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rpestlblirty I? Affected by Tempera
ture of Water In Which They
Are Bolled-Proper Method
of Making Omelet
' While lt would seem that anyone
can cook so simple a food as an egg
satisfactorily, no other food ls so af
fected by different cooking methods
?nd particularly by degrees of tem
perature. The albumen, or egg white,
is greatly changed by heat, and the
way the heat is applied. If it ls
gently warmed, coagulation, or hard*
??lng, does not at once take place,
although the substance may be per
fectly cooked. But If plunged at once
Into boiling water or liquid the albu
men becomes tough and far less de
sirable as a food element. It is, there
fore, much better to cook eggs by
some other method than direct boil
Jag; steaming, poaching or "coddling"
Steeps the albumen soft while cook*
Hag, For dishes requiring "hard*
toiled" eggs, lt is best to let them
?Immer for about twenty minutes, so
that the white will be solid, yet ten
der, and the yolk dry and mealy. Fry
ing, or coating the egg directly with
fat, also hardens the albumen and
snakes it less digestible. It is far
tetter to put the eggs in a buttered
dish and "shirr" or bake them in the
oren. The secret of successful dishes
like the omelet, which is made so well
abroad, lies all in the temperature of
the pan, the fat and the quickness
and skill with which lt is handled
before allowed to become tough or
Eggs contain no starchy qualities.
'This teaches us to build up our egg
menus with starches such as potatoes,
glee, macaroni. Eggs also need to be
served with fat, which does not mean
frying in fat, but a sauce or dressing
containing butter or other oiL
An error common to housewives is
ta relegate the use of eggs chiefly to
cakes and puddings, adding these to
aa already heavy meat meal Since
eggs are the equivalent of meat, if
we use them generously in a pudding
ve do not then need meat in our first
course. Similarily, it is unwise die
tetics to serve a heavy, rich cake as
tbs last course of a dinner beginning
with a fatty meat like lamb, which
already has given us muscle and fat
Pineapple Pancakes.
Scald one pint of milk; when luke
warm, add one teaspoonful of salt and
j?ne-half cake of compressed yeast dis
solved in one-quarter cupful of luke
warm water. Sift in enough flour to
make a thin batter and let rise over
night In the morning add one cupful
of thick sour milk, one tablespoonful
cf melted butter, two eggs beaten sep?
^arately and one teaspoonful of soda
sifted with one cupful of flour. Add
enough more flour to make a smooth,
-thin batter, let stand one-half hour,
then add one heaping tablespoonful of
grated pineapple for each cupful of
hotter. Bake in a soapstone griddle
and serve with sweetened pineapple
_ Plain Paper Best
A plain paper or one with quiet self
tone pattern is the only kind that
makes a successful background for pic
tares. The soft neutral tone of car
tridge paper is a splendid setting for
ornaments and pictures, while soft
brown is a safe choice of paper for the
average room, as against it almost any
picture, be it oil painting, water color,
portrait etching or photograph, ap
pears to advantage. Gray is also a
good restful color. A happy and popu
lar combination is the gray wall cov
ering With white woodwork. It is an
admirable idea for the city apartment
where there Is none too much light
Angel Cakeleta.
Sift together several times one-half
cupful of fine granulated sugar, one
half cupful of pastry flour, one-half
level teaspoonful cream tartar, beat
whites of four eggs till stiff and dry.
thea gradually mix in the sugar and
dom*. Flavor with one-half teaspoonful
of almond, rose or vanilla, drop with
a teaspoon on pans covered with but
tered paper an inch or two apart;
sprinkle with sugar, white or pink,
sad bake in a moderate oven ten or
fifteen minutes; will make two dozen.
Ginger Cream.
Beat the yolks of three eggs, add one
pint of milk, two tablespoonfuls sirup
from preserved ginger and one cupful
sugar. Cook all together until thick.
Strain, add one tablespoonful gelatin
that has been dissolved in a little cold
milk, the whites of three eggs beaten
stiff and beat all together until it be
gins to thicken, then add four ounces
preserved ginger cut in very small
.pieces. Put In a mold to cool and
serra with whipped cream.
Hungarian Salad.
One pint cold boiled potatoes sliced
very thin, one small onion, grated, two
eoM boiled beets, diced, five sardines,
hosed and mashed, one tablespoonful
minced cold cooked ham, one small
green pepper thinly shredded. Sprin
kle with salt add one-half cupful
French dressing. Chill.
To Cream Hard Butter.
If butter is hard to cream don't
warm it This changes the texture of
lt. Instead, run it through the vege
table ricer. This breaks it Into small
pieces and lt can then be readily
Fertilizers ! Fertilizers !
The Edgefield Mercantile Company
Announces to the Public that it is now ready with a full line of Fertilizers
Fertilizers with Potash as an Ingredient
Royster's, Armour's, Swift's and
other Reliable Manufacturers' Goods
Call on Mr. R. C. Padgett or Mr. A. E. Padgett. Office at Farmers Bank
"Clean Up the Bowell and
Keep Them Clean"
There arc many remedies to be
had for constipation, but the diffi
culty is to procure one that acts
without violence. A remedy that
does not perform
b y force what
should be accom
plished by persua
sion is Dr. Miles'
Laxative Tablets.
After using them.
Mr. N. A. Waddell,
315 Washington
St, Waco, Tex.,
"Almost ?ll mr
life I havo been
troubled with constipation, and have
tried many rim od le?, all of which
seemed to cauce pain without civinc
much relief. I flnaUjr tried Dr. Mil ea'
Laxative T? blots and found them ex
cellent. Their action ie pleasant and
mild, iud their chocolate taste makes
them easy to taja. I am mora than
fiad to recommend thorny*
"Chou up the bowels and keep
them clean,** is the advice of all
physicians, because they realize the
danger resulting from habitual con
stipation. Do not ?delay too long,
but begin proper curative measures.
Dr. Milea' Laxative Tablets area
new remedy for this old complaint,
and a great improvement over the
cathartics you hav? been using in
the past They taste like candy
and work like s charm. A trial
will convince yon.
Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are
sold by all druggists, at 35 cents
a box containing 35 doses. > If not
found satisfactory after trial, re*
turn the box to your druggist and
he will return your money. <>
MUM MEDICAL ?o., ?lknart, Ind.
Now Wei
"Tnedford'e Bbck-Dfftught
Mite best all-round medicine
lerer used," writes J.A.
Start wm, ot Pattonville, Texas.
'*] saferen terribly with Bm
troubles, tod could get DO relief.
The doctors said 1 had coo*
sumption. ! could not work st
ll FtaaByitrfed
and to my surprise, I got better,
and sm to-day as wen as any
man." Thedford's Black
Draught is a general, cathartic,
vegetable liver medicine, that
bas been regulafing Irregulari
ties of the liver, stomach and
bowels, for over TO years. Oct
a package today. Insist on the
genuine-Thedford's. E-70
A. H. Corley, ?
Surgeon Dentist
Appointments at Trenton
On Wednesdays.
Dental Surgeon
Residence Thone 17-R. Office 3.
To Prevent Blood Poisoning
Apply at once the wonderful old reliable DR
s/ical dressing that relieves pain and heals ai
the same time. Not a liniment. 25e. f^^oc
'NovScrving ZOQQJOOO Homes "
You'll see her-in the windows
and on the counters of hardware,
? furniture and department stores
She stands for the NEW
STOVE-the simplest, most
efficient Oil Cookstove made.
Already it has made cooking
easier and kitchens cleaner for
over 2,000,000 housewives.
Made in 1, 2, 3 and 4 burner
sizes; also NEW PERFECTION
stoves with fireless cooking oven
Use Aladdin Security Oil
or Diamond White Oil
to obtain the best results in oil
Stoves, Heaters and Lamps?
Washington, D. C (New Jersey) Charlotte, N. C.
Norfolk, Va, (BALTIMORE) OiarU*ton, W.Va,
Richmond, Va, Charlottoo, S. C
Ship Your Cotton to
Liberal Advances Made on Cotton in Store
How the Telephone Pays
1 caa sdi the eggs. Bow maa? have wer*
The farmer who has a telephone int
his home can meet a business situation,
whether he be at home or in town. Can
you call your home on the telephone like
this farmer is doing?
If not you are losing monev by not
using the greatest convemence of modera
times. The cost is so small that telephone
service is within reach of every one. Write
for our free booklet which tells all about
this economical service. Address
Farmers Line Department
South Pryor St, Atlanta- Ge.
Ford Automobiles
We have accepted the agency for the
Ford Automobiles for Edgefield County,
and will have constantly on hand a stock
of Touring Cars and Run-Abouts. Shall
be pleased to show them to those who
contemplate buying a car. The Ford
cars defy Edgefield's winter roads.
They are an All-the-Year-Round Car
We will also carry a full assortment of
all parts of the Ford cars, and can fill or
ders at our Garage without your having
to wait to get extra parts by express.
Make your auto wants known to us, and
we will satisfy them on short notice and
at reasonable prices.
Auto and Repair Shop
Edgefield, South Carolina
Wholesale Grocers and Dealers in
Corn, Oats, Hay and all
Kinds of Feeds
Corner Cumming and Fenwick Streets
On Georgia R. R. Tracks
Augusta, Ga.
See our representative, C. E. May.
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
Schedule effective April 18, 1015.
Trains arrive from
No. Time
208 Au frusta, Trenton 8:20 am
1280 Colombia, Trenton 10:55 am
292 Charleston, Aiken 6:05 pm
j 206 Colombia, Tienton 8:85 p m
Trains depart to
No. Time
209 Trenton, Colnmbia 7:20 am
231 Trenton. Augusta 10:10 a m
229 Aiken, Charleston 11:20 pro
290 Trenton, Augueta 7:40 p m
Schedules published only as in
formation and are not guaranteed.
For further information apply
Ticket Agent
Edgefield, S. C.
Notice of Bridge Letting.
Sealed bids will be received at
noon, June 23, 1915, at the office
of County Board of Commissioners,
at Edgefield, 8. C., for furnishing
all materials and labor and erecting
complete ready for travel steel
bridge across Turkey Creek at Pleas
ant Lane, Edgefield county, S. C.
Plans and specifications can be
seen at office of Supervisor of Edge
field oounty. Certified check for
$500.00 to accompany bids. Right
is reserved to reject any or all bids.
A. A. Edmunds,
County Supervisor.
Landreth's Garden Seed.
When in need of garden seed.
Irish Potatoes, Corn, Onion Sets,
etc., let us supply your wants.
W. E. Lynch <fc Co

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