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Eatabiifii^? 1B35.
Published every Wednesday in The j
Advertiser Building at $1.50 per year j
iii advance.
Entered a s second class matter at j
the postoffice art Edgefield, S. C.
Ho communications will be published
unless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks, Obituaries, Resolu
tions aad Political Notices published at]
advertising rates.
+ ' ? . *
A face that cannot smile is like a
bud that cannot bloom which dries up
on the stall:.
^ - ? . ? *
Wednesday, Oct. 20.
Mexico has quieted down but we will \
have Charles ton with us always. .
If pistols make cowards of men,
Charleston ia. rearing a g?n?ration of j
Cupid's October harvest is not satis
factory in Edgefield-at least a partial
crop failure.
... -
The returr of the yeggmen and the
big circuses are another indication of
returning prosperity.
The re?dy pistol frequently kills an
innocent party, as was the case in
Charleston Thursday.
Governor Manning believes in pre
paredness, having demonstrated that it
is a. most effective means of promoting
*When the Grace-Farnum-Sotille crowd
are among the "bas beens" it will be
a happy day for Carles ton and all South
Next Sunday the people of Edgefield
will rise en masse and call the Southern
blessed for the splendid schedule that
will be inaugurated on that day.
Germany aeized a vessel sarrying
6,000 bales of cotton, which means that
much more of the staple will be fed
into the ipowder miljs instead of the
yarn mills. , '
. "President Wilson has definitely de
cided ' upon a summer, -home in New
Jersey." He'll soon have somebody
to "definitely decide" a. great many
??hings-'?or him.
They tell us that the progressive
.spirit has reached Charleston, yet as a
result> of the municipal election the
staid old city will be Hyde-bound for at
least four years.
If the. newspapers report' the ac
tions and movements of the presi
dent correctly, the occupant of the
White House is about'the youngest]
man iii these forty-odd States.
Governor Manning is every inch a
man, and just the man that is needed
as governor of South Carolina at this
time.- He is governor of allthepeo
jple and of every section of the State,
We rise to remark that all of this
discussion about the county-to-county
campaign ia untimely and out of order.
Lat's leave it off and enjoy the respite
from politics that should be ours an
off-year. _ ,
Charleston executive committee I
meeting: *
"Pistols to the right of them,
Pistols to the left of them,
Pistols in front of them
Volleyed and thundered."
Among the dozen and more persons j
in Charleston who have pleaded guilty
to violating the dispensary law is one
Vincent Chicco, Jr. It appears that
$he father has brought up the son in
tie way that he wants him to go, and
Charleston is to be cursed with an
jo ther generation of Chiceos.
Potash in the Soil.
The matter of obtaining potash for
making a balanced fertilizer for the
crops of 1915 is causing much concern
among-thoughtful farmers as well as j
among fertilizer manufacturers. How
ever, when it is known that the aver
age clay soil contains already a large
supply of potash the chief concern
should be in converting that into solu
ble or available plant food.
It has been estimated by competent
chemists that ordinary clay soil con
tains in the first six inches about 20,
?O0 ta 30,000 pounds of potash pe r j
acre. But in the condition in which
nature stores it the potash can not be
taken up through the root system of
the plants. The soil has to be so treat
ed, or. something applied, that will
reeder'this element of plant food avail
able. This can be accomplished by the j
application of lime in proper quanti
ties. It is also probable that the lime
used for agricultural purposes carries
some potash, which will add to the
amuunt of potash liberated from the
soil by the action of the lime upon the
This is worth investigating, and we
would suggest to farmers that. they,
take the matter of using lime up with
the Clemson experts. They are in pos
session of sufficient expert knowledge
to say whether or not the results ob
tained, in the matter of rendering pot
ash in the soil available by the use of
lime, will warrant its application.
These specialists will also advise what
quantity to use per acre.
It will be impossible to secure a sat
isfactory yield next year of any crop
without a balanced fertilizer, and a
balanced fertilizer can not be had with
out potash, either applied with the oth
er fertilizer or liberated from the soil
Personal Accountability.
In the federal court in New York in
dictments, have been brought against
directors and former directors of a
large railroad corporation for alleged
violation of the Sherman anti-trust
law. - The government has at last
adopted an effective means of curbing
large corporations. As long as legal
proceedings were instituted against
the corporations or officers and not as
individuals, imposing a fine when a
conviction was secured, violations of
the anti-trust law by monopolistic cor
porations were unchecked. But now,
when, under the criminal clause of the
anti-trust law, action is brought per
sonally against those who are charged
with the management of the corpora
tion, satisfactory results will be had.
Railroad magnates will not relish the
idea of going to jail in order to make
larger profits. The national govern
ment generally finds a way to stop an
evil or abata a nuisance when once the
matter is seriously undertaken. Per
sonal accountability will cause the offi
cers of corporations to conform to at
least the spirit of the law.
Mills Resist Law.
North Carolina has a law requiring
flour mills that make bleached flour to
pay a special license of $25 per annum
and also requires that -every package
of bleached flour shall be so marked.
This puts the consumer on notice as to
what he is buying.
Thirty-four flour mills have united in
a suit against the agricultural depart
ment of North Carolina to prevent the
enforcement of the law, upon the
ground that it is unconstitutional and
that it is injuring their business. We
believe the mills will lose their suit,
as they should do. It is claimed and
currently ^believed that flour is less
nutritious after being subjected to the
process of bleaching. Then why should
not the public be put on notice that
the product has been artificially bleach
ed? We heartily approve of every
safeguard possible being thrown around
all food products. If food products are
free from adulteration and are
prepared in a way that will not injure
the consumer, why should a manufac
turer object to having the label show
what a package contains? The fact
that objection is raised makes one sus
pect the quality of the contents.
Seeley, Patronized by U.S. Army
and Navy, Called to Augusta.
P. H. Seeley of Chicago and Phila
delphia, the noted truss expert, will
be at the Albion Hotel and will remain
in Augusta Saturday, Sunday and Mon
day only, Oct 30th and 31st and Nov.
1st Mr. Seeley says: "The Spermatic
Shield as now used and approved by
the United States Government will not
only retain any case of rupture per
fectly, affording immediate and com
plete relief, but closes the opening in
10 days on the average case. This in
strument received the only award in
England and in Spain, producing re-,
suits without surgery, injections, med
ical treatments or prescriptions. Mri
Seeley has documents from the United
States Government, Washington, D.
C., for inspection. All charity cases
without charge, or if any interested
call he will be glad to show same with
out charge or fit them if desired. Bu
siness demands prevent stopping at
any other place in this section. -Adv.
Pain results from injury or con
gestion. Be it neuralgia, rheuma
tism, lumbago, neuritis, toothaohe,
sprain, bruise, sore stiff muscles or
whatever pain you have yields to
Sloan's Liniment-brings new fresh
blood, dissolves the congestion, re
lieves the injury, the circulation is
free and your pain leaves as if by
magic The nature of its qualities
penetrate immediately to the sore
spot. Don't keep on suffering. Get
a bottle of Sloan's Liniment Use
it. It means instant relief. Price
25c. and 50c. $1.00 bottle holds six
times as much as the 25c. size.-2
FOR SALE-Two good mules, 8
and 9 years of age, sound and good
W. E. Ouzts,
13-2t-pd. Edgefield, S. C.
I What Others Say
l?ot a Word.
'What has the National Wholesale]
Liquor Dealers Association got to say
about the great decrease in crime in |
Chicago Sunday under the closed Sa
loons!- Spartanburg Journal.
Sticks to Duty.
. The decision of President Wilson to
stay at Washington during the present
critical times meets with general ap
proval. The nation likes a man that
sticks to his post and, by the way, it I
also likes a president that is somewhat
? "self-willed."-Orangeburg Times and J
Democrat. _
Take Ko Risks.
Do not take chances with cotton
anthracnose. It is one of the worst
diseases that can get in your cotton
held. If you see some disease in your
cotton and yo.u are not certain as to
whether it is anthracnose, send a sam
ple at once to your county demonstra
tion agent or to the botany division of j
Clemson College.-Rock Hill Herald.
Patronize Horns Merchants.
Your home merchants are men on I
whom you can rely. Policy, .to say
nothing of principle, naturally leads
them to do the square thing with their
customers. Their constituency is local
and they aim to keep it. The mail or
der house seeks to cover the whole
country, therefore if it does not satisfy
this or that customer it is but a little
matter.-Oraugebhrg Times and Dem
ocrat. _
Will Not Offend Yankees.
The Eu-ro-py-ans may make fun of
the Americans and call them "idiotic
Yankees", but they have a wholesome
respect tor Yankee dollars. Both sides
to the great conflict got a large pro
portion of t?ieir latest" war loans on
this side the pond, and there is fresh
evidence every day that neither side
wants to offend the Yankees-for tney
may need more dollars before their
troubles are over. -Newberry Observer.
A Wise Precaution.
Governor Manning is to be commend
ed for the precautionary step which he
took in ordering the militia out in
Charleston to preserve order in the
municipal election to day. There had
been so many ugly rumors and the sit
uation appeared to be so threatening
that he would almost have been ?hilty
of criminal negligence had he not
taken some important step to pre
serve the peace and dignity of the city
and state.
Different people may have different
opinions but we will always believe that
had not the militia been ordered out
tiie election would not have been a fair
one. -Spar tan burg Journal.
? ffi mt* AAJ * * * * * * -*
I Smile Provokers f !
It is remarkable
man is forgotten after he's dead.
"I guess you never knew my j
wife's first husband."-Puck.
Teacher- Does your mother let
ou go out doors and plav in thej
dirt?" Tommie-"She don't have
to. I can play in the dirt in the
house. "-Pittsburg Press.
"What can be worse, he asked,
than taking a kiss without asking j
for it?"
"I don't know, said the girl, un
less it is asking for a kiss without |
taking it?"
"Why are all the women in the
neighborhood eo fond of Mrs.
Homely's society?"
"Because any one of them, in her
company appears beautiful in com
parison. "-St. Louis Republic.
"I hope, said one wife to anothsr
that you never nag your husband."
"Only when he is beating thej
rug?, said the second one. When he
is thoroughly irritated he makes a
much better job of it."
Madge-Why did you 'throw him
?. Mabel-He would have been a
very parsimonius husband.
Madg3-But he fairly lavished
money on you during the engage-]
Mabel-Yes; buttas soon as we
began to talk honeymoon the first
thing he did was to look np excur
sion rates.-Judge.
ie conductor was about to give
the motorman the high sign.
"Wait! cried a shrill feminine
voice; wait till I get my clothes
Every one in the car was sudden
ly afflicted with the rubber habit.
What they saw was an obese wo
man trying to lift a basket of laun
dry to the rear platform.
Then the car rolled on.
General Sherman once stopped at J
a country home where a tin basin
and a roller towel sufficed for the I
family's ablutions. ,For two morn-]
inga the small boy of the household
watched in silenoe. the visitor's toi
let. When on the third day thej
toothbrush, nail file, whiskbroom,
etc., had been duly used, he asked:
"Say, mister, air yon always that!
muoh trouble to you'sef ?"-Chris
tian Register.
PPORT?NITY wastes no time on
the procrastinator. You've got
to be up and at it-jumping to the
forefront-andv you must look the
part of a leader before you can play
the part successfully.
Good Clotfies-the right thing in the right place
at the right time-have probably done more for
the men who are on the top to-day than any other
single factor. There's confidence in good clothes.
This Live Store shows only clothes of leadership,
of recognized superiority.
We've earned and kept a patronage which re
turns to, us a tremendous volume of steady busi
ness, making values possible here that you will not
find elsewhere. , .
Suits from $15.00 to $30.00.
Union Meeting.
Programme of union meeting of
the first division tobe held at Borea
church October 30 and 31:
10:30. Devotional exercise bj
1. How can the older member*
be made to realize fully the impor
tante of their attendance upon the
church and Sunday school? Dr. E.
PLlones, Rev. J. R. McKittrick
f?S Rev. H. B. White.
2. Is the church wielding it?
proper influence over the world?
A. S. Tompkins, Rev. P. B. Lan
ham and J. E. Allen.
3. The duty of a pastor towards
the Sunday school, M. B. Byrd,
S. N. Timmerman aud O. Shep
4. Are pastors receiving the help
CBd co-operation from church mem
bers needed? W. B. Cogburn, S. A.
Brun8on and J. R. Bryant.
1Q:30. Devotional exercises b/
I. L. Prince. \
10:45. Sunday school.
11:30. Sermou by Dr. E. P.
Adjourn for dinner.
2:00 p. m. Discussion of aged
ministers' relief, Rev. P. B. Lan
ham, Rev. J. R. McKittrick, Rev.
H. B. White and Dr. E. P- Jones.
Do you need a typewriter? The
Advertiser is offering a great bar
gain in Oliver typewriters. "Nothing
better on the market.
Having received profitable prices for your farm products, and having paid off
pressing obligations, is it not a good time to make some needed purchases for the
home? .Therigid economy that has been wisely practiced by many during the past
year has caused scores and scores of persons to let their household needs go unsupplied.
Now make the home brighten and happier by adding some new furniture and other
things that are needed. k
FURNITURE ! VVe have a carefully selected stock of furniture that was
bought from leading manufacturers at a close price. Let us, sell you a suit. We are
offering solid bed-room suite for $20.00 up.
large assortment of mattresses ?nd springs.
Come in to see them. We also carry a
ROCKERS ! We have a beautiful line of Rocking Chairs, just what you would
like for your home, and the price is within your reach.
RUGS AND ART SQUARES ! We invite the ladies especially to call and let
us show them our large stock of art squares with Rugs to match. The largest assort
ment of rugs that we have ever carried, all st?es and all grades. Also see our linoleums
in attractive patterns.
STOVES, RANGES AND HEATERS 1 Do you not need a new cook stove or
range? We can sell you one at a very reasonable price, and have a large assortment to
select from. We are also wei! supplied with heaters, both for wood and coal. You
will make a mistake if you do ?ot see our stock before you make your purchase.
BUGGIES and WAGONS!* One of our strongest departments is our
vehicle department. Wc ewi show you a large stock of buggies to select from-all of
them made by manufacturers that are absolutely dependable. Let us show you our
buggies before you purchase a uew one this fall.
There is no better fana wagon made than our* "Mitchell'' wagons. Do not take
our word for it, but ask thom who have used them for years. \They stand the test of
bad roads and heavy loads.
Every department of efl store is well supplied, and we invite y?u to call before
making your purchases.
Edgefield Mercantile Company

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