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Brewis Standing at the Front in This
Country Are Holstein, Jersey,
Guernsey and Ayrshire.
In choosing the sire choose one from
any dairy breed which may be pre
ferred. The straight dairy breeds that
stand in the front in this country are
the Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire and
Guernsey. There are other good dairy
breeds but these are the four oldest
and best of all. The choice being made
don't change the breed from which
the sire is chosen, and exercise great
care In choosing the sire.
The individual points of a good dairy
sire cannot be given in detail here,
but two of these will be mentioned,
because ^hey are in a sense, indispen
sable. The first ls the evidences of
. much stamina and bodily vigor. The
second is, an amplitude of soft skin
Splendid Type for Head of Dairy Herd.
on the underline in front of the testi
cles, distinctly traceable milk veins
and miniature teats of good size and
wide spacing. The performance of the
ancestry of the bull should be exam
lined. The more good performers in
?the upward line of ancestry the better.
!Good performance on the part of an
cestral dams means the giving of large
quantities of milk rich in quality and .
persistance in milk giving for a long
The successive eire3 should be chos
en from the same breed. If chosen
from another breed disturbing factors
;are inevitable. Thfs may not be ap
; parent at the first, but it will later.
The antagonism likely to result cannot .
.be explained here. By adhering to
this line of breeding the Improvement
'should be rapid and continuous ati
least for several generations, but the!
Improvement will be less noticeable j
with each succeeding generation. i
Gutters Should Be Laid First With
Slight Fa!l at One End-Use
V/ooden Trowel fer Finishing.
When laying cement floors, gutters
should be laid first with a slight fall
?to one ind. These should be 4 to 6
inches deep and 15 to 18 inches wide.
The distance from gutter to stan
chion should be about 4 feet 6 inches
for ordinary cows. Large cows may
need 4 foet 10 inches or 5 feet, while
j small heifers require only a 4-foot
i stall.
The floor should slope to the gut
ter from each side. The passage be
hind-the cows should be at least 8
feet wide to allow cows to pass with
out crowding. The floor should be
finished with a wooden trowel rather
than a steel one, as the latter makes
a smooth, slipper}' finish that when
!wet is very difficult for the COWB to
walk on safely.
If drains are to be laid to carry off
the liquid manure or the water used
in washing the floors, they must be
?put in before the floor is laid.
Wise Move for Farmer to Send Un
profitable Animals to Butcher
Many Are Mere "Boarders."
f If a cow is not well qualified for
'. fairy purposes it does not pay to keep
her for dairy purposes. There is econ
omy ?in testing all the members of
dairy , herds and sending the unprofit
able cowa to the 'butcher.
Farmers in San Joaquin county, Cal.,
have organized for this purpose.
Farm Adviser Lyons, who is directing
the efforts of the organization, says:
"The movement is one that means a
I great saving to farmers, and it is
.bound to spread over the entire state.
It will probably be found that 20 and
125 per cent of the cows in the average
herd are not paying for their keep.
The dairyman will make money by
selling these cows for beef."
Vaseline Is Beneficial.
' bilkers who have difficulty milking
dry should rub a little vaseline on their
hands. This practice is not a filthy
one, as wetting the teats, but has a
beneficial effect upon them.
No Best Dairy Breed.
! No dairy breed has a monopoly on
all the good dairy cows. With the
present tigh development of the vari
ous breed associations all the breeds
have excellent stock.
Words of Scripture Convey Mes
sage of Truth to Al! Who
Will Read and Heed.
Science shows us that all souls are
alike. It has studied millions of souls
in every part of the earth and it finds
them exactly the same in their facul
ties of knowledge, feeling and willing.
??C? Tnay differ In cc?cr, in langua,re
in size, in ability, but they don't dif
fer as men. If one *of them came
from a certain original source, all of
tlifciii lauoi h^ve come from the saiao
original source, which proves that the
Father of souls is the Father of all
souls, and therefore the All-Father or
the Universal Father.
Science also shows that all souls
are going through the same discipline.
No matter where we travel, we will
find sin and sorrow, light and dark
ness, pain and hardship, and all the
other things that try men's souls and
tum them out rugged and divine in
character. This being so, does it not
prove that God takes an Interest, and
the same kind of an interest, in all
men? He is doing for all exactly what
he ls doing for each', and he is doing
for each exactly what he is doing for,
all. This is another proof of his uni
versal Fatherhood and a display of
his partiality and favoritism. Sci
ence will allow no religious sect to
monopolize God, any more than it
will allow one part of the world to
monopolize gravitation. Gravitation
is a universal law-everywhere fdund
and everywhere alike. God is a uni
versal Father, everywhere present and
everywhere alike.
Father of AU Mankind.
When we take the great-visloned
characters of the Bible-Jesus and
Paul-we find them united in believ
ing God to be the Father of all man
kind. Hear Jesus: "When ye pray
say, Our Father." The "our" is an
inclusive and not an exclusive pro-'
noun. Jesus authorized and made it
possible for every human being in this
world to lift up his voice and say:
"Our Father, who art in heaven." Hear
St. Paul. He is speaking to the Greeks
at Athens. They are not yet convert
ed to Christianity, so that it cannot
be replied that he is speaking to
Christian Greeks. He says: "God
that made the world and all things
therein. . . . hath made of one
blood all nations of men, for to dwell
on all the face of the earth. . . .
In him we live ano move and have
our being; as certain of your own po
ets have said, For we are also his
offspring." There you have the doc
trine of the universal Parenthood of
God from Christ's chief apostle and
the greatest Christian preacher and
missionary the world has ever known.
It it hard for some people to come
to this. They are as strangely deter
mined not to believe it as was Simon
Peter. But he had to come to it
and so will they. God sent Peter a
dream, a kind of heavenly parable, in
which he told him to eat certain
things that Peter, as a Jew, had al
ways thought he had no religious
right to eat. He thought that they
were unclean and were condemned by
God himself. But God told him to
eat them. In other words, he com
manded him to broaden out and to
see that what God had cleansed could
not be unclean, and also to see that
no one whom God had created could
be alien to God and should not be
alien to him. Peter opened his eyes
and said: "Of a truth I perceive that
God is no respecter of persons, but
In every nation he that feareth him
and worketh righteousness is accept
able to him." (Acts 10:34.) You and
I and everyone in Christendom and
in the rest of the world should wake
up and see and know and believe in
the universal Fatherhood of God. For
this is the latest and highest discov
ery the soul has made concerning God,
the grandest discovery it can possibly
make. He is not only a Father, but
a world-wide Father.
True Christianity.
Christianity, as Christ taught it, is
the only religion in the world that
proclaims the universal Fatherhood of
God, and is therefore the only re
ligion that can bring about the univer
sal brotherhood of man. If you do
not believe this doctrine, you have
stopped short in your search for a
Father, and have got a Father who is
altogether too small and too provin
cial in influence to save the multitu
dinous inhabitants of this globe. He
must be an All-Father, to save all.
And this is the purpose and program
dear to his heart, if I read the Bible
aright and science aright. The Bible
says "that in the name of Jesus Christ
every knee should bow, of things, in
heaven, and things on earth, and
things under the earth, and that every
tongue should confess that Jesus
Christ is Lord, to the glory of Guu,
the Father." (Phil. 2:10, 22.)
One God, one law. one element
And one far-off Divine event.
To which the whole creation moves.
Entering Into Reward.
We have been placed upon the way.
We have been taught the truth. We
have been made partakers of the life.
The way must be traversed; the truth
must be pursued; the life must be
realized. Then cometh the end. Our
pilgrimage, long as it may be or short,
if we have walked in Christ, will leave
us by the throne of God; our partial
knowledge, if we have looked upon
all things in Christ, will be lost in
open sight; our little lives, perfected,
purified, harmonized in him whom we
have troted, will become, in due or
der, parts of the one divine life, when
God is all in all-Westcott.
. JAMES^ANNO^Jr^A. M^?^?i^^^!?^?
Faculty of 33: 427 Students, from 20 States.
Accredited by Virginia State ?Board of Educa
tion. Hundreds of graduates now teaching.
$160 per year in Academic Dept.j^OO per year in College Dept
The Leading Training School for Girls in Virginia
Where can parents find a Collage with as
fine a record, with as experienced r?~auagpment,
at such moderate cost? For catalogue address
G. P. ADAMS, Secretary, "PTI.A. f'*"?T^vr^ VA.
WHEN you're behind with
your work,, with only a few
minutes in which to get
supper - then the handy NEW
PERFECTION Oil Cookstove
helps you to hurry.
It lights at the touch of a match,
and cooks rapidly like a gas stove.
It regulates high or low, merely by
raising or lowering the wick. It
is easy to operatic^ easy to clean,
easy to re-wick.
Sold in 1, 2, 3 and 4 burner sizes
by hardware, furniture and depart
ment stores everywhere.
bake better because a current of
fresh hot air passes continually over
and under the food - drying out
the steam, and preventing -soggi
ness. This is an exclusive NEW
PERFECTION advantage.
Use Aladdin Security Oil
or Diamond White Oil
to obtain the best results in oil
Stoves, Heaters and Lamps.
Washington, D. C
Norfolk, Va.
Richmond, Va.
(New Jersey)
Charlotte, N. C.
Charleston, W. Va.
Charleston, S. C.
A Christian College with high standards and ideals. Well equipped
Laboratories .and Library. Strong Faculty and full courses. Next session
begins September 15th Write for catalogue.
HENRY N. SNYDER, President.
A high grade preparatory school for boys. Individual attention. Care
ful moral training. $185.00 pays all expenses. Next session September 15.
For catlogue addreas
Cured-no cutting, no pain, no danger, no detentioK
from business. Testimonials furnished from people
YOU know. Call on or write me for particulars and
information regarding my advanced method of treating
Piles, Nerve, Blood, Skin and special diseases of men
and women. 25 years' experience, a Consultation Free. DR. W. R.
REGISTER, 506 Union National Bank Building, Columbia, S. C.
r Pianos
I wish io call attention to the
Star line of pianos for which I am
the representative. They consist of
the Star, the Trayser, the Rich
mond and the Remington Pianos.
The Star Piano Company manufac
tures all of the parts which go into
each piano. There are twenty-two
buildings required for the factory's
equipment. Tnese pianos are used
in over four hundred schools and
colleges in the United States. The
workmanship is the highest, and all
instruments are fully guaranteed.
Sold on terms of easy payment by
J. A. Holland
South Carolina
J. C. LEE, President
F. E. Gibson, Sec. and Treas.
If you are going to build, remodel or repair,
we invite your inquiries.
We manufacture and deal in doors, sash, blinds
stairs, interior trim, store fronts and fixtures,
pews, pulpits, etc., rough and dressed lumber,
lath, pine and cypress shingles, flooring, ceiling
and siding.
Distributing agents for Flintkote roofing
Estimates cheerfully and carefully mane.
Woodard Lumber Co.
Corner Roberts and Dugas Streets,
Our Motto: Kg
Made in the old-fashioned way, by hand
dipping,-one at a time.
As the Galvanizing is done after the shingles are
completely stamped to shape,-there are no exposed
or cracked edges. The heavy coating means long
life without attention.
8 For Sal* by
Wholesale Grocers and Dealers in
Corn, Oats, Hay and all
Kinds of Feeds
Corner Cumming and Fenwick Streets
On Georgia R. R. Tracks
Augusta, Ga.
See our representative, C. E. May.

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