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Office No. 61.
Residence, No. 17.
Wednesday, Sept. 8.
-1 --ll- V- ' I ? -
Vote next Tuesday.
Mrs. W. S. Cogburn is visiting
: relativ?* in Greenville.
Rev. E. C. Bailey will fill his pul
' pit at Johnston this Suday at 11:15. j
Mrs. J. S. Smith is visiting her
sister, M/s. J. W. Hardy, at John
Miss Ruth Williamson of Augus
ta is visiting her sister, Mrs. Luther
QuarJ.es. j
Mr. J. P. Anderson of Anderson
county is visiting his son, Mr. O.
B. Andersen.
Mrs. F. F. Williams of Augus
ta was the guest of her sister, Mrs.
L. P. Smith, last week.
Mrs. Jane Harling is spending
this week with her daughter, Mrs.
C. M. Thomas.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hardy of
Johnston were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Smith Sunday.
Mr?. J. B. Kennerly has returned
home after spending some time
with relatives in Greenville.
Don't put off sending your orders
to Miss Eliza Mims for Hand Paint
ed China for the coming weddings.
Mrs. Ida F. Sheppard has gone
to Blenheim to spend a month
??.ith her daughter, Mrs. Raymond
IGpii can reduce your fertilizer
bill hy half by planting largely of
winter legumes. Try it if you do
not believe it.
Mr. L. L. Clippard came home
Monday night, having rapidly re
covered from the recent operation
for appendicitis.
Miss Alline Payne of Ninety Six
is here visaing her uncle, Mr. W.
* H. Dorn. She has been visiting rela
tives in Johnston.
As for onr part, we would rather
havu Jack Frost bite us than the
pesky little mosquitoes. Hasten the
coming of winter!
Rev. J. R. Walker will preach
at Edgefield next Sanday morning
?t ll o'clock and at Trenton at
night at 8:30 o'clock.
Mr. H. C. Watwon has returned
from the hospital in Baltimore and
his friends are delighted that he has
been greatly benefilted.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Cheatham
of Epworth, Gretnwood county, are
here visiting Mrs. Isabelle Ouzts,
Mrs. Cheatham's mother.
Vote next Tuesday.
Edgefield will send a large dele
gation to the Edgefield Baptist as
sociation which convenes at Red
1?U caurch this morning.
Mr. J. Rubinstein states that his
-{Stores will be closed Thursday and
Friday of this week on account of
observing Jewish holidays.
The days between now and next
Monday-the day set for the re
opening of school-will be very
?hort for the average Edgefield boy.
Mr. James B. Kennerly came in
off Ibo road to spend the week end
with the homefolk. His Edgefield
friends always greet him very cor
That splendid young fellow, Mr.
DeLoach Warren, the youngest son
of Mrs. Mamie Warren, is now
.seiriag W. W. Adams & Company
a? salesman.
fir. and Mrs. F. F. Rainsford
anj Miss Sadie Mims motored to
Columbia Monday, Labor Day, to
Witness the automobile racei at the
Air grounds.
Are you making preparations
foYa fall and winter garden? You
Can greatly reduce the high cost of
Kiting by having an all-the-year
arltftfnd garden.
Mr. J. D. Holstein, Jr, and Miss
Ma? Tompkins, accompanied by
mMmml young friends, motored to
Greenwood Tuesday afternoon, re
ttSmiftg by nightfall.
Do not miss the "Movies" Friday
and Saturday nights, when the An
gxMn Booster reels of Johnston,!
TflfBeto and Edgefield views will
bs sire*. The views are fine, many j
t?twBlB? ?f these towns being plainly j
visible. Do not miss them.
Rev. Mr. Butler of North. Car
lina is conducting a revival meetii
in the court house, services beit
held every night. The public is cc
diallj invited to attend.
Edgefield has i*s usual corps <
cotton seed buyers who will pay tl
market price. If we mistake nc
Edgefield was recognized as tl
leading seed market in this sectic
last season.
The Advertiser has been requet
ed to announce that a meeting.<
the Civic League and the Cemetei
Association will be held at the cou
house next Monday afternoon
5:30 o'clock.
Mr. John Harling has been spen
ing several days here with relative
For a number of years he has bee
superintendent of one of the sta
farms and has made a splendid su
sess of the farm.
Prepare for a large acreage i
oats and wheat. Wi?h the splendi
facilities for converting wheat int
flour now existing in the count
there- ought to be a steadily i:
creasing wheat yield.
The graded and high schools wi
open Monday morning at nit
o'clock and Prof. T. J. Lyon e
tends a cordial invitation to all <
the patrons of the school to atten
the opening exercises.
Mr. J. W. Peak is having the ii
terior of his store beautifully pain
ed. He has ordered attractive fi:
tures, all of which will enhance tl
appearance of the beautiful ne
stock of fall merchandise.
Mrs. Manly DeLoach underwei
a surgical operation at the hospitt
in Columbia Monday. Her daugi
ter, Miss Emmie DeLoach, and so:
Mr. Thomas Homar, are with he
Encouring reports come from h<
Attention is directed to the ai
vertisement of the Corner Ston
Everything needed in prepariu
your sons and daughters for scho<
or college can be had at this popi
lar store-the latest and best <
Mr. J. J. Griffis was in to see n
yesterday and stated that he has
good crop and the best part of it i
he has made it cheaper than he ha
ever made a crop since he has bee
farming. His fertilizer bill onl
amounted to $37.
Vote next Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jenning
and their children of Bamberg ar
visiting Messrs. J. J. and R. C
Griffis. They were accompanied b
Mrs. Jordon, Mrs. Jennings mothei
Mr. Jennings made trie trip fror
Bamberg in his new touring car
Miss Rhett Warren will teach th
Morgan school during the ensuinj
session. Mr. C. M. Mellichamp, win
taught this school the past session
will devote his entire tim?} to Hf
insurance. He is contemplating mov
ing to Edgefield in order to b
more centrally located. Edgefieh
will extend them a cordial welcome
Sheriff W. R. Swearingen, actinj
with solicitor Timmerman, for
warded a petition to the governo
of Pennsylvania asking that Jo*
Grant be returned to South Caroli
na, assuring him that the negn
would be unmolested and receive i
fair trial. The petition was signet
by a number of representative citi
zens of Johnston and Edgefield
The memorial service to be hele
at Sweetwater churoh next Sunday
will attract a large number of per
eons. Edgefield will be well rep
resented. Dinner will be served at
the church. A notice of the day'?
exercise is published in this issue ol
The Advertiser by the pastor ol
Sweetwater, Rev. A. W. Reynolds
who is also pastor of the Baptisl
church at Warrenville.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Parks were
received into the Edgefield Baptist
church Sunday morning, the for
mer by letter from Berea and the
latter by letter from Gilgal church.
In taking this step Mr. and Mrs.
Parks acted wisely. There are doubt
less other persons who have cast
their lot in this community but who
have not yet placed their letter with
one of the looal churches.
All of the ladies who attended
the missionary convention at
Clark's Hill last week are unstinted
in their praises of the good people
of that section. Although Clark's
Hill is somewhat remotely situate i
from Edgefield. we Are confident
that the Edgefield ladies would like
to meet there every year. ?We pub
lish a very interesting report of the
convention this week written by
Mrs. W. E. Lott.
[Vote next Tuesday.
Mr. B. P. Kiteliings, one of the
best and most progressive citizens
of .Plum Branch, was in town on
business Tuesday. He paid The
Advertiser a pleasant call, stating
to us that he has already sown 40
acres in oats and the acreage,
throughout his section will be large.
In order to get the benefits -of *he
high school, xMr. Kitchings will
move his family to McCormick this
fall and he will go back and forth
to his farm.
Went To Greenville.
Mr. C. M. Mellichamp went to
Greenville last week to attend the
banquet given bv the officers of the
Southeastern Life Insurance compa
ny celebrating the opening of the
handsome new office building. The
only building of its kind in the
state. It stands complete without a
dollar of indebtedness, an ornament
to Greenville and a credit to the
progressive company.
At Home Again.
Senator and MTS. B. R. Tillman
returned to Trenton Thursday, after
spending several months on the Pa
cific coast, dividing their time be
tween a visit to their daughter, Mrs.
H. VV. Hughes, in Portland, Ore
gon, and the Panama Exposition.
Senator Tillman also made an ex
tended side-trip into Alaska. He
estimates that during his absence
he and Mrs. Tillman travelled a
distance of about 15,000 miles, and
instead of having his strength deplet
ed Senator Tillman seems to have
been benefitted by the long jaunt.
Celebrated! Eighth Birthday.
Saturday afternoon Allen George
Thurmond, the little eight-years-old
son of Hon. and Mrs. J. Wm. Thur
mond, celebrated his birthday, in
viting about, 50 of his little friends
to share the pleasure of the afternoon
willi him. Every moment of the
stay of the little visitors at this de
lightful home was made very pleas
ant, so much that they were reluct
ant to leave and already wish that
it will be a very short year before
the charming little host has anotner
birthday party. Many tokens of es
teem were presented to the host by
his friends. Refreshments were
served in abundance.
Finest Sweet Potatoes.
Although the season has not weft
opened and but few reports, are ijn,
yet we do not expect to see anybody
surpass Mr. E. P. Arthur in raakihg
sweet potatoes. He brought The
Advertiser a peck of as fine sweet
potatoes a few days ago as we ever
saw. They are an improved variety,
resulting from 'personal attention
given them by Mr. Arthur himself.
Last year he planted his Nancy Hall
potatoes and. pumpkin yams so as
to obtain a new variety, and
it has been this latter variety that
has enabled him to succeed so well
this year. Mr. Arthur plowed up a
row 70 yard? in length and gathered
6 bushels. We are grateful for the
generous portion he brought The
Ad vertiser.
Trenton Warehouse Bonded.
Last Thursday Mr. J. G. L.
White, deputy state warehouse com
missioner, made a hurried visit to
Edgefield and also visited Trenton.
While at the latter place he arrang
ed with the owners of the cotton
warehouse to include it in the chain
of warehouses that are being oper
ated under the management of
State Warehouse Commissioner
John L. McLaurin, Senator Till
man signing the necessary papers
for the warehouse company. There
are several advantages in becoming
one of the chain of state warehouses.
A lower insurance rate is secured
and the warehouse keeper is bonded
which makes it easier to secure a
loan from a bank on the warehouse
Very Heavy LOM.
In a letter to the editor of Thc
Advertiser, Mr. W. T. Walton
stated that his loss from the burn
ing of his barn and 22 bales of cot
ton laut week will be about $1,300,
less six bales of cotton that was
saved. After picking the cotton
that was burned he saved a sufficient
quantity to pack six bales. In addi
tion to the cotton, he also lost some
farm tools. Mr. Walton stated that
at one time last year he could have
sold the cotton at 10 cents, but as
he did not need the money decided
to hold it longer, feeling too that it
was well protected from the weath
er. The danger of cotton being
struck by lightning is something
that we never take in to account.
There was so little danger from fire
that Mr. Walton thought it unnec
essary to hare the cotton insured.
His friends in all parts ot the coun
ty sympathize with him ia his heavy
Meeting of Card Club.
The regalar meeting of the Thurs
day Afternoon Card Club waa held
?at the home of Mrs. J. D. Holstein.
?Four tables were arranged for the
spirited game. The decorations
consisted of a profusion of beautiful
roses. At the close the score was
recorded by Miss Virginia Addison,
the Mecretary of the club, no an
nouncement being made until the
close of tho series of games. The
I consolation prize was awarded to
Miss Annie bee. The hostess served
ice cream and cake.
Another Death in the Home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hammond of
the Colliers section have the deep
est sympathy of their friends in all
parts of the county. One month
ago they buried their son, Marcellus,
who died of typhoid fever, aud
Monday their eighteen-year-old son,
Clarence, died of the same malady,
the funeral taking place at Red Hill
Tuesday afternoon. The funeral
was conducted by Rev. J. T. Little
john. This promising boy who vvas
just ?ntering upon young manhood
was very popular in the Colliers
?community. Just why these de
voted parents had their second son
taken is a dispensation of Provi
dence which the finite mind cannot
understand, but it will be revealed
at that day. We exteud sincere
Woman's Christian Temperance
The regular meeting of the W.
C. T. U. will take place on Monday
afternoon at 5 o'clock, at the home
of Mrs. R. L. Duuovant. The spe
cial subject for the meeting will be
4 Peace and International Arbitra
Short readings on this subject
will be given by Mrs. E. J. Norris,
Mrs. W, H. Dorn and Mrs. J* Wm.
(Thurmond. There will Le music and
short reports of the state VV. C. T.
U. convention recently held at Al
lendale, as follows:
''General impressions," Mrs. Fan
nie Tompkins.
"The gocd time I had at Allen
dale," Elizabeth Lott.
"Demonstrations," Mrs. W. B.
"The treasury," Mrs. J. L.
"The best reports," Mrs. Mamie
The devotions will be in charge
of Mrs. J. W. Peak.
Every new member and all the
old members are earnestly requested
to be present at the new W. Q. T
LT. year, and enjoy the interesting
program. This meeting will tak
place the day before the election,
and will be an opportunity for the
members to meet and pray for the
success of prohibition for South
School Books and Supplies.
We have a full stock of school
books and school supplies of all
kinds, and will take pleasure in
serving you. All school books sold
for cash only.
Penn & Holstein.
Ready by Saturday
I take this means of informing
the public that the large stock
which I recently purchased in north
ern markets in person has arrived,
and is now being opened up at my
old stand, next door to Lynch's
drug store, and Saturday morning
we will throw our doors open to the
public, inviting one and all in to
see our large assortment of brand
new goods. Every department will
be filled with the best stock of dry
goods, notions and shoes that money
can buy.
Come in and see for yourself Sat
urday, September ll.
Are You
Sufficiently Insured?
Thirty-three companies op
erating in this State, and we
are SECOND in the race.
Shingles! Shingles !
A car load of best grade Cypress
shingles just received. Worth 15.00
per thousand, but will sell for $4.00
cash in order to make quick sale.
(llPrittl'? IS THE ONLY
Are you bilious, dizzy and list?
isa? Dr. King's New Life Pills,
iken at once seizes upon constipa
ion and starts the bowels moving
aturally and easily. Moreover it
cts without griping. Neglect of a
logged system c*fteti leads to most
er i ou.s complications. Poisonous
natters and a body poorly function
ng need immediate attention. If
.ou wish to wake up to morrow
norning happy in mind and entire
y satisfied, start your treatment to
light. 95c. a bottle.-2
Edgefield School
The Edgefield graded and High
school will openMonday, Septem
13, at 9 o'clock a. m. Parents
Dlease see to it that your children
ire present. The first day will be
riven np to enrolling, examining
md classifying students, lt is very
mportant that every pupil start on
he first day.
T. J. Lyon,
Ginning Seas
Machinery in use just
newly overhauled.
I have the latest improv
tem. I am prepared to ha
most up-to-date manner. A
entirely satisfactory to evei
give me a trial. I gu?rante
pleased. I personally overs?
I also buy cotton seed, J
price. Am in touch with
seed concerns in the South.
Telehone 2002
Ginnery Next to Edg
We sell McCormi
ers. There is nott
We also keep on J
of repair for McCoi
borne, Champion an
Stewart & I
My Ginne
I desire to notify
haye tenewed my ?
and tkat I am better
to gin their cotton,
your patronage. I ?
tion te my ginnery,
vonr eotton will recei
Satisfaction gu?rante
Abner B. ?
liven by an Edgefield Citizen.
Doan's kidney pills, were used
hey brought benefit.
The story was told to Edgefield
Time has strengthened the evi
Has proven the result lasting.
The testimony ie home testimony.
The proof convincing.
It can be investigated hy Edge
ield residents.
W D Dorn, Edgefield, says: "Yon
nay continue to use my statement,
.ecommending Doan's kidney pills.
The cure they made for me has been
i permanent one, and I have had
io signs of kidney trouble for the
jast few years. Ialways recommend
Doan's kidney pills to anyone suffer
ng from weak kidneys."
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
limply ask for a kidney remedy
jet Doan's kidney pills-the eame
hat Mr. Dorn had. Foster-Milburo
3o., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
on Now On
one season. Everything
ed Murray Four-Gin Sys
mdle your ginning in the
ly last year's work proved
ry customer. Be sure to
e that you will be highly
ie all work done.
Always pay highest market
one of the largest cotton
Hil. IL
Edgefield, S. C.
efield Graded School
ck and Dain Mow
ling better on the
hand a full supply
.mick, Deering, Os
id Dain Mowers.
ry Ready
r the public that I
ginnery throughout,
equipped than ever
I solicit a share of
'ive personal atten
which assures that
ve proper attention.
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