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<??gcfk?? ^thiecfiser
Estafili?ijf? 1H35.
/. L. ?1/MS,.Ed/for
Published every Wednesday in The
? ivertiser Building at SI.50 per year
{j advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postofRce at Edgefield, S. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks, Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
They are never alone who are ac
companied by noble thoughts.
Wednesday, Mar. 31.
The coming of the rains prolongs the
split-log drag season.
Uncle Sam's submarines are true to j
name-they go to the bottom and stay
The busiest man in Edgefie'c county j
to-day by long odds is the county j
The Anderson people resent the j
statement that they want to give away
their college.
About the shortest crop of 1915 will
be the Heh crop. In many sections it)
will be a total failure.
Wonder of those square meals have
anything to do with the prevalence of
appendicitis in Columbia?
The town that cari survive the war j
and a street carnival must surely have
a good financial footing.
The annual Chicor a college movement
bas begun. Banquo's ghost couldn't
hold the Chicora question a light,
In order to make the spring Chau
tauqua a permanency, we must make
the first-that of May 3, 4, 5-a suc
The Prinz Eitel seems to be effec
tively bottled, but it may be that Ger
man ingenuity will yet find a.safe way j
to sea.
"We are fighting Germany, Austria)
and drink, and the greatest of these
three deadly foes is drink," said David
Lloyd-George, Chancellor of English
Governor Manning has given Mayor
Grace one week of grace to enforce
the law in Charleston. If nothing is
done by the Mayor in that time, the
Governor will do something.
It is nip and tuck as to which of the
two, the war or prohibition, is the most
discussed topic. But the baseball sea
son is about to ooen and one or the
other of them will be relegated to the
Governor Manning gets behind the
magistrates and sheriffs and then the
magistrates and sheriffs get behind
lawbreakers. Thus it is that the law
enforcing machinery is working splen
April 10 has been designated as
Clean-up-day for South Carolina. Let
every individual 'not only sweep be
fore his own door on "hat day but give
the entire premises a thorough spring
Having completed his tour of inspec
tion, Gen. Moore has stated that of
the thirty-five infantry companies there
w ill be enough left to form two regi
ments of twelve companies each.
Here's hoping that the Edgefield Rifles
will be one of them.
The one consuming regret of the
captain of the Prinz Eitel is that hfe
vessel is not a submarine. Instead of
being on the defensive, he would mSny
days ago have assumed the offensive,
putting the vessels of the Allies in
Newport News waters on the qui
Not a few persons entertain the be
lie:' that cotton mills are prospering on I
aceount of the war. As a matter of
fact, cotton mills, with the exception
of those that 'are making tent cloth
aftd other army supplies, are suffering,
about as much as other lines of busi
ness. '
With the gallon-a-month restriction j
on, The Advertiser would remind Mr.
Arnold, the proprietor of the Chick I
Springs hotel, that he should begin at j
once to look after the creature com
forts of the newspaper men. Without J
letting another month slip by, only
four gallons can be provided by the
holding of the press me eting in July.
Rebukes Office Seekers.
Governor Manning, like President
Wilson, is something of a precedent
smasher himself. Departing from the
old custom of filling a vacancy by ap
pointing some one from along list of
applicants, he quietly selects one who
does not seek the office. He is estab
lishing a new order of things bv hav
ing the office seek the man. A nota
ble instance of an appointment of this
kind is found in the recent selection of
Mr. Robert M. Burts, a brother of Dr.
C. E. Burts, to be sheriff of Abbeville
county to fill the place made vacant by
the resignation of Sheriff Lyon. Of
course there was a long list of men
seeking the place, each one with some
politician at his back. But it is well
to rebuke office seekers occasionally as
Governor Manning has done several
Another Railroad Projected.
Rumor is rife that a railroad is to be
be built from Greenwood leading south.
Whether or not the proposed road, if
built, will come by Edgefield will de
pend largely upon the efforts put forth
by the Edgefield people. One of the
engineers stated the other day to The
Advertiser's representative that all
that would be expected or required of
the people along the route would be
free right of way. We assured this
representative of the promoters that
there would be no trouble about secur
ing the right of way when the people
were asisured that the road would be
What the people of Edgefield should
do is to impress the promoters at the
proper time with the advantages to be
gained by opening up the virgin terri
tory to the north of Edgefield. The
road that traverses the territory lying
between Ward and Saluda on the east
and Plum Branch and McCormick on
the west will havis a monopoly of the
business developed in that section.
Should the road he built on the out
skirts of this undeveloped section be
tween Edgefield and Greenwood the
business would be divided between an
already-established road and the new
It is the universal belief that sooner
or later a road beading from Green
wood to Augusta by way of Edgefield
will be built. Lei; us improve the first
opportunity that is presented so that
we may reap, some of the benefits from
the road. For one to be built several
decades hence will not benefit the pres
ent generation. Let it be built now
and then we, together with the genera
tions that come after us, will receive
the benefit. When the psychological
moment arrives let us put forth every
possibl i effort to have the road built
and built by Edgefield at that.
I|I 'fr't11^11!1 'fr 'I1 'I-'!' 'I' 'I' '1' 'lifI~'t1 '?"I'
* +
I Keligious Notices, f
<? t . . . ..... ..... .*
A Word cf Gladness.
Dear Mr. Editor:- Please allow
me another word to express how
glad my church cud I are that our
Baptist friends in such large num
bers have met with us while they
were without a pastor. Our prayers
and best wishes are with them and
their new pastor. Let rae invite our
people of every denomination when
their church is closed to come and
meet with us.
J. E.' Walker.
Dr. Jones, Methodists and
There will be no preaching at
Methodist church at night next Sun
day. All the people are asked to meet
in the Baptist church at night to
give a big and hearty welcome to
Dr. Jones. Let us make this the
greatest union service we have had.
J. R. Walker.
Trenton Children.
Pastor of Presbyterian church
will preach sermon for boys and
girl* at 4 o'clock Sunday but every
body is invited:
"The ministration of angels" ?9
the subject for discourse Sunday
11:15 in Presbyterian church here.
While all ave cordially invited,
parents and children are specially
urged to come to prayer meeting at
at Methodist church Thursday at
4:30 or 8. _? _
Another of the series of sermons
on personal salvation \\ ill be preach
ed in the Methodist church next
Sunday morning at 11:30." There
will be special music.
A Sluggish Liver Needs Atten
Let your Liver get torpid and ?
you are in for a spell of jpisery.
Everybody gets an attack now andr
then. Thousands of people keep
their livers aotive and healthy by
using Dr. King's New life Pills.
Fine for the Stomach, too. Stop
the Dizziness, Constipation, Bilious
ness and Indigestion. Clear the
blood. Only 25c at your Drug
j What Others Say
AU of Us Neutral.
Whei two women are comparing
their respective babies, it's a mighty
good time to remain neutral.-Green
ville News..
Ko Anxiety.
It's u good thing to be able to retire
to your peaceful couch, with no fear of
a bomb from a Zeppelin dropping
through the plaster and mussing up the
bed linen, while you sleep.-Greenville
Will be Thirsty.
Hope our old friend Tom Arnold will
have both springs flowing to full ca
pacity when the press gang meets at
Chick Springs, in June, for, with this
gallon-a-month law against other kinds
of liquids, the boys will want lots of
water.-Newberry Observer.
A Heavy Drain.
The people of Orangeburg county
spend over $300,000 yearly for whiskey
and other liquors. Considered as an
increasing aid to crime, a reducer of J
industrial efficiency, and a general de
teriorating agency the county probably
loses over a million dollars a year. -
Orangeburg Times and Democrat.
Tired of Carnivals.
Camden has been afflicted with two
I weeks of carnival, and from expressions
j of people on all sides it is the general
opinion that the citizens are getting
' sorely tired ot' these unwelcomed visi
] tors to Camden. It would be a good
thing for the city and community it' the
J council would pat a prohibitive license I
upon these traveling aggregations and
keep them out of the community.
Camden Chronicle.
Goods Sold Quickly.
The man who walks will get there af
ter awhile, but he could arrive much
quicker on a passenger train. Travel
on the train costs money, but it saves
time, and time is money. The mer
chant who does not advertise may
achieve results, but he will obtain them
more surely and quickly if he adver
tise. lt costs to advertise, but the
cost is offset by the certainty and
celerity of results. -Greenville Pied
New Use For Cotton.
They say every big gun that is fired
in the European war means a bale of
cotton consumed and gone up in smoke.
It is an ill wind that blows good to no
body, we Southerners think. Sorry to
know that so many poor fellows are
being killed, but the more cotton de
stroyed the higher the price.
And there are great quantities of
cotton used for dressing wounds and
for other objects created by war.
Newberry Observer.
Shut Oft a Scramble.
Some of the newspapers of the stat
are raising quite a furor over the af
pointments under the new federal dis
trict act. There were * not enough or
cers under the bill togo around amor _
all of the myriad of office-seekers in
South Carolina, and to our way of
thinking, while a departure from the
custom heretofore in vogue, it was just
as well for the delegation in congress
to agree upon the appointments and
shut off the scramble that would oth
erwise have commenced.-Lancaster
News. i
+ *
+ . *
* Smile Provokers *
?fr T
Singleton-He looks to tn? like a
man who has loved and lout.
Henpeckle-He looks to rae more
like a maa who has loved and won.
-Puck. _ __
"What're ye corain' home with
your milk pail empty for demanded
the old fanner. Didn't the old cow
give anything?" |
"Yep, replied the chore boy,
nine quarts and a kick.1'-Ex.
Nieee-My husband's sb careless;
he's always losing his buttons.
Aunt-Perhaps they are not sown
on carefully, dear.
Niece-That's just it: he is awful
ly slipshod with his sewing.-Lon
don Telegraph.
^ "You admit you are guilty, then,
thundered the judge."
"Ah do, jedge, Ali's guilty. Ah
stole dem pants. But, your honah
dere ain't no sin when de motive
good. Ah stole dem pants to get
baptized in."-Harper's Magazine.
The new baby has proved itself
the possessor of extraordinary lung
power. One day baby's brother, lit
tle Johnny, said to his mother:
"Ma, little brother came from heav
ten, didn't he?"
"Yes, dear, answered the mother."
Johnny was silent for a moment,
land then he went on: I say, ma, I
don't blame the angels fer slinging
?him out, do yo?"-Ex.
Pat was over in England working
with his coat off. There were two
Englishmen laboiing on the same
railroad, so they decided to have a
joke with the Irishman. They paint
ed a donkey's head on the back of
Pat's coat, and watched to see hjm
put it on. Pat, of course, saw the
donkey's head on his coat, and, turn
ing to the Englishmen, said : "Which
of yez wiped yer face on me?"
Home and Farm.
this season is in charge of
Miss Sallie Hay nie, who is from
one of the largest millinery houses
of Baltimore. Miss Haynie is an
experienced milliner and thor
oughly competent to please you.
We are now ready to fill your or
der for your Spring Hats. Call
and see our pretty line of Spring
Millinery. Our other lines are
now arriving.
Yours to serve,
Fertilizers !
The Edgefield Mercantile Company
Announces to the Public that it is now ready with a full line of Fe rf i lizers
Fertilizers with Potash as an Ingredient
Royster's, Armour's, Swift's and
other Reliable Manufacturers' Goods
Call on Mr. R. C. Padgett or Mr. A. E. Padgett. Office atxFarmers Bank
John Deere Harrows
We nave the?e necessary implements in both solid H
I? and cutaway.
. We also sell the Universal Spiked Tooth Harrows. ||
||These should follow the disc. We can also supplyp
ijyou with an Acme Harrow, John Deere Middle Bust-ll
%rs (8 and 10 inches), Gantt's All-in-One Plows,jg
1 Gannt's Cotton Planters and Guano Distributors. 3
Send us your name and we wp send you litera
'ture and quote prices on these implements.
Name. _? . " I -_
P. 0:.

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