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Wednesday, April 21.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Shaffer of
McKendree were among the visitors
in Edgefield Monday.
Mro. Ida F. Sheppard is in Green-1
ville visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Hettie Sheppard Brown.
Mr. John M. Maye is attending]
the United States circuit court in
Oreen vii le as petit juror.
The motor bus to Geeenwood is
increasing- in popularit?. A trip
each way is made eve?y day.
Miss Leila Barnwell of Charles
ton is a guest in the home of Mr.
and Mri?. Julian R. Strother.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bruneon of
Augusta spent several days here lasi
week with their son, Mr. S. A.
The number of automobiles in
the county is steadily ?increasing.
The latest nnmbei officially record
ed is 185.
Let Fdgefield people attenj the
educational rally at Johnston Fri
day, going in buggies, carriages,
autos and by way of the Southern, j
In spite of the dust and parched '
earth, vegetation is growing. One
can almost detect the growth of the
leaves of the ti ees from day to day.
The Edgefield graded and high
schools will not close this .year until
early in June, the session of 1914
15 being the longest we have yet
The money spent for the street
sprinkler is the best investment that
the town ever made. Automobiles
even can not now "kick up" a dust
on the streets of Edgefield.
Do not let the rise in the price of
cotton cause you to plant more, than
you planned for early in the year.
The staple may drop to six cents by
the harvesting of the crop of 1915.
Better screen the doors and win
dows of your borne in order to keep
ont the flies and mosquitoes. Mes
srs. Stewart & Kernaghan cap sup
ly the screens at a, reasonable price:
tinder the new schedule which ii
published in this issue, one now has
three and a half hours in Augusta
for business instead of only one and
a half hours as for the past six
Rain; rain* rain is needed. Ful
/ghum oats will soon begin heading!
and will be very light unless rain j
soon falls. Cotton seed will not ger
minate except in moist places until
it rains.
In this issue of The Advertiser
will be found an itemized statement
of the treasurer of the town of
Johnston, showing-what money has
been received and what it has been
paid for.
Mrs. W. H. Turner and her two
youngest children spent several days
here last week. The Edgefiehjl peo
ple are eagerly awaiting the time
when they will come to reside per
manently among us.
The officers of McKendree Sun
day school, one of the leading rural
Sunday schools in the county, are
already planning for their children's
d\j exercises which wiil be held the!
third Sunday in May.
Have you given your premises
that promised spring cleaning yet?
You maj- save a doctor's bill and
much suffering later by patting
your premises in a thoroughly sani
tary condition before the hot season
sets in.
It gives us infinite'pleasure to an
nounce that Dr. W. E. Prescott)
steadily improves at the hospital
in Augusta, and that the attending j
physicians have said he will bei
sufficiently strong to return to bis
home in about a week.
Dr. A. R. Nicholson accompanied
Mrs. Nicholson lo Saluda, N. C., j
Saturday. The friends of Mrs. Nich
olson hope the change will
prove beneficial to her and that she]
irill soon be restored to her accus
tomed health and strength.
Following their announcement of j
a fortnight ago, drawing for a 5
ponnd box of candy continues every)
Saturday night at the store of Col
lett Sc Mitchell. Last Saturday night j
Mr. Harold Norris held the fortu
nate number 1228 which entitled
bim to a huge box of the celebrat
ed Norris candy. Who'll win next)
Saturday night?
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Paul spent
Sunday at Johnston with Mr. and
Mrs. Gee. Hubbard.
Farmer James R. Cantelou-one
of the best in the state-says he has
40 acres of March corn up to a
good stand.
Having: completed his junior year
at the College of Pharmacy of At
lanta, Mr. J. T. McClang is now
with W. E. Lyneh <fc Co., for the
summer. His friends have given him
a very cordial weleome.
The Brunsou school closes its
session Friday. The teachers have
arranged an attractive miscellane
ous program for Friday night. The
people of Cleora and adjoining com
munities should attend in large
We hope all of the old veterans
in this county will be able to attend
the reunion which will be held in
Columbia this week. The occasion
will be made as pleasant for them
as possible. They deserve all that
can bt bestowed upon them.
Our Johnston correspondent states
that Mr. Rutledge McGhee of
Batesburg will soon begin the pub
lication of a newspaper at John
ston. He is a good newspaper man
and bas had large experience. We
wish him success. The Advertiser
will welcome him very cordially as
a neighbor.
Edgefield-Greenwood Bus Line.
Attention is directed to the ad
vertisement of the Edgefield Green
wood motor bus line in this issue.
Mr. G. Trapp Ouzls of Kirksey is
the manager of the line. This safe
and quick means of reaching Green
wood is a great boon to the travel
ing public. The car makes a round
trip each day at a very reasonable
price. The car makes a number of
stops along the way to receive or
discharge passengers.
Attending Missionary Meetings.
Rev. and Mrs. John Lake, Mrs.
Geo. E. Davis, Mrs. Mamie Till
man, Mrs. Fannie Tompkins and
Mrs. J. L. Mims attended the mis
sionary meeting at Republican
church yesterday and are atten??*^
the missionary rally of the thj/d di
vision of the Edgefield a#icociation
at Plum Branch to dayrThe mem
bers of the missionary party were
entertained at the borne of Mr. and
2rfrs. Jj T. Lyalejobn Tuesday
a--?4 Jj-1-^? (
Bishop Guerry Coming
The announcement that Bishop
Guerry will visit this parish is al
ways received with joy and gladness,
irrespective of church affiliation.
Large congregations always greet
bim. Next Sunday night he will
preach in the Episcopal church in
Trenton and Monday night he will
preach in Trinity church. It is not
necessary to urge the people to go
out to hear Bishop Guerry. Making
the announcement ot* his coming is
all ?hat is necessary. Remember the
time, Sunday night in Trenton and
Monday night in Edgefield.
Sales of Ford Cars Large.
The revival 'of business over the
country is indicated by the rapid
increase in automobile sales. Mr.
Geo. R. Lombard of Augusta, who
controls the sales of Ford cars in
about six Georgia and South Caro
lina counties, told the editor of The
Advertiser yesterday that the Ford
factories shipped upwards of 43,000
cars during the month of March, the
largest shipments in om month
since the Fi rd cars were put on the
market. Mr. Lombard entertains the
belief that the sales will reach 300,
000 cars for the year, entitling the
purchases to a special rebate of
about $40.00 on each car.
Johnston's New School Building.
In The Advertiser's columns this
week will be found an itemized
statement of the funds received for
the erection of the handsome new
school building in the town of John
ston and the statement also shows
how the money was paid out. Those
who know the personnel of the
board of trustees that have had
charge of the building and the dis
bursing of the funds know that
every cent intrusted to them has
been wisely spent. They are men
who are not only above reproach
but they have good sound judg
ment and they concentrated
their best efforts to the end that
the people receive a maximum re
turn for their money. Study the re
port and you will see what money
wa? received and how it was spent.
Johnston will never regret the day
that the bonds were voted for the
new building. It was a good invest
ment, one that will bring large re
turns-both visible and invisible.
Death of Mr. W. S. Covar.
Since the pension roll for Edge
field county was published a fort
night ago, two veterans who receiv
ed a pension have passed away, the
last being Mr. William S. Covar
who died at the home of his son,
Mr. W. R. Covar, Thursday at
noon. Mr. Covar enlisted in the
Confederate army at the beginning
of the war and served for four years.
He went to the front with the first
company that was formed in this
county. All down through the years
he has been loyal to the cause, the
events of the var being as fresh in
his mind as if they occurred only a
month ago.
Mr. Covar was a member of the
Methodist church and was a regu
lar attendant until the weight of
years bore heavily upon him. To
his pastor, Rev. J. R. Walker who
visited him frequently in His last
illness, he spok i of his readiness to
pass through ,he Valley of the
Shadow of Death. Mr. Covar was
buried from the Methodist church
Friday morning, Rev. J. R. Wal
ker being assisted in ?the funeral
service by Dr. Jones and Rev. R.
G. Shannon h 01 se. Unfurled near
the altar of the church was the old
time-worn, batt-e-scarred flag which
Mr. Covar so bravely carried in the
war as color corporal of bis compa
ny. He loved the old rlag as tender
ly as ie did the members of his
home circle, and it was peculiarly
fitting thu it should have a place in
paying the last tribute to this faith
ful and brave Confederate veteran.
The interment took place in the
village cemetery at noon Friday.
Mr. Covar leaves, one son, Mr.
W. R. Covar, and two sisters, Mrs.
Emeline Cartlidge and Miss Sudie
Covar. \
* II i ?
"The Mock Marriage."
Miss Marie Abney and the ladies
interested in the Elgetield library
will give an entertainment of un
usual fun and brilliancy, 'TJjji,
Moc^ Marriage," in the o^airrlfouse
Friday evening, ^A*plTl 30. lt will
i. week, lt will be
men of the town
3 in full evening
re hats, the hride
county supervisor
and the groom one of the leading
merchant princes. The maid of hon
or will be a leading lawyer and the
bridesmaids the flower of Edgefield.
The father of the bride will be
a handsome druggist and the choir
boys as blushing girls will sing be
fore the ceremony. One of the
talented young men will sing, "0
promise me" iu Primadonna style.
The old-rnaid sister of the bride
who has been jilted by the groom
is a *weet little bride.
Another feature of the program
will be a concert in which Mrs.
Shannonhouse and Prof. Scott of
Trenton will sin"; from "ll Trova
tort," tho Tower Scene and Lenora.
This alone should put books in the
library. A pleasing feature will be
a quartette by Mrs. Shannonhouse,
Mrs. Tompkins, Mr. George F.
Miras and Prof. Scott. Miss Miriam
Norris will sing a solo.
The third act will be the most
beautiful, a '.masked ball scene,
where all characters are represented
from Queen Titania to Bluebeard.
The special stars, Mary Queen of
Scotts, and four Marys, Mary Beat
on, Mary Seaton, Mary Fleming
and Mary Livingston, who will at
tend the queen. Last [but not least
comes David Rizzio, the queen's
musician, who kneels iu loving
adoration and sings that most beau
tiful of all love songs, "Queen of
my soul." 1
I Classified Column. J
Don't let cholera kill your hogs,
write B. F. Jones, M. D. V., Par
lington, S. C.
FOR SALE: Fifty well bred
Duroc pigs for sale at five dollars a
piece, six and eight weeks old.
Now is the time to start your herd
of Durocs, the best hog on earth.
Apply to C. M. Williams, Cleora,
S. C.
Man Takes His Own Medicine
is an Optimist.
He has absolute f ii th in his med
icine-he knows wl.en he takes it
for certain ailments ho gets relief.
People who take Dr. King's New
Discovery for an irritating Cold are
optimists-they know this cough
remedy will penetrate the linings
of the throat, kill the germs, and
oper the way for Nature to act.
You can't destroy a Cold by super
ficial treatment-you must go to
the cause of the trouble. Be an
optimist. Get a bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery to-day.-3
lad ie
ns and pictu
ir our erenial
Screen your windows and doors. Do it Early before
fly time and keep them up until Snow falls.
Screen all food, especially milk. Do not eat food that
has been in contact with flies.
. Screen the baby's bed and keep flies away from the
ba.by's bottle, the baby's food and the baby's "Com
Flies are the most dangerous insects known to man.
Flies are the filthiest of all vermin. They are born in filth, live on filth and carry
filth around with them. They are maggots before they are flies.
Flies may infect the food you eat. They come to your kitchen or to your dining
table, fresh from the privy vault, from the garbage can, from the manure pile, from the
cuspidors from decaying animal or vegetable matter, or from the contagious sick-room
with this sort of filth on their feet, in their bodies and they deposit it on your food,
and YOU DO swallow filth from privy vaults, etc., etc., if you eat food that has come
in contact with flies.
We can furnish Screens for Windows at
40e. to 65e.
Screen Doors from
$1.25 to $2.75
Screen Wire Cloth all Widths
A New Model Typewriter
Yes, the crowning typewriter triumph is here!
It is ju?t out-and comes years before experts expected it!
For makers have striven a life time to attain this ideal machine. And Oliver has won
again, as we scored when we gave the world its first visible writing.
There is truly no other typewriter on earth like this new Oliver "9." Think of
touch so light that the tread of a kitten will run the keys!
The new-day advances that come alone on this machine are all controlled
by Oliver. Even our own previous models-famous in their day-never
had the Optional Duplex Shift. It put the who|e control of 84 letters and characters in the little fin
gers of the right and left hands. And it lets you write them all with only 28 keys, the least to operate
of any standard typewriter. Thus writers of all other machines can immediately run the Oliver Num
ber 4V\with more speed and greater ease.
%MJ 1^ B9 f?fcJ H f?kl f rjLh?8 i)rilliarU oew 0!iver comes at the old-time price. It costs no
WW A%TC?I^HBI^m . more than lesser makes-now out-of-date when compared with this
discovery. For while the Oliver's splendid new features are costly- -we have eqaulized the added ex
pense to us by simolifying construction. Resolve right now to see this great achievement before you
spend a dollar for any typewriter. If you are using some other make you will want to see how much
more this one does. If you are using an Oliver, it naturally follows that you .want the finest model.
m pm rn . r> ^ Remember this brand-new Oliver "9" is the greatest value ever given in a
Lt Lents a Dav: typewriter. It has all our previous special inventions-visible writing, auto
matic spacer, 6 1-2-onnce touch-plus the Optional Duplex Shift. Selective Color Attachment and all these other
new-day features.
Yet we have decided to sell it to everyone everywhere on our famous payment plan-17. cents a d?y! Now
every user can easily afford to have the world's crack visible writer, with the famous PRLNTYPE, that writes
like print, included FREE if desired.
TV** r\ A \7" lir .? r ET fl T\~?~2l~ and be among the first to.know about this
TQ-UA I- Write tOr r Uli UetailS marvel of writing machines. See why typ
ists, employers, and individuals everywhere are flocking to the Oliver. Just mail a postal at once. No obligation.
It's a pleasure for us to tell you about it
The Oliver Typewriter Co.,
You can rent the Oliver Typewriter three (3) months for $4.00
Oliver Typewriter Bldg.,
Chicago, Illinois

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