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Wednesday, April 14.
Mr. Earl Fuller waa among the
visitors in Edgefield Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hatcher, of
Johnston, paid a visit to Edgefield
Sunday afternoon.
Miss Daisy Lyon who it* teaching
the Lott school spent Sunday at
Are you talking up the Chautau
qua? If not, you are not doing yonr
fall duty as a citizen of Edgefield.
Help to make "clean up" day at
the school, Friday next, a success.
The teachers alone can not make
the day a success.
Mr. B. B. Wilson, the senior
member of the firm of Wilson &
Can ie! ou, bas been the guest of Mr.
Betlis Cantelou for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ramsey of
An <: us ta have been guests of Mr.
?nd Mrs. B. B. Jones for several
The friends of Mr. W. Brocka
Donovant are {?lad to see him at the
store on the corner alter wrestling
for nearly a month with pneumonia.
Col. F. N. K. Bailey and Capt.
R. B. Cain spent Sunday^ in Eden
field. Crl. Bailey made an interest
ing talk to the Baptist Sunday
Hon. VV. H. Nicholson of Green
wood, accompanied by Mrs. Nichol
son, spent Sunday at "Cedar
Grove" with his mother, Mrs. Eliza
beth Nicholson.
By talking up the Chautanqna
you will boost the town. Help
. along the good work. Full notice
of the Chautauqua will be given,
next week.
Mr. James O. Sheppard, Mr. A.
S. Tompkins, Jr., and Mr. Edyar
Har; attended the Easter ball that
was given early last week by the
young men of the South Carolina
Mrs. Hal Beman, nee Miss Ma
rie Key, came up from Augusta and
spent the week-end here with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Key.
She was very cordially greeted bv
her Edgefield friends. '
Mrs. W. H. Turner and their
two youngest children came down
and spent Friday and Saturday in
Edgefield. Our people are anxiously
awaiting the time when they will
feme to reside permanently among
By their splendid deportment last
Saturday, the great throng of color
<&d people wbn gathered in Edge
:5eld reflected credit npon their
;raoe, and the perfect order that
was maintained throughout the day
was a strong testimonial to the
practical worth of prohibition.
Miss Ruth DeLoach who is one
of the teachers of the Graniteville
gradedt-school speut Saturday and
?Sanday here with her mother, Mrs.
Cattie DeLoach. She was accompa
nied by her friend, Miss Mary
Chambers, who is a'so teaching in
the Graniteville school.
In their advertisement this week
Messrs. Rives Bros call attention to
theil complete stoc1" of spring dry
goods and new arrivals for the mil
linery department. A shipment of
the latest things in millinery will
arrive this week. Call at Rives Bros
and see their new offerings.
You can add greatly to the com
fort of your home, to say nothing
of the prevention of disease, by
screening the windows and doors to
keep out flies and mosquitoes. Mes
srs. Stewart <fc Kernaghan advertise
this week that they have just re
ceived a large supply of screens for
windows and doors. Their prices
are very reasonable.
Sunday last Dr. and Mrs. E. Pen
dleton Jones and two of their
daughters united with the Baptist
church by letters from the ?irst
Baptist church of ?ewherry. Mrs.
Cattie W. DeLoach and her daugh
ters, Misses Ethel, Annie and Ruth
DeLoach, united by letters from
Ebenezer church. Trenton.
Calhoun A. Mays, Esq., who will
be the assistant district attorney of
the western district of South Caro
lina, spent Monday and Tuesday in
Edgefield. He will probably ooo ti nue
to make his home in Greenwood, as
the United States circuit oourt will
convene in Greenwood, Greenville
and Rock Hill.
The friends of Dr. W. E. Pres
cott are delighted to know that he
is steadily improving at the hospital
in Augusta.
The Bi unson school will close
Friday, April 23, and thc teachers
are arranging an attractive miscel
laneous programme. The people
should attend in large nucibers.
Silver Tea at Trenton.
The ladies of the Methodist
church of Trenton will give a Sil
ver Tea Friday night next at the
home of Mrs. W. W. Miller for
the purpose of raising funds for the
benevolences of their church in
which they are deeply interested. A
very attractive program has been
arranged and all who attend will be
well repaid. We trust that these la
dies will be abundantly rewarded
for their efforts.
U. D. C. Meeting at the Home
of Mr?. R. C. Padgett.
The Edgefield chapter, U. D. C/,
was entertainel on the afternoon of
April 13, by >|rs. R. C. Padgett
and Miss Hortense Padgett at the
residence of the former, Mrs. Ma
mie N. Tillman presiding in the ab
sence of Mrs. J. H. Nicholson,
president. After opening with the
Lord's prayer by entire chapter
present, numbering 32 members, ar
rangements were made for Memori
al Day, May 10. A committee ap
pointed for decorating veterans
graves. Dr. E. Pendleton Jones, pas
tor of the First Baptist c'.iuich, was
named for orator of the day. The
Opera house will be decorated for
the exercises. A picnic dinner will
be given on the Addison lawn near
Baptist church. A fund was collect
ed for monument at Shiloh. A snra
of money from the treasury was
voted to be sent to Mr. Simkins
Covar, a veteran who is ill at his
home. Mrs. Tillman presided with
her usual ease and efficiency. The
program hy Miss Mary E. Jjake, the
historian, began with Ars. J. M.
Wright, who read an interesting
paper on "General Wade Hamp
ton, which was followed by Mrs.
N. G. Evans' selection on ''Social
life in Charleston on the eve of
bombardment of Fort Sumter."
Mrs. Lovic Smith read a selection
on author "Little Giffen of Tennes
see." Miss Hortense Padgett read a
paper on Eli W bitney and the cot
ton gin. Mrs. John Kemp read a
paper on Dr. D. C. Tompkins,
Capt. C. K. S. C. volunteers and
his war career. Questions and an
swers hy entire chapter on causes
and consequences of war between
the states. A beautiful vocal trio
was rendered by Mrs. John R.
Tompkins, Misses Ruth and Mar
jorie Tomi kins, the song being the
old Spanish favorite, Juanita, which
was sunfr throughout the south in
war days. A salad course was serv
ed in this delightful home. The
next place of meeting will be at the
residence of Mrs. DeLoach.
No Use to Try and Wear Out
Your Cold it Will Wear You
Out Instead.
Thousands keep on suffering
Coughs and Colds through neglect
and dela}'. Why make yourself an
easy prey to serious ailments and
epidemics as a result of a neglected
Cold? Coughs and Colds sip your
strength and vitality unless checked
in the early stages. Dr. King's
New Discovery is what you need
the first dose helps. Yo<ar head
clears up, you breathe freely and
you feel so much better. Buy a
bottle to-day and start toking at
A Sluggish Liver Needs Atten
Let your Liver get torpid and
you are in for a spell of misery.
Everybody gets an attack now and
then. Thousands of people keep
their livers active and heathy by
using Dr. King's New life Pills.
Fine for the Stomach, too. Stop
the Dizziness, Constipation, Bilious
ness and Indigestion. Clear the
blood. Only 25c at your Drug
Ticket number 774 drew the 5
pound box of Norris candy Satur
day night, April 10. The holder of
this number will please oome for
ward, present the ticket and receive
the candy. The drawing for the
boxes of candy will continue as ad
Collett & Mitchell.
Let us supply you with seed Irish
potatoes that bear the stamp of
government inspection, which is a
guarantee against diseases that at
tack many potatoes. We have the
Early Rose, Bliss, Irish Cobblers
and other popular varieties.
Penn & Holstein.
I Religious lotices, ?
Please remember the special ser
vice at the Episcopal church next
day morning at 11:30. Al:o the
special service and sermon by Bish
op Guerry, on the night of the 4th
Sunday. Appointments change this
month on account of Rector's illness,
but regular appointments as usual
beginning with' May 1st. Bishop
Guerry will preach at Edgetield,
Monday night, April 26th.
R. G. S.
Justification is the subject at
Tret ton Methodist church next
Sunday moining at 11:40 preaching
service. Come instead of loafing
on street coners.
Let all the people come to Meth
odist church next Sunday night at
8 o'clock to the monthly anion ser
vice. Dr. Jones is to preach.
J. R. Walker.
Our $3.50 boys' suits are extra
ordinary values. Sizes up to 20.
We also have them as high as
Try one of our ladies genuine
Panama Shapes at 11.28, they are
equal to any $4.50 Panamas else
where. .
Ru ben stein.
I have put on a transfer car be
tween Edeefield and Greenwood.
Will make a rcund-trip every day.
Watch for schedule and rates next
G. T. O?ZTS.
Kirksev, S. C.
Edgefield Citizens Should Profit
by the Fellowing State
Doan's kidney pills were used by
this Edgefield resident.
Their merit was shown, the story
Now comes further evidence.
The testimony in confirmed.
The remedy w?.s, tested, tue re
sults lasted.
Could Edgefield residenls demand
stronger proof?
It's E Igefield testimony. It can
be investigated.
W I) Dorn, Edgefield, says:
"You may continue to use my state
ment, recommending Doan's kidney
pills. The cure they made for me
has been a permanent one and I
hate had no signs of kidney trouble
for the past few years. I always
recommend Doan's kidney pills to
anyone suffering from weak kid
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's kidney pills, the samo
that Mr. Dorn had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Eyes examined and glasses fitted
only when necessary. Optical
work of all kinds.
Land for Sale
Life is too short to go on
renting land, when you can
buy a small farm for almost
the rent money.
I, have land in small lots
around Johnston, and near
Batesburg, Meeting Street,
Celestia, Rocky Creek or
Fruit Hill, Ropers and near
Edgefield, and lots and
stores in the town of Edge
Arthur S. Tompkins
Edgefield, S. C.
What to do to Get Rid of Flies
Screen your windows and doors. Do it Early befor<
fly time and keep them up until Snow falls.
Screen all food, especially milk. Do not eat food thal
has been in contact with flies.
Screen the baby's bed and keep flies away from tb
baby's bottle, the baby's food and the baby's "Com
Flies are the most dangerous insects known to man.
Flies are the filthiest of all vermin. They are born in filth, live on filth and carry
filth around with them. They are maggots before they are flies.
Flies may infect the food you eat. They come to your kitchen or to your dining
table, fresh from the privy vault, from the garbage can, from the manure pile, from the
cuspidors from decaying animal or vegetable matter, or from the contagious sick-room
with this sort of filth on their feet, in their bodies and they deposit it on your food,
and YOU DO swallow filth from privy vaults, etc., etc., if you eat food that has come,
in contact with flies.
We can furnish Screens for Windows at
40c. to 65c
Screen Doors from
$1.25 to $2.75
Screen Wire Cloth all Widths
A New Model
The Standard Visible Writer
Yes, the crowning typewriter triumph is here!
It is just out-and comes years before experts expected it!
For makers have striven a life time to attain this ideal machine. And Oliver has won
again, as we scored when we gave the world its firs| visible writing.
There is truly no other typewriter on earth like this new Oliver "9." Think of
touch so light that the tread of a kitten will run the keys!
The new-day advances that come alone on this machine are all controlled
by Oliver. Even our own previous models-famous in their day-never
had the Optional Duplex Shift. It putthe whole control of 84 letters and characters in the little fin
gers of the right and left hands. And it lets you write them all with only 28 keysr the least to operSTfcJ
of any standard typewriter. Thus writers of all other machines can immediately run the Oliver Num
ber "9" with more speed and greater ease.
This brilliant new Oliver comes at the old-time price. It costs np
more than lesser makes-now out-of-date when compared with this
discovery. For while the Oliver's splendid new features are costly- -we have eqaulized the added ex*
pense to us by simolifying construction. Resolve right now to see this great achievement before you
spend a dollar for any typewriter. If you are using some other make you will want to s?e how much
more this one does. If you are using an Oliver, it naturally follows that you want the finest model. ;
1 ry /?> - r^rwttf Remem^er tn?s brand-new Oliver "9" is the greatest value ever given inra
I ? K^CtXZS Cl LJuy? typewriter. It has all our previous special inventions-visible writing, auto
matic spacer, 6 1-2-onnce touch-plus the Option?! Duplex Shift. Selective Color Attachment and all these othjej
new-day features.
Yet we have decided to sell it to everyone everywhere on our famous payment plan-17 cents a d?y! Now
every user can easily afford to have the world's crack visible writer, with the famous PRINTYPE, that writes
like print, included FREE if desired.
TO-DA Y-Write for Full Details "
ists, employers, and individuals everywhere are flocking to the Oliver. Just mail a postal at once.
It's a pleasure for us to tell you about it
See why t|p
No obligation.
The Oliver Typewriter Co., ow ^SS^tm^
tST You can rent the Oliver Typewriter three (3) months for $4.00

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