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. ?Htniiliai;r? 1835.
/. L. MI MS,.Editor
Published every Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building at $1.50 per year
l? advance.
Entered as second claws matter at
the postoffice a.t Edgefield, S. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks, Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
* H
Our grand business is not to see
whatpies dimly in the distance, but
to do what lies clearly at hand.
i, "
Wednesday, May 12.
Despite Germany's torpedoes, Presi
dent Wilson sits steady in the boat
Another thing we should be thankful
for is that the Colonel is not now in the
White House.
The man who clamors loudest for
war would be the iast to volunteer for
"Germany's inhumanity to men,
WOMEN and CHILDREN makes count
less millions mourn."
"Italian army of 600,000 fully equip
ped and ready for the field"-dispatch.
Not for the field of battle.
Let every American citizen give
thanks daily that in this crisis we have
Woodrow Wilson at the helm of the
Ship of State.
Now that Germany has shown her
hand, Uncle Sam may show his fist.
The State. . It would probably be more
than a fisticuff.
Elbert Hubbard was en route to Eu
rope on the Lusitania to write "war
stuff" but his tragic end furnished a
theme for other pens.
China is the same sleeping giant that
it has been these many thousands of
years. The persistent proddings of
Japan do not arouse it.
England says, "Germany must pay
for Belgian loss." Considering Eng
land's dismal failure to make good on
land and sea, is this not rather pre
Italians may have feathers in their
hats, but there are none on their legs
-The State. It can hardly be said,
however, that Italy is not expecting to
feather her nest.
For neutrals to engage passage on
the ship of a belligerent nation after
warning to the contrary had been given
is about as foolhardy as would be his
venturing near the rapids of Niagara
in a frail bark.
If one judges the Germans by the
?methods adopted in wreaking vengeance
-upon their enemies, they are as devoid
of human sensibilities as the gorilla
that roams the jungles of central Af
rica Their hellish methods may win
temporary victories but these are more
than offset by the censure incurred
/rom the neutral peoples of the earth.
Little did the Servian university stu
dent who assassinated the Austrian 1
duke realize that he was firing the first
gun of a war that would shake the 1
very foundations of the earth. Little
did he dream that the ignition of the
powder in his weapon would start a [
conflagration that would set the world j
aflame with a war that is without a
parallel in all history.
Some of these times, thinking they (
have caught ' Uncle Sam" napping, ,
the Japs will order the urbane old gen j
tleman to abandon the Philippines by ,
Saturday night. Almost before we -
realize it, finding ourselves in the ]
plight the Germans found France, we
will have a first-class war on our hands. ,
Would it not be the part of wisdom to let ,
some other nation become the posses- j
. sor of this elephant in the form of the .
Phiippines? j
Veriest Mockery.
It is sheer mockery for the Germans,
through their embassador in Washing
ton, to express sympathy for the loss
of so many American lives on board
the Lusitania What would you think
of a man who deliberately applied a
torch to your home and then, after it
was reduced to ashes, expressed his
regret that you were without a home?
Few, if any, American citizens are in a
proper frame of mind to accept Ger
many's proffered sympathy. It mocks
Stand Shoulder-to-Shoulder.
We wish our friend J. Rutledge Mc
Ghee and the Johnston Times well,
very well, very well indeed. It has
been announced that The Times made
its bebut last week, but if a copy came
to our desk it escaped our eye. If the
good people of Johnston will stand
shoulder-to-shoulder with Mr. McGhee
in his efforts to give them a good pa
per, there are good times ahead for
The Times. May it be so!
Illiteracy Day.
There are so many special days ob
served now by the States ard nation
that frequently we have questioned the
wisdom of adding any more to the al
ready too long list. And yet we can
not refrain from nodding assent to the
proclamation of the Governor of Ala
bama who has set apart June 7 as Il
literacy Day. The people of Alabama
are called upon to lay aside all busi
ness, both private and public, for one
day and discuss plans for stamping out
illiteracy from the borders of the State.
A day could not be spent more profita
bly by any State. No more important
enterprise can be undertaken than that
of elevating and improving the quality
of citizenship. With illiteracy removed
the earning capacity of the rank and
file of the citizenship is increased and a
new song placed in the mouths of teem
ing thousands. Where illiteracy is
stamped out the demagogue is shorn
of his locks and the government itself
placed upon a higher plane. The quali
ty of the citizenship of a democratic
government determines the quality of
the government -
Were a day set apart once each year
in South Carolina for the discussion of
ways and means of decreasing illitera
cy, good results would follow. Doubt
less this innovation, so to speak, of the
governor of Alabama will be watched
with interest by other States that are
sorely afflicted with illiteracy.
South Yet Undeveloped,
Throughout the North and a large
portion of the West one finds such a
n et-work of railroads, both steam and
j electric, that the problem of market
ing is comparatively easily solved. Not
?only is less time consumed by being
near a market, but the producer can
keep himself the better informed as to
prevailing prices when he is located j
i near the-.town in which he sells his
I produce or from which he ships it to
larger centres.
Statistics recently given out by the
agricultural department show that the
average farm is 6.5 miles from market
and it requires about one-half day for
the average farmer to make a round
trip to his market. Statistics further
show that th ? longest hauls are in the
cotton States and in the Rocky moun
tains. The fact that the longest hauls j
are in the South shows that the railroad
facilities of this section are lacking,
making the marketing of agricultural
products more expensive.
Where railroad facilities are lacking
the country will be found more or less
undeveloped. The long hauls referred
to in the government statistics are found
in sections remote from the railroad
and in these sections country life will
in the main be found unattractive.
Many farms are either practically aban
doned or they are turned over to indo
lent negroes who impoverish rather
than improve the soil. Wherever large
areas are not traversed by a railroad of
some kind it will usually be found in a
primitive, undeveloped state, and not
until the South is supplied with ade
quate railroad facilities will this sec
tion of the country prosper as it
Up to this time the boundless wealth
that nature has stored beneath the sur
face of this southland of ours has been
practically untouched. Owing to the
undeveloped condition of this section
the annual harvest is probably not
more than or.e-tentb t>f a maximum or
even normal harvest Teeming millions
of acres of land produce not one penny
of revenue. Much arable land is yet
unscarred by the plow, and lowlands
and uplands that are suited only for
pasturage have not bad the print of a
hoof upon them. The Sooth is grad
ually coming into its own but the full
harvest will not be garnered until the
undeveloped regions are made to blos
som as the rose. And this will come
only, when the tong hauls for the far
mers have been shortened by the con
struction of railroads through sections '
where the rumbling of heavy trains
have not yet been heard.
Edgefield county furnishes a con
crete example of the undeveloped
condition in the South, due to lack of
inadequate railroad facilities. It is
unfortunately true that instead of a
haul of 6 miles, many farmers in this
county must travel 15 miles and more
to market, over bad roads at that
Undeveloped land in many Bections
would be settled by thrifty young far
mers, were life in these isolated com
munities rendered more attractive and
the distance to the local market made
Landreth's Garden Seed.
When in need of garden seed.
Irish Potatoes, Corn, Onion Sets,
etc., let us supply your wants.
W. E. Lynch & Co.
j What Others Say ?
They Don't. Pay,
According to reports in thfe newspa
pers, even Columbia has learned that
street carnivals are not desirable from
a business standpoint-Yorkville En
One Eye Open.
China has agreed to the Japanese
ultimatum. China may be asleep, but
slie has wit enough to get off the track
when the train is coming.-News and
A Slow People.
i Japan gave China 48 hours to make
up her mind, which is a pretty short
shift for a nation which has not been
able to make up its mind to anything
in centuries.-News and Courier.
Red Hair an Advantage.
The new editor of our morning con
temporary is red-headad and we ar?
going cut of our way, if necessary, to
be nice to him. Wejdon't want any mix
ups with a red-headed man.-Anderson
Daily Mail.
Bloody Gotham.
Since the first of the year there has
I been a murder every 46 hours in New
York. Last year it was one in each 29
hours and the year before one person
was killed on an average in every 26
hours.-Orangeburg Times and Demo
crat .
Never Look For Trouble.
If one is looking for trouble, he is
sure to find it sooner or later. This
is seen on a large scale in Europe just
now, for unquestionably some of the
nations had been carrying chips on their
shoulders for some years.. But .the
truth is just as evident in the case of
any individual who goes hunting around
for a scrap. -Orangeburg Times and
Stamp It Out.
Typhoid fever will be less prevalent |
when we learn how to avoid this dread
ed disease. It is now known that this
fever breeds in filth and that if the
breeding places of the disease germs
are destroyed there will be no disease.
The germs breed in filth, then get in
the foods or the water and are in this
way taken into the body. Let every
precaution be taken to remove any
danger of this disease. We can stamp
out typhoid if we will. It is certainly
worth while. -Farm and Ranch.
?|t 1MIM|(A A ?ii ty A A y y A A tm y A A si-fi A A A y y
* . *
I Smile Provokers P
v 4*
.1'. A i fc ?T. a .t. A A .8. A A A .8. A A .8. A .8? A A AA A ?ti iti itt
"You look tired Elsie. I'm afraid
this terrible war is telling on you."
"Yes, my doctors say I must posi
tively stop attending any more Red
Cross balls."-Life.
_ ?. !^B*K
. .. _
Where's your little brother?
He hurt himself.
I How?
I We were seeing who could lean
out of the window the farthest and
he won.
"Charles, you're spending too
much money this year. Too many
dances, too many clothes, too many
taxis, too many-"
"Well, father, I'll tell you how I
look at it. It seems to me that every
family ought to be able to support
one gentleman." -Cornell Widow.
"Is the lady of the bouse in?"
inquired the gentlemanly agent.
"No, replied the lady's husband,
wiping his hands on the kitchen
apron he wore. She's gone to a
suffrage meeting.'7
"Then I guess you're the party
I want to see. I have here a patent
dishwashing machine, especially
adapted to the use of men who do
their own housework."
A youth in a passenger coach per
sisted in sticking his head and
shoulders ont of the window. The
brakeman touched the youth on the
back. "Better keep your head in
side the window," advised the man.
"I kin look out of the window if |
I want to, answered the youth."
"I know you cany warned the j
brakeman, but if you damage any
of the ironwork on the bridges,
you'll have to pay for it."-Life.
Mrs. Jones bought a ohieken at
the family butcher shop and after
embellishing it witb bread crumbs,
celery, cranberry sauoa and other
glad things she proudly set it before
the head of the family.
"What is the matter, John, asked
the young wife, with an anxious:
look as hubby laboriously carved the
bird and began to apply it to his
appetite. Isn't the chicken alf
"Why, yea, I guess he is all right,
dear, was the hesitating response of
father. But I fear he was a very
great coward."
"A great coward? returned the
perplexed wife. What do you
"Don't they say, Mary, smilingly
replied the old man, that the brav
est are always the tenderest?"
Houston Chronicle.
Union Meeting.
Union meeting of 3rd division
meets with Bethlehem Baptist
church May 29-30. Meeting called
to order 11:00. Devotional service
by moderator. Enrollment of dele
gates and reports from each church.
Queries. ,
1st, Are the different mission
b tards u^ing the money to the best
advantage, L. Gr. Bell and J. C.
2nd, To what extent ts a Chris
tian responsible for the salvation of
his neighbor, J. C. Harvle}-, Rev.
G. W. Busaey.
Adjourn for dinner 12:30.
3rd, What does the scripture
teach us as to Christian assurance,
W. R. Leggat, P. H. Bussey.
4th, Is the mission spirit grow
ing in our churches as they become
informed on the needs of the boards.
Rev. F. I?. Lanham and Bro. War
i 5th, Why is the missionary Bap
tist making a greater growth than
the Primitive Baptistin the last de
cade, Jno. G. McKie, W. R. Parks.
Sunday morning Sunday school
at regular hour 10:30.
6th, Are we getting what we
should from our union meetings,
S. T. Adams, Thoa. Mc Alister.
Missionary sermon by Rev. Mr.
Adjourn for dinner.
7tb, What attitude should Chris
tians take in the prohibition elec
tion in this State in September, Dr.
W. G. Blackwell.
8th, How does the spiritual COL
ditioh of our churches compare
with their, material prosperity, T.
G. Talbert, J. M. Garnet.
H. E. Bunch,
For Committee.
I I tAXii ? ?l.i1N.^i*iiyiifiigii8.i8iifiijiifiiTi.^i1Ni,ii7t
I Beligious Notices. *
?. ? ?. ?. .t^ . ?.?.??.?. ?..?..?. .t.
"The Lusitania."
This coming Sabbath we will dis
cuss God's providence and the des
truction of the Lusitania. Presbyte
rian church at 11:30. If your theo
logical teeth are not sound, you had
better not come; for we are going
to give you some strong meat to
Children's Day services will be
held at Trenton Methodist church
next Sunday morning at 11:15
o'clock. Everybody is invited.
Winthrop College Scholarship
and Entrance Examination.
The examination for the award of
vac mt scholarships in Winthrop
College and for the admission of
?ew students will be held at the
County Court House on Friday,
July 2, at 9 a. m. Applicants must
not be less than sixteen years of
age. When scholarships are vacant
after Julv 2, they will be awarded
to those making the highest average
at this examination, provided they
meet the conditions governing the
award. Applicants for scholarships
should write to President Johnson
before the examination for scholar
ship examination blanks.
Scholarships are worth $100 and
free tuition. The next session will
open September 15, 1915. For fur
ther information and catalogue, ad
Pres. D. B. JOHNSON,
Rock Hill, S. C.
Notice of Final Settle
ment and Final Dis
State of South Carolina,
County of Edgefield.
Whereas, Mrs. Annie E. Rives
has made application unto this Court
for final discharge as administra
trix in re the estate of James U.
Rives deceased, on this the 10th
day of Mav, 1915.
These, Are Therefore, to cite any
and all kindred creditors, or parties
interested, that said administratrix
will make a full and final settlement
of said estate in my office on 10th
day of June, 1915. And will ask
at said time and place for final dis
charge, as said administratrix of
said estate, and yodare hereby re
quired to show cause before me in
my office at Edgefield, South Caro
lina, at said time why said order of
discharge should not be granted.
. Probate Judge E. C.
May 10, 1915.
|E Classified Column. f
?Hitit* 1 H MM Iii Ml 1 1"M"I">*
FOR SALE-Lookout Mountain
Irish potatoes for seed at $1.50 per
bushel. 80' bushels grown on one
quarter'of an acre. R. A. Wash,
P?rk?v??e, Sv Cl
5-5-?5? t
Rheumatism Yields Quickly to
You can't prevent an attack of
Rheumatism from coming on, but
you can stop it almost immedhtely.
Sloan's Liniment gently applied to
the ?oie joint or muscle penetrates
in a few minutes to the inflamed
spot that causes the pain. It soothes
the hot, tender, swollen fee'ing,
and in a very short time brings a
relief that is almost unbelievable
until you experience it. Get a bot
tle of Sloan's Liniment for 25c of
any Druggist and have it in the
house-against Colds, Sore and
Swollen Joints, Lumbago, Sciatica
and like ailments. Your money
back if net ; satisfied, but it does
give almost instant relief.-2
Eyes examined and glasses fitted
only when necessary. Optical
work of all kinds.
"M-****** 4 '!? F ? 1' '!? ?!? ?! ?!? ? ? 'I1 ? ? 1 ? <? ? ? *
But Less Dangerous and Inconvenient +
We Should Say, J
A Good Drug Store
Where all those dainty toilet preparations so essential
to the home may be found in abundance
Better Stay At Home An1 A Housekeeper
?ni j
Spring 1915
We are prepared to supply|the
needs of the boys and men.
Spriqg Oxfords
Spring Hats
Spring Suits
Spring Shirts
Spring Underwear
All are stylish and at reasonable
Edgefield, South Carolina
J. LEE, Piresident F. E. Gibson, Sec. and Treas.
If you are going to build, remodel or repair,
we invite your inquiries.
We manufacture and deal in doors, sash, blinds
stairs, interior trim, store fronts and fixtures,
pewsr pulpits, etc., rough and dressed lumber,
lath, pine and cypress shingles, flooring, ceiling
and siding.
. Distributing agents for Flintkote roofing
Estimates- cheerfully and carefully mane.
Woodard Lumber Co.
Corner Roberts and Bisgas Streets,
Our Motto: S

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