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2very Available Sound Mare Should
Ba Bred to Meet the Demand
Caused by European War.
Ever since the first days of bicycles
some have thought that the breeding
of horses would become unprofitable.
Meanwhile the horse has kept its place
among domestic animals and we now
have more than ever before. With
the European war on us and so many
horses being killed in battle the near
future probably wm see a greater
demand for horses than at any time
to the last century.
i It is not advisable to breed a mare
having serious defects, but every
sound mare available should be bred
to a* stallion to produce stock to sup
ply the coming demand. Don't think
you are economizing to breed to some
Excellent Farm Type.
defective or disreputable stallion rath
er than pay a little higher price for
the service of a good one.
I Two years ago a fanner who had
two mares of equal value bred one to
M low-grade horse, the other to a
jgood one. The celts had the same
treatment in every respect. At wean
ing time he refused $100 for the bet
ter colt and could not find a buyer at
$50 tor the other. This demonstrates
tts benefit of breeding from the best
Jt takes no more to raise a good ani
sas! tl an a scrub, and the selling price
6s gen erally twice as much or more,
?ad a bayer is much easier found.
Alfalfii? Either In Oreen State or as
Hay, ls One of the Best Feeds for
! the Young Pigs.
The pig which does not grow, but
jnerely gets fat is likely to die of
**thumps." Corn makes fat The
small grams are richer in the things
that make the bone and muscle need
led If the pig is to grow. Two parts
-cf shorts to one of corn is a growth
Cation rather than a fat ration. "
Skim milk furnishes a good material
tor growth If fed with a little corn.
-*When the shoats reach the weights of
abouts 76 pounds, the feed may be
?nade of one part of tankage to ten
Tuarts of corn, or ons of the small
grains. Small grains: should be ground
0t crushed.
? Alfalfa, either in the green state or
isa hay, is one of the best of feeds for
tho young pig. It feeds the bones and
arr?seles, but should have corn to ren
der it complete. These ideas have
Swen found correct by the Nebraska
station. Those who have not the al
falfa may grow rape as a growth crop.
St ts equal to alfalfa in materials for
5>ono and muscle.
Pigs Need Protein.
Growing pigs need more protein
than.they can get from corn and pas
lure. .Skim milk is fine for them and
mo ls meat meal or tankage. In the
-writer's experience there ls no better
thing for growing pigs on pasture, that
are getting some corn, than a 'slop
jnade of shorts with a little tankage
added. It sure helps a pig to make
a hog of himself In quick time.
Keep the Colt Sleek.
A few minutes every day with brush
and comb would keep the colt sleek. It
is when we let this work slip by that
Ve have to turn the little fellow out
and leave him tb get rid of dust and
Breed to Pure-Bred Stock.
If everybody Insisted that they must
breed their mares to pure-bred stock,
lt would not be long before scrub stal
lions would be scarcer than hen's
Vacation From the Arduous Duty
of the Pulpit ls an Imper
ative Need.
. Upon the advent of the clergymen's
vacation season it is timely to call
to their attention the disuse into
which nature themes for pulpit em
ployment have fallen during the past
few years. A decade ago the minister
went upon his vacation prompted hy
, that hunger and thirst after the sweet
and quiet meditations of nature places
that has always been the source of
tratst Idealizing in pulpit deliver
ances. Today the field of social reform
and the kinds of service that find ex
pression in organized form and by in
sistent appeals, have quite supplanted
the green pastures and the still wa
ters. The Sons of Boanerges have
taken the place of the shepherd singer
of Israel. The Interpreter of the lilies,
the divine advocate of beauty in na
ture forms has been set aside by the
wielder of the whip of small cords.
The woman sweeping her house for
the piece of silver has usurped the
place ra the pulpit of seeker after the
lost sheep. Matching metal against
metal, the pulpit sounds at times like
a boiler factory by reason of the tap
ping of t?ie hammers of denunciation
upon the bessemerized materialism of
the day. One feels like taking np the
longing of the psalmist for a lodge in
some vast wilderness. When will the
men who regard themselves as having
a mission to manifest their superficial
ingenuity in dealing with the passing
fashions of the times give place to the
men of lesser public mold but of
vaster sympathies and basic intelli
gence, who would lead the wearied
hosts of the daily battle for bread out
Into the mount of refreshment where
the Master is declaring that men shall
not live by bread alone, but by every
word that proceedeth out of the mouth
of God. When will they turn again
to the construction of the Scriptures
and extol such provision as that which
points to the young lions lacking and
suffering hunger in contrast with the
provident care of God, which gives as
surance that they that trust him shall
not lack any good thing. When will
they lead their flocks in the shepherd
ed ways of meditation upon the things
ot nature, pointing to the cattle upon
the thousand hills to declare unto the
poor In this world's goods that these
are all possessions of their heavenly
Majettlo Nature.
Row wonderfully placid is nature!
How marvelously serene its represen
tations, how beneficent its changing
moods; what contrast and light and
uplift com?? from meditation upon
this age-old book that has been the
source of all true devotion; of all wor
thy idealisation, of all responses to the
true things of melody, of all creative
faculty for art depiction, of all the true
science of gracious and good living.
Nature echoes the voice of its Maker,
who says he will keep in perfect peace
all whose minds are stayed upon him.
Where will the ministers go upon
their vacations? Some will go where
the newer laws of social regeneration
are being declared in assemblies for
study and for instruction. Others will
go where the masses of men teem in
the thronged places of recreation re
sort, in order to see how their fellows
deport themselves and to observe the
glaring contrasts in human condi
tions; yet others will go to work amid
the slums of congested cities; others
again will enter the libraries and pur
sue some favorite line of study, from
which they hope to produce yet an
other of the panacea books of the writ
ing of which there is no end and the
reading of which brings weariness to
the flesh.
Getting Back to Real Things.
Happy the true scholar, the real
idealist, the wide-visioned pastor, the
man who looks beyond the murk of
the day and who sees the clear Shin
ing of God in the smiling beauty of an
orchid. Blessed that clergyman who
learns new litanies from the brook and
new offices from tho interlaced and
waving branches of the trees; thrice
blessed ls that leader of a well
instructed congregation who claims
nature unsullied as his companion and
who seeks in vacation absorption, gar
nished with a few suitable booka, and
perhaps a rod and Hne, the communion
with nature that alone can bring clari
fication of view, enrichment of nature
and serenity in all times of pressure
from the little things -of living. Let
the clergymen get back to nature and
let them bring nature back into the
Living In God.
Childlikeness, in its Scriptural
sense, is a perfectness of trust, a
resting in a Father's love, a being
oorne on in its power, living in it
it means a simplicity which resolves
all into the one idea of lowly submis
siveness to one in whom it lives; a
buoyancy of spirit, which is a foun
tain of joy in itself, always ready to
spring forth afresh brightly and hap
pily to meet the claims of the pres
ent hour, not looking lingeringly back
to the past, nor making plans inde
pendently, as of oneself, for tho fu
ture; a resting contentment in one's
lot, whatever that lot may be; a
singleness of intention; a pliancy, a
yielding of the will,' a forgetfulness of
self in another's claims. To be thus
childlike in the pure sense of such on
ideal, is to be living in God, as one's
Father, one's Preserver, one's Guide,
felt to be a perpetual Presence and
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
Schedule effective April 18, 1915.
Trains arrive from
No. Time
208 Augusta, Trenton 8:20 am
230 Columbia, Trenton 10:55 a m
232 Charleston, Aiken 5:05 pm
206 Columbia, Tienton 8:35 p m
Trains depart to
No. Time
209 Trenton, Columbia 7:20 am
231 Trenton, Augusta 10:10 a m
229 Aiken, Charleston 11:20pm
290 Trenton, Augusta . 7:40 p m
Schedules published only as in
formation and are not guaranteed.
For further information apply
Ticket Agent.
Edgefield, S. C.
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin
gle Mills, Engines, Boilers,
Supplies and repairs, Porta
ble, Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth, Files, Belts
and Pipes. WOOD SAWS
Gins and Press Repairs.
Aak yoor Drugfet for CHI-CHES-TEX'8 A
GOLD metallic boxes, sealed with Bluet O >
Ribber. TAU KO oran. B?y af rtw v/
BnnU aa? Mk Sw cm.CHES-T?B'S V
DI AU OED BEANO PILLS, for twentv-fivo
years regarded as Best, Safest, Always Reliable.
Ford Au
We have accepted
Ford Automobiles fe
and will have constar
of Touring Cars and '
be pleased to show
contemplate buying
cars defy Edgefield's
They are an All-tl
We will also carry
all parts of the Ford
ders at our Garage \
to wait to get extr
Make your auto war
we will satisfy" them
at reasonable prices.
Auto and h
Edge?eld, So
College of
South Carolina's
131st Year B
Entrance examinations at all
2, at 9:00 A. M.
Full four-year courses lead 1
A two-year pre-medical course is ?
A free tuition scholarship is
Spacious buildings and atb
laboratories. Unexcelled library
Expenses moderate. For ter
Make the Old Suits
Look New
We are better prepared
than ever to do first-class
work in cleaning and press
ing of all kinds. Make your
old pants or suit new by let
ing us clean and press them.
Ladies skirts and suits al
so cleaned and pressed. Sat
isfaction guaranteed.
Speci.il attention giv3n to La
dies' Silk Waists and Skirts.
Edgefietd Pressing Club
Now Well
"Ftoaoriri Black-Draught
li ?he best all-round medidas
I ere* used," writes J. A.
Steetman, of Pattonville, Texas.
"I suffered terribly with liver
troubles, and could get no relief.
Tlie doctors said I had coo
sumption, t could not wodi at
itt. Finally 1 tiled
and to ny surprise, I got bettet?
and am to-day as well as any
man." Thedf ord's Black*
Draught ls a general, cathartic,
vegetable liver medicine, that
has been regulating irregulari
ties of the liver, stomach, and
bowels, for over 70 years. Oct
a package today. Insist oa the
genuine-Th edford's, E-70
Will Surely Sf OD That Gonad.
the agency for the
?r E?gefield County,
ltly on hand a stock
Run-Abouts. Shall
them to those who
a car. The Ford
winter roads.
ie-Yeap-Round Car
a full assortment of
cars, and can fill or
rithout your having
a parts by express,
its known to us, and
on short notice and
lepair Shop
uth Carolina
s Oldest College
egins October
the county seats on Friday, July
.o the B. A. and B. S. degrees,
assigned to each county of the
iletic grounds. Well equipped
?ms and catalogue address
? RANDOLPH, President.
Summer excursion fares, season
1915, on sale daily until Septem
ber 29th, 1915, limited to reach
original starting point returning
on or before October 31, 1915.
Round trip fare to
Asheville, N. C. - - - -
Black Mountain, N. C. - -
Brevard, N. C. - - - -
Connelly Springs, N. C. -
Hendersonville, N. C. - -
Hot Springs, N. C. - - -
Lake Toxaway, N. C. - -
Sajuda, N. C. - - - - -
Tryon, N. C. - - - - -
Waynesville, N. C. - - -
Buffalo Lithia Springs, Va.
$ 8.70
An excellent opportunity to
visit the "Land of the Sky" and
"Beautiful Sapphire Country."
For additional information communicate with
Edgefield, S. C. Ticket Agent
* isa
Knowing that they are
getting the real, genuine
article - under its own label
in a sterilized bottle -abso
lutely pure and always uni
form in its delicious flavor ~ is one of
the reasons why Chero-Cola is the sat- *
isfying choice of particular people.
PL~T p_l In a bottle-Through a straw

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