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Wednesday, August 25.
Miss Bessie Parker of Savannah
is here visiting her cousins, Misses
Irene and Bessie Parker.
Rev. P. P. Blalock will preach
in the Presbyterian church next
Sunday at 11:15 o'clock.
Mr. J. P. Johnson of Granite
T?le ii pent the week-end here with
his son, Mr. ?. S. Johnson.
Dr. E. Pendleton Jones is assist
ing Rev. H. B. White in a protract
ed meeting at Berea this week.
The session of 1915:16 of the!
Bdgefield graded and high school
will begin the 13th of September.
Dr. JE. Pendleton Jones will
preach in the Baptist church next
Sunday morning at 11:30 o'clock.
Mr. Scott Cain came over from
Samter and spent the week-end here
with his sister, Mrs. E. S. Rives.
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Calbreath
an i Miss Lucile Calbreath are
among the visitors in Edgefield to- j
Mrs. Ella L. DuBoso left a be- j
quest of $500 to Trinity Episcopal
. church to be used in repairing the ?
boil J ing.
Hon. and Mrs. W. H. Nicholson
spent several days last week at j
Cedar Grove" and in Edgefield
Ti si tin g relatives.
Mr. James Miner was a visitor
in Edgefield Sunday and Monday,
"being the guest of Mr. W. A.
.Strom while here.
Mr. W. H. Turner has returned
from New York and will make a
fall announcement concerning his
fall purchases next week.
Miss Leola Lovett of Sumter,
Miss Ruth May of Selma, Ala., and
Mrs. Oia Myers of Aiken are guests
of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Rives.
Misses Maggie and Lena Vance
and Mr. Geo. Vance, of Hephzibah,
Ga^, were visitors in the home of
. Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Rolston last
Mr. J. D. Holstein went over to I
Atlanta Sunday and was joined
there by Mrs. Holstein who has
been in Asheville for the past
After spending some time-very
pleasantly with relati ves at Parks
ville, MHB Lillie Hohtton the pretty
little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.
L. Helston, has returned home.
Mrs. W. D. Ouzts? accompanied
by her sun, Daane, is here to day.
Duane is planning to return to
Clemson at the opening of the ses
sion in September.
Mr. James B. Adams came down
Saturday to visit his Edgefield
friends. He is greatly pleased with
Plnm Branch. Mr. Adams received
a cordial welcome.
Hon. J. Wm. Thurmond has re
tained from Greenville, where he
bas been foi a week qr 10 days in
connection with hi s duties as United
States district attorney.
The trustees have elected Miss
Ella V. Hiott of Pickens to fill the
vacancy among the teachers of the
graded school. She is a graduate of j
Anderson college.
?The Stork paid a visit to the |
borne of Mayor and Mrs. A. H.
Corley Monday, leaving a little son, j
apon whose visit they are receiving J
hearty congratulations.
A meeting of the lyceum associa
tion is called for Friday night Au
gust 27, at 8:30 o'clock, in the
office of Dr.?Byrd. A full attend
ance of the subscribers is requested.
Miss Annie Mae Timmons of
Winterseat, Greenwood county, is j
here visiting relatives and friends.
Dr. and Mrs. Manly Timmons will
visit Edgefield the latter part of the
Mr. Israel Mukashy left Sunday
for New York where he will spend
two weeks purchasing his large fall
stock of dry goods. Mr. Muhashy
is an experienced buyer and knows
where to purchase to the best ad
vantage. I
Mr. Ben Rubenstsin has Just re
turned from New York where he
purchased a large fall stook of mer
chandise for the two Hubenstein
stores. Within a short time Mr.
Hubenstein will make a full an
nouncement of his ??early arrivals.
Dr. Joseph Camp, the celebrated
.lecturer, will speak at Modoc next
Wednesday and at Plum Branch
Thursday night.
. Owing to the sickness of one of
The Advertiser's printers, consider
able matter had to be left out this
week and the paper has been delay
Mr. Abner B. Broadwater an
nounces this week that his ?rinnery
is ready for the new crop. Every
thing has been overhauled and he
gives personal attention to his gin
nery, which insures satisfaction to
those who patronize his ginnery.
Misses Edith and Marie Tiromer
man of Augusta are guestB of Miss
Sallie Mae Miller. A fish fry was
planned in their honor last Thurs
day but heavy rains interfered with
their plans and the young people
stopped at the home of Mr. D. E.
Lanham where all had a royal time,
lavish hospitality being dispensed.
Very Fine Corn.
Mr. Calhoun Seigler and Mr. R.
D. Seigler were in town Saturday
and the former brought The Adver
tiser a specimen of his fine Batt's
corn. He has seven acres of this va
riety ot corn and the stalks have
two and three ears. The stalk he
brought to Edgefield had three
large ears, and it was in every way
an ideal stalk. A great many far
mers are pleased with this popular
variety of corn. Mr. Seigler esti
mates that he will make 40Q bush
els with one plow.
Match Game of Ball.
Saturday last the White Town
boys, splendid fellows they are too,
went down to Colliers in four big
brassy automobiles and played a
match game of base ball. The game
was very close, but the final score
showed that the White Town boys
had won. The White Town commu
nity and the Colliers community
can both boast ot their exemplary
young men, and their mingling to
gether in a social way and in their
sports is fine for both communities.
A Strenuous Month.
Instead of taking a vacation, go
ing away for a period of needed
rest, Dr. E. Pendleton Jones has
been strenuously engaged in revival
meetings for the past four or five
weeks. He first assisted Rev. Mr.
Littlejohn in tho annual protracted
meeting at Antioch and then went
to Anderson to assist at two chu rob
es, one week at each place. From
Anderson Dr. Jones returned to
Rev. J. T. Littlejohn's field, assist
ing in the meeting at Red Hill.
This week he is assisting Rev. H.
B. White at Berea. Next Sunday
he will preach here in the forenoon
and in the afternoon he will par
ticipate in the temperance rally at
Death of Mrs. Seigler.
Af 1er a lingering illness that last
ed almost a year, Mrs. J. O. Seig
ler died at her home in the Reho
both section Sunday afternoon. Her
condition had not been serious for
some time but she suddenly grew
worse and life ebbed away. She was
Miss Cochran before her marriage
to Mr. Seigler, a sister of the la
mented R. A. Cochran. She was a
devout Christian woman, whose in
fluence will be greatly missed in the
community. For many years she
was an active member of Rehoboth
church. The funeral was held Mon
day afternoon at Rehoboth and the
interment took place in the family
square in the cemetery. Besides her
husband, Mrs. Seigler is survived
by two sons, J, C. and R. D. Seig
Graded and High School Facul
Superintendent T. J. Lyon an
nounces this week that the graded
and high schools will open Monday,
September 13. Before that day the
grounds will be thoroughly cleaned
and everything will be in readiness
for an auspicious opening. Some im
provements have been made on the
interior of the building. The follow
ing is a complete list of the teach
ers: High school, T. J. Lyon, mathe
matics; Harris Copenbaver, Latin
and English; Miss Elizabeth Rains
ford, history and Science. Graded
school: Miss Sallie Mae Nicholson,
7th grade; Miss Ella V. Hiott, 6th
grade; Miss Hortense Padgett, 5th
grade; Miss Grace Tompkins, 3rd
and a part of the 4th grade: Miss
Mamie Sill 2nd grade, and Mrs. W.
C. Tompkins, 1st grade.
To Prevent Blood Poisoning
apply al once thc wonderful old reliable DR.
pical d re saine that relieves pain and neala at
Ute tame time. Not a liniment. 25c. V^^OO
Dr? King's New Discovery
Colliers Baraca Class.
There are few rural communities
that have as large Baraca class as
Colliers. The class of young men
which meets every Sunday af terno?ri
with the Peace Haven Sunday
school numbers thirty-odd, with an
average attendance of nearly thirty.
It is taught by Mr. W. T. Prescott:
who is also the superintendent of
the Peace Haven Sunday school.
We commend most heartily ithe
good work of the Baraca class.
Whenever any member of the class
is sick the other young men give
all of the assistance possible.. The
members of the class are now pav
ing a nurse for one of their, number
who has typhoid fever.
Sunbeam Mission Study Classes.
On last i Saturday afternoon the
Sunbeam society held their last,
mission study class for the summer.
Their book was the "World Fami
ly" and four afternoons have been
very profitably spent in its study.
The first was held with Mrs. Fan
nie Tompkins, each* of them being
open air meetings. The second meet
ing was on the lawn of Mrs. J. L.
Mime, and the third at the homo of
Mrs. Emma Dobson. This was es
pecially interesting to the ohildren.
The souvenirs were appropriate, and
suited to the subject of the lesson.
At each place light refreshments
were served, and the program given
by the children, the lesson being
taught by Mrs. Tillman. The last
class was at the home 'of Mrs. Till
man where the sunbeam idea was
beautifully carried out in the pro
gram and souvenirs which were lil-,
tie pink candles in rose bud holders.
What an opportunity is given the
ohildren of our day, not only in
being thoroughly trained but in
having the religious life invested
with joyful surroundings.
Edgefield people who bought the
simple mixture of bucktharn bark,
glycerine, etc., known as Adler-i-ka,
are surprised at the INSTANT ef
This remedy is so complete a bowel
cleanser that it is used successfully
rh appendicitis. Adler-i-ka acts on
?BOTH upper and lower bowel and
ONE SPOONFUL relieves almost
ANY CASE of constipation, sour
br gassy stomach. ONE MINUTE
:ifter you take it the gasses rumble
and pass out. Penn & Holstein,
druggists, Edgefield, S. C.
Constipation Cured Overnight
A small dose of Po-Do-Lax to
night and you enjoy a full, free,
easy bowel movement in the morn
ing. No griping, for Po-Do-Lax is
Podophylin (May Apple) without
the gripe. Po-Do-Lax corrects the
cause of Constipation by arousing
the Liver, increasing the flow of
bile. Bile is Nature's antiseptic in
the bowels. With proper amount
of bile, digestion in bowels is per:
feet. No gas, no infermentation,
no Constipation. Don't be sick,
nervous, irritable. Get a bot le of
Po-Do-Lax from your Druggist
now and cure your constipation
Edgefield School
The Edgefield graded and High
School will open Monday, Septem
ber 13 at 9 o'clock a. m. Parents
please see to it that your children
are present. The first day will be
given up to enrolling, examining,
and classifying students. It is very
important that every pupil start on
the first day.
T. J. Lyon,
By W. T. Kinnaird, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Mrs. Susie M. Miller,
of above County and State made
suit to me, to grant her Letters of
Administration (cum teetimento am
nexo) of the Estate of and effects
of W. S. Miller also of above Coun
ty and State (she being his) late
These Are Therefore to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and Creditors of the said W.
S. Miller deceased, that they be
and appear before me, in the Court
of Probate, to be held at Edgefield,
C. H., S. C., in my oflice on the
3rd day of Sept. 1915, next, after
publication thereof, at ll o'clock
in the forenoon, to show cause, if
any they have, why the said Ad
ministration should not be granted.
Given under my Hand, this 14tb
day of August A. D., 1915.
P. J., E. C. .
Aug. 17-3t. 1
Of Woman's Missionary Union,
Clarks Hill, Aug. 31-Sept. 1.
D?legates will be seated by divisions
wearing badges, the division president
in charge of banner.
Tuesday Morning 10:30 A. M.
Tuesday Morning, 10:30 a. m.-Mr?.
J. L. Miras presiding.
Praise Service of Song and Scrip
ture based on Psalm III. Mrs. W'
J. Gaines of Mt Zion Society.
Welcome from Clark's hill Woman's
Missionary Society, Mrs. S. T. Adams.
Response, Mrs.'W. R. SWearingenof
Berea Society.
Greetings from State President mem
orized and given by Mrs. Charlei
Recognition of visitors.
Superintendent's address. (Review
of the year illustrated by chart report.)
Mrs. J. L. Mims.
Song Message, Miss Miriam Norris
of Edgefield Y. W. A. .
Report of Division President, bring
ing^ forward all their representatives
of adult and young people's societies,
introducing them alphabetically, each
one giving a short verbal report
Report of Chairman of Mission study.
Mrs. W. S. Middleton of Clark's Hill
Report of Chairman of Personal Ser
vice, Mrs. Y. M. Faulkner.
Echoes from the Western Division
Institute. Mrs. Abner Broadwater of
Edgefield Society.
The Western Division of the South
Carolina W. M. U. Mrs. Mamie Till
Miessage from Miss Heck, President
of Southern Union, given by Mrs. E.
P. Jones, Edgefield W. M. S.
South Carolina's standing in the
Southern Union. Mrs. W. E. Lott.
Reading of Associational Policy.
Mrs. Prescott Lyon.
Election of Nominating Committee.
Appointment of Committee on Reso
Afternoon Session, 2:30 o'clock.
Children's Session, Mrs. Tillman,
associate Supt of Sunbeam Bands,
Reserve front seats for Sunbeams
and leaders of these organizations, who
march in the procession carrying ban
ners with the names of their local
Sunbeam Song by children.
Bible lesson taught and illustrated.
Welcome, B. P. Talbert, Jr., of Beth
any Band,
Response, Eleanor Mims, Edgefield
Report of Associate Superintendent
Roll Call.
Selection, Catherine Gilchrist
Song by William Jones.
Story of the Sunbeams, written by
Mrs. Curran Feltham and recited by
Frances Jones.
Sunbeam Pageant "The Spirit of
Royal Service."
Report of Standing Committee on
Literature. Mrs. S. T. Adams.
Report of Standing Committee on
Margaret Fund. Mrs. Geo. Whatley.
Minutes. Announcements.
Memorial Service. Mrs. B. B. Jones
Edgefield W. M, S.
Night Session 8:30 P. M.
The evening session will be of great
interest, and will consist of a song ser
vice and a missionary sermon by Dr.
Pendleton Jones of Edgefield. Rev. P.
B. Lanham, pastor of the church, will
be in charge of the service.
Wednesday Morning, 10:30 A. M.
Young People's Session; Miss Hassie
Quarles, Associate Supt of Y. W. A.
Devotions, Mrs. Anna Eidson leader
of Trenton G. A.
Roll Call.
Message from Associate Supt of
Royal Ambassador Chapters. Mrs. W.
B. Cogburn.
Song Message. Miss Miriam Norris.
Address of State Superintendent of
Y. W. A. Mrs. Geo. E. Davis, given
by Miss Florence Mims.
Our Western Division School, Edisto
Academy. Rev. T. H. Posey.
Training School Hour with message
from our girls. Mrs. E. P. Jones.
Model Member's Contest, Mrs. J. L.
Report of Nominating Committee.
Election of Officers.
Appointment of Standing Commit
Report of Committees on Resolutions
and Time and Place.
Appointment of Investigation Com
Afternoon Session,
The last session will be devoted to
tt?e subject of prohibition, and will be
an open-air meeting, addressed by Dr.
Joseph G. Camp of Atlanta. The pub
lic is cordially invited to this meeting.
rejw^^MWJMiwimiwMiMu-?r \immq?Mirrn?rfrrnm m m ' ?I yi -M
IMy Ginnery Ready
I desire to notify the public that I
have renewed my ginnery throughout,
and that I am better equipped than ever
to gin their cotton. I solicit a share of
your patronage. I give personal atten
tion to my ginnery, which assures that
your cotton will receive proper attention.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Abner B. Broadwater
Mowers Mowers
We sell McCormick and Dain Mow
ers. There is nothing better on the
We also keep on hand a full supply
of repair for McCormick, Deering, Os
borne, Champion and Dain Mowers.
Stewart & Kernaghan
Palm Beach
We have hot weather garments that will keep you
cool from head to foot.
Large assortment of Palm Beach
suits, two-piece suits in Serges and
other light material. All stylish
and reasonable in price.
Big stock of Underwear of all
We sell Eclipse Shirts-nothing
better on the market for the money.
Try a pair of Crossett or Selz
Schwab Oxfords. All leathers and
latest styles.
Long-Term Loans to Farmers a Specialty.
Your farm land accepted ad security WITHOUT ENDORSER or
other COLLATERAL. Unlimited funds immediately available in de
nominations of Three Hundred and up. Established 1892.
JAS. FRANK & SON, Augusta, Ga.

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