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Name? of Pensioners in Edge
field County. 'Giving Amount
That Each Veteran and
Widow Receives.
- Tne general assembly appropriat
ed $300,000 foi pensions, ont of
which the Confederate Infirmary re
ceives $17,454.75, leaving a balance
of $282,545.25.To this was added
the refunds made by the clerks of
court in 1914 on acoonnt of deaths
and other causes, making the total
amount paid pensioners $286,171.50.
The roll in 1915 was decreased by
146, and on acoonnt of this de
crease and the increase in the appro
priation the two lower classes, C
No. 2, and C No. 4, will receive
$28.50 in 1915, as against $24 in
The following is the pension roll
of Edgefield county:
Class A-$96.
D D Brooks, J A Lanier, Frank
lin; Samuel Medlook, Rehoboth;
Dr. Walter Nicholson, Pleasant
Lane; G H Seigier, Lon gm i res; W
L Qu&ulebaum, Johnston.
" Class B-$72.
. W M Corley, Cl eora; J H Cosey,
Collins; T li Lanier, Longrnire>; S
W Prince, Mooloo.
* Class C, No 1, $48.
W S Boyce, Trenton; W S Covar,
Edgefield* Simeon DeVore, Tren
ton; Whitfield Glauzier, Collins;
J M Ilolson, Plum Brauch; E* M
Holmes, Collins; J H Moore, Col.
lins; L J Miller, Collins; J T Strom,
Edgefield; J M Turner, Johnston;
W E Timmerman, Meeting Street;
M G Whitlock, Johniton.
Class C, #o, 2, $28.50.
John R Bryant, Trenton; G M
Boswell, Edgefield; J R BlackcveU,
John Bruusor., Parksville; T J
Booth; J F Coleman, Plum Branch;
JohaCjirry; J ?) Carpenter, Tren
ton!";; i^'c^iTTuln, ^?/ -rW"
Collins, Cold Spring; J B Dorn,
Parksville; J E Dobey, Ropers; J
E Doolittle, Rehoboth; H W Ku
banks, Frankliu; Henry Gobdl,
Longraires; DE Gibson, Johnston;
J J barnett, Parksville; C B Glov
er, Hardy's; J W Hester, Johnston;
W A Hewell; J P Hagood, Pleas
ant Lane; 0 W Lanier, Rehoboth;
W T McMauus, Meeting Street; J
C Mayson, Johnston; G W Mathis,
Cold Spring; Geo. Ouzts, Johnston;
C C Pardue, Trenton; S L Roper,
Edgefield; J P Rikard, Wards; L S
Riddlehoover, Plum Branch; J. M
Simmons, Johnston; J A Stephens,
Colliers; Jacob Smith, Edgefield; E
T Timmerman, Meeting Street; J
Whitlock,. Chavis; FP Walker,
Pleasant Lane; C W Vance, Red
Hill. .
Class C, No. 3, $48.
S R Collett, Edgefield; CC John
eon, Meriwether; Ann Randall,
Johnston; Savannah Timmerman,
Pleasant Lane.
Class C, No. 4, $28.50.
Bettie Adams, Johnston; M A ,
Bartley, Edgefield; Nannie Ann ,
Broadwater, Parksville; J J Bryant,
Trenton; Mary A Rush; Johnston;
M .J Burton, Pleasant Lane; Sallie j
D Bunch,Poverty Hill; Sara Brooks,
Cold Spring; F L Corne;t, Pl um j
Branch; Emeline Cartlidge, Edge
field.; Mary Cartledge, Cold Spring; |
Mary Chamberlain, Plum Branch;
Kate Crouch, Trenton; Melissa Car- i
penter, Johnston; H E Carpenter, ,
Trenton; Martha Davis, Trenton; j
S A Denny, Johnston; Ann Doo- j
little, Modoc; Vicey Dorn, Pleas
ant Lane; Mary Freeland, Johnston;
Carrie Freeland, Rehoboth:, Corne
lia Glover, Edgefield; Nannie S
Griffin, Edeelield; Virginia C Gil- 4
christ, Rehoboth; Emily Gray, !
Edgefield; Sallie Gray, Edgefield; 1
Frances Holmes, Edgefield; Eliza P '
Hamilton, Branchville; Ann Har- 1
ris, Johnston; M C Hughey; Elisa 1
Hamilton, Plum Branch; Mary A
Houston, Johnston; Catherine Hol
ly, Johnston; Sadie J Hill, Edge- \
field; Caroline J Holman, Modoc; i
Adeline Jackson, Cold Spring; Vir- i
giniaLott; J E Langley; Lucinda j
Minor; Lncinda McLendon, Cold i
Spring; Lydia Murrell, Edgefield; j
Epsy Morris, Johnston; M L May- j
son, Cleora; Fannie Murphey, Tren- i
too; P B McLendon, Chavis; Ella t
McCullough, Edgefield; Emma May- <
son, Cleora; Jane E Ousts, Edge- |
field; Elizabeth Ouzts, Meeting <
Street; Mary Pardue, Collins; i
'Zella A. Pani, Edgefield; -Em
meline Riply, Johnston; Carrie Kau
mm Hi
some, Edgefield; Susan' ah Steven i.
Elmwood; A E Sei pl er, Rehoboth;
Jane Stillwell; Sarah Ann Turner,
Johnston; Sarah Ann Timmerman,
Cl eora; Ann J White, Lonsrmires;
J A. White, Edgefield; MAH Wil
liams, Chavis; Naroissa Williams,
Johnston; Lucinda White, Piara
Branch; Sarah Woo3, Edgefield; L
E Wright, Edgefield.
Early Tomato Plants.
No one need lack for early toma
toes this year. Plants that ate
strong and vigorous can be had
from Mrs. George F. Mims at a
reasonable price. In order to sup
ply her own garden with early to
mato plants Mrs. Mims sowed seed
of several popular varieties in a hot
bed, and having more than are
needed for the home demand she
will sell them as long as they last.
Better order them at once. These
plants are superior in every way* to
those shipped from Florida and
are also better adapted to this cli
Are You Rheumatic?-Try
If you want quick and real relief)
from Rheumatism, do what so many
thousand other people are doing
whenever an attack comes on, bathe j
the sere muscle or joint with Sloan's j
Liniment. No need to rub it in
just apply the Liniment to the sur
face. It is wonderfully penetrating.
It goes right to the aeat of trouble
and draws the pain almost imme
diately: Get a bottle of Sloan's
Liniment for 25c. of any druggist
and have it in the house-against
Colds, Sore and Swollen joints,
Lumbago, Sciatica and like ailments.
Your money back if not satisfied, |
but it does give almost instant re
.'Clean Up" Day at School.
The teachers of tte Edgefield
graced "?nu high "scllools have set
apart Friday, April 16, as "clean
up" day for liie school, and imite
aud urge co-operation on tbe part
of the parents of the community.
Either send a hand and cart or both
to the school Friday and in i;hat
way contribute your part toward
putting the campus, buildings and
premises generally in a thoroughly
saniiarj'condition. B,y cleaning up
and thoroughly cleansing the prem
ises at this time an epidemic of dis
ease may be averted among the
school children. Giving the teach
ers your full co-operation will De a
pu 'Jlie spirited act and at the same
time it will promote your own in
terests by providing a healthful at
mosphere tor your children during
the remainder of the session.
Divisional Rallies.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lake will ar
rive in ?dgefieid on Saturday com
ing from Denmark here, in order to
attend the three divisional meetings
of the Woman's Missionary Union
of Edgefhld association. The first
of these meetings will be held with
Mountain Creek church on April
18, next Sunday, to which all the
public are invited. Mr. and Mrs.
Lake will speak at this meeking,
ind the others on the program are
Mrs. George Davis of Orangebnrg,
State Superintendent of the Young
Woman's Auxiliaries for Sooth
Dardina, and Mrs. Mamie N. Till
man, who on request of the Moun
tain creek society will speak of her
trisit to the Holy Land.
On Tuesd,ay April 2U, there will
oe a meeting of the second division
;t Republican church, the same pro
gram being used. All the societies
in the second division are specially
ii ged to attend this meeting and
my of the others they find it
possible to attend.
The meeting of tbiid divisional
inion will be held with the church
it Plum Branch on Wednesday the
ilst. Each society has been noti
ied of the date, are urged to attend
.his rally, at which the same pro
gram will be carried out. It is the
?Treat desire of all the societies that
i large number may be present at*
he three all day rallies, and espe
cially as this may be the last op
x>rtunity many will have of seeing
>ur Missionaries again before their
.eturn to China.
Mrs. J. L. Mims,
Supt, Edgefield Association.
McKendree School lias Good
Session. Creditable Exer
cises. Address by Col
The closing exergues ol^jhe Mc
Kendree school would nave done
credit to our High School Mfey
Kosaiind Ouztn,\ daughter of T.r.
W. D, Ouzts, ti?acher of the Mc
Kendree school, a handsome young
nloude in her teens, ci?ilpkyed aa
much artistic taste in arr;-ui::ina the
charades, tableaux, etc, as one of
many years of experie.iCtii Miss
liosalind has the spirit of- .the suc
cessful teacher. The ce; "bates of
merit and cards of prou given
uni to her deserving p owed
that the school waa i> sally,
mtel!ecV%^and jost>ned.
We ha.ve~*?_^ previotr casion,
spoken of^fc&? ^eoP'e . 3oil of
iliis section. We wonl?H?soon
think of the history" V/f New
York without the Sty usants, Ty lera
and Vanderbilts, as to think of Mc
Kendree, without the ?>t?l-s, Dorn?,
Tunmerinans, Shaffers, ^*nd other
pioneer settlers of th? Original Hol
land stock These people are proud
ol' their school anti th.ir youutr
teacher and are building a founda
tion of knowledge upon which their
children will erect a structure of
wisdom which will increase thc
citizenship of Edgetield county.
Dr. Walter D. Ouztsls a leading
spirit in this community. He is a
successful physician, . progressive
farmer and loader in every good
work. Dinner was served ata pub
lic table. It looked like.a great wed
ding feast, in which .^tremendous
family and all the neighbors were
welcomed. We don^' remember
ever seeing real pound cjijke, chicken
salad and every other gcW thing to
eat at a picnic. We ^rtainly ap
preciated the court; shown us
tor Ouzts, Misa-~;Onzts, Mrs.
E. L. Stevens and otberu.
After dinner Col. E. J. Watson
spoked Col. Watson bas a national
reputation asa speaker. His speech
on this occasion laid bare, thc
glaring'defects of our agricultural
economic system.
On our retcrn, wc came by Pleas
ant Lane, the home of Mr. F. L
Titmuerman. Here we saw what
should be seen on every farm in the
State, fields of clover and grain,
heads of cattle, flocks of sheep,
mule and horse crJlt?i. Notwith
standing it was Saturday evening,
his plows were going. If thia sys
tem of farming and farm manage
ment has made Mr. Timmermau
one of the most progressive a ixl in
dependent citizens of the county?,
why not other farmers do likewise.
P. N. L.
Farmers Bank Had Good Year.
The stockholders of the Farmers'
bank held their annual meeting at
noon Wednesday in the directors'
room of the bank and the statement
which bas been issued shows that
the institution has had a vary suc
cessful year, in spite of the busi
ness depression incident to the Eu
ropean war. A dividend of 12 per
cent, was ordered paid on the capi
tal of $58,000. The bank has loans
aggregating ?319,086.28 and de
posits of (221,054.03. After paying
the dividend of 12 per cent, the re
mainder of the net earning was
passed to thc surplus and undivided
profits .account, which amounts now
total about $66,000. The officers,
A. E. Padgett, president; Thomas
H. Rainsford, vice-president; W.
H. Barling, cashier, and W. A.
Byrd, assistant oashier, were re
elected. The following were re-elect
ed directors: Thomas H. Rainsford,
C. P. DeVore, A. E. Padgett, E.
H. Folk, W. H. Harling, C. A.
Wells, W. ?. Penn, S. B. Mays and
J. William Thurmond.
We ?ave an all*wool boys' blue
serge pants, sizes 6-16, the kind you
pay $2.00 and $2.26, at $1.00. ,
War price on coffee. We are sell
ing a fine grade of green coffee
worth 15 cents for 12 1-2 cents per
pound. This opens'the way to re
face the high cost of living.
Perot? Holstein.
"Cleanup" DayObserved. Edu
cational Rally Promises
Success. U. D. C. and
D. A. R. Meetings.
The past week which was set
; aside as clean-up- week by Governor
Manning, was well observed by the
town, "clean-up, screen up and
paint op," being the watchword of
the day. The town council material
ly aided by providing extra trash
carts, and the street and premises
everywhere present ? pleasing ap
pearance. Johnston can vie with any
place for climate, having such an
altitude and with the town so alive
to the problems ol sanitation, its
residents should pass through the
sommer months in heahh and hap
Educational rally day which will
be held here on Friday, April 23,
promises to be one of the most en
joyable days of \the calendar. Coun
ty superintendent has urged that
all schools give holiday on this date
and join in the observance with the
Higu School; The speakers ot* the
day, State" superintendent of edu
cation, J. E. Swearingen, Prof.
Hand, state superintendent of high
schools, Mr. McMahan of Columbia,
and Mr. Lucas Gunter, Superintend
ent of rural schools, will draw a
large crowd eveu though other at
tractions of the day had not been
planned. The exercises will he held
in the auditorium of the High
School and during this period the
flag will be presented to th? school
by the D. A. R. In the afternoon
field exercises, one feature of which
will be basket' ball and base ball
games will be enjoyed. The ladies
of the town are all going to co
operate by bringing baskets and an J
hour or more w?th a picnic spread
will be another enjoyable feature.
The public is invited and it is hop
ed thar every one will make an
effort to Be "presons JU- ihis occa-.
The following invitation has been
,- ''Mrs. Augustus Calhoun Mobley
requests the honor of your presence
ai. the marriage of her daughter,
Josephine Mims, to Mr. Oliver
Wallace Hamilton, Wednesday af
ternoon Apru the twenty-tirst at
8 o-'elook, First Baptist church,
Johnston, S. C."
This marriage is one in which
much interest is centered for the
bride is one of Johnston's sweetest
and most beloved young women.
The fact though, that by her mar
riage she will be moved from lov
ing friends brings regret. Mr. Ham
ilton is a brother of Mrs. Allen
Mobley and is a young business
mau of sterling worth. He is ot the
b\ F. V's.
Mr. and Mrs. Hiliary Westley
Crouch have announced the engage
ment of their daughter, Miss Elise
Catnerine Crouch, to Dr. Luciub
Sloan Maxwell, the happy event to 1
take place in the month of June. 1
The wedding will be a church
affair and of great . elaborateness. *
The wedding is pleasantly antici- 1
pated, for both of these young peo- '
pie are held in warmest affection by 1
many, the bride being a charming '
young woman. 1
Once a year a co-operative meet
ing of the W. C. T. U. and mis- 1
sionary societies of the various de- *
nominations is held, this meeting '
being held Friday afternoon in the 1
Methodist ohurch. The pulpit was
beautifully decorated in lillies and '
blooming plants. The hostesses '
were Mesdames J. L. Smith and J. '
W. Marsh, who pinned a whitt bow }
on each as they arrived. In the W.
C. T. TJ. Mrs. M. T. Turner is su- J
perintendent of the co operative J
department, and she arranged the 1
program and presided over the I
meeting and in her opening remarks <
told of the importance of the sub- 1
ject, "Co-operation." Following is 1
the progr?m as arranged: Hymn, f
"Christ for the world we sing"; i
scripture 2nd Peter, 1st chapter; 1
Prayer, Mrs. M. A. Huiet; roll call <
and mi antes by secretary, Mrs. J. ]
A. Dobey; paper, "Relation of tem- I
perance to missions," Mrs. M. L. <
Hester; song by the L. T. L. ; leaflet, t
"Temperance and missions," Mrs. i
J. W. Mobley; vocal duet, "The ?
homeland for Jesus," Mesdames L. J
C. Latimer and J. H. White; read- (
ing, Miss Clevie Moyer of the Y. i
P. B. ; paper, "Co-operation of the '
W. C. T. U. and mission societies; ' i
vocal solo, "Victory," Mrs. F.
Boyd; Temperance SOD S. A sh?
business session was conducted
which time Mrs. A. P. Lott told
a destitute family living out in t
country, that did not have the i
eessities of life and by eaoh one ci
tributing a small amount a nice st
was gotten which will be used.
Mrs. Lott will sec fit. The pre
dent Mrs. Penny piesented a pl
for purchasing temperance litei
tare which was accepted. This i
teresting meeting was closed wi
a prayer by MM. P. C. Stevens.
At the recent meeting of t
board of trastees, a unanimous vo
was cast for the re-election of Pto
V\ illiam F. Scott as superintend*
of the High School.' The fact th
Prof. Scott continues with tl
school hrintra great pleasure ar
satisfaction not only to patrons at
pupils, bat to the community, I
he is not only a fine disciplinan;
and highly qualified for the poi
tion.thathe occupies, bot bis pt
sonality is such as to win for hil
friends of all with whom he com
in contact. Johnston clain
Prof. Scott and bis charming fair
ly as their very own.
At the recent meeting of the lia
list mission society, the delegates l
the missionary convention at Dei
mark were Mesdames F. M. Boy
and P. C. Stevens, alternates Me
dames J. X. Lott and Hattie I
Bruce. An appeal had come to th
society from the Baptist hospital i
Columbia for help suggestive (
bedding and table linen and it wa
decided to have a hospital show?
in May. Mesdames White and Dei
ny reported their visit to the colore
school and of organizing a tempe
ance society.
Mrs. Martha Kenny ?who ha
been in Florida with her daughte
Mrs. M. M.. Barr for a . year o
mote bas come back to Johnston t
make ber home. She is in a ver,
feeble state and her son Mr. C. D
Kenny went to Florida to accomps
ny her here.
"Mrs. H. W. Crouch and Mis
Elise Crouch ar& at home from
visit to Mrs. Taylor Goodwyn a
Greenwood, the latter having als<
been on a visit to ber sister, Mis
Annie Crouch, at Converse college
Mrs. W. E. Lott and little Efl!
Allen, spent Tuesday here witt
On Wednesday afternoon tbt
members of the Pi Tau club gave i
farewell party to Miss Josephine
Mobley. Mis. W. C. Whitaker, ?
recent bride was also an honoree.
The affair was held in the home ol
Miss Luelle Norris and was beau ti
fui in every detail but there would
come a note of sadness that one ol
the beloved members would nc
longer be with them at the weekly
club meetings. During the afternoon
progressive games were enjoyed and
the highest score was made by Mrs.
T. H. Williams who received a
piece of hand embroidery. The two
honorees were presented with dain
ty pieces of embroidery. An elabor
ate salad course with iced tea was
Miss Emma Bouknight entertain
3d the Kill Kare club on Thursday
Afternoon, and the hours were
pleasantly spent with progressive
rook, Miss Auna Harmes being pre
sented with the prize for making
the bi g nest score. Miss Josephine
Alobley who was an honoree was
?riven a lovely vase of yellow Hew
ars. Yellow and white were the
colors used in the decorations. Re
fresh m en ts we rs served by Misses
Bessie Ford Turner, Bettie Julia
Smith. The table was beautiful with
mats and attractive centerpieces, a
salad course first being served, fol
lowed by ices and cake.
The semi-monthly meeting of the
New Century Club was held with
Miss Mallie Waters on Tuesday af
ternoon and ?besides the members
Lhere were several invited friends to
m joy the literary program. The
lome was beautiful with blooming
pot plants, and the afternoon was
mch a balmy one, there being a full
utendance. The traveling art ex
libit had arrived and arrangements
?vere made for displaying them. The
paintings are the works of William
Silva. Miss Waters was also teach
er for the lesson study and she told
l?verai interesting points concerti
ng the authors studied, who were
Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain),
tidgar Wilson Nye, Marietta Holly,
Josiah Allen's wife) and Frances
SI. W h uti jr (The widow Bedoti).
riie meeting closed with a vocal
IOIO "Good bye sweet day," Mrs.
Death of Mr. Seymour Boyce.
Miss Emma Bouknight \
Entertained the' Kill
Kare Club Tuesday.
Mr. Seymour Boyce sp aged gen
tleman and a Confederate soldiez
who lived in the Horn's creek sec
tion, died at his home on Wednes
day last and was buried in the
Ebenezer cemetery on Thursday af
ternoon. He is survived by a
brother, M*. Sidney Boyce, and,
three sisters, Mrs. Emmie Satcher,
Miss Susan Boyce and Miss Estolle
Boyce who have the sympathy of
many friends.
Little Sallie Marsh the beautiful
four year old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. S. B. Marsh, celebrated the
anniversary of birthday on Tuesday
afternoon. Many happy children
enjoyed this festive occasion, es
pecially the interesting games and
the delicious refreshments. j
Miss Nell Payne and Miss Maude
Moore were the attractive week
end visitors io Miss Sade Long.
Miss Ida Ryan who is having a
delightful visit in Atlanta, will re
turn home soon and her friends
will be happy to see ber.
Miss Sara Boatwrigbt was tl
charming visitor to Misses Marie
and Corinne jClark during the pa
i week.
Mr. Frank Miller whose iliac
from pneumonia has been the cauE
of deep anxiety among his mar
friends, is ranch improved,
sorrowing now has turned to n
Mr. James Sease from Columbi
has been on a risit to the family
Mr. James Miller.
Handsome little Clay Miller fror
Winnsboro bas been on a recer
visit to his grand-parents, Mr. ano
Mrs. J. W. Miller.
Miss Julii Herlong is having ?
lovely visit in Baiesbnrg as
guest of Mrs. Padgett.
Miss Emma Bouknight's elegaj
?mmaramem of the Ki! Kare
on Thursday last was the crowm
social event of Easter week. Tl
house was transformed into a veri
table flower garden and presente
spring like appearance, yeilc
ing the predominating colo)
beautiful maidens in their beagitifr.
Easter robes presented too
chanting scene. Rook proved thc
diversion for the afternoon ant
among the forty players who par
licipated. Miss Maude Sawyer
proved herself the most successful
and was the recipient of a lovely
pair hat pins. Josephine Mobley,
the bride-elect and a beloved and
honored member of the club, waa
presented with a tall crystal vase
filled with daffodils. The table?
were designated by cute little bird
uests of eggs, and the favors were
tiny chickens. At the conclusion of
the game the young hostes; served
an elegant salad course followed by
ice-cream and cake.
F. M. Boyd, and a piano solo by
Miss Gladys Sawyer. The hostess
served a tempting salad course, be
fore the departure of her guests, be
ing assisted by Miss Aima Wood
Rev.. C. C. Brown of Sumter will
preach in the Baptist church on J
Sunday evening. >w*?*
The Emily Geiger chapter, D.
A. R., held the April meeting in
the home of Mrs. J. P. Bean, and
this proved to be a most pleasant
meeti' g. The subject for the afo3f>
noou was "Theology of the coloni
al period," and a very interesting
and instructive talk was given by
Dr. A. T. King. After all business
the hostest), assisted by her daugh
ters, Misses Isabel and Bessie f|ean,
served a very tempting repast.
Mrs. Sarah Allen Collett, of
Edgefield has been the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. James Wright, near
town. Mrs. Collett visited relatives
in town during ber stay and her
visit gave much pleasure to all.
Try one of our men's $10.00
suits, and you will find it* just as
good as the one you pay $18.00 for
Ru ben stein.
Landreth's Garden Seed. |
When in need of garden seed.]
Irish Potatoes, Corn, Onion Sets,;
etc., let us supply your wants.
W. E. Lynch <fc Co. J

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