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/. L. MIMS,...Editor
< ~~*
Published every Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building at $1.50 per year
in advance.
filtered as -second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield, S. C.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Card/ .of Thanks, Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
There is no disp arity in marriage
like the unsuitability of mind and
h i +
Wednesday, Sept. 15.
The Referendum Election.
Prohibition won in South Caro
lina Tuesday by a large majority.
About 55,000 votes have been re
ported. All of the counties in the
State have voted out whiskey ex
cept Charleston and Dorchester.
All dispensaries will close the night
of the 31st of December.
The following is the vote in
Edgefield, giving all of the pre
cincts except one:
T immerman ... 31 3
Johnston .... 169 14
Trenton .... 42 1
Edgefield (Wise) . 48 12
Edgefield (Pickens) . 49 8
Meeting Street . . 65 3
Parksvile .... 29 2
Pleasant Lane . . 38 8
Rehoboth .... 22 2
Plum Branch . , . 73 0
Modoc. 26 10
Led Hill .... 48 5
Cheatham's Store . 40 7
Mathis. 27 3
Liberty Hill ... 23 5
Meriwether . . . _ _
Boner's. 10 1
740 82
Gold Medal Contest.
Edgefield county held the second
gold medal contest on Sunday after
noon yet held in the county, the
first one having taken place at John
ston several years ago. Miss Flor
ence Peak was the first gold medal
The following programme was
carried out on Sunday afternoon at
the Baptist church :
"Gi?ide Me, O Thou Great Jeho
vah" was sung by the congregation,
. and prayer led by Rev. J. R.
Mrs. M. P. Wells, superintendent
of the medal contest department of
the county W. C. T? U., conducted
the exercises, and announced the
members, making a very interesting
explanation of the medal contest,
and giving commendation to those
who had so willingly given their
time and services to the cause of
prohibition during the summer.
The first declamation was made
by Miss Nita Ouzts, all of the con
testants having previously won sil
ver medals. Miss Ouzts gave that
very striking selection, "The Lips
That Touch Liquor Shall Never
Touch Mine.'*
The other contestants were: Miss
Onida Pattison, who reoited "Old
boapy;" Florence Mims, "Two Por
traits;" J. T. Littlejohn, Jr., "Our
Platform;'* Janice Morgan, "Pledge
with Wine;" Helen Marsh, "The
Moderate Plan."
Miss Helen Marsh, of the Har
mony community, won the gold
medal, and was greatly applauded,
manifesting unusual gifts.
The song contestants were: Dozier
Tompkins, Julian Mims, Daisy
Smith, . Elliott Lewis, Ora Bell
Perry, Eleanor Mims, William
Jones and Corrie Cheatham.
The audience applauded every lit
tle girl and boy, and many said af
terward that each one, as they per
formed their part so beautifully,
wonld surely win the medal.
Eleanor Mims was awarded the
froid medal, singing "Mollie.and the
"Vote Dry" buttons were distrib
uted among the voters.
Miss Miriam Norris sang, "Will
Ton Come Home Sober, Father?"
A quartette was enjoyed, sung by
Mrs. J. R. Tompkins, Mrs. W. F.
JfoMnrrain, Mrs. W. L. Du no vant
sod Mrs. Mamie Tillman.
The audience was large and at
tentive, and was composed of repre
sentatives from all the communities
who had sent contestants. The oc
casion was pronounced a great suc
cess, and the boys and girls are en
thusiastic to hold another one in
the near future.
FOR SALE: Two brand-new,
latest model, Oliver typewriters at a
bargain. Apply at The Advertiser
Aiken in Debt, Treasury Empty.
Aiken, Sept. 9.-Thirty thousand
dollars in debt, with nothing in the
treasury. Auen county is unable
to pay off, to meet its regular
monthly bills or to pay salaries to
the county officers.
On September, 1 the last of the
county funds were paid out, a few
of the county officials being paid
! No current bills were paid.
It is impossible to state when
these will be paid, or when the sit
uation will be relieved, as the coun
ty has borrowed to the limit; and
taking the whole amount of the or
dinary county taxes, for the year,
to be paid into the county treasury,
about $27,500, this would fall more
than $2,000 short of paying the
county's indebtedness.
Two years ago Aiken county had
$45,000 to its credit.
Twenty thousand of the $30,000
indebtedness is owed for the post
road, and $10,000 has been borrow
ed for ordinary county purposes.
Out of the tax money, the county
is obligated to pay $10,000 on its
indebtedness this fall.
The situation is serious, especial
ly because, should the county con
tinue to receive aid through the dis
pensary, as in the past, such relief
would only be temporary.
It is not at all improbable that
the grand jury will, when it con
venes the. latter part of this month,
make an investigation and recom
mendations to the court.
What "Thoroughbred" and
"Purebred" Mean.
A reader wants to know why it is
not correct to use the term
"thoroughbred", except to designate
a certain breed of horses.
* The only reason anyone can give
is that the practice or usage of stock
men has so ordained. This accept
ed usage is purely arbitrary, and we
believe unwise and without reason.
There is no good reason as we see
it why this good word. "Thorough
bred should have been diverted
from its original and correct use
and arbitrarily assigned as a name
for a breed of horses and the ban
put on its use in any other way.
But custom or usage makes law,
and there is no appeal from this
law. Well informed up-to-date
stockmen do not now use the term
! "thoroughbred"as syuonomous with
I "pure-bred," but use it only to
designate a breed of horses-the
running horse. As our inquirer
indicates, many of the dictionaries
still favor the original and correct
use of the word, but some lexico
graphers are beginning to also re
cognize its new and arbitrary use
as the name of a breed of horses.
The power of custom is great, and
however arbitrary and unwise the
perverted use of the word may ap
pear, it is probable that its use for
any other purpose than as the name
of a breed of horses will decrease
and in time become extremely rare.
Notice of Election.
State of South Carolina, )
Edgefield County. i
Whereas, a petition has been filed,
and all legal requirements having
been met, it is ordered that the reg
ularly appointed Board of Trustees
of Limestone School District No. 37
do hold an election at the new
school building in said district on
Saturday, October 2, 1915, to vote
upon the question of levying and
collecting a special tax of four (4)
mills on the dollar of all taxable
property in said district, proceeds of
such levy to be used for school pur
poses m Limestone School District
No. 37.
At this election only such resi
dent electors as return real or per
sonal property for taxation, and who
exhibit their tax receipts and regis
tration certificates as required in
general elections shall be allowed to
Those favoring the special levy
shall cast a ballot with the word
"Yes," written or printed thereon,
and those opposing such levy shall
cast a ballot with the word "No"
written or printed thereon. Within
ten days after the election, if a ma
jority of those voting shall favor
the special levy, the managers will
submit to County Auditor the re
sult of the eleetion. The polls shall
open at 8 o'clock A. M., and close
at 4 o'olook P. M., and in all re
spects comply wi th Sec. 1208, Code
of Laws of of South Carolina.
County Board of Education,
Edgefield County.
FOR SALE: Pure-bred Berk
shire pigs, eight weeks old, $3.00
up each. J. C. Morgan, Parksville,
S. C.-9-15-2t.
FOR SALE-Abruza i Rye at
$2.25, Beach Island Rye $2.00, f. o.
b. cars Trenton.
D. R. Day.
I What Others Say g
Small Boy Happy.
And now the scientists tell us that
the family wash rag is the greatest
germ carrie* imaginable. The small
boy never heard better news in his
Hf e.-Anderson Intelligencer.
Champion Wheat Grower.
Dewey Gaines, a young farmer, who
lives near Arcanum, Ohio, has won dis
tinction as the champion wheat grow
er of the United States. He has to
his credit 278 bushels on five acres, an
average of 55 2-3 bushels to the acre.
The average wheat yield per acre is 16
bushels.- Yorkville Enquirer.
We All Agree. %
Col. William J. Bryan says that the
country is fortunate in not having Col.
Theodore Roosevelt in the presidential
chair at Washington and Col. Roose
velt says the country is fortunate in
not having Col. Bryan in the White
House. And the Norfolk Virginia-Pilot
says that the country agrees with both
of them.- Spartanburg Journal.
Law Enforcement.
There is in South Carolina a revival
of respect for law. This must be kept
up. The more law abiding our people
are, the better their condition, the hap
pier their lives. They should put in
office men who respect the law and
bow to its operation. Law "enforce
ment" should be rare, law "observ
ance" should be the rule of conduct -
Columbia Record.
Result of Hard Work.
Thomas A. Eidson reports in per
fecting the new battery that is being
installed on our latest submarines, he
spent $3,000,000 and made 55,000 ex
periments. In,the light of such fig
ures, there isn't much encouragement
for the old notion that invention was a
matter of mere luck or inspired idiocy.
It's a big serious business, demanding
not oniy careful* scientific training but
plenty of capital.-Anderson Intell
Regular Advertising Pays.
Just as the constant dripping of wa
ter will in time wear away the hardest
stone, so will the constant appearance
of an attractive and judiciously placed
advertisement draw customers, increase
business and as sure success. One
trouble with many business men is that
they advertise only at long intervals,
and then they wonder results are not
greater. It is persistence, backed by
the goods, that counts.-Orangeburg
Times and Democrat.
I Smile Provokers ?
??H|M?M|I ?fi ?fr ?}? y ifr ?|? ?]? ?}' A afc t\? '!'*{? iffc A ?fi tm y
"Pa,, what's the silent majority?"
"Two men when there's a woman
presenr., my son."-Boston Trans
. "How would you classify a tele
phone girl? Is her's a business or
a profession?"
"Neither; it's a calling."
"What do you think, my dear?
Mr. Smartleigh says he could use
my head in his business." "I haven't
a doubt of it. He manufactures con
crete."-Buffalo Express.
"That aviator chap cavorting
around in that flying machine will
fall yet if he keeps it up."
"N-no, if hs keeps it up it can't
fall. "-Jacksonville Times-Union.
Tramp-Please, mum, I'm a Bel
gian refugee.
Lady-Are you? Mention a town
in Belgium.
Tramp (cogitating a momen)-I
would mum, but they have all been
destroyed.-St. Louis Post-Dis
The Maid-I found fa four-leafed
clover this morning. There is an old
saying that the finder will be mar
ri8d within a year."
The Bachelor-"Indeed! I waa
under the impression that the find
ing of a four-leafed clover was an
omen of good luck."-Indianapolis
A settlement worker tells how
shocked she. was to encounter this
bit of cynicism in the slums. The
conversation was between two wo
men whose married life had not
been particularly felicitous.
"Well, said one of them, of
course, we has our troubles with all
of 'em. But I'll say this for my sec
ond husband-he's better than my
first. He's in jail solmuch that prac
tically all I earn I has for myself."
-Chicago Herald.
"I've been reading an artiole on
electricity, John, said the wife as
she laid down a copy of a technical
magazine which she had been pe
rusing. And it appears before long
we'll be able to get pretty near
everything we want just by touch
ing: a button."
'It will never pay here, growled
the husband. You would never be
able to get anything in that wav."
"Why not, John?"
"Because nothing on earth would
ever make you touch a button. Look
at my shirt!"
? Papal Flag Above the Stars
and Stripes.
I see a picture shown in the New
York Herald of August 9, a photo
graph of the United States battle
ship Florida, showing the papal en
sign flying above the stars and
stripes. What is to be done? What
are the American peeple going to
do about this insult to Old Glory.
Why place the yellow rag of the
papacy or any other rag represent
ing that power above the stars and
stripes. What authority is respon
sible? Does secretary Daniels ap
prove of this sacrilege? Will presi-'
dent Wilson continue to sanction
The Protestant churches have no
flag and because the papal church
bas one is no reason for fljing it on
board American men-of-war. If it
is essential to fly it to let the crew
know that it is jtbe Sabbath and
that it indicates divine worship, I
say, if it is essential, leave that ban
ner, below the star spangled ban
ner, and cour:; martial the whelp
who tries to pliace :it higher. Woe
to that nation which worship before
the beast, which goes to do its bid
ding, to usurp their privileges and
to steal their birth-right. Why in
sult the majority of the American
people with such object lessons. Are
the American people content to al
low Rome practices to predominate
in this land of Washington and
Jefferson, Davis, Lee and Jackson.
That papal banner floating upon
cur vessels means that a Roman
Catholic priest is conducting the
mass. It means that a papal chap
lain preside3 on. every ship where
the pope's banner hang. The flag
we call Old Glory, the banner of
the free, before whose brightening
stainless folds all men should bend
the knee, shall not be subordinate,
even for an hour, to any sort or
kind of rag denoting foreign power.
You who are responsible for this
outrage, what were your reasons for
issuing the permit? Were you
afraid to deny the papal request for
floating of the papal flag above that
of your country? Were you fearful
of the papal wrath upon eleotion
day? Were you apprehensive of
defeat in your political ambition if
you stood by Old Glory? Did you
hide your face in shame the first
time that Roman rag flew above our
"flag?" Did your manhood revolt
against your judgment when you
realized the degradation of your
authority? There are too many
papal chaplains in the United States
navy. There are too many of them
in the army. They exalt Romanism
and popery first, last and all the
time. What are we going to do
about it? I say pull it down
nothing must float above the stars
ind stripes in the shape. If our
national custodians of the nation's
honor will not do our bidding
in this respect, then relegate these
men to private life, and make it
such a political upheaval to settle
such things for all time to come.
Will they make friends with Old
Glory and haul down that yellow
rag? Will you do it? And when
it's down will you see to it that it
stays down? Will you do it?
Have you manhood enough to do
it? Dare you do it!
I am making this appeal to the
custodians of the nation's honor.
Again I ask the question: Does the
President and Secretary Daniels ap
prove of such an insult to our na
tions flag, under whose folds we all
claim protection.
Another Edgefield Case.
It Proyea That There's a Way
Out for Many Suffering
Edgefield Folks.
Just another report of a case in
Edgefield. Another typical case.
Kidney ailments relieved in Edge
field with Doan'is kidney pills.
Mrs. G T Padgett, Edgefield,
says: "My back ached and pained
all the time. In the morning when
I got up, I was so sore and stiff
that I could hardly bend over. I
tired easily and it was an effort for
me to do my housework. I also had
headaches and dizzy spells and my
sight blurred. I got Doan's kidney
pills at Penn & Holstein's drug
store and they relieved me from the
first. Whenever my back gives me
any trouble now, Doan's kidney
pills nevei fail to bring me relief."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's kidney pills-the same
that Mrs. Padgett had. Foster-Mil
burn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
A white boy, Harry Burton,
sometimes called Harry Bogus, left
my home September 3. Any in
formation concerning him will be
appreciated. He is 12 years of age,
has dark hair and brown eyes, small
for his age. Anybody who has
seen him will please write me.
J. Russell Wright.
Pleasant Lane, S. C.
At the close of business on the 2d
day of Sept, 1915.
Loans and Discounts.$312,923.92
Over Drafts. 501.71
Furniture and Fixtures_ 1,000.00
Banking House.. 5,000.00
Due from other Banks. 4,629.62
Currency. . 3,111.00
Gold._ 742.50
Silver and Other Minor Coin 327.49
Exchanges for the Clearing
House.-. 163.25
Capital Stock.$ 57,400.00
Surplus Fund_._. 27,000.00
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid._. 1,706.84
Individual Depos
its Subject to
Check.$ 45,401.88
Time Certificates
of Deposits --$126,890.77
Bills Payable, including Cer
tificates for Money Bor
rowed .70,000.00
Before me came E. J. MIMS, Cash
ier of the above named bank, who, be
ing duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a true con
dition of said bank, as shown by t^e
books of said bank.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 14th day of September, 1915.
W. B. Cogburn,
C. C. C. P.
Correct Attest:
J. C. Sheppard,
J. H. Allen,
B. E. Nicholson,
Bank of Parksville
Located at Parksville, S. C., at the
close of business September 2d, 1915.
Loans and Discounts $42,138.08
Overdrafts 350.09
Furniture and Fixtures 1,350.00
Banking House 1,973.20
Due from Banks and Bank
ers 2,939.78
Currency 520.00
Silver and Other Minor Coin 59.24
Checks and Cash Items 271.55
Total $4^601.94
Capital Stock Paid in 18,035.00
Surplus Fund' 4,000.00
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid 2,752.48
Due to Banks and Bankers 388.45
Individual Deposits
Subject to Check $6,210.58
Time Certificates of
Deposit 2,851:04
Cashier's Checks 364.39
Bills Payable, including Cer
tificates for Money Bor
rowed 15,000.00
Total $49,601.94
State of South Carolina, {
County of Edgefield. J BB
Before me came W. P. Parks, Cash
ier of the above named bank, who, be
ing daly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a true con
dition of said bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
W. P. Parks.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 13th day of September, 1915.
Joseph P. Brunson,
Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
W. R. Parks,
R. N. Edmunds,
J. C. Parks,
W. W. AD,
Members Stai
All persons stori
we think, will have
row money on certi:
Warehouse Commis
We will apprec
given us.
w. w. ADAMS
Edgefield, Sc
Bank of Trenton
Located at Trenton, S. C.; at the
close of business September 2, 1915,
Loans and-Discounts $73,879.56
Overdrafts 809.23
Furniture and Fixtures 2,350. Ot
Banking House 1,350.00
Due from Banks and Bankers 1,962.67
Currency 872.0?
Silver and Other Minor Coin 293.53
Checks and Cash Items 62.21
Total $81,579.20
Capital Stock Paid in $16,300.06
Surplus Fund 1,938.46 *
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid 1,658.78
Due to Banksfand Bankers 499.08
Individual Deposits Subject
to Check 17,186.09
Time Certificates of Deposit 7,996.79
Bills Payable, including Certi
ficates for Money Borrowed 36,000.00
Total $81,579.20
State ot South Carolina, ) _
County of Edgefield. fss*
Before me came W. W. Miller,
Cashier of the above named bank, who,
being duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a true con
dition of said bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
W. WV Miller.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 9th day of September, 1915.
Wallace W. Wise, [L.S.]
Magistrate E. C., S. C.
Correct Attest:
Jas. D. Mathis,
J. F. Bettis,
J. C. Long,
Bank of Plum Branch
Located at Plum Branch, S. C., at
the close of business September 2,1915.
Loans and Discounts $30,522.35
Overdrafts 16.85
Furniture and Fixtures 2,400.00
Other Real Estate Owned 450.00
Due from Banks and Bankers 5,977.06
Currency 414.00
Gold 32.50
Silver and Other Minor Coin 160.78
Checks and Cash Items 125.58
Total $40,099.12
Capital Stock Paid in $10,000.00
Surplus Fund 350.00
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid 541.08
Individual Deposits Subject
to Check 8,645.81
Time Certificates of Deposits 840.00
Cashier's Checks 51.42
Bills Payable, including Cer
tificates for Money Bor
rowed 19,670.81
Total $40,099.12
State of South Carolina, )
County of Edgefield. J88,
Before me came J. K. Faulkner,
Cashier of the above named bank, who,
being duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a true con
dition of said bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
J. K. Faulkner.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 9th day of September, 1915.
Thos. McAllister,
Notary Public.
Correct Attest :
W. R. Freeland,
Thos. McAllister,
J. L. Bracknell,
yis & CO.
be Warehouse
ng cotton with us,
no trouble to bor
?cat^R issued by the
date any business
luth Carolina

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