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m IHK 4)
tDifficult to Properly Care for Dairy
Products in Summer Without
Suitable Building.
During the hot weather it is almost
Smpossible to care for dairy products
on the farm without a suitable milk
'house. O. E. Reed of the Kansas Ag
ricultural college offers the following:
Milk must be produced under sani
tary conditions, and to do this the milk
?house shauld be either separate from
:the dairy barn or arranged in such a
,way that odors from the barn do not
get to it.
A 10 by 12-foot milk house is a good
;size for the average farm. It should
be built with a eminent floor and have
ia drain at the center to carry away
?the waste. The equipment should con
sist of a refrigerating tank, 30 by 36
linches, inside measure. This will ac
'commodate four milk cans. There
;?hould also be a cooler, aerator, wash
?and separator.
' A windmill on the side nearest the
?refrigerating tank will pump cold wa
ter from the well into one corner of
'A Model Dairy House Where Cleanli
ness ls Paramount,
the tank. The water circulates around
""the cans and flows out at one side
through an overlow pipe. This over
flow pipe leads i:ito a watering trough
and the water is used for watering the
stock Instead of being wasted.
Milk Scales and Eabcock Tester Es
sential in Conducting Successful
Dairy-Discard Eoarders.
Putting the efficiency test to cows
with the milk scales and the Bab
cock tester.is one of the essentials
of conducting a successful ?airy. When
feed is high in price a fainer cannot
afford to have boarders in his dairy
barn who eat up more in feed than
-their milk yield is worth. The Bab
cock test will s'iow these delinquent
.cows in their true light, and the milk
scales will put the clincher on the
.argument. Testing cows will give
some farmers a big surprise. Some
time the cow that looks like the poor
est creature in the lot is the best
butterfat producer.
Cow testing associations among
?dairymen afford the most economical
use of the Babcock tester and the
Regularity in feeding pays.
. * .
The more the study, the greater the
rsuccesB in dairying.
. . .
The difference is in the cow, rather
than the feed or milker or the churn.
. . .
The farm separator is too good a
stepmother for the calf to get along
I without.
. . .
The more a man appreciates the
(maternity of the dairy cow the better
(.dairyman he ls.
Immediately after milking, strain
the milk from the pail through three
thicknesses of cheese cloth.
. . *
Some cows not only do not make
a profit hut are kept at a loss, as
they do not give enough milk to pay
lor their feed.
. . .
It ia not hard for a dalry farmer
fto sleep well on cold winter nights
?when he has a ?i\o full of corn and a
[barn full of hay.
i * . .
Grain and feed marketed through
fthe butter mold and the cream can
.will generally bring top prices, no
matter how the market may be for
jour grain and teed,
ire!?! ?
! Excellent Protection Afforded to Bark
From Sunburn and Eorers
Keeps Rabbits Away.
Whitewash is an excellent proteo
? tion to the bark from both sunburn
j and borers. _ It is particularly valu
I able for young trees, as after trees
j reach a good size the branches gen
j erally become sufficiently large and
i the foliage sufficiently thick to shade
j the bark and prevent the injury that ?
j the hot sun would otherwise do.
The best time to apply the white
j wash is in the early spring, or before
i the sun has become too hot and yet at
I a time when the danger of heavy rains
j washing off the lime is passed. It is
i not well to delay too long or the sun
j burn may occur in clear weather be
I tween rains.
There are dozens of whitewash reci
I pes, all with merit, some more dur
! able than others, and a durable white
j wash is generally to be desired. For
'fruit trees a whitewash can be made
\ by the addition of tallow, which i&
durable and also a protection against
rabbits. Such a wash can be made
with 30 pounds of lime, 4 pounds of
tallow and 5 pounds of salt. The salt
is dissolved in the water used in
slaking the lime and the tallow added
to the hot mixture, which Is thinned
to the desired consistency before using.
Spoiled fat or grease of any kind
can be substituted for the tallow and
the amount can be increased if de
sired. If there is danger of attract
ing animals by the salt, it can be left |
"Lady-Bugs" Feed Upon Plant-Lice, |
Scale insects and Other Pests
Entitled to Protection.
; (By W. E. BRETTON.)
The beetles commonly known as
lady beetles, "ladybirds," "lady-bugs"
or plant-louse beetles, are among the
very best friends of the farmer or
plant grower, because they f?ed in
both larval and adult stages upon
plant-lice, scale-insects, and the small
larvae and eggs of other and larger
noxious insects. Dr. S. A. Forbes ex
amined the stomach contents of 391
specimens, and found that one-fourth j
of their food was composed of plant
lice; though they ate some vegetable]
food, such as pollen and spores of
fungi, a greater portion of their food)
consisted of Insects.
Though many persons are more or
less familiar with lady-bugs, some are
not acquainted with their habits or
life histories, and do not, therefore,
Ths ''Lady-Bug" Serves as an Effective
Check on the Apple Aphis and Many
Other injurious Insects.
recognize them as friends. Thus many
of these helpful little insects are de
stroyed, when they should be carefully
One of the most conspicuous ex
amples in history of controlling a pest
by means of lady-beetles occurred in
California some twenty-five years ago.
An Australian insect known as the
fluted or cottony cushion scale ap
peared in California on orange trees
and spread so rapidly over the state
that the extensive orange growing in
dustry was threatened. By request,
Mr. Albert Koebele was appointed
agent of the United States to attend
the Melbourne exposition, and while
in Australia paid special attention to
searching for the insect enemies of
the fluted scale. A lady beetle was
found feeding upon the scale and
specimens -were collected, and five
separate lots (altogether about 500
specimens) were brought from Aus
tralia to California and placed upon
the scale-infested trees. The lady
beetles multiplied and their progeny
were soon transported to each orange
growing section. In a few years the
cottony cushion scale had been
brought under complete control by the
Australian lady-beetle; it has never
since done much damage on the Pa
cific coast, and the orange industry
still flourishes.
In a less striking manner and on a
smaller scale our native lady-beetles
are continually demonstrating their
ability to clean np shrubs, trees and
even orchards which were severely at
tacked by plant lice. There are about
250 different kinds of lady-beetles in
this country.
Oil From Grape Seed.
A soap manufacturer in Argentina
has been securing for his use oil from
grape seed ; thus far only in an experi
mental way. But he hopes to open a
plant in 1915 with a capacity of 600,000
pounds grape seed oil a year, enlarging
this as occasion warrants. He esti
mates that the inferior grade adapted
to the manufacture of soap would cost
a shade less than four cents a pound,
while a refined article suitable for
table use can be put on the market at
5.8 cents.
Many of the troubles of life such
as headache, indigestion, constipa
tion and lack of energy are due to
inactive livers.
a natural, vegetable remedy that
will get the liver right and make
these troubles disappear. It has
none of the dangers or disagreeable
effects of calomel.
Get a 50c or $1 bottle of thia
splendid remedy from your drug
gist today. Every bottle bears the
likeness of L. K. Grigeby, who
guarantees it through.
Land for Sale
Life is too short to go on
renting land, when you can
buy a small farm for almost
the rent money.
I havTe land in small lots
around Johnston, and near
Batesburg, Meeting Street,
Celestia, Rocky Creek or
Fruit Hill, Ropers and near
Edgefielcl, and lots and
stores in the town of Edge
ArthurS. Tompkins
?dgefield, S. C.
Go to see
Before insuring elsewhere. We
represent the best old line com
Harting & Byrd
At the Farmers Bank, ?dgef?eld
Tor "Weakness and Loss of Appetite
The Old Standard general strengthening tonic,
.Malaria and builds up the system. A true tonic
arri ??i're Appetizer. For adults and children. 50c
A Pee G
Partial List ol
Pee Gee
Guaranteed Finishes
Pee Gea Flatbatt for frenar Walls
and Ceilings
Pea Gea China Enamel fer later?a.
Pee Gea Sp?cification Varnishes
Pea Gea Floor Wu
Pee Gea Penetrating Dystak
Pea Gee Pores Paint
Pee Gee Semi-Paste Raaf and Bara
Pee Gea Creo-Stain far Riots
Pee Gee Adamant Floor Paint
Pee Gee Wagon and Implement Paint
Pee Gea Pertlanite for Concreta
Pee Gea Bine Ribbon Family Paint
Pee Gea Screen Enamel
Notice of Jina! Dis
To. All Whom These Present!
May Concern:
Whereas, S. J. Watson bas ma?
application unto this Court foi Fi
nal Discharge as Guardian in rt
the Person & Estate of Emma B.
Boukni^ht, who is now twenty-one
years of afro, on this the 20th day
of May, 1915.
These Are Therefore, to cite any
and all kindred, creditors, or par
ties interested, to show cause be
fore me at my office at Edgetield
Court House, South Carolina, on
the 29th day of June, 1915 at ll
o'clock a. m., why said order of
- i
A New
The Standard Vmh
Yes, the crowni
It is just out-?
For makers have striven a 1
again, as we scored when w
There is truly no ot hi
touch so light that the trea(
had the Optional Duplex Shift,
gers of the right and left hands,
of any standard typewriter. Th
ber "9" with more speed and gre
discovery. For while the Olive
pense to m by simplifying consti
spend a dollar for any typewriter
more this one does. If you ar? t
- 1
17 Cents a Day!
matic spacer, 6 1-2-onnce touch-pk
new-day features.
Yet we have decided to sell it
every user can easily afford to have
like print, included FREE if desired
. ists, employers, and individuals evei
It's a pleasure for us to tell you -?.bc
The Oliver 7
SST You can rent the Oliver Typew
ee Finish
If you are intending to I
of PCB Gee Finishes. Ren
and varnishes or the Pee
look attractive. You w.
Specify Pee Gee Finishes
COVERS more surface, lasts 1
and ia more economical th
Oil, hand mixed paint or ordi
paint MASTIC PAINT is ma
T? T> rr T? A?K
Jr Jv Ja Jj/ M AL?
- * for i
Discharge should not be granted.
Yon are further notified that the
said S. J. Watson will make a final
settlement at said time and place.
Probate Judge, E. C. S. C.
May 26-4t.
Eyes examined and glasses fitted
only when necessary. Optical
work of all kinds.
ing typewriter triump
and comes years before
ife-time to attain this ideal macl
e gave the world its first visible
;r typewriter on earth like this*r
i of a kitten will run the keys !
"he new-day advances that come alone i
y Oliver. Even our own previous mo
It put the whole control of 84 letters
And it lets you write them all with o
us writers of all other machines can ic
ater ease.
I This brilliant new Oliver comes at
1 more than lesser makes-now out-o
r's splendid new features are costly
uction. Resolve right now to see th
'. If you are using some other make
ising an Oliver, it naturally follows th;
Remember this brand-new Oliver "9" is
typewriter. It has all our previous spec
is the OptionBl Duplex Shift. Selective C
to everyone, everywhere on our famous j
: the world's crack visible writer, with tl
for Full Details
rywhere are flocking to the Oliver. Just i
mt it. .
typewriter Co.,(
riter three (3) months for $4.00
For Ever>
>uild j repaint or redecorate, you al
nember the cost of labor ia the same
Gee kind. You want your buildi
ant to avoid the expense and trou
-the kind that has stood the test i
"The Kind That Lasts"
Lead, re-inforcei
proportions, and
scale and keeps
appears on ever]
onger, looks better
an Keg Lead and
nary ready mixed
ide of pure White
us for beautifully illustrated booklet; "Hon
for color cards, booklets of any Pee Gee f
them to PEASLEE-GAULBERT CO., Incorp
A. H. Corley,
Surgeon Dentist
Appointments at Trenton
On Wednesdays.
Dental Surgeon
Residence 'Phone ] 7-R. Office 3.
Cwes Old Soiti . ,uu??s Won't Curt.
The -worst casts, no :r;-.Ucr of how lonjf standing
are cured "ny the v.Gv.dcrful, old reliable Dr,
Porter's Antiseptic Healing Oil. It relievel
?ain and Heals at the saw* 25c. 50c, $1&
v/m Surely Sion That Gouah.
h is here!
experts expected it !
line. And Oliver has won
lew Oliver "9." Think of
on this machine are all controlled
dels-famous in their day-never
and characters in the little fin?
nly 28 keys, the least to operate
amediately run the Oliver Num
the old-time price. It costs no
f-date when compared with this
-we have eqaulized the added ex*
is great achievement before yon
you will want to see how much
at yon want the finest model.
the greatest value ever' given m a
ial inventions-visible writing, auto
olor Attachment and all these other
payment plan-17 cents a day! Now
ne famous PRINTYPE, that writes
among the first to know about this
of writing machines. See why typ
nail a postal at once. No obligation.
Oliver Typewriter Bldg.,
Chicago, Illinois
fiould investigate the merits ,
whether you use poor paints
ngs, inside and outside, to
ble of frequent refinishing,
for almost a half a century.
J with Zinc Oxide in the cone?
[ pure Linseed OiL It does not
its color far years. The formula
r can.
tes and How to Paint Them.**
rinish you may desire, or write
orated. Louisville, Kentucky.

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