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Municipal Oversight Imperative I?
Conclusion Arrived At by Stu
dent of the SuDject.
$ -
After many years* study of the
street-tree problem, dig^'inr reports
from the principal cities in this coun
try, viewing such work done in Cali
fornia, one can fenn but one opinion
as to how the work may be properly
instituted and prosecuted. No satis
factory permanent improvement in
street planting may be done except un
der direct and strict municipal con
But very few property owners are
competent to choose the right tree fer
& specific street, and not one such
may live in your block or in your
street It ls all a question of.fitness,
of which its natural ability to thrive
under the hard conditions prevailing
In city streets is by far the most im
portant point. Then comes longevity,
for a tree should stand for centuries.
Even after the right tree is planted
lt must have intelligent care bestowed,
and all trees on one street should be
watered and pruned alike, set at the
same distance apart and given the
same general care, the latter consist
ing of numberless little things that
make an important factor as a whole.
Even the control of insect and other
pests becomes a serious matter early
In the life of any tree. Individual
property owners are possessed of too
great a variety of tastes, interests,
ideas of responsibility and degrees of
hanging on to the purse strings ever
to make unorganized effort more than
a failure or even organized effort much
of a success.-Los Angeles Times.
?They Add to Attractiveness and Com
. fort of Home, ls Declaration
of Wrtter.
It is a rare case when we cannot
?give the following admonition, says a
?writer In the Minneapolis Journal.
'Save all the trees possible on your
lani If a tree insists on standing In
th^ way when you are building a road,
?lee your road take a way around. Even
a tree left standing at the side of a
Toad or in the sidewalk may add pic
turesqueness to the land, which In
-itself in an attraction to buyers.
If the land bordering the road in a
residential tract ls thickly wooded,
<trees may not be needed in the plant
ing strip; Indeed, leaving all planting
out of the street tends materially to
.widening its appearance. It ls un
usually, however, a good idea to plan
for street trees. Their presence makes
for coolness and comfort and the gen
eral attractiveness of the region.
Forty feet apart is the best distance
for street trees and a safe one to fol
low. Planting at closer distance gives
the trees scant room for mature de
velopment. It is also more expensive
for the real estate man. Trees may be
planted opposite each other, if the
d?rtrnce betv.-ijen trees on opposite
isiaes of the street is forty feet. Should
.the distance be less, the trees had best
be "staggered"-that is, placed alter
.i **" Small Town's Beauty.
Austin, Minn., with a population of
?about 8,500, hc.3 the usual activities of
a little westerc town. Five divisions
of the C., M. & St. P. railroad center
there for repair shop facilities. It
bas a large packing bouse, its own
electric light and water works, worth
$300,000; a good-sized cement plant,
Ibrick and tile works, etc. But this
prosperous community ls especially
notable for its "city beautiful" idea.
Not content with its parks of forty-five,
fifteen and five acres, it has estab
tlished a floral decorative scheme. The
well-paved streets are arranged on a
floral plan. The wide parkings of one
street are beautiful at one season
with a profusion of the wild crab tree's
3>loom; another presents a ribbon of
color from geraniums; another street
presents a line of catalpas, snowy with
blossoms, and so on. The workmen
.at the shops and railroad station at
their own expense annually employ a
landscape gardener, and the bare,
.dusty patches of waste ground there
abouts have been transformed. Spires,
-phlox, lilies of all kinds and flowering
shrubbery, as well as annuals, are
rs.. . _.
j" * ' An Original 8cheme.
\ A tramp who drifted into Elkhart
?nd "registered" as Pat Mahoney put
over a clever deal in a crowded street
in the business district, until the po
lice got wise and locked him up for
public intoxication.
Pat noticed a woman In modest at
tire and timid demeanor as she stood
holding her baby in front of a barber
shop, waiting till her husband got
shaved. Pat took up his station about
thirty feet away from her.
"Say, pardner," Pat would whimper,
"that's me woman an' kid over there.
I'm broke and I'm tryin' to get them
down to her folks' place. I wanna git
"em there so's I kin git out alone an'
iflnd some work. Couldn't you help us
iwid a litiie piece o' coin?"
j It is ca?d he raked in many nickels
and dimes-and spent them in a near
by saloon.-Indianapolis Newa
"It le a good thing to be rich," said
Euripides, "and a good thing to be
strong, but lt ls a better thing to be
beloved of many friends."
Tell me how you spend your spare
time and I will tell you what you are,
says another wise man.
"When it is hard to think of any
thing to have for luncheon or supper,
Salmon Cakes.-Take
a can of salmon and
mix with one beaten
egg, add a cupful of bread
crumbs and a table
spoonful of softened
butter. Season with
salt and pepper, form
into small cakes and fry in hot fat.
Serve garnished with slivers of sour
Tipperary Salad.-Mix two table
spoonfuls of finely chopped parsley
with one and a half cupful of well-sea
soned mashed potato that has been
left from dinner, add a teaspoonful
of onion Juice and a half tablespoon
ful of vinegar. Chill thoroughly,
shape in small balls and serve on let
tuce leaves with French dressing.
Peach Pudding.-Line a deep bowl
with thin strips of sponge cake or
with ladyfingers. Pour into the bowl
a thin cornstarch pudding, flavored
with almond. When the cornstarch
has settled lay on top halves of
canned peaches. Fill the bowl with
more cornstarch pudding, garnish the
top with sliced peaches and sprinkle
with cocoanut
Salad Dressing for Fruit.-Beat
! well the yolks of two eggs, add one
half cupful of maple sirup and the
juice of a lemon? with a dash of salt.
Cook over hot water until smooth
and thick, beating with an egg whisk
or Dover beater constantly.
Hamburger Steak.-When getting
this meat at the market ask for half
hamburger and half pork, mix well,
season with salt, pepper, onion juice,
ground cloves aad nutmeg. Make into
balls and cook in a well-greased frying
pan until well browned. In another
pt* pat a af suet, a tablespoon
ful or two, and ad? sliced oaions;
when well yellowed, add green ap
ples, cut in slices, leaving on the peel
ing; add alittle water and when near
ly soft a small amount of sugar. Sim
mer until smooth and well cooked.
Serve around the platter of meat
cakes. When one has a limited
amount of meat, a good serving of
onions and apples helps to piece it
out satisfactorily.
For my own part, I have ever gained
the most profit, and the most pleasure
also, from the books which have made
me think the most; and, when the dif
ficulties have once been overcome,
these are the books which have struck
deepest root, not only in my memory
and understanding, but likewise in my
Those who are fond of green pep
pers enjoy them shredded in potato
salad, with cabbage salad
and in fact almost any
combination of vegetable
is Improved by the addi
tion of a portion of green
Stuffed Green Peppers.
-Cut a Blice from the
stem or pointed end of
the peppers, whichever
will furnish thereby the
best receptacle for filling. Pour boil
ing water, well salted, over the pep
pers and let stand to cook three min
utes. Remove and set In a serving
dioh suitable for the oven. Have ready
for six peppers, a cupful and a half
of white sauce, half a cupful of rice
well cooked, three mild onions, bolled
tender. Cut the onions In bits and mix
with a third of the white sauce. FID
the peppers with alternate layers of
creamed onions and the rice. Cover
with buttered crumbs and bake until
the crumbs are well browned. Turn
the rest of the white sauce around
the peppers and serve at once.
Ginger Ale Salad.-Soften a fourth
of a package of gelatin In a fourth
of a cupful of cold water, and set to
dissolve over hot water, add a grating
of lemon rind, and a cupful and three? <
fourths of ginger ale. Turn Into small
molds and chill. Serve very cold on
heart leaves of lettuce with either
French or mayonnaise dressing, to a
cupful of which three tablespoonfuls
or more of cocktail sauce 1B added.
Fruit Pudding.-Sift a cup of flour
with a teaspoonful of baking powder
and half a teaspoonful of salt; add a
half cupful of milk and put a table
spoonful of thia mixture into a but
tered cup, then add a few fresh straw
berries, raspberries or any fruit at
hand; put another tablespoonful of
the dough on top and place In bolling
water to cook, well covered, for 20
Prune Pie.-Bake a shell and fill
with stewed prunes that have been
flavored with lemon juice and a little
of the peel. Cover with whipped cream
and serve ice cold.
l)r. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey which
^oes to the very root of cold
. roubles, lt clears the throat anti
.rives relief from that clogged and
Muff i] feeling. The pines have
.ver been the friend of man in driv
ing away colds. Moreover, the
;?ine-honey qualities are peculiarly
i ffeotive in lighting children's colds.
Meinem ber tbat a cold broken ai
fhe start greatly removes the possi
bility of complications. 25c.-1
Notice of Election.
State of South Carolina,
Edgefield County.
Whereas, a petition has been filed,
and all legal requirements having
been met, it is ordered that the reg
ularly appointed Board of Trustees
of Limestone School District No. 37
do hold an ehction at the new
school building in said district on
Saturday, October 2, 1915, to vote
upon the question of levying and
collecting a special tax of four (4)
mills on the dollar of all taxable
property in said district, proceeds of
such levy to be used for school pur
poses in Limestone School District
No. 37.
At this election only such resi
dent electors as return real or per
sonal property for taxation, and who
exhibit their tax receipts and regis
tration certificates as required in
general elections shall be allowed to
Those favoring the special levy
shall cast a ballot with the word
"Yes," written or printed thereon,
and those opposing *uch levy shall
cast a ballot with the word "No"
written or printed thereon. Within
ten days after the election, if a ma
jority of those voting shall favor
the special levy, the managers will
submit to County Auditor the re
sult of the election. The polls shall
open at 8 o'clock A. M., and close
at 4 o'clock P. M., and in all re
spects comply with Sec. 1208, Code
of Laws of of South Carolina.
County Board of Edacation,
Edgefield County,
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
Schedule effective April 18, 1915.
Trains arrive from
No. Time
208 Augusta, Trenton 8:20 am
230 Columbia, Trenton 10:55 a m
232 Charleston, Aiken 5:05 pm
206 Columbia, Tienton 8:35 p m
Trains depart to
No. Time
209 Trenton, Columbia 7:20 a m
231 Trenton. Augusta 10:10 a m
229 Aiken, Charleston 11:20pm
290 Trenton, Augusta 7:40 pm
Schedules published only as in
formation and are not guaranteed
For further information apply
Ticket Agent.
Edgefiold. S. C.
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin
gle Mills. Engines, Boilers,
Supplies and repairs, Porta
ble, Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth, Files, Belts
and Pipes. WOOD SAWS
Gins and Press Repairs.
Ask joni- Urambi for CHI-CHESTER'S A
?O?D metallic boxes, sealed with IHuetfO)
Ribbon. TAIE no OTBBS. Bar o?jour V/
.''rnsetsi and ask for CHI-CliKS-TSB'S V
DIAMOND BEANO PILLS, tor twenty-five
years rc,' arded as Best,Safest, Always Reliable
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stops tin
Cough and Headache and works ott the Cold
Druggists refv.nd money if it fails to cure.
Z. W. GROVE'S siniaturc on each box. 25c
? IJPif! ?W'? ?s THE OWLY
~ENU?NE A3M3?? %'?Vtl
Make the Old Suits
Look Nev/
We are better prepared
than ever to do ?i ist-ct at,?
work i VJ cleaning arni press
ing of all kinds. Make your
old pants or suit new hy let
ing us clean and press them.
Ladies skirls and snits al
so cleaned and pressed. Sat
isfaction guaranteed.
Speciil attention giv>n to La
dies' Silk Wai si s and Skirts.
Edge?eid Pressing Club
Mn. Jay McOee, of Stepb
enville, Texas, writes: "For
nine (9) years, I suffered with
womanly trouble. I had ter
rible headaches, and rains m
my back, etc. It seemed as if
I would die, I suffered so. At V
last, I decided to try Card ni,
the woman's tonic, and it
helped me right away. The
full treatment not only helped
me, but it cured rae,"
Hie Woman's Toole
Card vi helps women in time
of greatest need, because it
contains ingredients which act
specifically, yet gently, on the
weakened womanly organs.
So, if you feel discouraged,
blue, out-of-sorts, unable to
do your household work, m
account OT your condition, stop
worrying and give Carani a
trial, lt has helped thousands
of women,-why not you?
Try Car dui E-71
Dental Surgeon
Residence 'Phone I7-R. Office 3.
Summer excursion fares, season
1915, on sale daily un ti Septem
ber 29th, 1915, imited to reach
origina starting point returning
on or before October 31, 1915.
Round trip fare to
Asheville, N. C..$ 8.70
Black Mountain, N.JC. - -
Brevard, N. C. - - - -
Connelly Springs, N. C. -
Hendersonville, N. C. - -
Hot Springs, N. C. - - -
Lake Toxaway, N. C. - -
Saluda, N. C..
Tryon, N. C..
Waynesville, N. C. - - -
Buffalo Lithia Springs, Va.
An excellent opportunity to
visit the "Land of the Sky" and
"Beautiful Sapphire Country."
For additional information communicate with
Edgefield, S. C. Ticket Agent.
Long-Term Loans to Farmers a Specialty.
Your farm land accepted a? security WITHOUT ENDORSER or
other COLLATERAL. Unlimited funds immediately available in de
nominations of Three Hundred and up. Established 1892.
JAS. FRANK & SON, Augusta, Ga.
Chero-Cola is sold
only in the original
bottle with the label
on it. This insures
your getting the
genuine article in its
perfect state and
never varying in its
uniform individual
Chero-Cola flavor.
Call for -
In a Bottle
Through a Straw;

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