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Very Pleasant Occasion.
On last Thursday evening Mr.
Irvin Padgett entertained in honor
of Misses Virgil and Margaret Sel
lars, Miss Rebecca Furman and
Miss Rose Jeffries. The guests ar
rived at nine o'clock. The host
nad arranged electric lights strung
across the lawn and each light cov
ered in pink prper. The guests
were greeted at the door by Mr.
and Mrs. Padgett who invited them
into the parlor where they found
the receiving line consisting of the
visitors. The room was made much
-cooler by an electric fan placed on
the centre table. After the girls
and boys chatted for a few minutes
tally cards were presented to each
one for the progressive conversation,
that necessary part of a successful
party. In a few minutes the con
versations had begun and the young
people started to find the cool and
comfortable chairs which had been
placed about in small groups over
the lawn. Each conversation lasted
five minutes. The guests were serv
ed to delightful punch during tbe
evening and at intervals between
the conversations. Most of the
evening was spent on the spacious
lawn. Near the conclusion of the
last chat delicious ice-cream and
cake were served to the guests.
Twelve o'clock was the appointed
hour for the departure of the guests.
At midnight they left delighted that
one of Edgefield's homes had been
open for the pleasant reception of
the young people in honor of the
visiting girls of Greenville and
Spartan burg. ?
Calhoun Family of New York
Brought Into Notoriety.
Friends in Anderson of Col. John
C. Calhoun, of New York City, will
be interested, says the Anderson In
telligencer, in the report that his
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mabel Sny
der Calhoun, has brought suit
against him for $100,000 for the
alienation of her husband's affec
tions and also suit against her young
husband for separation, alimony
and a whole lot. of other things. The
Atlanta Georgian of yesterday car
ried the following account of the
affair, together with a large photo
of the young Mrs. Calhoun, a dash
ing looking young woman:
'The John C. Calhoun family, as
well known in Atlanta as it is in
South Carolina and in the neighbor
hood of Broad and Wall streets,
New York, has come another mat
rimonial cropper.
"This time it is James C., who is
in the divorce court. His wife is
blue-eyed and golden-haired, and
has the other qualifications which
go to make a stunning show girl,
tiie which she was in Zeigfield's Fol
lies. Her name was Mabel, yes,
Mabel Snyder.
"Mrs. Mabel Snyder Calhoun is
suing her husband for separation
and incidentally $200 a week ali
mony; to say nothing of several
thousand dollars attorney's fee. She
is also suing her father-in-law, John
Caldwell Calhoun, for 8100,000 for
alienation of her husband's affec
I was a stage girl and that was
too much for John C. CalLoun, my
father-in-law," says Mabel. "He
couldn't bear to have it said his son
married an actress. That's the sum
and substance of it. My, are ac
tresses so dreadful? Really, he'd
never recognize me as a member of
the family.
"Young Calhoun's father is a
wealthy financier who has accumu
lated a fortune in railroad promo
tion in the south, a grandson of
John Caldwell Calhoun, once vice
president of the United States, and
a brother of Patrick Calhoun, once
a noted figure in Atlanta, and later
in San Francisco. He married Lin
nie Adams, - grandniece of Riobard
M. Johnson, also a former vice
pras?dent of the United States. He
served through the Civil War and
afterward become a planter and fi
nancier. He was a special ambassa
dor to France in 1897 and has acted
as president and director of many
southern railroads.
"Atlantans still remember the
marriage of another of the young
er Calhouns'here. John C. Calhoun,
Jr., ?wedded the beantiful Mamie
Martin at midnight at the Georgia
Terrace hotel in November, 1913.
A year later he started action
against her, alleging that she had
neglected to get a divorce from one
Benjamin Everett Irwin of Louis
Little Edward Peak was operated
upon for appendicitis in the hospital
in Columbia Thursday and has
steadily improved since the opera
A few Palm Beach suits left at
very low prices. Guaranteed not to
Mukashy Bargain House.
(Continued from first page.)
was a member of a camping party.
Mr. Suber of Salud? visited his
daughter Mr. M. W. Crouch last
Messrs. Willie Ouzts of Spartan
burg, and -David Ouzts of Rock
Hill spent the past week here.
Misses Ray Scott and Gfertrude
Strother are at home from a two
week's stay at Saluda, N. C .
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Blount and
Miss .Virginia Blount visited in Ab
beville last week and upon their re
turn were accompanied by Miss
Minnie Blount.
Mrs. Lucinda Wright sppnt a
few days of the past week in the
Rocky Creek section and attended
the protracted services of Rocky
Creek church.
Mr. Gaines Padgett o? Ridge
Crest, N. C., has been a guest in the
home of Mr. J. C. Lewis.
Mayor and Mrs. W, C. Derrick
spent last week in Washington, D.
C., on a pleasure trip.
The Philippi meeting which clos
ed last Friday ended with glorious
results, there being thirty-eight ad
ditions to the churoh. The spiritual
welfare of the church has been
strengthened, every church member
seeming to take up the worh in the
Master's vineyard with a renewed
love and zeal. The pastor Dr. King
was assisted by Rev. Asa P. Gil
bert of the second Baptist church.
Miss Mary Waters who has been
visiting in Springfield, and Miss
Bettie Waters in Atlanta, have re
turned to their home.
Mrs. E. E. Andrews and Milne
and master Jack, arrived Wednes
day from Cleveland, Tenn., to visit
Mrs. James White.
Mr. Jule Wright, who is now lo
cated in Asheville, visited in the
home of his sister, Mrs. G. G. Wa
Mr. M. W. Clark was called to
Aiken to attend the bedside of his
son, Mri Henry Clark last Friday
who is critically ill. Dr CF. Stroth
er accompanied him, and is attend
ing the case with the local physi
Miss Hallie White is visiting
relatives in Saluda. *
Miss Hortense Padgett has re
turned from a two week's stay at
Eulala with her sister Mrs. Alec
Miss Annie Crouch has gone to
Hendersonville, where she is a mem
ber in a house party of twelve in
the home of a school friend.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Marsh . en
tertained with a delightful spend-the
day party on last Friday, this event
being in compliment to Mrs. Fed
rich, the mother of the latter.
, Mrs. Harriet Kenney spent last
week at Bethlehem in the hom e of
Mrs. Lavinia Wright.
Miss Grace Hill, of Bamberg is
the guest of the Misses Jordan.
Dr. Victor Seigler, was a visitor
here recently in the home of his
aunt, Mrs. A. P. Lewis.
Miss Lillie Linier, of Saluda,
was the guest of Miss Myrtia Smith
last week.
Master Alonzo Rushton, Ihe son
of Mr. Pierce Rushton, who was
operated on at the Augusta hos
pital for a throat trouble, is fully
restored to health.
Misses Sara and Corobeli Stevens
were recent visitors in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Belton Stevens -at
Mrs. John Fleming ^nd Theodore
Marsh entertained on Friday eve
ning in honor of their cousin, Mr.
Carpenter, of North Carolina. This
home is an ideal place for such an
affair with its attractive lawn, and
it presented a bright and animated
scene to the young folks as they ar
rived. Numerous Japanese lanterns
were hung about, and cozy seats
under the trees were most inviting.
The hours passed happily, and du
ring the latter part of the time ices
and cake were served. Refreshing
punch was elso enjoyed during the
The friends of Rev. Mi L. Law
son, a former pastor of the Baptist
church, will regret to learn that he
is suffering from a throat trouble,
from, which he is unable to preach
at present, and 'tis feared that he will
have to cease preaching, if there is
any further development of his af
Constipation Causes Most lils.
Accumulated waste in your thirty
feet of bowels causes absorption of
poisons, tends to produce . fevers,
upsets digestion. You belch gas,
feel stuffy, irritable, almost cranky,
it's your condition. Eliminate this
poisonous WM ste by taking one or
two Dr. King's New Life Pills to
night. Enjoy a full, free bowel
movement in the morning-you
feel so grateful. Get an original
bottle, containing 36 pills, from
your Druggist to-day for 25c.-3
Big stock of men's shirts, both
negligee and dress. Prices very
Mukashy Bargain House.
Asparagus Growers Organize.
Wednesday of last week the as
paragns growers of Trenton held a
meeting for the purpose of organ
izing for mutual protection. The
meeting was attended by anparagus
growers from Aiken, Barnwell and
Bamberg. A representative of
Clemson college was present, and
also a specialist from the depart
ment of agriculture in Washington.
This was a very important meeting,
as plans were adopted looking to
the protection of asparagus growers
in marketting their product. They
are all intelligent, progressive men
who realize the advantages to be
gained through co-operative market
Time for Reform in Cotton
One place where reform is needed
is the matter of grading. It is
probably truj that no other pro
ducer of a commercial product in
all the civilized world has lost more
through undergrading than has the
cotton grower of the Southern
states. It is a maxium of law that
"No man should be judge in bis
own cause," and yet from time im
memorial the cotton buyer has been
the judge as to the grades of cotton
handled by him, while not one
grower in ten has been able to tell
whether that grading was properly
done or not. If anybody wishes to,
know in detail what the results have
been, let him send five cents to the
Division of Markets, United States
Department of Agriculture, and get
the bulletin on cotton marketing in
Okalahoma. We know of another
leading cotton oounty in which I he
state and National Departments of
Agriculture sent cotton graders last
fall, and the farmers of that county
say that never until then did they
get recognition for grades above
good middling. And in this con
nection the statement is made by
Senator J. L. McLaurin, Warehouse
Commissioner ' of South Carolina,
that not one bale of cotton out of a
thousand is sold to the mills on
which the buyer does not make a
profit on the grading in addition to
his legitimate profit as a buyer.
Progressive Farmer.
Hot Weather Rules for Work
Load lightly and drive slowly, ?
2. S'.op in the shade if possi
3. Water your horse as often as
possible. So long as a horse is
working, water in small quantities
will not hurt him. But let him
drink only a few swallows if he is
going to stand still. Do not fail to
water him at night after he has
eaten his hay.
4. When he comes in after
work, sponge off the harness marks
and sweat, his eyes, his nose and
mouth, and the dock. Wash his
feet but not his legs.
5. Do not use a horse-hat, un
less it is a canopy-top hat. The or
dinary bell-shaped hat does more
harm than good.
6. A sponge on top of the head,
or even a cloth, is good if kept wet.
If dry it is worse than nothing.
7. If the horse is overcome by
heat get him into the shade, remove
harness and bridle, wash out his
mouth, sponge him all over, shower
bis legs, and give him two ounces of
aromatic spirits of ammonia, or two
ounces of sweet spirits of nitre, in
a pint of water; or give him a pint
of coffee, warm. Cool his head at
once, using cold water, or, if neces
sary, chopped ice, wrapped in a
8. Watch your horse. If he
stops sweating suddenly, or if he
breathes short and quick, or if his
ears droop, or if he stands with his
legs braced sideways, he is in dan
ger of a heat or sun stroke and
needs attention at once.
9. If it is so hot that the horse
sweats in the stable at night, tie
him outside, with bedding under
him. Unless he cools off during
the night, he cannot well stand the
next day's heat.-Progressive Far
Constipation Cured Overnight
A small dose of Po-Do-Lax to
night and you enjoy a full, free,
easy bowel movement in the morn
ing. No griping, for Po-Do-Lax is
Podophylin (May Apple) without
the gripe. Po-Do-Lax corrects the
cause of Constipation by arousing
the Liver, increasing the flow of
bile. Bile is Nature's antiseptic in
the bowels. With proper amount
of bile, digestion in bowels is per
fect. No gas, no infermentation,
no Constipation. .Don't be sick,
nervous, irritable. Get a bot le of
Po-Do-Lax from your Druggist
now and cure your constipation
Petit Jury-August Court.
Clifford Robertson, Washington,
W A Hart, Edge?eld,
R H Dorn, Elmwood,
Cleveland Derriok, Johnston,
A H Day, Shaw,
E G Bryan, Shaw,
J M Wright, Pickens,
G W Holmes, Johnston,
J C Seigler, Hibler,
E W Callison, Hibler,
W C Seigler, Moss,
J M Swearingen, Shaw,
T P Morgan, Moss,
J H Cogburo, Elmwood,
E A Horne, Ward,
L H Ruban ks, Collier's,
E M Bledsoe, Elmwood,
G S Strom, Moss,
J W Munday, Meriwether,
Lewis Holmes, Ward,
B R Thomas, Moss,
S M Watson, Moss,
J E Franklin, Shaw,
A M Clark, Johnston,
N N Fair, Wise,
T J Wash, Moss,
M B Hamilton, Elmwood,
H M Reynolds, Edgefield.
J T McDowell, Blocker,
M D Lyon, Jr., Edgefield,
H E Quarles, Colliers,
J E Timmerman, Blocker,
J W Stewart, Edgefield,
Martin Medlock, Meriwether,
James Miller, Shaw,
N F Manly, Blocker.
Neuralgia Pains Stopped.
You don't need to suffer those ag
onizing nerve pains in the face,
head, arm, shoulders, chest and
baok. Just apply a few drops of
soothing Sloan's Liniment; lie
quietly a few minutes. You will
get such relief and comfort! Life
and the world will look brighter.
Get a bottle to-day. 3 ounces for.
25c, at all Druggists. Penetrates
without rubbing.-1
The mint makes it and under the terms
COMPANY you can secure it at 6 per
cent, for any legal purpose on approved
real estate. Terms easy, tell us your
wants and we will co-operate with you.
Baltimore, Maryland.
Buist's Turnip Seed.
Let us supply you with Buist's
new crop turnip seed in all the
popular varieties'* Rutabagas, white
globe, seven top, purple top, Aber
deen, in fact, we have all of the va
rieties that are grown on the cele
brated Buist farm.
Penn & Holstein.
Trustees, Notice, School Funds.
The tax returns of all corpora
tions in Edgefield county are in the
hands of the newly created State
tax commission for equalization.
These returns are held up in the
courts, and it will be impossible for
the county boari of education to
slake the apportionment of school
funds till the matter is decided. The j
funds of each district will be prac
tically the same as last year. Trus
tees may employ teachers upon that
. W. W. Fuller,
Co. Supt. Education.
I respectfully announce that I am a
candidate for the position of public
cotton weigher for the town of John
ston and solicit the support of the peo
ple who market their cotton at that
place. If elected, I pledge myself to
render faithful service.
Johnston, S. C.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the position of public cotton
weigher for the town of Edgefield, and
respectfully solicit the support of those
who market cotton at Edgefield.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the position of public cotton
weigher for the town of Edgefield, and
respectfully solicit the votes of the
people who market cotton at Edge
I respectfully announce my candidacy
for the position|of public cotton weigher
for the town of Edgefield and if elected
will do my utmost to give entire satis
M. H. Deal.
Pressing Club
I have opened an up-to-date press
ing club in the front room over the
store of Dunovant & Co., and are
prepared to do cleaning and pressing
m the most approved manner.
In addition to cleaning and press
ing men's suits, we give special at
tention to ladies' garments. Give
us a trial. Satisfaction guaranteed.
We make a Specialty of
" : Palm Beach Suits
-TO 1 ' "
. The National Capital
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
Wednesday, August ll, 1915
A SPECIAL TRAIN: Consisting of First-class Vartibrale
Coaches, Pullman Sleeping Cars and Southern Railway Dining
Car will be operated through from Augusta to Washington,
without change, on following schedule:
Leave Edgefield, - - - 11:20 a.m.
Leave Trenton, - - - 3:35 p. m.
Leave Johnston, - - - 3:50 p. m.
Arrive Washington, - - 8.30 p. m.
Tickets sold for all trains August ll, 1915.
Final return limit August 29,1915.
Reduced Fares to Virginia and Western North Carolina
Resorts, From Edgefield, as Follows:
Asheville. $ 6.00 Richmond. $9.60
Hendersonville. 5.50 Norfolk. 9.60
Waynes ville. 7.25 Hot Springs. 13.00
Brevard. 6.50. White Sulphur. 13.00
Lake Toxaway. 7.50 Roanoke. 10.30
Winston-Salem.1 7.75 Luray. 12.43
For Additional Information, Pullman Reservations, Tickets, etc.,
Communicate With
Agent, District Pass. Agent,
Edgefield, S. C. Augusta, Ga.
Mowers Mowers
We sell McCormick and Dain Mow
ers. There is nothing better on the
market. ,
We also keep on hand a full supply
of repair for McCormick, Deering, Os
borne, Champion and Dain Mowers, wm
Stewart & Kernaghan
The Buying Public
Has confidence in us, and is
getting satisfaction here. This
is indicated by continued gen
erous patronage. Prescrip
tions our most particular spe
Get in Line
Cured-no cutting, no pain, no danger, no detention
from business. Testimonials furnished fromi people
YOU know. Call on or write me for particulars and
information regarding my advanced method of treating
Piles, Nerve, Blood, Skin and special diseases of men
25 years' experience. . Consultation Free. DR. W. R.
and women.
REGISTER, 506 Union National Bank Building, Columbia, S. C. *

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