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Stirring of Soil Helps t? Conserve
Moisture - Young Trees Given
Longer Perod of Growth.
1 The apple growers are nearly all
practicing clean cultivation in their
orchards, says a writer th Indiana
Fanner. This indicates that cultiva
tion is the quickest method of bring
ing young trees to a bearing age and
perhaps it is the best method to pur
sue in gaining annual crops. From my
own experience and knowledge gained
from growers in all parts of the coun
try, I am convinced that apple trees
?et on rolling or nearly level land will
come into bearing two or three years
earlier if given annual cultivation.
It makes very little difference wheth
er the land be intercropped or not,
provided sufficient fertilizing material
ls added to grow the extra plants. The
stirring of the soil seems to help in
.conserving the moisture and gives the
young trees a longer period of growth
each year than they have under sod
methods. It is well to remember that
a cover crop should be put in late in
the summer to afford the roots some
protection from the winter cold.
When crops are grown between the
trees, something should be raised
that can be taken off early enough to
allow for this. In the northern sec
tions, rye or winter vetch is perhaps
liest. I think it a good plan to alter
nate these for cover in the growing
orchard. Farther south there is noth
ing that can compare with crimson
dover for this purpose. An orchard
dandled after this method makes
rapid growth up to the bearing age. I
have continued it after bearing, with
the result that some of the trees have
formed the habit of annual bearing.
To my mind this is most important.
With the older orchards, sod meth
ods with the grass mulch and annual
top dressing of manure produce excel
lent results. This means considerably
less work. My experience indicates
that cultivation ls of value where it
can be practiced with .convenience.
"Where the trees are left in sod, the
grass should be mowed and left under
the trees to hold the moisture. One
cannot successfully take a crop of hay
and a crop of apples from the same
land, unless heavy fertilization is prac
Object Should Be to Grow Berries, Not
Woody Growth-Cleaning Out
Destroys. Many Insects.
Though the two main varieties of
raspberry, black ar d red, need slight
ly different treatment, the time and
manner of pruning are greatly similar
with both kinds.
The blackcaps dD not put out new
growth from the root stalks, as the
red varieties do, tut new plants are
started from tips of the old plants.
These are bent over and covered light
ly in August, after which they send
ont rootlets and can be taken up the
following spring asi new plants, to be
set out where they are needed.
These new plants need to be pinched
hack to a height of 18 inches, so that
they will throw out more lateral
branches. These are the branches
which bear fruit, and it is very impor
'tant that they be numerous.
In addition to this first pruning, the
winter or early spring pruning should
he done to get rid of the old canes
Fine Crop of Raspberries-Result of
Careful Pruning.
whioh are past bearing, and which
only sap the plant system of its
strength. It is the berries that we
want to grow, not so particularly the
woody canes.
This cleaning out of the old wood al
so aids in getting rid of many insect
pests if the work is done before they
come out from shelter in the spring.
All these old canes should be burned
to destroy the Jpsect life hidden in and
around them. Many do this in the
fall, but the main point is that it be
done, and at soma time before spring
growth starts. '
Teach me to dilute my work with
play, to brighten my seriousness with
jest and never to take myself so seri
ously that I crowd out o? my life the
Joys and pleasures that by heritage are
The oyster plant is now in season
and makes a most delicious soup. Cut
the salsify Into thin
slices after scraping;
well. Cover with a quart
of water, to 12 good
sized roots. Cook gently
for an hour until the
plant is tender; add a
quart of milk, two table
spoonfuls of butter and
salt and pepper. Serve
with oyster crackers.
The roots are so discoloring to the
hands that the fingers should be well
wrapped while preparing. Rubber
gloves are best, but a cloth wrapped
around the fingers exposed will do
very well.
Clear Tomato Soup.-Add a pint of
water to a quart of stewed toma
toes. Add a slice of onion, a,half a
bay leaf, a dash of celery salt and a
few celery tops, a teaspoonful ojp salt,
a chopped green pepper. Cook to
gether for 15 minutes, put through a
sieve, add two tablespoonfuls each of
flour and butter rubbed together, or
cornstarch will make a clearer soup.
Cook until the starch rs well cooked
Serve with squares of toasted bread.
Cream of Potato Soup.-This ls a
soup that should be better known, ls
an economical and wholly satisfying
one. Pare three medium-sized pota
toes; cover them with boiling water;
boil five minutes, drain and throw
away the water. Cover with a pint of
boiling water; add a slice of onion, a
bit of celery and a bay leaf. Cover
and cook slowly until the potatoes are
tender. Put through a sieve, add a
quart of milk, two teaspoonfuls each
of butter and flour, rubbed together;
salt and pepper to season. Reheat
and serve piping hot.
Tumrp Soup.-Put a tablespoonful
of butter, one sliced onion and three
slices of carrot Into a saucepan and
toss over the heat until the onion is
yellow, then add four good-sized tur
nips which have been put through the
meat chopper. Cover and let simmer
without water over slow heat. There
should be a pint of pulp. After 20
minutes add a quart of milk, two
tablespoonfuls of blended butter and
flour, a half teaspoonful of kitchen
bouquet, salt and pepper and seiTe
with croutons.
Who hopes the best goes forth with
forehead bare
And to the open blue he lifts his face
And cries "All good of earth or sea
or air
Is mine by boundless largeness of
God's grace."
As fryit is one of the safe things to
give children in right quantities and
good condition,
they lend them
selves to many de
lightful variations.
If one wishes to
serve a Jelly for a
child's party it
may be molded in
an orange cup ora
pretty red apple, the cover kept on so
that the contents will be a surprise.
Children from four to forty, and even
older, enjoy an element of mystery
about things and a surprise ls a most
delightful way of entertaining little
people. A tiny doll dressed in fluffy
robes may be hidden in a rosy apple
as a favor or as a gift.
A banana with a half dozen little
"nigger" dolls or chocolate babies em
bedded in the banana and the skin put
back is another delight that the chil
dren will rejoice over. Cut off a slice
of the banana to make the surface
level and give the dolls room to lie in
a nice row in their dainty bed.
A stick of good candy wrapped in
oiled paper or fringed paper candy
stick may be slipped into an empty
banana skin.
A pretty ball may be concealed in an
orange that has been carefully hol
lowed out and the quarters or halves
put back closely.
An orange may hold almost anything
from choice candy with candy hearts
and mottoes to a cosy nest for another
tiny doll.
A jack-in-the-box is great fun to
make, using fruit to hold the jack.
For boys, whistles and marbles, tops
and different toys can be used.
There is no need that the fruit itself
be wasted, for it can be used in mak
ing frozen dishes, drinks or salads,
which the children will enjoy eating.
Penny toys with a bit of something
to eat (for little people think of a
party as only begun when the food is
?erved) may be easily furnished by
any mother at small expense.
Attracted by Radium.
That growing plants will tura to
ward radium emanations as they do
toward light has been proved by a
Vienna scientist after a series of in
teresting experiments.
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
Schedule effective April 18, 1915.
Trains arrive from
No. Time
208 Augusta, Trenton 8:20 a m
230 Columbia, Trenton 10:55 a m
232 Charleston, Aiken 5:05 pm
206 Columbia, Tienton 8:35 p n?
Trains depart to
No. Time .
209 Trenton, Columbia 7:20 a m
231 Trenton, Augusta 10:10 a m
229 Aiken, Charleston 11:20pm
290 Trenton, Augusta 7:40 p m
Schedules published only as in
formation and are not guaranteed*
For further information apply
Ticket Agent.
Edgefield, S. C.
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin-1
gie Mills, Engines, Boilers,
Supplies and repairs, Porta
ble, Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth, Files, Belts
and Pipes. WOOD SAWS
Gins and Press Repairs.
Adc yo?r Drnjcffbt for CHI-CHES-TER'S A
GOLD metallic boxes, sealed with Biue\c>>
Rib bo a TA KB NO OTHER. Bar .? To?r NT/
Drank* and ask for CUI-CHES-T?R-S V
DIAMOND BRAND PILIS, for twentr-fito
years regarded as Best,Safest, Always Reliable.
Ford A
. We have accepted
Ford Automobiles fo
and will have constan
of Touring Cars and ]
be pleased to show
contemplate buying
cars defy Edgefield's
They are an All-tli
We will also carry ?
all parts of the Ford
ders at our Garage v,
' to wait to get extrj
Make your auto wan
we will satisfy them <
at reasonable prices.
Auto and R
Edgefield, Sot
College of I
South Carolina's
131?t Year Be
Entrance examinations at ali t
2, at 9:00 A. M.
Full four-year courses lead tc
A two-year pre-medical course is g
A free tuition scholarship is z
State, j
Spacious buildings and athl
laboratories. Unexoeiled library f
Expenses moderate. For tern
The Military College of
South Carolina
Announced as "Distinguished Military
College" by U. S. War Department.
Full courses in Civil Engineering,
Science, English and Modern Languages.
Confers B. S. and C. E. degrees.
All expenses pay cadets from South
Carolina, $282.00 a year.
A scholarship worte $200.00 a year is
vacant from Edgefield county, and will
be filled by competitive examination at
the county seat on the 13th day of Au:
gust, 1915.
For necessary information and blanks
apply to
The Citadel. Charleston. S. C.
Mrs. Jay McGee, of Steph
en ville, Texas, writes: "For
nine (9) years, I suffered with
womanly trouble. I had ter
rible headaches, and pains in
my back, etc. It seemed as if
I would die, I suffered so. At
last I decided to try Cardui,
the woman's tonic, and it
helped me right away. The
full treatment not only helped
me, but it cured me."
Tin Woman's Tonic
Cardui helps women in time
of greatest need, because ft
contains Ingredients which act
specifically, yet gently, on the
weakened womanly organs.
So, if you feel discouraged,
blue, out-of-sorts, unable to
do your household work, on
account of your condition, stop
worrying and give Cardui a
trial. It has helped thousands
ct women,-why not rou?
Try Cardui ?-71
Will 'Surely Stop That Couah.
the agency for the
r Edgefield County,
tly on hand a stock
Elun-Abouts. Shall
them to those who
a car. The Ford
winter roads.
te-Year-Round Car
i full assortment of
cars, and can fill or
ithout your having
i parts by express,
ts known to us, and
>n short notice and
epair Shop
ith Carolina
1915 '
Oldest College
gins October
ihe county seats on Friday, July
> the B. A. and B. S. degrees,
issigned to each county of the
etic grounds. Well equipped
as and catalogue address
RANDOLPH, President.
To nave A
COBjrlght 1909, by C. E. Zimmerman C0.--N0. 44
F all the unhappy homes,
not one in a hundred has a bank
account and not one home in a hundred who has a
bank account is unhappy. It seems almost foolish to
put it off any longer, when it is such a simple, easy
matter to start a bank account.
OFFICERS : J. C. Sheppard, President; B. E. Nicholson, vice-President;
E. J. Mima, Cashier; J. H. Allen, Assistant Oashier.
DIRECTORS : yJ. C. Sheppard, Geo. W. Adams, Thos. H. Rainsford, John
Rainsford, B. E. Nicholson, A. S. Tompkins, C. C. Fuller, E. J. Mims, J. H.
Long-Term Loans to Farmers a Specialty.
Your farm land accepted as security WITHOUT ENDORSER or
other COLLATERAL. Unlimited funds immediately available in de
nominations of Three Hundred and up. Established 1892.
JAS. FRANK & SON, Augusta, Ga*

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