities. Persons suggested
oi recommended may proceed to
warn hands and begin work at once,
and I will have them legally ap
pointed as early as possible. We
want the road working to commence
at once.
March 17, 1915.
fts?l SureEy S?ou Tha? Couaf?.
MILLINERY Department
lis season is in charge of
illie Haynie, who is from
;he largest millinery houses
imore. Miss Haynie is an
need milliner and thor
competent to please you.
now ready to fill your or
* your Spring Hats. Call
? our pretty line of Spring
y. Our other lines are
Yours to serve,
s ! Fertilizers !
ield Mercantile Company
i ]
: that it it now ready with a full line of Fertilizers
s with Potash as an Ingredient
.'s, Swift's and
other Reliable Manufacturers' Goods
Lt or Mr. A. E. Padgett. Office at Farmers Bank
To Have A
CopTriiht 1909, by C. E. Zimmerman Co.--No. 44
F all the unhappy homes,
not one in a hundred has a bank
account and not one home in a hundred who has a
bank account is unhappy. It seems almost foolish to
put it off any longer, when it is such a simple, easy
matter to start a bank account.
OFFICERS: J. C. Sheppard, President; B. E. Nicholson, vice-President;
E. J. Mims, Cashier; J. H. Allen, Assistant Oashier.
DIRECTORS : J. C. Sheppard, Geo. W. Adams, Thos. H. Rainsford, John
Rainsford, B. E. Nicholson, A. S. Tompkins, C. C. Fuller, E. J. Mims, J. H.

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