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fifield ^kttfaa
EHtahlishr?J 1335.
Published every Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building at $1.50 per year
i? advance.
Entered as second class matter at
?be postoffice at Edgefield, S. G.
No communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks, Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
r *
A face that cannot smile is like a
bud that cannot bloom which dries up
on the stalk.
* inn i - ' *
Wednesday, Oct. 13.
Columbia's greatest need-a new j
mayor. _
"Jack Frost" isa strong ally of King J
Who's the happiest woman in
America? _
The stock of General Carranza is |
selling at a good premium.
The summer swallows have returned |
to their accustomed haunts.
These cool mornings are suggestive
of spare-ribs and linked sausage.
Nobody ever thought they would see
cotton seed meal equal corn meal in
It is well that municipal elections
in Charleston are held only once in
four years.
The State fair is being projected on
a larger scale than usual and it is to be j
hoped that it will bea signal success.
A widow eight years-by waiting she
was rewarded by capturing the first
man of the land. Moral: Don't be in j
too great hurry.
Having been the birth place of the
President, Virginia might have let
some other State furnish the lady for
the White House.
If cotton is King, what position of ;
honor or authority should be accorded
cotton seed, now selling on this mar
kets at 60 cents per bushel?
After paying all of your debts bet- j
ter put your surplus cash in bank.
.Don't keep it about the house or in your
"jeans. " Both are unsafe.
Five Charleston blind tigers pleaded
guilty to the charge of storing whis
key. And yet some people say the j
world is not growing better.
President Wilson very wisely espous
ed the cause of woman suffrage before j
he had to; in other words, before per-j
emptory orders were given him.
President Wilson purchased a hand
some diamond on Fifth Avenue, New |
York, a few days ago, but it is easy to J
predict where he will buy his rings |
and things hereafter.
In a speech at Greenwood Saturday
Ex-Gov. Blease urged his hearers to
?end only "Blease men" to the legisla
ture next year. Edgefield county
doesn't send that kind of men.
As women want everything men
have, and some more'besides, it's a
wonder they don't put pockets in some
of their garments so they can put
?heir hands in them these crisp morn
ings. _ ., _
If he will accept it, the Solid South,
for which section the Democratic ad
ministration has done so much, should
present President Wilson with an ap
propriate token SQ that December nup
tial occasion.
A Columbia bank made a loan to the
State the other day at 2.44 per cent
which is probably the lowest rate ever
made in this section on a loan of any
importance. Give the South 12 cents
cotton for a few more years and it
will have money to lend to Wall Street.
The visit of Secretary Houston of
the National Department of Agricul
ture to South Carolina, spending the
?arly part of the week in Lexington as
the guest of Congressman Lever, will
strengthen the interest and sympathy
which he has already manifested in the
South. _
Governor Manning has repeatedly
?bown that he is kindly disposed towards
Charleston. He has likewise repeated
ly shown that the laws of Sopth Caro
lina must be respected by (tbe people
of Charleston. For this determined
stand he will receive the approval of
Bli right thinking South Carolinians.
That man in Lexington county who
is said to have made five bales of
cotton on one acre should not be allow
ed to tell anybody how he turned th 3
trick. It ?9 not more cotton, but more
corn, wheat, oats and livestock that
are needed on the average South Car
olina farm.
Just as Beaufort had finished settling
a disgusting municipal row, the city of
Columbia breaks loose into another
equally as bad. The time for clean
politics approaches.-Dorchester Ea
gle. You are mistaken in saying
that "disgusting municipal row" of
Beaufort is settled. Whenever
white men refuse to enter a pri
mary in order to carry ;an election,
especially where negroes hold a bal
ance of power, their troubles have only
Less Crime in Chicago.
For the first time in 44 years more
than 7,000 saloons in the city of Chica
go were closed last Sunday. Hereto
fore, they have totally disregarded the
Sunday closing ordinance. Asa result
of the closed saloons, the criminal
record for that day was considerably
less than usual. There were only 16
arrests for drunkenness in the city
Sunday and 47 on Saturday, against an
average of 243 arrests for the two
days for several months past. And
yet some people say the consumption
of whiskey has little or nothing to do
with the increase of crime.
Protect Dumb Brutes.
Edgefleld probably has too ?any or
ganizations now, but there is just one
more that wouldKfill a niche that is at
present unfilled. An active organiza
tion for the prevention of cruelty to
animals would prove a blessing to
scores of animals in this and other sec
tions of the county. The society in
Augusta for the prevention of cruelty
to dumb brutes is doing splendid work,
and could the cruelly treated beasts of
burden give expression to their grati
tude for the protection thus afforded,
theyjwould doubtless let those who are
engaged in this humane work know
how grateful they are. There
are not a large number of owners of
dumb brutes that mistreat them, but
the few who do should be dealt with
as the law provides. Whether we have
an organization or not, let's be on the
alert for those who mistreat the faith
ful horse, mule or ox, letting them
know that they are violating the law
and will be called to account.
Suggestion to Our Law Makers.
In Edgefield and several other coun
ties of the State, the criminal docket
is generally cleared in two or three
days, seldom indeed is the entire week
consumed. But under the law no civil
business can be tried by the jury sum
moned for the criminal court. The
law should be so changed that the
court can go at once into the civil cal
endar as soon as the criminal docket
is cleared. Were such a change made,
a considerable saving could be effect
ed, both to the tax payers and to the
presiding judge. Frequently in Edge
field the judge disposes of all criminal
cases by Tuesday or Wednesday night
and has to return home at considerable
expense only to come back the following
Monday to hold civil court, and the
tax payers have the expense of bring
ing a jury here for two days* work,
when the same jury could continue
throughout the week, disposing of
many civil cases. Were such a change
made, the lawyers could anticipate the
work of the court and have their civil
cases ready a3 well for the latter part
of the week set now apart for criminal
cases as for the following Monday.
Then, too, such a change would tend
to relieve the congestion of the civil
calendar which at the time it exists.
U. D. C. Meeting.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Edgefield chapter, TJ. D. C.
met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs.
A. E. Padgett. In the absence of
Mrs. Holstein, the president, Mrs.
R. A. Marsh was in charge of the
business part, and Mrs. Pendleton
Jones conducted the historical pro
gram. Committees were appointed
for the ensuing year on hospitality
and publicity, and Mrs. C. E. May
was appointed pianist by the his
torian and a choir of the best voices
was also selected, giving selections
on this occasion.
Questions weie asked and answer
ed concerning the early days of the
Confederacy and a paper was read
by Mrs. Pendleton Jones on some
of the famous Edgefield men of the
GO's, special mention being made of
generals Mart Gary and N. G.
The chapter decided to use the
year book and the arrangement of
these was placed in the hands of the
president and historian.
At the close of the meeting a
very dainty salad course was served
by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. R.
C. Padgett and Miss Virginia Ad
For Sale Or Rent-My nine-room
house in north Edgefield, eight acres
of land, pasture, good well and
spring, s ervant house and store
house on the premises. Terms easy,
apply to W. C. Jackson.
] What Others Say |
That Alabama negro who has escap
ed gallows six times seems more like a
reincarnated tom-cat than a coon.
Greenville Piedmont Contemporary,
you mean polecat
Yet Want Ballot.
Dr. Mary Walker declares that col
lar buttons are a chief cause of mas
culine insanity. And yet they say
women have enough intelligence to
vote!-The State.
Hew Use For Cotton.
The automobile industry gives a new
use and an important one for cotton.
It is said that in one year over 30,000
bales of cotton were used by one con
cern in the manufacture of tires. The
more the better.-Chesterfield Adverti
Victory in 1916.
If the Democratic administration is
successful in its dealing with the prob
lems that come up in the . next session
of congress, as it has been in the past,
its victory is assured November one
year.-Orangeburg Times and Demo
Received Just Sentence.
A white man of Union was sentenced
to six months on the chaingang Satur
urday for slander. If all the slander
ers could be rounded up and be given
the same sentence, the good roads
problem would be solved.- Newberry
Sow Grain.
Just as soon as the land will do to
plow get busy with sowing grain. Sow
anything and everything, it wiil be
better for your land to plow under your
grain crop for cotton than to leave
your land uncovered during the winter.
Do not fail to have an abundance of
grain anyway. It's your salvation.
Greenwood Index.
Report of Grand Jury.
Edgefield, S. C., Oct 14, 1915.
To His Honor Judge T. S. Sease,
We beg leave to make this our
final report for the year 1915, and
in so doing it is our very pleasing
duty to state that our work has been
of a pleasing nature for the year
and due in a large measure to the
efficiency of the county officers and
their assistants.
We find that crime is reduced to
a minimum in our county, that
there are few criminal cases to be
tried at this or previous sessions of
court for the year, this in our judg
ment due to the enforcement of the
law by officers and the very markei
disposition on the part of our citi
zens generally to observe and res
pect the laws of our State.
We recommend that the Magis
trates and Supervisors of Registra
tion be recommended for appoint
ment by the grand jury, thereby
removing from politics these of
We recommend that the Super
visor investigate the sanitary con
dition of the Court House and
make changes that are necessary,
the nature of which will be report
ed to bim by the foreman of the
Grand Jury.
In conclusion, we wish to thank
your Honor, the Solicitor and other
officers of the court for the courte
sies extended us during this session
of court.
Union Meeting.
Programme of union meeting of
the tir?t division to be held at Berea
church October 30 and 31:
10:30. Devotional exercise by
1. How can the older members
be made to realize fully the impor
tance of their attendance upon the
church and Sunday school? Dr. E.
P. Jones, Rev. J. R. McKittrick
and Rev. H. B. White.
2. Is the church wielding its
proper influence over the world?
A. S. Tompkins, Rev. P. B. Lan
ham and J. K. Allen.
3. The duty of a pastor towards
the Sunday school, M. B. Byrd,
S. N. Timmerman and O. Shep
4. Are pastors receiving the help
and co-operation from church mem
bers needed? W. B. Cogburn, S. A.
Brunson and J. R. Bryant.
10:30. Devotional exercises by
J. L. Prince.
10:45. Sunday school.
11:30. Sermon by Dr. E. P.
Adjourn for dinner.
2:00 p. m. Discussion of aged
ministers' relief, Rev. P. B. Lan
ham, Rev. J. R. McKittrick, Rev.
H. B. White and Dr. E. P. Jones.
Lumber, Lumber.
Send me your orders for lumber |
cut any dimensions. Mill located
near County Home. Will deliver in
town if desired.
J. W. Reese.
When seasons change and colds
appear-when you fi ret detect a cold
after sitting next to one who has
sneezed, then it is that a tried and
tested remedy should be faithfully
nsed. "I never wrote a testimonial
before, but, I know positively that
for myself and family, Dr. King's
New Discovery is the best cough
remedy we ever used and vve have
tried them all," 50c. and $1.00.-1
"l want to tell you about the
American Girls. They have been
declared unanimously the best com
pany ever on a course here in Galla
tin."-Fred Vollmer, Secretary Y.
M. C. A., Gallatin, Mo.
We are out after your business.
Just one inducement, and that is
price, and we welcome comparison
as to values in this store. Every day
there are wonderful bargains. Not a
few here and there, but you can
take your choice of the entire stock,
and whatever you buy you' buy a
bargain. Put this store to the test
in any statement we make.
For Sale.
Sixty pure bred Duroc pigs sub
ject to register and ready for de
delivery November thc first and
later, eight weeks old &5.U0 each,
ten weeks old, seven dollars and
up according to age.
Oleora, S. C.
Oct. 13, 1915.
EtJRtWa M? The Bes t Tonic,
L*k?i?? ? Mild - Laxative,
Family Medicine.
See our big
Wood Heaters
Coal Heaters
We Install all
S>- ? ^ Cs. ? T> <?. 4 . "?>
one of the many lovely
Do You Consider Expense
As Well As Appearance?
Don't you often pay more than vou can
afford just to be sure that you will not get
badly styled, poorly made clothes?
You don't have to pay a premium to safe
guard your appearance when you buy
B^aBaBaaagBBaaaawagguiiii BB
"The same price the VIM ovecT
jtjMt ***** ?SggSS
They are for the mon who consider their
dollars as well as their appearance. And
the price $?7 fits the income of more
than 63 o?t of 100 men. Guaranteed
all-woo! fabrics, h!|h grade tailoring
plus the styling of a fashion artist
whose work is famous.
Come in and see one of these suits that are
nationally popular. We have all the new cloth
conceptions and a range of models that con
sider sons, fathers and grandfathers-ail tastes,
all years.
Style plus guaranteed waar for $17. You can
not beat it, so why not try it ?
Ct. H .
n l i i ii.? c*. Ut,
line of Coal and Wood Heaters
- - - - $2.00 to $10.00
- . - - $3.50 to $16.00
of Our Stoves FREE of Charge

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