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Office No. 61.
Residence, No. 17.
Wednesday, Sept. 1.
Rev. E. C. Bailey will return this
-week ff om the mountains.
Rev. J. R. Walker is conducting
a revival meeting at Plum Branch.
Miss Lilla Courtney of Batesburg
was the guest of Mrs. B. B. Jones
last week.
Miss Myra Pearce of Augusta is
here visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. H.
Miss Margaret Cothran of Abbe
ville is the guest of her aunt, Mrs.
Susan B. Hill.
Ex-Gov. and Mrs. John C. Shep
pard are spending some time at
Glenn Springs.
Mrs. Oscar Clegg and little son
of Columbia are here visiting Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Harling.
This is the first day of the month,
a typical September day, the air
being bracing and buoyant
Mrs. J. Bnddington of Green
Cove Spring, Fla., is here visiting
her uncle. Mi. M. D. Lyon.
Misses Lizzie Qnarles and Julia
Wise of Trenton are guests of Mrs.
W. S. Adams at "Alta Vista."
Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Norman,
formerly of Augusta, have moved
- to Montgomery, Ala., to make their
*Miss Frances Bighara and Mrs.
sf G. E. Bigham of Milledgeville, Ga.,
fi were guests of Mrs. M. W. Hokton
last week.
The subject in the Presbyterian
church this Sunday at 11:15 is "The
Mountains of the Bible." Service
at 8:00 P. M.
Mr. Ed lt. Strom of the Moun
tain Creek section spent last week
hera visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Dorn.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. McMurrain
left Sunday for Columbus, Ga., to
spend a week with relatives, making
tie journey in their automobile.
Public Cotton Weigher C. H. B.
Williams entered upon his duties
this morning, and The Advertiser
predicts that he will fill the place
Mr. J. B. Hart, the second son
of Mr. and MTS. W. A. Hart, has
been awarded the Citadel scholar
ship. The Advertiser extends sin
cere congratulations.
Many young people in Edgefield
are already making preparations for
going off to college, some to re
sume their college course and others
go for the first time.
Rev. B. H. Covington of Plum
Branch will preach in the Edgefield
Methodist church Sunday morning
at 11:00 o'clock, and at Trenton at
5:00 P. M. Sunday afternoon.
After spending more than a
month at home, Mr. Charles R
Dobson left yesterday to resome his
duties as traveling salesman for
large shoe manufacturers of Boston.
Dr. and Mrs. Manly Timmon9
and their daughter, Miss Annie Mae
Timmons, are here visiting relatives
and friends. Edgefield entertains no
visitors who are more genuinely be
loved than these.
Mr. and Mrs;- J. Walter Lyon of
Waycross, Qa., accompanied by
their four children, Gertrude,
Belle, Minnie and J. Walter, Jr.,
are visitors in the home of Mr. and
Mrs. M. D. Lyon.
The regularity with wt ich Mr.
Henry Powell's grist mill runs now
indicates that the new corn has suffi
ciently matured to find its way into
the pantry. Meal ground on the
Powell mill needs no "pure food''
Mr. Arthur Tompkins and Mr.
Gus Tompkins left yesterday to en
ter Davidson college. After com
pleting their full college course al
Davidson both of these young gen
tlemen will take up law as a profes
Mr. James F. Turner, a merchant
and farmer of Blythe, Ga., stopped
over in Edgefield last Thursday
while en route from a visit to rela
tives in Saluda. He has been a read
er of The Advertiser for a number
of years and never fails to pay us a
call when he passes this way. His
visits are always appreciated and
Mrs. Bettis Cantelou entertained
a few friends very beautifully at
cards Tuesday afternoon in honor
of Mrs. P P. Blalock, Jr., of At
lanta. At the close of the game
delicious iced refreshments were
The Edgefield Baptist associa
tion will meet in annual convention
at Red Hill church next Wednes
day and Thursday. As the press of
harvest season is not yet on, it is
probable that the attendance will
be large.
In the contest for Queen of Har
vest Jubilee to be held in connec
tion with the State fair, Miss Helen
Tillman has been selected as the
representative for Edgefield county.
Last Sunday's Columbia Record
contained a cut of Miss Helen.
Miss Mary Jones is at home after
spending a part of her summer va
cation in Hartsville with her uncle,
Dr. Howard Lee Jones. She was
accompanied by her friend, Miss
Annie Lou Erwin, who will remain
until Coker college opeDS on Sep
tember 21.
Mr. J. W. Peak is opening up a
stock of fall merchandise in the
store which he has occupied for the
past 20 years., The goods which be
purchased while in New York re
cently are daily arriving and in a
few days he will be ready for the
early fall shoppers.
Mr. Eugene Tim mons has accept
ed a position as salesman in the
store of Mr. Raymond Rogers in
Blenheim, S. C. Mrs. Rogers, nee
Miss Josie Sheppard, induced Mr.
Timmons to go to Blenheim when
she was here recently visiting her
mother, Mrs. Ida F. Sheppard.
Mr. Strom Cothran who resides
at the Reel place near Cleora killed
a huge rattle snake in his yard
Tuesday. This hideous monster had
10 rattles and a "button" on its tail,
which, we believe, indicates that it
was in its 11th year. Mr. Cothran
brought the snake to Edgefield.
The many friends of Mr. W. T.
Walton in all parts of the county
will sympathize with him in the
heavy loss which he sustained
through the loss of his barn and its
contents Sunday night by fire as re
ported by our Johnston correspond
ent. The building was struck by
The Georgia Cotton Oil Compa
ny of Augusta, whose manager is
that splendid Edgefield boy, Walter
E. Holston, has engaged Mr. Levi
Quarles and Mr. Frank West to
buy seed for them at Edgefield and
vicinity. The lamented Charles E.
Quarles represented this large com
pany for the past three years.
Early Fall Arrivals.
Mr. W. H. Turner calls attention
this week to some of the new things
that have already arrived at the
Corner Store. ?He made large pur
? chases in all departments for this
. popular store while in New York
; and the early fall shoppers should
not fail to call, especially in supply
ing the needs of the school children
and getting the young people ready
for collegt. The newest of the new
things are now displayed at the
Corner Store.
Death of Mrs. Byrd.
! Mrs. Belle Connor Byrd died at
her home in Hazlehurts, Miss., on
the 12th of August at 7 o'clock in
the alternoon. A disconsalate hus
band, eight grown children and 19
grandchildren survive her. She was
was the daughter of A. P. Connor
and Elizabeth Bradley of Abbeville,
S. C., and wife of Dr. L. G. Byrd
of Edgefield. Dr. Byrd went to
Mississippi about 40 years ago to
engage in the practice of medicine.
He was a member of the old and
honored Byrd family of Edgefield
Edgefield's Representatives.
The annual meeting of the Wo
man's Missionary Union of the
Edgefield association was held at
Clark's Hill yesterday and to-day.
In spite of the weather a goodly
number attended from a long dis
tance. Edgefield was represented by
Mesdames E. P. Jones, W. E. Lott,
Mamie N. Tillman, Fannie Tomp
kins, B. B. Jones, N. M. Jones, M.
E. Barker, J. L. Mims, Miss Jennie
Pattison, Miss Florence Mims, Miss
Ouida Pattison, Frances Jones,
Jones, Eleanor Mims and William
Jones. Mrs. J. M. Mays attended
from Horn's Creek.
Buist's Turnip Seed.
Let us supply you with Buist's
new crop turnip seed in all the
popular varieties1 Rutabagas, white
globe, seven top, purple top, Aber
deen, in fact, we have all of the va
rieties that are grown on the cele
brated Buist farm.
Pans. & Holstein.
The Annual Meeting of the W.
M. U., Auxilary to the Ridge
Association, to be Held ai
Ridge Spring Baptist Church,
Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept
7th and 8th.
First Session.
10:30A. M.-Devotional service, Rev.
I. G. Murray.
Greeting from State president
Roll call and reports of W. M. S.
Distribution of apportionment cards.
Recognition of visitors.
Superintendent's report
Noon-hour prayer, Mrs. Mamie N.
Song message, Miss Nannie Gunter.
Report of Institute.
Reports of Vice-President of West
ern Division, with standing of South
Carolina in union by Mrs. Mamie N.
Miss Heck's message, Miss Lalla
Reading of associational policy.
Election of nominating committee.
Miscellaneous announcements.
Adjournment foir dinner.
Second Session.
2:15 P. M.-Opening song. Prayer.
Appointment of committees on time
and place.
Report of committee on literature,
Mrs. T. H. Posey.
Report on Margaret Fund, Mrs. R.
M. Watson.
Song message, Miss Nannie Gunter..
Sunbeam hour,*Asso. Supt. of Sun
beam work presiding.
Southern W. M. U. Sunbeam song,
"Be a Little Sunbeam," by the chil
Bible lesson-John 15th, 1:17, recited
by the Sunbeams of the association; il
lustrated by Mrs. W. J. Hatcher.
Sentence prayer: "That the Sun
beams may be fruit-bearing Christians.
Welcome, Lucile Smith.
Response, Martha Reese.
Roll call with verbal reports.
Distribution of apportionment cards.
Association Superintendent's report
Presentation of banner to band hav
ing exceeded its apportionment most
Message from State Superintendent,
with recommendations.
Open conference.
Report of committees on obituaries.
Third Session.
8:00 P. M.-Open meeting.
Devotion service and song service.
Training-school episode. v
Song message, Miss Nannie Gunter.
Royal Ambassador hour.
11011 call and reports.
Distribution Of apportioment cards.
Message by State Superintendent of
Royal Ambassador, Mrs. Edwin Car
Fourth Session.
10:00 A. M.-Opening song. Prayer.
Y. W. A. hour, Association Superin
tendent of Y. W. A. presiding.
Devotional service, Y. W. A.
Roll call and reports, Y. W. A. and
G. A.
Greetings from State Superintendent
of Y. W. A.
Report of Association Superintendent
of Y. W. A.
Report of committee on Training
School, Miss Sara Mae Quattlebaum.
Report of committee on Mission
Study, Miss P. C. Stevens.
Mission study demonstration on "The
King's Highway," led by Mrs. W. J.
Noon-hour prayer, Mrs. Mamie Till
Song message, Miss Gunter.
Report of committee on personal ser
vice, Miss Sallie May Burton.
Edisto academy, Mrs. Cannada.
Adoption of policy.
Miscellaneous announcements.
Adjournment for dinner.
Firth Session.
2;00 P. M.-Devotional service, Mrs.'
Ella Adams.
Report of nominating committee.
Election of officers.
Appointment of standing committees.
Report of committees on time and
Closing prayer.
3:00 P. M.-Open meating. Address
on prohibition by Dr. Joseph G. Camp.
A. H. Corley,
Surgeon Dentist
Appointments at Trenton
On Wednesdays.
Dental Surgeon
Residence 'Phone 17-R. Office 3.
Sr- King's New Discwery
Some Reminiscences of Col. El
bert Bland.
. ' (Continued from Page One.)
had an aversion to soap and water,
comb and brush. He would catch
and eat every big rat .and every
highland terrapin that he could
.find and would attend the surgeon's
call regular to be excused from du
ty- On one occasion while the doc
tor was prescribing for him Col.
Bland walked up and said,' "Stop
doctor, I will prescribe for "Big
Nasty" which I think will be better
for him. Mine will be an external
application, and that is soap, water
and sand." He told Charlie Gray
(Scout Gray) to detail three men
and take "Big Nasty" to the creek
and have his hair clipped and his
beard trimmed close and put him in
the water, and soft soap and sand
him and scour him well, that is my
order, do you understand it Gray?
He also told Charlie Gray to take
him to the quarter master and get
him a full suit from spui to plume
and burn the last rag on his back
and let me tell you, Scout Gray
carried out the Col's, order to the
letter. Several of us witnessed the
scouring. They would soap him
well and send him under head and
ears, then saud him, they handled
him rough but it was what he need
ed, and the Col. knew it; but Big
Nasty never reported to the sur
geon's call any more. That broke
.him from sucking eggs, and Scout
Gray did not have to administer
that dose any more. But the funny
part was that when he went back
to his regiment his own company
did.not know him. This same fellow
carried with him a long cord with
a fish hook at one end and a bullet
with a hole through it, in order to
throw it out among the ducks and
chickens while we were at Cham
bersburg, Pa., two days before the
battle of Gettysburg. We were tear- i
ing up the railroad track, and an old
lady living near the railroad had a
lot of ducks. The Junebugs
pfb?ftd swarm out from under the
cross ties, and the ducks began to
come,a little closer and Big Nasty
stuck a Junebug on his hook and
dropped the bullet, Junebug and j
all among the ducks and the old j
drake gobbled it down, at the same
time Big Nasty began to wind him
in, and the old drake would spread
his legs and wings and squall out
quit, quit, and all tue flock of
ducks raised a mighty cry. The old
lady came running out, saying what
ai?;you all doing with my ducks.
Bi^Nasty said nothiog,notbing,The
duck has swallowed a June bug and
it has made him sick. But she came
right on when she saw the dilemma
that the old drake was in. While
every fellow was looking at Big
Nasty and the woman, she yelled
out a few Sunday school words and
demanded pay for the duck. The
officer in command of the squad
came up, and asked the old woman
what was the matter. "Matter in
deed cried the old lady, can't you
see that big nasty devil has caught
my fine man duck with a hook and
line." The Capt. offered her a fifty
cents (Confederate money called
shinlaster). She looked at it and
turned it about and asked what is
this? Confederate money said the
officer. She threw it in his face and
said, damn you and your money.
But some of the boys had some sil
ver and paid her for her "man
duck" as she called it, but that old
woman could sure cuss to beat the
band. The funny part was, she call
ed "Big Nasty" by the name that
he went by in camp, "that nasty
devil" has caught my duck. That
has been fifty-two 3'ears ago. I hope
the old lady died in the faith and
went home to glory.
J. Russell Wright.
Johnston, S. C.
By W. T. Kinnaird, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Mrs. Susie B?. Miller,
of above County and State made
suit to me, to grant her Letters of
Administration (cum testimento an
nexo) of the Estate of and effects
of W. S. Miller also of above Coun
ty and State (she being his) late
These Are Therefore to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and Creditors of the said W.
S. Miller deceased, that they be
and appear before me, in the Court
of Probate, to be held at Edgefield,
C. H., S. C., in my office on the
3rd day of Sept. 1915, next, after
publication thereof, at ll o'clock
in the forenoon, to show cause, if
any they have, why the said Ad
ministration should not be granted.
Given under my Hand, this 14tb
day of August A. D., 1915.
P. J., E. C.
Aug. 17-St.
Ginning Season Now On
Machinery in use just one season. Everything
newly overhauled.
I have the latest improved Murray Four-Gin Sys
tem. I am prepared to handle your ginning in the
most up-to-date manner. My last year's work proved
entirely satisfactory to every customer. Be sure to
give me a trial. I guarantee that you will be highly
pleased. I personally oversee all work done.
I also buy cotton seed. Always pay highest market
price. Am in touch with one of the largest cotton
seed concerns in the South.
Telehone 2002 Edgefield, S. C.
Ginnery Next to Edgefield Graded School
Mowers Mowers
We sell McCormick and Dain Mow
ers. There is nothing better on the
We also keep on hand a full supply
)f repair for McCormick, Deering, 0s
Dorne, Champion and Dain Mowers.
Stewart & Kernaghan
My Ginnery Ready
I desire to notify the public that I
have renewed my ginnery throughout,
and that I am better equipped than ever
to gin their cotton. I solicit a share of
your patronage. I give personal atten
tion to my ginnery, which assures that
your cotton will receive proper attention.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Abner B. Broadwater

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