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NO. 36
Death of Mr?. George White.
Daughters of Confederacy
Meet Halloween Party.
Flower Show.
Mrs. G. P. White died on last
Wednesday about two o'clock at her
home in Union and her body was
brought here on Thursday evening
to the home of her* sister, Mrs. Hat
tie Parrish to await the interment.
The many warm friends of this lov
able Christian were grieved when
it was learned that the end had
come. Her illness was of several !
years duntion, and although the
end was expected, it came as a j
shook. During all this time her j
beautiful Christian spirit enabled
ber to bear her afflictions with for
titude and she was never heard to
murmur. Her life during her days
of health were lived in the service
of her Master, and as she laid up
on the sick bed she lived to His
glory. She was of modest demeanor,
eweeet and gentle. She was the
daughter of the late Mr. aud Mrs.
Pioken8 Wright and had been mar
ried about 18 years to Rev. Mr.
White and their union was blessed
with two children, Mr. Harry White
and Miss Edith White. Besides
these left to mourn her, are fonr
sisters, Mesdames H. G. Dobey, G.
G. Waters, James Edwards and
Hattie Parrish and six brothers,
Messrs. Henry Wright of Batesburg,
Jeff and Oscar Wright of this
place, Jule Wright of Greenville,
Rev. C. B. Wright of Georgia and
Dr. Horace Wright of Georgetown.
The burial services were conducted
on Friday morning at Mt. of
Olives cemetery by Rev. H. L. Ri
ley who was assisted by Dr. A. T.
King and a beautiful tribute was
paid to ber memory. Many beauti
ful flora) offerings were sent by lov
ing friends and from the Union
Baptist church, the Riugeway"
church and North Augusta ohurch.
Previous to the body being brought
here a service had been held in the
Union Baptist church of which
Rev. Mr. White is pastor.
Mr. and Mrs. Lanier, Mrs. Cook
Mackey, Mrs. Robert Youngblood,
Miss Madison and Mr. Moseley of
North Augusta and Mr. Barney of
Ridgeway and Capt. Clark and Mr.
Sears of Union attended the burial
of Mrs. G. P. White here on Friday
morning at the Mt. of Olives ceme
~t?ryr~ .
The Rev. H. L. Riley principal
of the Spartan high school which is
in the upper part of the state, spent
a few days of last w eek here. Sev
eral years ago he was pastor of Dry
Creek church and had many friends
here who were glad to see him. He
was at the Louisville Seminary at
the same time with Dr. A. T. King.
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Payne and
Mrs. Thomas Kinard, of Greenwood
were recent visitors in the home of
Mr. M. T. Turner.
The Angeline Bacon chapter, D.
of C., held their monthly meeting
on Saturday afternoon with Miss
Bettie Waters and laid plans for
their coming winter's work.
They will have a booth at the an
nual flower show which will be held
on the afternoon of Wednesday,
November 3, and part of the pro
ceeds will go toward their Christ
mas party they are planning. Offi
cers were elected for the coming
year and will be, president, Miss
Jessie Edwards; vice-president, Miss
Mary Waters; secretary, Miss Loise
Boyd; treasurer, Miss Sadie Lee
Bruce; historian, Miss Frances Tur
ner. After this, the historian, Miss
Turner arranged and later, the di
Tectress, Mrs. P. B. Waters served
tempting hot chocplate, whipped
.cream and wafers.
Misses Helen Lewis and Essie
Ly brand of Winthrop college and
Messrs. Staunton Lott and Guy
Horne of South Carolina University
soent the week-end here.
The Emily Geiger chapter, D. A.
R. felt honored in having as their
gnest on Tuesday afternoon the
state regent, Mrs. Grace Ward Cal
houn of Clemson and the chapter
tendered her an informal reception
in the horne of the regent, Mrs. SI.
T. Turner. Besides the members of
the chapter, others present were the
officers of the federated clubs, the
1). of C. and those who contemplate
joiDing the chapter. The home uas
beautifully decorated in quantities
.of graceful ferns and cut flowers
_I_L__' _
(Continued on JEounth Paje.) ?
County Float Prizes Awarded,
But With Poor Judgment
Being instrumental in putting on
a float at the State Fair on Oct. 27,
using the money subscribed by our
Citizens, as well as ray own capital
and time, I feel it mv duty to state,
JUSTICE, at the hands of the
judges of floats and when I make
this assertion, I do so conscientious
ly, and not only from my personal
opinion, but, of the greater number
of spectators who witnessed the ex
hibition, disinterested parties, and
fully capable of judsring. The Fair
Association Advertised, Wednesday
will be County Float Day, all coun
ties are invited to enter, the county
making the best display of natural
resources will be awarded handsome
Loving Cup." Who did this?
Edgefield not only had the great
est variety and of the best quality,
bnt had a handsome float, our pro
ducts attractively displayed, and
the reat end of the float with the
real scene of home enjoyment, the
T>ersimmon tree, containing the real
o-possum, Mr. Aldridge Cheatbam
at foot of tree with two handsome
dogs blowing his horn. This? at
tracted the attention of old and
yonng, black and white and brought
forth the most hearty applause. In
addition to these we had Gold Ore,
Clays, &c, in fact the greatest va
riety of natural resources shown.
Lexington county had a hand
some float, displaying cotton, ad
vertising 5-bale8 to the acre, (what
a dream) they also bad good quality
of corn and peanuts. We had ali of
these, except we don't claim to
produce 5-bales to the acre, we
might be required to produce proofs.
Taking the matter as a whola, the
first and second prize should have
gone to Lexington and Edgefield.
As to who should have received first
would be hard to decide.
Lee county received second. Their
float consisted of decorated float,
which was very pretty, each side
with photo of Gen. Lee this being
very appropriate as to the name,
but Lee was from Virginia. The
float was loaded with very hand
some girls, still far from equal to
those of Edgefield county, which
we could have shown in addition to
our products and resources, had we
known it was going to be a "beauty
show." I suppose this was an ad
vertising scheme, giving each coun
ty a chance to ?how the natural re
sources and product*, and we went
to considerable trouble and expense
for same, and trust Edgefield will
receive results. I made a hard
tight for either first or second prize,
desiring io bring back to my co
operatives something to be proud
of, but instead brought back a kick,
but one that I feel we have a right
to make, and can assure them that
many people agree with me when I
say, we should have received ??%
or by all means second prize. My
kiok is Dot because we did not
bring something we did not de
serve, but, because the prizes were
not awarded as advertised, not only
the injustice to Mr. Joe Holland j
and myself, but our Citizenship
who supported us so liberally in
the contest,'and can truthfully say,
and prove it by Joe, we did three
days of the hardest work we ever
did trying to do ourselves and coun
ty justice, which we did, but not so
judged. Good luukiug girls au i
even homely women are a great
blessing to any county, but will
some one explain when they oecame
classed as a product or resource.
I admit my ignorance here. In
conclusion I want to impress upon
our Citizenship again, we did our
best, and deserved a great deal more
than we received.
I will have photo of our float
soon and same will be put on dis
play at one of our drug stores for
your inspection.
0. P. Bright.
Move Kentucky Audience to
These gifted young men delight
ed thc audience. They sang Dudley
Buck's "Annie Laurie" and Nevin's
"Rosary" in a way to bring tears to
the e\ es of their hearers, and then
they responded with several humor
ous numbers, which caused bursts
of laughter. Their splendid selec
tions brought roond after round of
applause.-Park City Daily News,
Bowling Green, Ky.
i*ifZCiY&IC*. rffE BEST Fl
Profitable Union Meet:
Woman's Missionar;
ty Elected Officers
lo ween Party
Well, the union rr
come and gone, and Ha
enjoyed it very much. W
a small attendance on
Several of the delegat*
sent, consequently two
ies were carried over ur
hoping the speakers wo
and sure enough thej
gave irs a talk. Sunday
tiful day and every OL
seemed to enjoy it tc
We certainly made up
attendance Saturday
Cirowd on Sunday. Tl
m ost as many automo)
buggies, and each ont
loaded. Mr. Henry Ad;
brought Mr. and Mrs.
from Clark's Hill, also
Swearingeu with his bi
self and big car, brou/
Mrs. Newt Fair and M.. ...
Sam Mays. All these
people we are always so glad to see
and hope they may repeat the trip,
often and not wait always for a un*
ion meeting to bring them. Oh,
there were many others we were de
lighted to see and have with ?5?';
Mrs. Sallie Bunch who has be-gp
the faithful organist at Hardys fflfir
many years, until her health h?$.
kept her from attending services
was out although far from well aud
she enjoyed seeing so many warm
friends. It was truly a union meet
ing with her. The, W. M. S. mw
during recess and re-elected oflicors,
read the minu 1 ^?rd the sec
retary's repor * **3*^
ses Theresa
Stevens to a
were hurried
being up fo
journed to tiro,. . ?>.
nest Cogburn, which date will come
on Thanksgiving 25.
The Halloween party given at
Gardner ville school house was quite
a success from every point of view.
The boxes were auctioned off and
the young gentlemen paid for the
pleasure of eating with his best girl.
The young lady teachers were nu
merous and popular we hear. There
will be another box party or rather,
entertainment sounds better.. fur
church, to be given at Sweetwater
church December 3, for the benefit
of the church. We would advise
theui to persuade ali teachers to be
present as theyare the drawing card -.
Miss Emmie Lanham who is the
Ropers teacher came home with
Miss Georgia R2ese from the part*7
Friday night, also Miss Adalee Mc
Kie. Miss Emmie very kindly pre
sided at the organ on "Saturday at
Hardys for which we most heartily
thank her.
Miss Irene Scott was at her post
on Sunday, she and her mother, so
Miss Emmie would not come up to
help with the music. Mr. Baxley
very kindly gave us a solo with
Mrs. Hugh Scott's accompaniment.
We also thank these good people
f3r their generous assistance.
Mr. J. T. Littlejohn- went to Au
gusta with Walter Cheatham to vis
it a sick gentleman at the Margaret
Wright hospital and returned,
spending Saturdav night at Mr.
L. W. Reese's.
Mr. P. B. Lanham spent Satur
day night at Mrs. Frances Townes
and Suuday night with Mr. Harry
Bunch and went on to Augusta on
Glad to see our old friend Mr.
Luther Getftu out with us. He is
out from his home in Columbus,
Ga., ou a visit to his sisters, Mrs.
Eva Mealiug and Mrs. Ellie Brigg,
also to see after his rents and other
business. He is quite feeble now,
we are sorry to see. We are all
growing old day by day.
I believe I have omitted telling
where the union meeting will be
next fifth Sunday which will be in
January 1916. We hope to meet
with them at Republican. Just think
how near at hand that is.
Here we have just passed Hal
loween, next will be Tbauksgiviug,
then Christmas and New Years.
Yes, they come in leaps aud bounds,
almost like I have written them, the
time passes so swiftly. And just so,
we are passing on to the great be
yond. Soon we will be gone and
forgotten. Others take our places,
we hope, to do belter work.
rmpathy Expressed Foi' Col.
Talbert. Crops Gathered in
Texas. Mexicans Cause
Much Trouble.
Editor Edgefield Advertiser:
lease allow me to grive von a few
.ore lines this week. I did not
link of writing; this week but after
?ading Iv Morgan's letter and see
g the death of Mrs. Sun ie Talbert
made me feel sad and sorry for
s Talbert, ray old friend4 I have
ssed through the same trouble
i know what it is to part with a
id and loving wife, such as we
knew Mrs. Talbert to be. She all
ys seemed to have a kind word
I a smile for every one that she
t. Yes, we wilt-all miss ber, and
i, I know that he will miss her so
ch when he walks in and finds
e gone never to return. And
nie and Garrett they did love
ther so much. Sorrow, not loved
s, for the Lord doeth all for the
?-?Veil, Mr. Editor, the farmers
jare all done gathering. Cotton has
Jail been sold and gone and every
body ia studying and preparing for
war. It seems to be right near us.
- The Mexicans have come over the
line and up the railroad. About 30
'miles below here they tore up the
track cut all wires and wrecked the
train, robbed the passengers and
.killed eight soldiers. About 12
Mexicans were killed. The train
can't go but 30 miles below here
for fear of running into the Mexi
cans. I see in today's paper here
that the president has given Caran
na permission to put 5,p00 troups
across the line to fiirht Villa. If
t his is true when will the war stop?
. fan .r iady can get a io' *a
uii.vop luc.y eau utiK spanish in thio
town. They say the trade is mostly
J. J. Garnett.
Sinton, Texas.
Funeral of H. M. Harvlev.
Fairfax, Oct. 31.-The remains
of H. M. Harvlev, who died at a
sanitarium in Augusta, Ga., were
buried in the Baptist cemetery here
yesterday morning - with Masonic
honors, after funeral services at the
Baptist church conducted by the
Rev. E. A. Mc Dowell, assisted by
the Rev. Mr. McMillan, pastor of
the Baptist church at Bamberg.
Mr. Hawley had beeu suffering
for about a year from cancer of the
Mr. Harvley, who was 40 years
old, is survived by his wife aud one
son, H. M, .Hawley, Jr-, about IQ
rears old, and his father, J. C.
.Harvley of Modoc, and four broth
ers, J . K. Karv ley, of Temple Tex
as, J. A. Harvley-of Paraville, W.
H. Harvley of Coronaca and J. D.
Harvley of Modoc, and four sisters,
Mesdames J. M. Marsh of McCor
mick, N. J. Downing of Att??ata,
W. B. Morristown of Wadley, Ga ,
and N. B. Loadholt of Fairfax.
* Mr. Harvley came here from"
Edgefield county about 15 j-ears
ago as station agtnt of the Seaboard
and Charleston & Western Caroli
na railwaj's, but soon afterward en
gaged in the timber and crosstie
and mercantile business and amass
ed a comfortable fortune during the
10 or 12 years before his health
broke down. He was instrumental
in the establishment of the bank of
Fairfax and had been president of
that bauk from the time it was es
tablished until his death. He wa9 a
member of the Baptist church and
contributed liberally towards the
new house of worship recently com
ploted at a cost of about $7.000.
He was also a member of Jachin
lodge, No. 296, A. F. M., and was
at ont time master of the lodge.
He was also a member of the
Knights of Pythias and of the
Woodmen of the World.
He was very popular here as was
ihown bv the large nnmber of peo
ple who attended his funeral and
burial to-day. The floraL tributes
were beautiful.
We carry a co amp?ete line of sta
tioneryj Ledgers, Type-writer paper,
Type-writer Ribbons,Fountain Pens,
Letter Files, etc. rj? very thing for.
the.office. ......... I - -sj.- j?
W.-%'JiViio|-.&;:goV , ';
Statement From Capt. Bright.
Editor Advertiser:? I take this
means of thanking you and othei
citizens of Edgefield county for
their liberal'contribution and co
operation in potting on county float
at Columbia State fair Wednesday
October 27. Also to state that the
total expense of float was *8fi 9*2,
money subscribed, 170.40 and ??nds
short, $18.52.
This statement subject to ap
proval by Mr. J. G. Hojland, who
so kindly helped in planning and
constructing ?ioat, with three days
hard labor. Personally, I am far
from satisfied with the awarding of
prizes by the judges, not only from
a personal observation and opinion,
but from the expressions of many
disinterested people, fully capable
of judging, Edgefield should have
received first prize, Lexington sec
ond, or by all means the reverse.
Lee county had a beautiful float but
tar from being in line with the way
the fair association advertised as to
awarding prizes. Edgefield float re
ceived the most hearty applause
from start to finish,and was also gen
erally expressed, as being beautiful
ly decorated. Having a handsome
team of four black mules, it con
tained the greatest variety of prod
ucts and thejrear of float contained
perSimon tree, with o^poScOar- in
same and Mr. Aldrich Cheatbam at
foot of tree with two handsome
dogs blowing his horn, this attract
ing considerable comment and ap
plaii8e, so we not only had hand
some float, and best variety of
natural resources and products, but
put ou the home scene of enjoy
Lee, Sumter and Barnwell rioats
contained no natural resource or
products of the soil, but beautiful
decorated floats loaded wipii pretty
1U line wivU bu? ^-_j.
or Hue the county floats were to rep
resent in contesting for the prize.
In conclusion, I wish tu say -our
float was the talk of the street, the
hotel lobbys, and on the trains, not
by Edgefield county people, but by
disinterested people, and I trust our
citizens will believe rae when I say,
Mr. Joe Holland ann myself did
our best to bring back the prize,
which we should have-received aud
if you don't believe we worked
bard, ask Joe, not only manual la
bor, but mental as well. .
?So with four days hard labor in
constructing fl.?at, saying nothing
of the time soliciting the fund-?, and
to fall -ft 18 52 short, would make!
the most of us take notice of ih?
misjudgment. J
. O. P. Bright.
P. S.-? hold receipted bills
showing abovejexpense which I with
hold account of required space.
Church Sale at Stevens Creek.
Next Saturday, commencing at
ll o'clock, a sale will b# held at
Stevens Creek church under the
auspices of'the Woman's Missionary
Society. It was the custom 25 or 30
years ago to hold such sales annual
ly iu order to raise funds for the
church. The wri:er when a boy at
tended these annual sales at Mc Ken
dree and Stevens Creek and pleasant
memories cluster about these occa
sions. They were made attractive
socially, affording a day of pleasant
diversion uuder the most whole
some surroundings. The sale at Ste
vens Creek next Saturday is to be a
repetition of these old time sales.
Mauy useful articles of merchan
dise, products of the farm aud han
diwork of the ladies will be donated
by members aud friends of the
church and offered for sale to the
highest bidder.'
Another feature of the day that
will be altogether pleasing will be
the sumptuous diuner that will be
served free to all who attend the
sale. Sureb: nobody will have to be
urged to attend this church sale.
Not. one who attended them i u the
days gone by, unless providentially
kept away, will fail to go early and
remain until the shadows of the af
ternoon lengthen. Th? funds realiz
ed from the sale will be used to re
pair aud repaiut. the church build?
i og. ?,' t]t .
..._Mr.^J. H. Cogburn recently s?dd
his valuable "faroi to Mr, Will
;Sitoher..o? Johpstoja ?or $4,000.
Hallowe'en Party Given For
School a Great Success. Co
lumbia Convocation Meets
at Trenton.
The Hallowe'en entertainment
given under the auspices of the la
dies school improvement association
was a success almost beyond the ex
pectation of those interested. Tiie
witches and ghosts held away
throughout the evening and the- for
tune teljer who arrived unexpected
ly on the scene, was a great drawing
card, her tent was the centre of
attraction-the future of many of
the yoting men and maidens having
been reach, d. It was an evening
of merriment-the yonng ind old
alike casting- aside dall care and
joining in the foo. The ladies re
alized more than fifty dollars to
add to the school fund.
The Columbia Convocation will
meet with the church of Our Savior
beginning Tuesday night of nest
week the 9 lb, and continuing
through Thursday.
Mr. W. M. Leppardfrom Col ura
bi a spent the week-end with friends
Mr. B. R.-riV?m'?n"'nas''>te?n?d
home after a month's stay in Wash
Miss Agnes Fly the from Augusta
is- the admired visitor of Mies
Dorothy Benia and Miss ?mms
Mrs. Anna Eidson and Mrs. T.
P. Salter visited Mrs. Johnston in
Graniteville on Monday.
Mr. Julius Yann is the owner
now of a handsome six cylinder
Mrs. Joseph Ripley and little
r.-I. !_.,"" rr o ri.? ,rt anptlH ?. WApIr
a ... r. t m.i, .ne {.uwu o. *?.",,
Mrs. Eva Miller Jones from
Athens, Ga., is visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Sidney Miller. .
Mrs. White from Louisville, Ga.,
is with her daughter, Mrs. L. D.
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. S wea ringen
spent Tuesday in Augusta.
Mr. Moore from Lancaster made
a visit to bis sister here, Miss Maude
Moore. .
Trenton, S. C.
Public Sales of Real Estate.
The unusually large number of
real estate that were advertised by
Mr. J, H, OftUUlou, fflW W
equity, attracted a large number o?*
peo pfe to towu'Monday. Practically
ail of the property sold at a very
reasonable price. The Y. May lot
in the to wu of Johnston containing
four acres was purchased by Shep
pard Bros, attorueys. for $1,200.
The Jackson land near McCor
mick was sold in two lut-, the first
containing 6 acre* was purchased
by Sheppard Bros for $1,525. The
second tract which contains 63>
acres was bought by J. D. Richard
sun for 81,650.
The Jennings land on Turkey
creek, a tract uf 100 acres, was pur-.V
chased by B. E. ?icholsou, attor
ney, for $3uU. "".
The Ales Mathis land near the
Aiken county line iu the lower part
of the county, containing 215 acres,
was purchased by Sheppard Bros.,
attorneys, for 1800.
The LaSure land in the Colliers
Red Oak Grove community, 110
acres, was purchased by B E Nich
olson, attorney for $1,795.
The W L Tim merman tract of
up acres near.. Ropers was purchas
ed by Sheppard Bros. attorneys,
for ?800.
The Widemah land near McCor
mick, 326 acres was pureba-ed by
B E Nicholson, attorney for $2,501.
The land of Warren Hill on the
Abbeville road four miles from.
Edgefield, .288 acres, was purchased
by B E Nicholson, a ttorney, for
$3,325. .
The tract of Mrs. Lizzie Talbert
in the Colliers-Red Oak Grove corn-,
muuity, 67$ acree, was purchi
by VV H Burton for $775.
The Timmerman tract
Kendree community cqj
acres was purchased^
Dorn for $ 1,025V- '

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