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Christianity and Patriotism
: One and the Same, Accord
ing to the Bible.
World events have brought b<
Its st this time most forcibly
questions of nationality and pal
ism, and I have seen the statei
made repeatedly that Christian?
Inimical to both. Christianity,
?re told, is not national, but co
politan. Its tendency in to oblite
boundaries and distinctions bet\
Ace and race.
This cosmopolitanism of Chris
tty, people say, is absolutely fats
patriotism. That "was, for insta
one of the criticisms which the J
oese passed upon Christianity,
triotism amongst the Japanese hat
'?orne exalted almost into a reli?
Devotion to their land and to t
emperor seems to be their ruling
mian, and one of their objection!
Christianity is its universal
which, they say, is fatal to patriot
?nd that It would inevitably sap
devotion to their country, which
been the Jap's boast and pride.
Let us look at this criticism fe
moment and see how much tr
lhere Is In it If It could be she
that Christianity is antipatriotlc
would lack a certain element wi
appeals to the American just as si
Jy as it does to the Jap; for love
cue's land is not a passion which
peals only to the dwellers lu t
?astern empire, but a passion wt
tlhould burn with an Undying flame
the heart of every true American.
That Christianity is cosmopolita!
fts spirit cannot be disputed, lt
the gospel for the world. It addres
itself to man as man, and not to n
as a member of any particular
Hon. Other religions are' for the m
part tribal or national. But the (
?nd Father of our Lord Jesus Chi
ls the God of all the earth, and
-father of all who dwell upon it T
??Cospel of ours ignores all nat?o
. .distinctions. Men come to the cr
'from the East and from the W<
from the North and from the Soul
ft is just as much for the black rc
AS for the white. It reveals a lt
that lavishes itself upon all with(
respect to differences of race or co
?or tongue. It preaches a univer
fatherhood, and consequently a u
versal brotherhood of men. The G
.pel not only ignores natural and rac
.diff?rences, but it looks forward to
time when these racial and natioi
differences shall cease to sunder a
g^. divide men as they do today. I
not say that the Gospel looks forwa
i -to a. time when differences shall cea
k to exist Difference In itself is n
?L an evil, for I believe that each i
JB^ tionality has its important contrit
Bflflfc tte rt to make the civilization of ms
HH Jt?nd as a whole. But these diff<
WP enees shall cease to be sources of Jei
-ensy and strife. The prophets of o
-were given the 'vision of a unit
BL world: "Enmities were to be ab<
J^B? ished. The lion is to lie down wi
the lamb, the calf, the young lit
and the failing together. Racial jet
busies are to disappear; war ai
. bloodshed are to cease; men are 1
"beat their swords Into ploughshare
And their spears into pruning hook
?nd to learn war no more. There
co doubt about it that the Gospel
cosmopolitan in its message and i
its spirit
To Human Brotherhood.
Now, I believe that every earne*
tuan who thinks seriously is a cosmi
politan In the Gospel sense of th
word. Na matter what causes ma
be assigned for the great war whic
is ravaging the world today, It Is ev
dent to every thinking man that th
ultimate cause of the war is nations
Jealousies and rivalries. That ts wha
lays the great burden of armamen
-upon the nations today; the burdei
which has been growing greater am
Heavier every year, fn spite of l,90i
years of Christianity the spirit o
war still rages among mankind, ant
Cod has permitted thia great war t<
scourge us as the Inevitable outcom<
of the Jealousy and hatred and rival
?les among the nations. Perhaps w<
?an now see that only In the brother
hood of nations can there be happi
ness and well-being. That does no!
i mean the death of patriotism, il
means no surrender of the love whict
we have for our own land. Tennysor
was a strong and vehement patriot
?nd yet he thought of the golden agc
?s a time when
'The war-drum throbbed no longer, and
the battle-flags were furled.
In the parliament of man, the federatior
of the world.
It is an error of judgment to think
Chat this sort of cosmopolitanism-the
kind which the Gospel teaches-is de
structive of patriotism. The error ls
due to a false conception of what pa
triotism is. What ls patriotism? My
dictionary defines it as "love of coun
try; devotion to the welfare of one's
country; the passion which inspires
one to serve one's country." I am
content with the definition. Patriot
ism, yon will notice, ls a positive
thing. It is love of one's country. It
is not hatred of other countries-It is
love of your own. You can love your
own family and yosr own home with
out hating your neighbor. But the
mistake which so many people make
is of Interpreting patriotism as If it
meant hatred and jealousy of other
nations instead of love and devotion
to their own. Surely nothing has
shown more plainly the source of the
pr?sent war than the Chants of Hate
which it has brought forth.-Rev
Stephen Paulson,
Carlotta Drew pushed away the
count books that littered her dc
and sighed wearily.
"Oh, dear, I never can make th<
books balance," she panted. "I wi
Miss Smith had not been so stupid
Miss Hart so slovenly. I simply ca
get along without a secretary."
"You might try one of the sec
tarial schools,'" suggested Mrs. Mar,
bending over her embroidery.
"I will-I must have someone
Carlotta picked up the receiver a
telephoned her wishes:
"Send, along anyone who ls fail
intelligent," she wailed at last.
"There," she said, looking defiant
at her annt, "they are sending up
young man.".
"A young man!" echoed Mi
Marsh. "Are you crazy, Carlotta?"
"Only desperate, Aunt Anna."
1 ? hall send him away again."
"Not until he has straightened o
my accounts. I make them say th
I have spent Just four dollars inste
of five hundred in the last month, ai
yet my cheekbook shows I have ov<
drawn my account."
"What a muddle!" sighed Mi
Marsh. "You really ought to mar
a good business man, my dear, som
one who can look after you and yo
property." .
"I met a man last summer" si
began. Then, biting her lips to ke<
back a secret she had not dared co
fess to anyone but herself, she addi
gayly, 'Tm going out, Aunt Ann
If the young man comes tell him
straighten out my books. I'll be hon
before he leaves."
It was an hour after Carlotta's d
parturo when Biggs brought in a car
"Mr. Anthony Lester."
"Humph!" sniffed Mrs. Mars
looking coldly. at the tall, self-po
sessed young man who regarded hi
so affably. "My niece is out at pre
ent She wants you to wait until si
returns. No use wasting your tim
though. Miss Drew said you mig!
straighten out her books-there c
the desk-find out what the troub
Lester smiled and sat down at tl
desk. Presently Mrs. Marsh note
that he was working busily over tl
offending accounts.
He worked so steadily that Aui
Anna's heart wanned toward hin
She would reward him with a Htti
amiable conversation.
"Are you married?" she aske
"Good heavens-no!" he laughed.
"I was married for twenty years an
I never had one single regret. M
husband has been dead for ten year
Oura was a perfect marriage," signe
I Mrs. Marsh, now on her favorit
topic, "and I dislike to hear youn
people laugh flippantly at matr
Lester colored. "I assure you," h
said gently, "I had no Intention c
laughing. It was the idea of you
thinking I would be here-" Hi
voice trailed into embarrassed s
Aunt Anna Marsh sat up stiffly an
regarded him over the tops of her ey?
"Young man," she said sternlj
"when you came here this afternooi
did you know that my niece, Mis
Drew, is very, very rich Indeed?"
Lester had the grace to blush quit
"Yes," he said at last
. "I thought so," she said.
Lester got up and paced the floor
Now he was scowling in a most un
pleasant manner, but even the blacl
look didn't mar his handsome face
"Can't a man marry a rich glr
without being called a fortune hun
ter?" he suddenly asked.
"No!" exploded Aunt Anna tn di g
"Does your niece share your viewj
-that every man-no! I won't doubl
her for an instant!" He turned to
ward the desk. ,
The door flew open and in came a
radiant Carlotta, her blue eyes agleam
with the glad light of surprise and
her cheeks aglow.
"Anthony! Anthony! you dear!"
she cried, and she went straight lntc
the arms of the "secretary young
man," who held her closely.
Aunt Anna shut her eyes upon this
horrifying sight
"And there is the poor secretary
waiting in the hall," cried Carlotta,
releasing herself from Lester's arms.
"The secretary! Carlotta Drew, who
is this young man?" demanded Mrs.
Marsh in a tragic tone.
"Why it's Anthony Lester, the man
I almost told you about-it's a secret
that we love each other, and I sup
pose now our engagement must be an
nounced. Who did you think he was,
auntie?" she asked curiously.
Lester gallantly came to the rescue
and Aunt Anna never forgot it. She
took him to her heart even before she
discovered that he was considerably
richer than Carlotta.
"Why, who did you think he was?"
repeated the girl curiously.
t "Mrs. Marsh asked me to help
straighten out your accounts," he in
terposed tactfully. "I've brought or
der out of chaos, but there's still one
more thing to settle."
A small, dapper-looking youth, with
owlish, spectacled eyes, entered the
room meekly.
"This ls Mr. Mook, the secretary,
Aunfc Anna," said Carlotta.
(Copyright, 1915, by the McClure News
paper Syndicate.)
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(egina October
1 the county seats on Friday, July
to the B. A. and B. S. degrees,
i assigned to each county of the
bletic grounds. Well equipped
r facilities.
rms and catalogue address
N RANDOLPH, President
Summer excursion fares, season ||
1915, on sale daily un ti Septem
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An exceen t opportunity to
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