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Wednesday, August ll.
Mies Anna Brown of Florence is
tbe guest of Miss Edwardina Bia
Mr. J. H. Reel left this morning
to spend two weeks at Hot Springs,
Miss Fay Curling of Alabama is
the guest of Miss Lizzie H?ltings
Rev. P. B. Blalock will preach
in the Presbyterian church Sunday
morning at 11:15.
Miss Belle Clark of Winnsboro
was the guest of Miss Ella Mays
last week, \
Miss Rosa Hill of Augusta is the
guest of Mr. anti Mrs. David
Miss Marie?Cullen of Springfield
is visiting Misses Lillie and Ida
Lou Morgan.
Miss Mary Talbert and her guest,
Miss Driskell, spent several days
' last week with Mrs. H. F. Cooper.
Miss Janie Ech?is of Black Moun
tain, N. C., is a visitor in the home
of Ex-Gov. and Mrs. John C. Shep
Mrs. J. W. Stewart and Mrs.
Kate Kernaghan h&ve gone to Hen
dersonville, N. C., to spend several
Miss Carrie Sue Tompkins of Co
lumbia and Miss Rosada Talbert of
Parks ville are guests of Miss R?sela
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. May are
spending this week at Ora, Laurens
county, visiting Mrs. Hunter, Mrs.
May's mother.
Mrs. J. M. Shaffer and Miss Flora
Ouzts of the McKendree-Elmwood
section were among the shoppers in
Edgefield Friday.
Mrs. W. G. Blackwell has return
ed from the hospital in Augusta to
?er home in Parksville very much
improved in health.
Mrs. James S. Byrd and little
.Fitzmaurice are in Columbia' visit
ing Mrs, Byrd's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Fitzmaurice.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rainsford
have returned from a sojourn of
two weeks in the mountains, mak
ing the trip in their car.
Mr. Ernest Hafer and Miss An
nie Laurie Williams of Aiken spent
the week-end as guests of Misses
Lillie and Ida Lou Morgan.
' Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Blalock, Jr.,
of Atlanta are here visiting Rev.
and Mrs. P. P. Blalock holds a po
sition in the Atlanta Georgian.
Mr. Calhoun A. Mays, the Assist
ant United States District Attorney,
arrived in Edgefield this morning to
attend to some business matters.
Capt. L. Y. Moore will move his
family to Edgefield in about a week
and will occupy the residence of
Mr. W. H. Turner near the station.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Quarles and
their three children and Mr. Joe
Smith of Starr, S. C., are guests in
the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. G.
Col. S. B. Mays will leave to
morrow for Washington, D. C., to
visit his son, Mr. B. F. Mays. He
will spend about a week in the na
tional capital.
Mr. M. T. Turner is making
rapid progress in erecting the resi
dence for Mr. J. H. Tompkins on
Main street. He says it is his pur
pose to complete the building by
the 10th of September.
Mr. C. R. Dobson, Miss Sophie
Dobson and Misses Co .tie and Til
lie Youngblood and Mrs. Nannie
Griffin visited Rev. and Mrs. Jabez
Ferris in Batesburg Thursday, mak
ing the journey in Mr. Dobson's
' The regular monthly meeting of
the Woman's Missionary Society of
the Baptist church will be held at
the church Friday afternoon at five
o'clock. This will be the last meet
ing before the annual meeting at
Clark's Hill.
The electric storm of Tuesday
bight was the most terrific that has
visited this section in a long while.
Lighting struck the home of Mr.
W. |L. Dunovant twice, causing
slight damage to the building but
did not injure any of the occupants
other than a severe shock.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Kernaghan
are now occupying the residence
which they recently purchased near
the High School. Buncombe ex
tends them a verdial welcome.
Just before closing our forms we
were informed of the marriage of
Miss Amelia Barnes of Augusta and
Mr. T. E. Fuller, which occurred
at the home of the bride's parents in
Augusta Monday afternoon. Miss
Barnes graduated from the S C. C.
I., and made many friends while a
student here. The Advertiser ex
tends congratulations.
As the union meeting of the 2nd
division will be held at Horn's
Creek church, the place for holding
the next meeting of the 1st divi
sion has been changed from Edge
field to Gilgal. The change was
deemed wise on account of the close
proximity of Horn's Creek and
Edgefield. Dr. Jones, too, being
pastor of both ct ui ches could not
attend both.
Attention Woman's Mission
All the ladies of Edgefield asso
ciation who hope to attend the an
nual meeting of the Woman's Mis
sionary Union at Clark's Hill Au
gust 31-September 1 are request to
send their names at once to Mrs. S.
T. Adams, Clark's Hill, S. C. The
names of all young people and chil
dren should also be sent.
Corn Mills and Engines.
In this issue will be found an ad
vertisement of Messrs. Stewart &
Kernaghan, in which they call at
tention to their Meadows corn mills
and I. H. C* gasoline engines. Ow
ing to the large yield of corn that
will soon, "be harvested, corn mills
operated by gasoline power should
prove to be profitable in every sec
tion of the county.
Death of a Young Man.
After being ill for several weeks,
Mr. Marcellus Hammond succumbed
to a stubbord attack of typhoid fe
ver at the home of his father, Mr.
J. R. Hammond, Monday after
noon. The funeral was held at
Red Hill Church Tuesday after
noon, Rev. J. T. Littlejohn officia
ting. Mr. Hammond had just
reached young manhood and was a
great joy to his parents and the
other members of hifi home. Why
he should thus have been cut down
is one of the dispensations of Provi
dence that the finite mind can not
now fathom. At the last day His
plan will be revealed. There are
left to Mr. and Mrs. Hammond
three other children and one of
them, a son, is also stricken with
fever. May the Great Physician
be tenderly near this home!
Mr. Williams Ejected.
Notwithstanding the holding of
elections at Johnston, Trenton and
Plum Branch for cotton weigher at
the same time the election was held
here Saturday, a larger number of
votes were cast at Edgefield Satur
day than at any previous election
for cotton weigher. There were a
large number of farmers in town,
and while there was the keenest in
terest manifested by the several can
didates and their friends the best of
order prevailed throughout the day.
Mr. C. H. B. Willia.ms received
237 votes, W. D. Allen 119 and
^Mr. H. M. Deal 119, Mr. Williams
being declared elected. He will
en ter upon his duties the 1st of
Septem bei. We are confident that
he will discharge his duties satis
factorily both to sellers and buyers
of cotton.
Death of Mrs. Julia Talbert.
A saintly woman entered upon
eternal rest when the long life of
Mrs. Julia Talbert, one of beauti
ful consecration and devoted ser
vice, was brought to a close. To
her death had no pangs, having the
comforting assurance that she would
be accompanied by her Saviour
through the Valley of the Shadow
of Death. Mrs. Talbert possessed
superior qualities of mind and heart,
which together with her ripe expe
rience, resulting from her long life,
placed her upon a plane that few
attain. Ur sel ti sh, gentle, sweet
spirited, possessing a magnetic per
sonality, she drew those with whom
.she came in contact to her, and her
influence was always wholesome,
helpful, uplifting. She was in fail
ing health a long while and bore
the affliction with patience that was
beautiful and inspiring to loved
ones who ministered to her so de
votedly and so unceasingly.
The editor of The Advertiser al
ways felt that it was a sweet bene
diction to be in her presence and we
always sought her whenever we
went to her church, Rehoboth,
which she loved so well. In adding
these lines to the tribute which is
paid Mrs. Talbert by her pastor in
this issue, we extend our sympathy
to those who are bowed in sorrow.
Medal Contest and Temperance
Rally at Mill Chapel.
There will be a medal contest at
the mill chapel, beginning: at 8:15
o'clock on Saturday evening next.
The public in the mill village and
Edgefield are cordially invited to at
tend and enjoy the programme,
which will consist of a declamation
and song contest, and an address by
Rev. J. R. Walker and
The following have been invited
to take part in the declamation con
test for a silver medal: Misses
Willie Peak, Janie Morgan, Flor
ence Minis, Leila Quarles, "Brooks
Jones, Emmie and Evelyn Broad
water and Annie May Culbreath.
The song contest will be entered
by Benjamin Cogburn, Eleanor
Miras, Corrie Cheatham, Hansford
Mims and Winks Bailey.
"The Dry Line" tableau will be
given by Elizabeth Lott.
Mis. Mamie Tillman, Mrs. J. R.
Tompkins, Mrs. McMurrain and
Mrs. W. S. Cogburn will sing, "I
Am Thinking of You, Mother."
Court of General Sessions.
The August term of the criminal
court lasted only two days. It con
vened Monday with Hon. F. B. Ga
ry as presiding judge and with T.
C. Callison, a prominent young
member of the Lexington bar, fill
ing the place of Solicitor Timmer
man. The grand jury completed
its work Monday and made a for
mal report Tuesday morning. All
of the petit jurors were discharged
Tuesday afternoon except those sit
ting on the case of Lee Frasier, in
dicted for rausder.
The grand jury rendered true
bills on the following indictments
handed out by the solicitor: Gus
Hardy, assault and battery with in
tent to kill; Lee Frasier murder;
Ben Bryant, resisting arrest; Chas,
and Will Elam, larceny of livestock;
Butler Hutchinson, rape; Richard
McKelvy and Clarisa Gordon,
adultery; Joe TankBley, disposing
of property under lien; D. W. Har
ris, forgery. No biil was found
against C. T. Broad water'who shot
an escaping convict while discharg
ing his duty as chaingang guard.
When arraigned Gus Hardy
pleaded guilty and was sentenced
to toe chaingang fox 20 days or pay
a fine of 15 dollars.
Charles and Will Elam pleaded
guilty to stealing livestock and
were given a sentence of 18 months
Richard McKelvy and Clarisa
Gordon pleaded euilty to the charge
of adultery and given a sentence of
6 months or pay a fine of $100
Butler Hutchinson who was charg
ed with rape waa found guilty of
simple assault. Being without
counsel, Judge Gary appointed
James O. Sheppard, Esq., to de
fend Hutchinson.
Lee Frasier who was indicted for
murder, having killed a negro on
the farm of J. S. Smith, was found
guilty of mu rder with a recommen
dation to the mercy of the court
from the jury. This negro also be
ing without counsel Judge Gary
requested Mr. James Sheppard to
defend him. Both of these cases
were splendidly conducted by Mr.
Sheppard, notwithstanding the fact
that he had no time in which to
study and prepare them. He has
made an auspicious beginning in his
profession and has a bright future
before him.
Mr. S. McGowan Simkins de
fended Joe Tanksley who was
charged with disposing of crop un
der lien, securing a verdict for the
All criminal business being dis
posed of, early this morning Judge
Gary entered upon the hearing of
equity cases and will probably be
engaged throughout tomorrow. No
jury cases will be tried on the civil
side of the court.
A Distinguished Visitor.
Hon. J. J. Darlington of Wash
ington, D. C., spent Sunday in
Edgefield. As his ancestors lived
in Edgefield, Mr. Darlington re
gards Edgefield as one of his early
South Carolina homes. His ma
ternal grandmother was one of the
constituent members of the Edge
field Baptist church. Mr. Darling
ton graduated from Erkskine col
lege in the class with the late Thos.
J. Adams, the sermon to the gradua
ting class being preached by Dr L R
Gwaltney and a short time later Dr.
Gwaltney baptized him.. He has
been for a number of years a promi
nent attorney of Washington who
has a national reputation. Miss An
nie Darlington, Mr. Darlington'^
daughter, has visited Mrs. Mamie
Tillman several times.
To Prevent Blood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reliable DR.
e?cal dressing that relieves pain and beal? at
the same time. Not a liniment 2Sc r*Hoo
Of Woman's Missionary Union,
Clarks Hill, Aug. 31-Sept. 1.
Delegates will be seated by divisions
wearing badges, the division president
in charge of banner.
Tuesday Morning 10:30 A. M.
Tuesday Morning, 10:30 a. m.-Mrs.
J. L. Miros presiding.
Praise Service of Song and Scrip
ture based on Psalm III. Mrs. W.
J. Gaines of Mt. Zion Society.
Welcome from Clark's Hill Woman's
Missionary Society.
Response, Mrs. W. R. Swearingenof
Berea Society.
Greetings from State President mem
orised and given by Mrs. Donald
Recognition of visitors.
Superintendent's address. (Review
of the year illustrated by chart report.)
Mrs. J. L. Mims.
Song Message, Miss Miriam Norris
of Edgefield-Y. W. A. .
Report of Division President, bring
ing forward all their representatives
of adult and young people's societies,
introducing them alphabetically, each
one giving a short verbal report.
Report of Chairman of Mission study.
Mrs. W. S. Middleton of Clark's Hill
Society. s
Report of Chairman of Personal Ser
Echoes from the Western Division
Institute. Mrs. Abner Broadwater of
Edgefield Society. '
The Western Division of the South
Carolina W. M. U. Mrs. Mamie Till
Song Message, Miss Ruth Tompkins
of Edgefield Y. W. A.
Message from Miss Heck, President
of Southern Union, given by Mrs. E.
P. Jones, Edgefield W. M. S.
South Carolina's standing in the
Southern Union. Mrs. W. E. Lott.
Reading of Associational Policy.
Mrs. Prescott Lyon.
Our Western Division School, Edisto
Academy. Mr. W. H. Cannada, Prin
Election of Nominating Committee.
Appointment of Committee on Reso
Afternoon Session, 2:30 o'clock.
Children's Session, ' Mrs. Tillman,
associate Supt of Sunbeam Bands,
Reserve front seats for Sunbeams
and leaders of these organizations, who
march in the procession carrying ban
ners with the names of their local
Sunbeam -Song by children.
Bible lesson taught and illustrated.
Welcome, B. P. Talbert, Jr., of Beth
any Band.
Response, Eleanor Mims, Edgefield
Report of Associate Superintendent.
Roll Call.
Song by a little boy.
Story of the Sunbeams, written by
Mrs. Curran Feltham and recited by
Frances Jones.
Methods, Means and Ideals for Sun
beam Bands. Mrs. W. J. Hatcher.
Sunbeam Pageant, "The Spirit of
Royal Service."
Report of Standing Committee on
Literature. Mrs. S. T. Adams.
Report of Standing Committee on
Margaret Fund. Mrs. Geo. Whatley.
Minutes. Announcements.
Memorial Service. Mrs. B. B. Jones
Edgefield W. M, S.
Night Session 8:30 P. M.
(Program to be supplied next week.)
Wednesday Morning, 10:30 A. M.
Young People's Session, Miss Hassle
Quarles, Associate Supt. of Y. W. A.
Devotions, Mrs. Anna Eidson leader
of Trenton G. A.
Roll Call.
Message from Associate Supt. of
Royal Ambassador Chapters. Mrs. W?
B. Cogburn.
Song Message. Miss Miriam Nonis,
Address of State Superintendent of
Y. W. A. Mrs. Geo. E. Davis, given
by Miss Ruth Tompkins.
Training School Hour with message'
from our girls. Mrs. E. P. Jones.
Report of Nominating Committee.
Election of Officers.
Appointment of Standing Comiait
Report of Committees on Resolutions
and Time and Place.
Appointment of Investigation Com
Afternoon Session,
Open Air Meeting.
Prohibition Rally with Addresses.
(, Summer excursion fares, season
ra 1915, on sale daily until Septem
gj ber 29th, 1915, limited to reach
' original starting point returning
on or before October 31, 1915.
Round trip fare to
Asheville, N. C. - - - -, - $ 8.70
Black Mountain, N. C. - - - 9.35
Brevard, N. C. ------ 8.65
Connelly Springs, N. C. - - 9.85
Hendersonville, N. C. - - - 7.80
Hot Springs, N. C. - - - - 10.20
Lake Toxaway, N. C. - - - 9.45
Saluda, N. Cr - ----- 7.35
Tryon, N. C. ----- - 7.30
Waynesville, N. C. - - - - 9.80
Buffalo Lithia Springs, Va. - 13.20
%An excellent opportunity to
g visit the "Land of the Sky" and
' "Beautiful Sapphire Country/'
For additional information communicate with
Edgefield, S. C. . Ticket Agent.
Notiee to Housewives!
We desire to call the atten
tion of the good women of
Edgefield and vicinity to the
fact that we can supply them
with boiled ham, sliced by
our up-to-date machine.
A quick meal can be had
without standing over the hot
stove by ordering ready cooked
meats from us.
Ham, Breastfast Bacon, Smoked Bacon, and
Fresh Meats of all kinds constantly on hand.
Large stock of Fancy Groceries.
Medical College of the State of South Carolina
-Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy
owned and Controlled by the State
Eighty-seventh session begins October 1, 1916-Ends June 1. 1916.
Fine new three-story building immediately opposite Roper Hospital. Lab
oratories of Chemistry, Bacteriology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Clini
cal Pathology, Pharmacology and Pharmacy provided with new, modern equip
The Roper Hospital, one of the largest and best equipped hospitals in the
South, contains 218 beds, ajid with an extensive out-patient service, offers un
surpassed clinical advantages.
Practical work in dispensary for pharmaceutical students.
Two years graduated service in Roper Hospital with six appointments each
Department of Physiology and Embryology in affiliation with the Charles
ton Museum.
Ten full-time te'achers in laboratory branches.
For catalog address: OSCAR W. SCHLEETER, Registrar,
Long-Term Loans to Farmers a Specialty.
Your farm land accepted as security WITHOUT ENDORSER or
otter COLLATERAL. Unlimited funds immediately available in de
noraiaations of Three Hundred and up. Established 1892.
JAS. FRANK & SON, Augusta, Ga.

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