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Grass Plat Must Never Be Neglected
If Home ls to Have a Proper
One of the most important duties
on the home place during the summer
is the care of the lawn. There Is
nothing about a place that makes BO
much for general attractiveness as a
well cared for lawn.
Many people make the mistake of
keeping the lawn cut too close. In
that case the grass roots are exposed
to hot sun and drying winds during
the summer. Cut the lawn frequently,
but do not set the machine too close.
, To keep the lawn lodking clean at all
times have a grass-catcher attachment
on the mower. A careful watch for
weeds on the lawn should be kept
Cut them out well below the surface
with an old knife as soon as they are
large enough to be seen.
A roller on the lawn is advisable,
but lt should be used with care.
Lawns that have been rolled for a long
time are likely to become over-rolled;
there is surface cohesion or close
packing of the top soil, which prevents
the admission of air and healthy root
development. The remedy ls the use
of the spiked tamper. A home-made
one may be made by taking a piece of
two-inch plank, some 12xl2-inch tim
ber and inserting four-inch spikes an
inch and a half or two inches apart
Bore holes a little smaller than the
spikes before driving them in, to pre
vent splitting the wood. Perforate
ithe whole surface thoroughly with
"his, give a top dressing, lightly rake
lit in and water the whole thoroughly
late in the afternoon.
May Be Considered Small Matter, But
la Always Advisable-Advice for
Prospective Builder.
Don't forget that you may at some
time want to open the top sash of the
window, and that flies and mosquitoes
are not particular as to through which
sash they enter; therefore have the
aereen run from top to bottom of the
window; to do this, side springs will
be necessary lu the screen frames, but
they will cost little more than a screen
which can be used only from the bot
tom sash and which is little better
than no screen at ali
Don't forget that there will never be
a better time to build than the pres
ent; materials of all kinds are cheap
er than they have been for several
years, and as soon as the European
war is over there is sure to be a sharp
advance lu prices.
Don't say you can't build now be
cause you have not enough money; if
you have a little, the co-operative
banks and building associations will
loan you the balance needed upon
terms under which you can pay for the
house in monthly installments which
would be no more than you would or
dinarily be paying for rent-Ex
The City Beautiful.
A one-time mayor of New York,
George B. McClellan, said: "In a
self-governing community, the ul
timate object of the government is the
happiness of "he governed. Something
more is needed to make the happy
city than health and,stealth and wis
dom. The city healthy, the city
wealthy, and the city wise, may excite
satisfaction, complaisance and pride,
but it is the city beautiful that com
pels and retains the love of people."
When last the tree meu of the South
met at Riverside, in the music room
of the famous Glenwood Mission mn,
au illuminated sign stretched across
the stage, which read: "Make your
city beautiful and you will learn to
love it"
Standards for Electric Service.
A representative of the United
States bureau of standards has been
In conference with the public-service
commissions and managers of public
service corporations in various parts
of the country. The information so
obtained has been used in preparing
the bureau's forthcoming circular on
"Standards for Electric Service." An
other representative of the bureau
spent the entire month in the South,
making measurements of street il
lumination and electric current in the
street-lighting systems of a number
of cities and towns. The results of
the investigation wW form the basis
of a circular on street lighting.
Use Only Fire-Resisting Material.
! There has been established in Cleve
land, 0., a society whose object is to
disseminate information on the safe,
aane and sanitary building of mod
erate-priced houses. This society rec
ommends only such building materials
aa will resist the action of the ele
ments, thus reducing to a minimum
Jthe fire hazard.
Shade Trees Improve Property.
It has been estimated that within
the cities of New York state there are
20,000 miles of streets capable of sus
taining S growth of 5,000,000 shade
trees, which can be made worth $100.?
<t0P,00Q in Increased property value.
il . _?I
The man with the- easel placed it
close to the fence so that he could
look over the palings and down that
rosy vista of hollyhocks. The cottage
beyonu the hollyhocks was quite hid
den from view by the drooping
branches of a chinaberry tree. In
tne path netweea the rows of holly
hocks stood a girl in a pink dimity
frock. The skfr* was frilled to the
waist with tiny pia* raffles. A pink
.sunbonnet hid her face.'
"My medal pictttraJ*' exclaimed the
artist, opening his paint box. "I don't
know what she's looking at, but if
she'll only hold that pose for a few
minutes longer-"
With swift, sure strokes he outlined
the girl's pliant form in its quaint
gown of the newest fashion-a mod
ern adaptation of an old style. She
was facing the hollyhocks and look
ing intently at something on a round,
green hollyhock leaf. One slender
white hand and rounded wrist were
stretched cautiously out, and one lit
tle foot in Its high-heeled slipper ap
peared beneath the short skirt.
She scarcely seemed to breathe, and
five minutes passed before he drew
back quickly while a great golden but
terfly fluttered up and out of sight
among the trees. \
Even then she did not face him, but
turned toward the cottage and van
ished in a bend of the path.
The following winter Wade New
ton's picture, "Miss Hollyhocks," cai-]
ried off the coveted prize.
. ..**..*
"But why won't you sell the plc-!
ture?" Insisted Henderson, lighting]
another cigarette.
Wade Newton glanced across his
; studio where "Miss Hollyhocks" was
placed on an easel. ,
"It isn't a girl you know, is it?"
went on Henderson, stroking his tiny
mustache. ,
"Never saw her face," said Newton.
"Then, why-"
"Because I have a curiosity to dis
cover her for myself. Confidentially,
Ned, Miss Hollyhocks brought me
fame and a number of orders. I'm go- ]
lng to marry her some day."
"Idiot!n gibed Henderson drawing
on his gloves. "But I suppose you can
go down and find her in the old gar
den any time you please."
"I wish I could," returned the other ]
with a sigh.
"What do you mean?"
"You know I was called abroad as
soon as I finished that picture. When
I returned I went immediately to
Sleepy Valley where I had chanced
upon the garden, but the girl and her
people had vanished as the rose of
yesterday. It seems they had only
hired the place for three months and
beyond learning that the name was
Smith I came back as wise as I went."
"Smith! I like Miss Hollyhocks
better!" said Henderson. "Of course
she might have been homely as sin,
but, believe me, Wade, only a girl
with a peachy complexion will guard
it with a sunbonnet."
Newton laughed Indulgently. "I be
lieve the pink sunbonnet has set you
to dreaming, too," he said.
"Well, by-by; I'm off," said Hender
son. "Wire me when you find Miss
"I will," agreed Newton.
He dismissed the picture and the
unknown girl from his thoughts and
dressed for dinner. He had promised
to dine with the Colemans, who had
just returned from a year's travel
abroad. Their daughter, Dorothy, had
held Wade's heart in the hollow of her
hand for many months, only she did
not know it. Wade was not sure of
it himself, for his girl of the holly
hocks intruded her mysterious per
sonality every time confession hov
ered on the tip of Wade's tongue.
"DDrothy is in the library, Mr.
Newton," said Mrs. Coleman as she
greeted the painter. "She wanted me
to send you to her as soon as you ar
With a light step Wade entered the
library and closed the door behind
him. Then he stood as though para
Over in the embrasure of the bow
window there stood a noble palm. In
the shadow of it was a girl in a pink
sunbonnet and a pink frilled gown.
She might have stepped out of his
"Who is it?" he asked quickly.
She stood motionless, one slender
white hand extended toward the palm
In three strides Newton had crossed
the room and stood beside her. He
bent his head and peered around un
der the pink sunbonnet. A charming
pink and white face, a pair of blue
eyes and enticing Hps. Newton kissed
her then and there.
"Oh ! " she cried, and stepped back.
"Dorothy, darling, I never dreamed
-I never guessed-that you were my
hollyhock girl," he breathed rapidly,
his eyes ^fire. "What were you do
ing there in Happy Valley, and why
didn't you tell me that you were stop
ping there? Who are the Smiths, any
But Dorothy only shook her head
and fled from him, saying that she
must change her dress. He caught
her hand at the door.
"You love me-you will be my wife,
darling?" he asked. "You know how
long I have loved you. To think you
should be my dream girl, too! You
love me?" he insisted
She nodded-he kissed her again.
(Copyright. 1915, by the McClure News
paper Syndicate.)
By W. T. Kinnaird, Probate Judge:
Whereas, Walter D. Daniel and
Shiloh Daniel, of above County and
State made suit to rae, tu grant
them Letters of Administration of
the Estate of and effects of Isaac
N. Daniel, also of above County
and State.
Thebe Are Therefore to cite and
[^admonishal! and sin ""alar tho kin
dred and Creditors of the said Isaac
N. Daniel deceased, that they be
and appear before me, in the Court
ot Probate, to be held at Edgetield,
C. H., S. C., in ray office on 3rd
day of Sept. 1915, next, after pub
lication thereof, in the forenoon, to
show cause, if any they have, why
the said Administration should not
be granted.
Given under my Hand, this 12th
day of August A. D., 1915.
F'. J. E. C.
Aug. 17-3t.
Land for Sale
Life is too short to go on
renting land, when you can
buy a small farm for almost
the rent money.
I have land in small lots
around Johnston, and near
Batesburg, Meeting Street,
Celestia, Rocky Creek or
Fruit Hill, Ropers and near
Edgefield, and lots and
stores in the town of Edge
ArthurS. Tompkins
Edgefield, S. C.
Many of the troubles of life such
as headache, indigestion, constipa
tion and lack of energy are due to
inactive livers.
a natural, vegetable remedy that
will get the liver right and make
these troubles disappear. It has
none of the dangers or disagreeable
effects of calomel.
Get a 50c or ?1 bottle of this
sp'endid remedy from your drug
in^, today. Every bottle bears the
li ieness of L. K. Grigsby, who
g ?arantees it through.
gg Write me and I will explain
jg| how I was cured in four days g?j
"tt? of a severe case of Pile of 40- O
?5 years' standing without pain, 3*2,
^ knife or detention from busi- ?p|
ness. No one need suffer from
jjgS this disease when this humane
cure can be had right here in
'fipf, South Carolina,
gg R. M. JOSE,
Route 4. Lamar, S. C.
Eyes examined and glasses fitted
only when necessary. Opticai
work of all kinds.
Executor's Notice.
All persons holding claims against
the estate of the late R. A. Coch
ran will present them to the under
signed duly attested for payment,
and all persons indebted to the said
estate will make payment to me.
T. E. Cochran,
Plum Branch, S. C.
The mint makes it and under the terms
COMPANY you can secure it at 6 per
cent, for any legal purpose on approved
real estate. Terms easy, tell us your
wants and we will co-operate with you.
Baltimore, Maryland.
A New
The Standard Visible
Yes, the crownin
It is just out-an
For makers have striven a life
again, as we scored when we
There is truly no other
touch so light that the tread <
by (
had the OptioDal Duplex Shift. It
gera of the right and left hands. I
of any standard typewriter. Thus
ber <49" with more speed and great<
discovery. For while the Oliver's
pense to us by simplifying construe
spend a dollar for any typewriter,
more this one does. Ijf you are usii
17 Cents a Day!
ma tic spacer, 6 1-2-onnce touch-plus t
new-day features.
Yet we have decided to sell it to
every user can easily afford to have tl
like, print, included FREE if desired.
ists, employers, and individuals everyv
It's a pleasure for us to tell you about
The Oliver Ty
You can rent the Oliver Typewrit*
->:T-i"; ml
Womans College
Greenville, S. C.
Affords, complete advantages for
a broad, liberal education. Trains
its students for lives of fullest
efficiency and responsibility.
Equipment, faculty, courses of
study, and cultural influences are
entirely in harmony with present
day requirements.
Administration. Instruction and dor
mitory buildings equipped along the
most modern lines, for convenient,
comfortable lifo and efficient work.
Entrance requirement* upon 14-nnit baili.
High standard courses leading to B. A.,
B. L, and M. A. degrees. Literature,
Languages, Sciences. Practical train
ing i .1 Domestic Science. BMW Conne,
leading to diploma.
Thorough courses leading to diplo
mas In Conservatory of Muiic, departments
of Art, Expression, PLysica 1 Culture, Kindergar
ten, H*naal Training Course.
This institution aims to afford the
best educational advantages obtainable
at a minimum cost. For Catalogne addreu
Gr e ca viii e, S. C.
Go to see
Before insuring elsewhere. We
represent the best old line com
Harling & Byrd
Kt the Farmers Bank, Edgefield
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stops the
Cough and Headache and works off the Cold.
Druggists refund money if it fails to cure.
E. VV. GROVE'S surnature on each box. 25c
yuO Family Medicine. .
g typewriter triumph is here!
d comes years, before experts expected it I
i time to attain this ideal machine. And Oliver has won
gave the world its first visible writing,
typewriter on earth like this new Oliver "9." Think of
}f a kitten will run the keys !
i new-day advances that come alone on this machine are all controlled
Dliver. Even our own previous models-famous in their day-never
pat the whole control of 84 letters and characters in the little fin
Ind it lets you write them all with only 28 keys, the least to operate
writers of all other machines can immediately run the Oliver Num
it ease.
This brilliant new Oliver comes at the old-time price. It costs no
nore than lesser makes-now out-of-date when compared with this
splendid new features are costly-we have eqauiized the added ex
tion. Resolve right now to see this great achievement before you
If you are using some other make you will want to see how much
ag an Oliver, it naturally follows that yon want the finest model.
?member this brand-new Oliver "9" is the greatest value ever given in a
pewriter. It has all our previous special inventions-visible writing, auto
he Optional Duplex Shift Selective Color Attachment and all these other
everyone everywhere on our famous payment plan-17 cents a d<?y! Now
ie world's crack visible writer, with the famous PRINTYPE, that write?
' ITV*// /"VaJvyf/e be among the first to know about this
Ut M lill IStZlUllO marvel of writing machines. See why typ
,There are flocking to the Oliver. Just mail a postal at once. No obligation,
, ' /n,_ Oliver Typewriter Bldg,,
pewriter Co., chicago, ?i?nois
ir three (3) months for $4.00
To Have A
Ccjjrisht 1909, bj C. E. Zimmerau Co-No. 44
F all the unhappy homes,
not one in a hundred has a bank
account and not one home in a hundred who has a
bank account is unhappy. It seems almost foolish to
put it off any longer, when it is such a simple, easy
matter to start a bank account.
OFFICERS : J. C. Sheppard, President; B. E. Nicholson, vice-President;
E. J. Mims, Cashier; J. H. Allen, Assistant Oashier.
DIRECTORS : J. C. Sheppard, Geo. W. Adams, Thos. H. Ramsford, John
Rainsford, B. E. Nicholson, A. S. Tompkins, C. C. Fuller, E. J. Mims, J. H,
S. M. Whitney Co.
Cotton Factors
Augusta, Ga.
Personal Attention to all Business. Correspond
ence Invited

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