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Stirring of Soil Helps to Conserve
Moisture - Young Trees Given
Longer Period of Growth.
' The apple growers aie nearly all
practicing clean cultivation in their
orchards, says a writer in Indiana
Farmer. This indicates that cultiva
tion is the quickest method of bring
ing young trees to a bearing age and
perhaps it is the best method to pur
sue in gaining annual crops. From my
own experience and knowledge gained
from growers in all parts of the coun
try, I am convinced that apple trees
set on rolling or nearly level land will
come into bearing two or three years
earlier if given annual cultivation.
It makes very little difference wheth
er the land be intercropped or not,
provided sufficient fertilizing material
is added to grow the extra plants. The
stirring of the soil seems to help in
conserving the moisture and gives the
.young trees a longer period of growth
each year than they have under sod
methods. It is well to remember that
a cover crop should be put in late in
the summer to afford the roots some
protection from the winter cold.
When crops are grown between the
trees, something should be raised
that can be taken off early enough to
allow for this. In the northern sec
tions, rye or winter vetch is perhaps
best. I think it a good plan to alter
nate these for cover in the growing
orchard. Farther south there is noth
ing that can compare with crimson
dorer for this purpose. An orchard
bandied after this method makes
rapid growth up to the bearing age. I
kare continued it after bearing, with
the result that some of the trees have
formed the habit of annual bearing.
To my mind this is most important.
With the older orchards, sod meth
ods with the grass mulch and annual
top dressing of manure produce excel
lent results. This means considerably
fess work. My experience indicates
that cultivation is of value where it
can be practiced with convenience.
Where the trees are left in sod, the
grass should be mowed and left under
the trees to hold the moisture. One
cannot successfully take a crop of hay
sad a crop of apples from the same
land, unless heavy fertilization is prac
Object Should Bc to Grow Berries, Not
Woody Growth-Cleaning Out
Destroys Many Insects.
Though the two main varieties of
raspberry, black and red, need slight
ly different treatment, the time and
manner of pruning are greatly similar
with both kinds.
The blackcaps do not put out new
growth from the root stalks, as the
xed varieties do, but new plants are
started from tins of the old plants.
These are bent over and covered light
ly in August, after which they send
ont rootlets and can be taken up the
following spring as new plants, to be
set ont where they are needed.
These new plants need to be pinched
back to a height of 18 inches, so that
they will throw out more lateral
.branches. These are the branches
.which bear fruit, and it is very impor
tant that they be numerous.
Ia addition to this first pruning, the
?winter or early spring pruning should
be done to get rid of the old canes
Fine Crop of Raspberries-Result of
Careful Pruning.
which are past bearing, and which
only sap the plant system of its
strength. It is the berries that we
want to grow, not so particularly the
woody canes.
This cleaning out of the old wood al
so aids in getting rid of many insect
pests if the work is done before they
come out from shelter in the spring.
AU these old canes should be burned
to destroy the insect life hidden in and
around them. Many do this in the
fall, bat the main point is that it be
?one, and at some time before spring
growth starts.
Condiments Liked in the Winter Have
Lost Their Savor and Other*
Must Be Provided to Take
Their Places.
Springtime appetites should be as
fresh and unspoiled as is the spring
itself. But too often the spring appe
tite is dulled and it is only by dint
of constant care the housekeeper or
cook is able to provide a tempting
diet on the spring: table.
Winter fare palls at this season.
And the usual winter condiments and
appetizers fall to work successfully.
Mustard pickles, chowchow, cole slaw,
olives-all have lost their winter trick
of whetting the appetite. Celery has
literally lost most of its crispness and
sweetness by spring. New appetizers
and relishes must be relied on to give
point to the dally diet
Cucumbers are one reliable spring
relish. There is, of course, much ob
jection to cucumbers on the ground
of indlgestlbility. They are usually
indigestible-that nobody can deny.
But some people do not find them so,
and eat them without fear. So if
they are not taboo on your table,
make use of them. It is a good plan
to slice them thinly and place them
in iced water in the refrigerator for
an hour before using them. Then
dress them with oil and vinegar and
serve them with fish. Or dice them
and mix them with diced green pep
per and celery, with mayonnaise, in
cups of lettuce leaves as a salad.
Tomatoes, too, can be made to serve
admirably the purpose of whetting
the appetite. A very good appetizer
with which to begin dinner is a round
of firm tomato, half an Inch thick, on
which is placed pepper, celery or cu
cumber, mixed with mayonnaise
dressing. Sliced tomatoes, iced in the
refrigerator, are another good dinner
accompaniment. They may be served
with fish or with the meat course.
And of course all sorts of tomato
salads are delicious in spring. And a
goodo sherbet for dinner can be made
of equal parts of strained tomato
juice and meat stock, to which a little
softened gelatin has been added,
frozen in an ice cream freezer to
sherbet consistency.
Radishes should always be served
very cold. Clean them and chill them
thoroughly in iced water and then
cut in attractive shapes. Make roses,
sometimes, by cutting back the red
skin in points. Again, slash the rad
ishes from the pointed end down
three or four times. Slice radishes
and serve with other vegetables on
lettuce leaves for salad.
Sweet green peppers are as useful
in warm weather as in cold. Chop
them and mix with an equal amount
of celery, chopped fine, and moisten
with mayonnaise. Serve a spoonful
on a lettuce leaf for salad, or serve
a spoonful on a slice of thin, crisp
toast in the form of a canape for an
appetizing beginning to dinner. Stuff
a pepper, one end of which has been
removed, with cream cheese and
chopped nuts and slice to serve with
Calfs Heart
Merely wash oif the blood. One
could by soaking extract all the flavor
from the heart. Stuff it with veal
forcemeat stuffing or a common stuf
fing. Tie a buttered paper over the
mouth of the heart to keep the stuf
fing in place. Put it into a small
baking pan with a little hot water,
pepper and salt. Bake nearly two
hours, basting it very frequently.
When done thicken the gravy with
flour, strain, skin and season lt and
pour it on the dish around heart Gar
nish the plate with onion?, first boiled
until nearly done, then seasoned with
pepper, salt and a little butter and
browned in oven.
Peach Moon sh I ns. *
Take preserved peaches and cut
Into tiny pieces till you have enough
to fill a teacup. Beat the whites of
five eggs to a very ?tiff froth, then add
gradually six tablespoonfuls of con
fectioners' sugar, beating it hard for
20 minutes; then beat in the peaches
and set lt on ice till thoroughly chilled.
Put rice, sweetened cream in the
glass and liberal portion of the
moonshine. Pineapple or other fruit
can be served in the same way.
Orris Root foi* Laundering.
When washing handkerchiefs, break
ip a quarter of an ounce of orris root
md tie it in a piece of muslin, boiling
lt in with the handkerchiefs for a
luarter of a:i hour.
When dry, iron them carefully, and
they retain a delicate violet odor that
is very refreshing.
Use about three pints of water for
this quantity of orris root.
Chocolate Fudge.
One cupful brown sugar, one cupful
white sugar, one-half cupful milk, two
squares of chocolate, boil five minutes,
not too hard, but keep bolling all over.
Just before removing from the fire add
a small piece of butter about one-half
size of egg. Remove and beat, add a
few drops of vanilla, turn into a
greaped pan before it gets too hard.
Marmalade Sandwiches.
Make these just before eating them.
Butter white and brown bread and
spread with orange marmalade, rather
thinly. On each slice of brown bread
put a slice of white buttered bread,
and on the white put brown slices.
Southern Railway Schedule.
Premier Carrier of the South
Reduced Fares From Edgefield
S. C.,
$13.40 Charlottesville, Va. and re
turn. Account Summer School,
U of Va. Tickets on sale June
20 to 28 inclusive. Return limit
15 days with privilege of exten
sion to Sept. 30, 1915, by depos
iting and payment of fee $1.00.
$6.05 Rock Hill, S. C. and Return
Account Winthrop College Sum
mer School. Tickets on sale
June 14, 15, 18 and 30, July 1
and 2. Return limit July 81,
I $10.50 Knoxville, Tenn, and re
turn. .Account Summer School,
U. of Tenn. Tickets on sale
June 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, July 2,
3, 10 and 17. Return limit 15
days with privilege extension to
Sept. 30, 1915, by depositing and
payment fee $1.00.
$7.10 Black Mountain, N. C., and
Return. On cale special dales in
June, July and August 1915, ac
count various meetings. Inquire
of agents for details.
Also Summer Tourist Fares to
many resort points. For additional
information communicate with
Edgefield, S. C., or Magruder
Dent., Dist., Pa6s. Agent, Augus
ta, Georgia.
Finds Cure for Epilepsy
After Years of Suffering
"My daughter was afflicted willi
epileptic fits for three years, the attacks
coming every few weeks. We err.ployed
several doctors but they did her no
good. About t
year ago we
heard of Dr.
Miles' Nervino,
and it certainly
hes proved a
blessing to our
litt!? girl. Ehe Is
now apparentl
curtd and is en
Joying the bes'
of health. It ls
over a year si noe
she bas had a
fit We cannot
.peak too highly
of Dr. Miles' Nervine."
Comfrey, Minn.
Thousands of children in tbs
la L
United States who are suffer^
from attacks of epilepsy ar? -?
burden and sorrow to their parents,
who would give anything to restore
health to the sufferers.
Dr. Miles' Nervine
is one of thc best remedies known
for this affliction. It has proven
beneficial in thousands of cases
and those who have used it have
the greatest faith in it. It is not
a "cure-ail," but a reliable remedy
for nervous diseases. You need
not hesitate to give it a trial.
Sold by all Druggists. If the first
bottle falls to benefit your money ls
returned. .
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ino.
Miss Myrtle Connan,
of Russel ville, Ala., says:
"For nearly a year, I suf
fered with terrible back
ache, pains in my limbs,
and my bead ached nearly
all the time. Our family
doctor treated me, but
only gave me temporary
relief. I was certainly in
bad health. My school
teacher advised me to
The Woman's Tonie
I took two bottles, in all,
and was cured. I shall
always praise Cardui to
lick and suffering wo
men." H you suffer from
pains peculiar to weak
women, such as head
ache, backache, or other
symptoms of womanly
trouble, or if you merely
need a tonic for that tired,
nervous, worn-out feel
ing, try Cardui. E4S
To Prevent Blood Poisoning
ipply at once the wonderful cid reliable DK
rical dressing that relieves pain and heals ft
ho same time. Not P liniment. 25c. .*v"^<00
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stops the
Cough and Headache and works off the Cold.
Druggists refund money if it fails to aire.
E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 26c
Chero-Cola is sold
only in the original
bottle with the label
on it. This insures
your getting the
genuine article in its
perfect state and
never varying in its
uniform individual
Chero-Cola flavor.
Call for
In a Bottle
Through a Straw i
This Is
Top Dresser Year
If you have fertilized your crops lightly at planting time, or used fertilizer
lacking in potash, it is not- too late to remedy this, provided you Top or
Side dress with a fertilizer containing sufficient proportions of all three
necessary elements of plant food-Phosphoric Acid, Ammonia and Potash.
Do not make the mistake of using a material that contains Nitrogen
(Ammonia) only, such as Nitrate of Soda. To get the increase in fruitage,
as well as stalk and foliage, use ROYSTER'S TOP DRESSERS, which
not only provide ammonia in quickly available form, but also phosphoric
acid and POTASH.
Will stimulate the growth of your crop, increase the yield, overcome
unfavorable seasonal conditions, and check the tendency in cotton to
blight and shed.
Available Ammonia Potash
PRESTO TOP DRESSER, ... 4. 10. 4.
Royster top dressers, like all Royster Fertilizers, are backed by experience:
compounded on scientific principles: plant-food for the plant at just the
proper time and in right proportions: mechanical condition perfect.
Look for the trade-mark on every bag.
Send postal for book on Top Dressing and name of nearest Royster Dealer.
Norfolk, Va, Charlotte, N. C. Tarboro, N. C. Columbia, & CL
Spartanburg, S. C. Atlanta, Ga. Macon, Ga. Columbus, Ga.
Montgomery, Ala Baltimore, Md.

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