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Edgefield, S. C., Aug. 10, 1915.
To His Honor, Judge F. B. Gary,
We beg leave to report that we
have acted upon ail bills handed us
and returned same. Since the last
term of court the commit
tees appointed by the Fore
men have looked into the
following matters, to-wit: The
committee on education make the
following report: Number of
district schools 42; number of white
" schools 48 ; number of white teach
ers men, 12, women 71; total 83;
-white pupils enrolled 2151; the av
erage number of pupils per school
49; number of colored schools 77;
number teachers, men 15, women
<>9; total 84; number pupils en
rolled 4763; average number of pu
pils per school 62. We learn that
within the year that Wards school
district No. 20, with four white
schools and as many colored schools,
has been sub-divided into three dis
tricts of legal area, giving more
trustees to supervise the same num
ber of schools and bringing the same
territory under lawful provision for
three times as much state aid. The
same applies to Moss district No. 22,
divided into four districts. We be
lieve this will better conditions in
those districts. New buildings have
been erected in South Elmwood, No.
9, Johnston, No. ll, and Meeting
Street, No. 30. The Johnston build
ing should be a matter of county
pride, ranking as it does among the
best high school buildings in the
state; we find that all school war
rants have been paid when present
ed and there is no outstanding in
debtedness. We especially com,
mend Supt. Fuller from this point,
as we learn that it has been through
nis efforts that this is possible and
the. long prevailing custom of dis
counting teachers pay warrants has
been abolished. We are gratified
to learn the improved conditions
along educational lines but progres
siveness along other lines demands
good service, and the people of
Edgefield county should feel an in
creasing interest in educational mat
ters. Watch every move, and if it is
worthy of support give it unstint
ingly, remember that the boys and
girls are a God-given responsibility
and that the future welfare of our
state and country depend upon
Respectfully submitted,
Report On Condition, of County
We find that there are 29 head
of hogs, 2 mules, 2 horses and 6
cows, all of which are in splendid
condition. Produce 50 bushels corn,
1000 bundles fodder, 75 dozen bun
dles oats, 2 wagons and farming im
plements necessary to carry on all
work in good condition. Growing
crops: 50 acres in corn, 2 acres of
sweet potatoes, ten acres peas, 4
acres cotton. We find J 3 inmates
in the home, 4 whites, 9 colored.
From information obtained, the in
mates seem to be contented and
well cared for 'in every manner.
Buildings: We find one build
ing in bad condition, un
fit for occupancy and recommend
that it be. replaced with a new build
ing. The expense account present
ed by the steward for the support
and maintenance of. the institution
from Nov. 1st to Aug. 1st, 1915,
amounts to the sum of $374.36.
We feel it our duty after completing
our investigation, to say, that our
steward merits and deserves the
commendation of this committee.
Respectfully submitted,
W. L. HOLSON, Chairman,
The foregoing committee begs
eave to report additional on Jail as
follows :
We find 9 prisoners in. jail and
we recommend that four of the win
dows be repaired and the lower
story be whitewashed. Also that
the Supervisor and Board of Coun
ty Commissioners be authorized to
purchase and install a steel cage in
the jail sufficient to accommodate
as many as 4 prisoners.
Report of Committee on Roads,
Bridget, Convicts.
We find that the bridge at Price's
Kill has a dangerous hole in the
flooring; the bridge on Gunnels
Creek near Red Oak Grove has two
stringers that need renewing; the
banister rail on Clark's Hill bridge
needs repairing. We find the gener
al condition of the roads to be bad
and in need of repair. We recom
mend the work that has been done
this year, by way of widening the
highways;, as a good step in the
right direction for better roads. We
ind 30 convicts on the gar.g and 19
Mules; t'.i3 general condition of the
convicts show that they are wei)
treated, mules and machinery in
good condition.
Respectfully submitted,
Report of Committee on Books of
County Officers.
We beg leave to report that we
have made an exhaustive and care
ful examination of the various of
fices of the county and without ex
ception we are glad to report that
they are neat and kept in a business
like manner. You will find attach
ed hereto a detailed report of
County Treasurer's office.
Respectfully submitted,
S. B. MAYS, Chm'n.,
Your grand jury as a body beg
leave to make the following rec
ommendations: That our represen
tatives in the General Assembly of
South Carolina have the Legislature
to pass an act empowering the
Grand Jury to elect the sub-com
missioners for our county, thereby
taking the election of same out of
the primary.
That Magistrate A. C. Ouzts be
required to bring, his books to the
Foreman of Grand Jury for exami
nation, complaint having reached us
of irregularity in said office.
In conclusion we beg leave to
thank His Honor, Judge X?ary, the
Solicitor and other officers of the
Court for the courtesies extended
us during the session.
Respectfully submitted,
S. B. MAYS, Foreman.
Amount* Received by Treasurer.
Cash on hand July 1st,
1914.$7 197 98
Treas, duplicate, 1914 . 105 271 76
Income tax 1914. ... 260 15
Execution, 1913 .. ; .. 980 54'
Additional, 1914 .... 303 68
School fund, marriage
license, etc. 39 963 00
Cash borrowed, licenses,
Comp. Gen., War
rants, fines, commuta
tion. 51 552 38
Total.$205 529 49
Amounts Paid Out by Treasurer.'
Jury and witness .. $2 708 84
County warrants.. .. 67 063 78
School warrants .. .. 65 587 49
State taxes. 26 794 68
Corporation taxes . . 5 741 59
Edgefield school build
ing. 1 ooo 00
Refund of Grand Jury 2 40
Sinking fund, Pickens,
Wise, Johnston ... 893 27
School bonds Johnston 625 00
R. R. bond coupons . . 3 089 18
R. R. bonds. 423 53
Comp. Gen'l. Abate
ments.. 109 8
Comp. Gen'l. Poll and
dogs. 79 23
Uncollected taxes, 1914 6 773 53
Pd. Auditor and Treas
urer. 186 5*|
Cash in banks. 24 296 ll
Cash in safe. 154 46
Total.$205 529 49
We the investigating committee
from the grand jury hereby certify
that the above statement is correct
to the best of our knowledge and
S. B. MAYS, Foreman,
Your Cough Can be Stopped.
Using care to avoid draughts, ex
posure, sudden ch inge?, and taking
a treatment of Dr. King's New Dis
covery, will positively relieve, and
in time will surely rid you, of your
Cough. The firgt dose soothes the
irritation, checks your Cough, which
stops in a short time. Dr. King's
New Discovery baa been used suc
cessfully for 45 years and is guar
teed to cure you. Money back if it
fails. Get a bottle from your Drug
gist; it costs only a little and will
help you so much.-3
Trustees, Notice, School Funds.
The tax returns of all corpora
tions in Edgefield county are in the
hands of the newly created State
tax commission for equalization.
These returns are held up in the
courts, and it will be impossible for
the county board of education to
make the apportionment of school
funds till the matter is decided. The
funds of each district will be prac
tically the same as last year. Trus
tees may employ teachers upon that
W. W. Fuller,
Co. Supt. Education.
Send us your orders fonce cream.
We can supply you from our foun
tain or ha?e your special order for
block cream and cake filled in Au
oruHta. Special designs or colors or
dered on short notice.
Penn & Holstein.
County of Edgefield.
Notice is hereby given that an
election will be held on the 14th
day of September, A. D. 1915, at
the voting precincts fixed by law in
said county, upon the question as to
whether the manufacture and sale
of alcoholic liquors and beverages
shall be prohibited or continued in
this State, as provided by Act No.
76, to submit to the qualified elec
tors the question of the prohibition
of the manufacture and sale of alco-1
holic liquors and beverages in the
j State and to provide for the carry
ing of these provisions into effect,
approved the 16th day of February,
The qualifications for suffi age are
as follows:
Residence in State for two years,
in the County one year, in the poll
ing precinct in which the elector
offers to vote, four months, and the
payment six months before any elec
tion of any poll tax then due and
payable. Provided, That ministers in
charge of an organized church and
teachers of public schools shall Be
entitled to vote after six months'
residence in thc State, otherwise
Registration.-Payment of all
taxes, including poll tax, assessed
and collectible during' the previous
year. The production of a certifi
cate or the receipt of the officer au
thorized to collect such taxes shall
be conclusive proof of the payment
Before the hour fixed for opening
the polls Managers and Clerks must
,take and subscribe to the Constitu
tional oath. The Chairman of the
Board of Managers can administer
the oath to the other Managers and
to the Clerk; a Notary Public must
administer the oath to Chaiiman.
The Managers elect their Chairman
and Clerk.
Polls at each voting place must
be opened at, 7 o'clock a. m.,
and closed at 4 o'clock p. m., except
in the City of Charleston, where
they shall be opened at 7 o'clock a.
m. and closed at 6 p. m.
The managers have the power to
fill a vacancy; and if none, of the
Managers attend, the ctiizens can
appoint, from among the qualified
voters, the Managers, who, niter be
ing sworn, can conduct the election.
At the close of the election, the
Managers and Clerk must proceed
publicly to open the ballot boxes
and count the ballots therein, and
continue without adjournment until
the same is completed and make a
statement of the result, and sign the
same. Within thiee days thereafter, ? I
the Chairman of the Board, or some
one designated by the Board, must]
deliver to the Commissioners of
Election the poll list, the boxes con
taining the ballots and written state-1J
ments of the result of the election.
Managers of Election.-The fol
lowing Managers of Election have ?j
been appointed to hold the election |
at the various precincts in the said
Timmerman-L. J. Claxton, Jno.
Rutland, M. C. Whitlock. I
Johnston-P. B. Waters, Jr., J. R. ?
Hart, T. S. Rhoden.
Trenton-J. H. Berry, Harold
Crouch, Ed Pardue.
Edgefield C. H. Pickens-J. T.
McManus, J. A. Holland, W. R. Co
Edgefield C. H. Wise-Yancy Bry
an, Andrew Covar, Ernest Arthur.
Meeting Street-S. H. Alien, M.
A. Watson, W. C. McCary.
Parksville-R. E. Bussey, J. P.
Blackwell, Frank Parks.
Pleasant Lane-"L. H. Hamilton,
E. M. Timmerman, Milledgc Byrd.
Rehoboth-P. B. West, J. H.
Stone, W. A. Winn.
Plum Branch-W. H. Parks, Will
Banks, W. G. Mallett. '
Modoc-Warren McDaniel, Grov
er McDaniel, Charlie Scigler.
Red Hill-Byrd McClendon, R.
E. Cheatham, Rev. J. T. Littlejohn.
Cheatham's Store-John McGee,
D. D. Brunson, M. W. Seigler.
Mathis-W. D. Cheatham, E. B.
Hammond, T. B. Mathis.
Liberty Hill-E. M. Whatley, E.
P. Winn, Will Whatley.
Meriwether-R. W. Morgan, J. W.
Boyd, H. D. Strom.
Roper's-J. W. Mundy, D. E.
Lanhtim. E. H. Hill.
The Manager? at each precinct
named above are requested to dele
gate one of their number to secure
the boxes, tickets, et.c, for the elec
tion on Friday, Sept. 10th, 1915.
Commissioners of State and Coun
ty Elections for Edgefield County,
S. C.
Aug. 10, 1915.
FOR SALE-My house and lot
in the town of Edgefield. Apply to
W. C. Hart.
8-4-16. >
The use of some form of inoculating material on seed
of leguminous plants is rapidly becoming general among
progressive and practical planters. The profitable and
beneficial effects of this practice have been thoroughly
We are glad to announce that we are now able to
supply our customers with Millford Inoculating Cultures,
prepared by the H. K. Mulford Company, of Philadel
phia. This firm.is one of the standard houses of the
world in the production of inoculating materials, se
rums, antitoxins, vaccines, etc., and no firm in this
country or in Europe is better able to produce pure and
reliable cultures for inoculating purposes- The name
"Mulford" on a package stands for absolute reliability
and high quality, and we consider ourselves fortunate
in being able to secure a distributing agency for Mulford
We recommend Mulford Cultures for Legumes and feel
absolutely confident that these using them as directed
and under proper conditions will reap the full benefit
that has been so fully demonstrated as possible to
The following are the prices for Mulford Inoculating
Cultures :
5-AcreSize - - - $5.00
. ("A Dollar per Acre")
1-AcreSize - - - 1.50
Garden Size (1-4 acre) .50
We can supply inoculation for Alfalfa, Vetch, Crim
son'Clover, Red Clover, Bur Clover and other legumes.
Edgefield, South Carolina
A Medicine Chest For 25c.
In this chest you have an excel
ent remedy for Toothache, Bruises,
Sprains, Stiff Neck, Backache, Neu
ralgia, Rheumatism and for mo?t
imergenctes. One 25c. bottle of
Sloan's Liniment does it all-this
>ecause these ailments are symp
oms, not diseases, aud are caused
>y congestion and inflammation. If
:ou doubt, ask those who use Sloan's
Liniment, or batter still, buy a 25c.
>ottle and prove it. All Drug
Bu ist's Turnip Seed.
Let us supply you with Buist's
lew crop turnip seed in all the
>opular varieties1 Rutabagas, white
rlobe, seven top, purple top, Aner
leen, in fact, we have all of the va
ieties that are grown on the cele
)rated Buist farm.
Penn & Holstein.
The mint makes it and under the terms
COMPANY you can secure it at 6 per
lent, for any legal purpose on approved
eal estate. Terms easy, tell us your
vants and we will co-operate with you.
Baltimore, Maryland.
Delinqent Taxpayer!
Notwithstanding the fact that I
lave tried to visit every section of
,he county, I have been unable to
lo so. I appointed a great many
.oad overseers in the county to work
;he delinquent taxpayers, and most
>f them responded but some have,
)n account of so few hands, return
?d their commissions to ma. If there
ire any who will undertake the work
tvhere I have not been with the
jrang, let them notify me at once
iud I will send them a commission
ind instructions. It is my determi
nation to have all delinquents work
i i he road, even if I have to violate
?ny promise not\o have them work
?d by the cbaingang authorities.
Install a Corn Mill
We are agents for the MEADOWS' MILLS and are
in a position to make reasonable terms. These mills are
guaranteed to give satisfaction. The largest crop of corn the
country has ever made will soon be harvested, therefore a
corn mill should be profitable. We also sell the
Write or phone us for prices and terms.
Stewart & Kernaghan

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