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Recipes That Will Be Appreciated
by Those Fond of Highly
Seasoned Meats.
To hash cold venison, cut the meat
in nice, small slices and put the trim
mings and bones into a saucepan with
barley water enough to cover them
Let them stew for an hour, then strain
the liquid into a stew pan, add to it
some bits of butter, rolled in flour,
and whatever gravy was left of the
venison the day before. Stir in some
currant jelly and let it boil up, then
put in the meat and keep it over the
fire just long enough to warm through,
but do not ailow it to boil, as it has
been once cooked already.
Venison Steaks.-Cut them from
the neck or haunch. Season them
with pepper and salt. When the grid
iron has been well heated over a bed
of bright coals, grease the bars and*
lay the steaks upon it. Broil them
well, turn them once and take care
to save as much of the gravy as pos
sible. Serve them with some currant
jelly laid tn each steak. Have your
plates warm
Planked, With Duchess Potatoes, ls a
Manner Popular With the
Best Cooks.
Wipe, remove superfluous fat and
parboil 7% minutes a porterhouse or
crosscut of the rump steak, cut 1%
inches thick. Butter a plank and ar
range a border of duchess potatoes
close to edge, using a pastry bag and
rose tube. Remove steak to plank,
put in a hot oven and bake until steak
is cooked and potatoes are browned.
Spread steak with butter, sprinkle
with salt, pepper and finely chopped
parsley. Garnish top of steak with
sauteed mushroom caps and put around
steak at equal distances halves of
small tomatoes sauteed in butter, and
on top of each tomato a circular slice
of cucumber. You can use potato
balls, small onions, peas and carrots
diced as a garnish.
Duchess Potatoes.-To two cups hot
riced potatoes add two tablespoonfuls
of butter, one-half teaspoonful salt and
yolks of three eggs slightly beaten.
Shape, using pastry bag and tube.
Brush over with beaten egg diluted
with one teaspoonful water.
Much good bread is wasted on ac
count of drying and hardening on the
outside. This needless waste could
be easily prevented by wrapping the
unusued portion of the loaf in a clean
piece of muslin or towel wrung out
of cold water before putting it away
after each meal; or it might be re
v-rapped in the waxed paper that
comes with some kinds of bread.
The so-callecj stale bread, so much
of which is wasted, is really better
!for one's digestion and health than
'the freshly baked, dyspepsia-breeding
'article, for it is more friable and ab
sorbent and it really absorbs the sa
fliva and gastric juice which penetrate
?it and act upon every particle of it.
The fresh bread is so moist that like
;a wet sponge it can take up no more
'moisture, and it is acted upon by the
digestive juices on the surface only.
Whofe-Wheat Bread.
Dissolve a yeast cake in two table
spoonfuls of tepid water. Add a pint
.of milk to a pint of boiling water
.and let stand until lukewarm. Then
.add the dissolved yeast, a teaspoonful
of salt and enough whole-wheat flour
.to make a thick batter. Beat this bat
-ter for about fifteen minutes. It will
become quite soft and liquid. Add
-enough flour to make a good dough.
'Turn-it on to a board and knead a few
'minutes. Return to the pan and let
rise until it is light. About three
hours is the usual time.
Pressed Beans and Sausage.
Let one pint pea beans soak over
'night, wash, drain and cook until very
tender, but not broken, in boiling wa
ter. Put the beans in baking dish
'with sausage here and there, using
about one-half pound sausage. Dis
solve one teaspoonful salt in one pint
boiling water and pour over the beans,
adding more, if needed. Bake five or
. six hours and serve hot with catchup
i or any other table sauce.
The Piece Bag.
. Here is a sensible way of tagging
.the contents of a piece bag: On tho
'outside of the bag fasten the largest
procurable safety pin. When dress
making is over attach samples to this
kpin of every remnant that goes into
?the bag. A great amount of time and
'.patience is saved by this simple de
.vice, for one can see at a glance just
what the bag contains.
Ham and Cheese Dish.
? One-half cupful cheese, one-half cup
.ful boiled ham (run ham and cheese
through chopper), three eggs, six soda
crackers, rolled fine, one tablespoonful
table sauce, salt and red pepper, one
teaspoonful baking powder, one cup
ful milk. Stir beaten egg into ham
land crackers, add milk, add other in
igredients, baking powder last. Bake
;30 minutes. It is fine.
Chicken Patties.
Patty cases may be bought in city
; bakeries, and will save time and trou
ble in preparing this dish. For their
*? filling cut up cold chicken into tubes,
with sliced canned mushrooms and a
teaspoonful of chopped onions. Make
a white sauce, and add the mixture of
chicken and mushrooms, with season
ing of salt, cayenne pepper and a few
grains of mace. Serve In heated patty
Winthrop College Scholarship
and Entrance Examination.
The examination for the award of
vac mt scholarships in Winthrop
College and for the admission of
new students will be held at the
County Court House on Friday,
July 2, at 9 a.m. Applicants tnust
not be less than Mxteen years of
age. When scholarships are vacant
after July 2, they will be awarded
to those making the highest average
at this examination, provided they
meet the conditions governing the
award. Applicants for scholarships
should write to President Johnson
before the examination for scholar
ship examination blanks.
Scholarships are worth $100 and
free tuition. The next session will
open September 15, 1915. For fur
ther information and catalogue, ad
Pres. D. B. JOHNSON,
Rock Hill, S. C.
For Neuralgia, nothing is
better than
Dr. Miles*
Anti-Pain Pills
Used hy thousands
for a generation
Those who have suffered from
neuralgic pains need not be told
how necessary it is to secure re
lief. The easiest way out of
neuralgia is to use Dr. Miles'
Anti-Pain Pills. They have re
lieved sufferers for so many
years that they have become a
household necessity.
"I have taken Dr. Miles' Anti-Fain
Pills for five years and they are the
only thing that does me any good.
They have relieved neuralgia in my
head in fifteen minutes. I have also
taken them for rheumatism, head
ache, pains in tho breast, toothache,
earache and pains in the bowels and
limbs. I have found nothing to
equal them and they are all that ls
claimed for them."
J. W. SEDGE, Blue Springs, Mo.
At ?ll druggists-25 doses 25 centi.
Never sold In bulk. 1
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
ri Nervous? I
ito. Walter Vincent
@j of Pleasant Hill, N. C.,
g?| writes: "For three sum
mers, I suffered from
nervousness, dreadful
pains In my back and
sides, and weak sinking
spells. Three bottles of
Card ul, the woman's
tonic, relieved me entire
ly. I feel like another
person, now."
The Woman's Tonic
for over 50 years,
Cardui has been helping
to relieve women's un
necessary pains and
building weak women up
to health and strength.
It win do the same for
you, if given a iair trial.
So, don't wait, but begin
taking Cardui today, for
tts use cannot harm ?rou,
and should surely do you
A. H. Corley,
Surgeon Dentist
Appointments at Trenton
On Wednesdays.
Dental Surgeon
Residence Thone 17-R. Office 3.
To Prevent Blood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reliable DR
pical dressing that relieves pain and h gals al
he same tine. Not a liniment. 25c. fcl ^<oc
WHEN you're behind with
your work, with only a few
minutes in which to get
supper - then the handy NEW
PERFECTION Oil Cookstove
helps you to- hurry.
It lights at the touch of a match,
and cooks rapidly like a gas stove.
It regulates high or low, merely by
raising or lowering the wick. It
is easy to operate, easy to clean,
easy to re-wick.
Sold in 1, 2, 3 and 4 burner sizes
by hardware, furniture and depart
ment stores everywhere.
bake better because a current of
fresh hot air passes continually over
and under the food - diying out
the steam, and preventing soggi
ness. This is an exclusive NEW
PERFECTION advantage.
Use Aladdin Security Oil
or Diamond White Oil
to obtain the best results in oil
Stoves, Heaters and Lamps.
Washington, D. C
Norfolk. Va.
Richmond, Va.
(New Jersey)
Charlotte, N. C.
Charleston, W. Va.
Charleston, S. C.
Ship Your Cotton to
Liberal Advances Made on Cotton in Store
^Augusta . . . Georgia^
"Art jroo goba to the meeting?" "Yet. I'll be ready when you come."
Women living on farms and in rural districts
haven't time to seek and enjoy social pleasures;
Distances are too great-the work is too urgent.
Women grow lonesome and listless when robbed
of these pleasures.
The Rural Telephone
solves the problem. It enables women to talk with neigh
bors and friends and keep alive to the news of the dav.
Our free booklet tells how you can have a telephone in
your home at small cost. Women living in the country
should write for it Address
Farmers Line Department
South Pryor SU Atlanta? Ga.
Ford Automobiles
We have accepted the agency for the
Ford Automobiles for Edgefield County,
and will have constantly on hand a stock
of Touring Cars and Run-Abouts. Shall
be pleased to show them to those who
contemplate buying a car. The Ford
cars defy Edgefield's winter roads.
They are an All-the-Year-Round Car
We will also carry a full assortment of
all parts of the Ford cars, and can fill or
ders at our Garage without your having
to wait to get extra parts by express. ^
Make your auto wants known to us, and
we will satisfy them on short notice and
at reasonable prices.
Auto and Repair Shop
Edgefield, South Carolina
Wholesale Grocers and Dealers in
Corn, Oats, Hay and all
Kinds of Feeds
Corner Cumming and Fenwick Streets
On Georgia R. R. Tracks
Augusta, Ga.
DSF' See our representative, C. E. May.
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of .the South
Schedule effective April 18> 19 L5.
Trains arrive from
No. Time
208 Augusta, Trenton 8:20 a m
230 Columbia, Trenton 10:5fra m
232 Charleston, Aiken 5:05 p m
206 Columbia, Tienten 8:35 pm
Trains depart to
No. Time
209 Trenton, Columbia 7:20 a m
231 Trenton, Augusta 10:10 a m
229' Aiken, Charleston 11:20 p m
290 Trenton, Augusta 7:40 p m
Schedules published only as in
formation and are not guaranteed.
For further information apply
Ticket Agent.
Edgefield, St C.
Notice of Bridge Letting.
Sealed bids will be received at
noon, June 23, 1915, at the office
of County Board of Commissioners,
at Edgefield, S. C., for furnishing
all materials and labor and erecting
complete ready for travel steel
bridge across Turkey Creek at Pleas
ant Lane, Edgefield county, S. C.
Plans and specifications can be
seen at office of Supervisor of Edge
field county. Certified cheek for
$500.00 to accompany bids. Right
is reserved to reject any or all bids.
A. A. Edmonds,
County Supervisor.
Landreth's Garden Seed.
Wheu in need of garden seed.
Irish Potatoes, Corn, Onion Sets,
etc., let us supply your wants.
W. E. Lynch & Co
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