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National Farmers' Union Renders Un
selfish Service to Agriculture.
By Peter Radford.
The National Farmers' Union will
hold its annual convention in Lincoln
Nebraska, on September seventh, and
will round out the eleventh year of
its activities in the Interest of the
American plowman. When that con
vention is called to order every farm
er in America should pause and bow
his head in honor of the men gath
ered there to render a patriotic and
unselfish service to agriculture. That
organization, born in the cotton fields
of Texas, has grown until geograph
ically lt covers almost the whole of
the United States and economically
it deals with every question in which
the welfare of the men who bare
their backs to the summer sun are
involved. It has battled for a better
marketing system, rural credits, cheap
money, diversification, scientific pro
duction, agricultural legislation and
has carried on its work of education
and co-operation in season and out
The Farmers' Educational and Co
operative Union of America brings
the question of organization squarely
before every farmer in this nation.
Without organization the farmers can
neither help themselves nor be helped
by others and through organization
and systematic effort all things are
The farmers of the United States
contribute more and get less from
government than any other class of
business. They have better securities
and pay a higher rate of interest
than any other line of industry. They
market more products and have less
to say in fixing the price than any
other business and they get more
political buncombe and less construc
tive legislation than any other class
of people. The farmers can only ac
quire such influence in business, in
government and in economics as will
enable them to share equitably the
frui'.s of their labor through organiza
tion and every fanner on American
soil who desires to help himself and
his fellow plowmen should rally
around the Union.
When one class of people has any
thing to say, it has become largely
the custom to make a political issue
out of it instead of a friendly discus
sion, to print it in a law book instead
of a newspaper and to argue it be
fore a jury instead of to settle it in
the higher courts of Common Sense.
As a result, political agitators, polit
ical lawyers, political preachers and
masculine women are powerful in
politics and dissension, selfishness, in
tolerance and hysterics run rampant
in public affairs, for when the low,
damp, murky atmosphere of misun
derstanding envelops public thought,
it breeds political reptiles, vermin,
bugs and lice which the pure air of
truth and the sunshine of understand
ing will choke to death.
We have too many self-appointed
Interpreters of industry who are in
capable of grasping the fundamental
principles of business and who at best
can only translate gossip and add
color to sensational stories. No busi
ness can stand upon error and might
rules-right or wrong. No industry
can thrive upon misunderstanding,
for public opinion is more powerful
than a King's sword.
When prejudice, suspicion and
class hatred prevail, power gravitates
into the hands of the weak, for dema
gogues thrive upon dissension and
statesmen sicken upon strife.
The remedy lies in eliminating the
middleman-the political gossip-and
this result can be accomplished by
the managers of business sitting
around the table of industry and talk
ing it over with the people. Inter
change of information between indus
tries and the people is as necessary
to success in business as interchange
in commodities, for the people can
only rule when the public under
stands. Away with political interpret
ers- who summon evil spirits from
their prison cells and loose them to
prey upon the welfare of the people
in the name of "My Country."
Philip, the Macedonian king, while
drowsy with wine was trying a casie
and the prisoner after sentence was
pronounced, exclaimed, "I appeal.'
"And to whom do you appeal?" in
quired the astonished monarch. "I
appeal from Philip drunk to Philip
sober," replied the prisoner, and the
king granted the request and at a re
hearing ga.ve the prisoner his liberty.
The people drowsy with the wine of
discord ofttimes pronounce a verdict
on public questions which they reverse
in their 'jiore calm and deliberate mo
ments. The next best thing to make
lng no mistakes ls to correct them.'
Secret of Maintaining Country High
way Lies in Keeping lt Well
Rounded Up and Drained.
Over a good road, we can haul prod
ucts to market at any season of the
year and get full benefit of the highest
prices. It is a simple matter to build
a good country road, as it is not abso
lutely necessary that lt should be
built of gravel or crushed stone. The
secret of the maintaining of the coun
try road lies in keeping it well round
ed up and sufficiently drained, by ar
ranging it so that the road is about ?
foot higher in the middle than it is at
the edges.
A good dirt road well maintained is
not an expensive proposition, writes
Eugene J. Hall of Oak Park, Uh, in
Farmers' Review. Shortly after every
heavy rainfall it should be dragged
with a split-log drag. This will fill
all of the ruts and depressions and
produce a smooth surface well round
ed up in the middle of the highway.
After being rounded up with a split
log drag, the roads are made firm
Convict-Built Bridge In Colorado
Stones Were Taken From Nearby
Hillside and Result Is Ornamental
as Well as Economical.
and solid by means of a heavy roller
or system of rollers. This will leave
a firm, solid roadbed which will not
be seriously injured by heavy traffic.
This system of road building is
being followed in many parts of the
West with splendid success. When
ruts and holes are formed in a road,
the jolt and jar of the wheel makes
them deeper and forms a pocket for
holding water from the first rainfall.
This softens the roadbed and deep
mud holes are soon formed, while if
there had been no ruts or depressions
there and the road had been well
rounded up, the water would have run
off into the ditches on either side, and
the surface of the road would be firm
and in perfect condition.
Another good thing worthy of care
ful consideration in the building of our
good country roads is that of the con
struction of permanent and lasting
culverts. Culverts bu.lt of stone or
concrete cost more than wooden
bridges, but they will last a hundred
years, and they will not rust or need
repainting every year, as iron truss
bridges do. In the end, they are the
most economical kind of viaducts.
The advent of the automobile and
its employment by the more prosper
ous class of farmers has given a great
impetus to road building, too; and
the time is coming when we will have
more and more good roads in the
middle West.
No Factor Contributes More to Pros
perity and Happiness of the Rural
The convention of the Virginia Road
Builders' association draws attention
to a subject of prime importance to
the people of this state. Scarcely any
single factor contributes more to the
prosperity and happiness of rural
communities than good roads, says
the Richmond Dispatch. Good
roads mean easy and quick communi
cation, economy in transporting farm
products to railway or market, con
venient access to the outside world,
and a higher average of citizenship,
wherever they are found. Virginia
has done much of recent years to
make its highways measurably equal
to those of most other southern states,
but much remains to be done. The
people as a whole must be educated
to a proper understanding of the eco
nomic and sociological benefits that
good roads confer.
Interest In Dragging Roads.
The neighborhood where every
farmer takes an interest in dragging
the roads will soon find itself pulling
out of the mire.
Alfalfa More Popular.
Everywhere alfalfa is used it is be
coming more and more popular. The
better it is known the more it is
Self-Feeder Not Good.
The self-feeder is not good for young
pigs, as under five months of ace they
will eat too much.
System to Avoid.
Local control has failed to. give us
a good road system. Let us not go
back to it.
Palm Beach
We have hot weather garments that will keep you
cool from head to foot.
Large assortment of Palm Beach
suits, two-piece suits in Serges and
other light material. All stylish
and reasonable in price.
Big stock of Underwear of all
We sell Eclipse Shirts-nothing
better on the market for the money.
Try a pair of Crossett or Selz
Schwab Oxfords. All leathers and
latest styles.
Summer excursion fares, season
1915, on sale daily until Septem
ber 29th, 1915, limited to reach
original starting point returning
on or before October 31, 1915.
Round trip fare to
Asheville, N.. ?, - -. - - - $8.70
Black Mountain, X. C. - - - 9.35
Brevard, N. C.. 8.G5
Connelly Springs, X. C. - - 9.85
Hendersonville, N. C. - - - 7.80
Hot Springs, X. C. - - - - 10.20
Lake Toxaway, X. C. - - - 9.45
Saluda, X. C.. 7.35
Tryon, X. C ------ 7.30
Waynesville, X. C. - - - - 9.85
Buffalo Litiiia Springs, Va. - 13.20
An excellent opportunity to
visit the "Land of the Sky" and
"Beautiful Sapphire Country."
For additional information communicate with
Edgefield, S. C. Ticket Agent.
Notiee to Housewives!
We desire to call the atten
tion of the good women of
Edgefield and vicinity to the
fact that we can supply them
with boiled ham, sliced by
our up-to-date machine.
A quick meal can be had
without standing over the hot
stove by ordering ready cooked
meats from us.
Ham, Breastfast Bacon, Smoked Bacon, and }M
M Fresh Meats of all kinds constantly on hand.
Large stock of Fancy Groceries.
Cured-no cutting, no pain, no danger, no detentiok
from business. Testimonials furnished from people
YOU know. Call on or write me for particulars and
information regarding my advanced method of treating
Piles, Nerve, Blood, Skin and special diseases of men
25 years' experience. Consultation Free. DR. W. R.
and women;
REGISTER, 506 Union National Bank Building, Columbia, S. C.
The individual
sanitary Pack
age idea is welcomed
by all people of refined
It is a guarantee of our faith
in the purity and goodness of
Chero-Cola that it is sold only
in the sealed bottle, with the Chero
Cola label on it.
The bottles are sterilized--the contents
are accurately measured-no guess measures.
It comes to you always perfect--always uniform
in flavor and always pure, wholesome and re
Chero-Cola gHSffL
JSmomonr Through .a Straw
Anderson College
For Women
Faculty of Christian men and
women of experience.
Courses leading to degree of A. B.
and A. M.
Diplomas in Music, Art and Expression.
Science and Art.
Equipment modern and convenient. 32 acre campus. Gymnasium,
tennis, basket ball.
Situation ideal for health and comfort.
For Catalogue Address,
JAMES P. KINARD, Ph. D., Anderson, S. C?
Courses in Domestic
The Great Soap-Maker
Red Devil Lye
Cold Process or
Boiling Process.
Four of the Eig 5c. Cans of Red,
Devil Lye will make twenty
pounds of the best soap.
Red Devil Lye is pulverized, and dis
solves as soon as it touches the vrater.
Best for Cleaning, Washing, Scrubbing.
Established 1894
Faculty of 33; 427 Students, from 20 States.
Accredited by Virginia State Board of Educa
tion. Hundreds of graduates now teaching.
$160 per year in Academic Dept.; $200 per year in College Dept.
The Leading Training School for Girls in Virginia
Where can parents find a College with as
fine a record, with .?s experienced mnnag^ment,
at such moderate cost? For catalogue address
G. P. ADAMS, Secretary, BLACKSTONE. VA, j

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