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Christianity and Patriotism
-One and the Same, Accord
ing to the Bible.
World events hava brought be
us at this time" most forcibly
questions of nationaiity and pati
Ism, and I have seen the staten
made repeatedly that Christianit:
inimical to both. Christianity,
are told, is not national, but cos
politan. Its tendency is to oblitei
boundaries and distinctions betw
race and race.
This cosmopolitanism of Christ
ity, people say, is absolutely fata!
patriotism. That was, for instai
one of the criticisms which the Ji
nese passed upon Christianity,
triotism amongst the Japanese has
come exalted -almost into a relig
. Devotion to their land and to tl
emperor seems to be their ruling ]
sion, and one of their objections
Christianity is its universal!
which, they say, is fatal to patriot!
and that it would inevitably sap
devotion to their country, which I
been the trap's boast and pride.
Let us look at this criticism fo:
moment and se? how much tn
there is in it. If it could be sho
that Christianity is antipatriotic
would lack a certain element wh
appeals to the American just as su
ly as it does to the Jap; for love
one's land is not a passion which
peals only to the dwellers in tl
eastern empire, but a passion wh
should burn with an undying flame
the heart of every true American.
That Christianity is cosmopolitan
its spirit cannot be disputed. It
the gospel for the world. It address
itself to man as man, and nor to m
as a member of any particular i
Son. Other religions are for the nv
part tribal or national. But the G
and Father of our Lord Jesus Clrr
is the God of all the earth, and t
father of all who dwell upon it. Tl
Gospel of ours ignores all natioi
distinctldhs. Men come to the ere
from the East and from the We
from the North and from the Sout
it is just as much for the black m
as for the white. It reveals a lo
that lavishes Itself upon all withe
respect to differences of race or col
or tongue. It preaches a univers
fatherhood, and consequently a u:
versal brotherhood of men. The G<
pel not only ignores natural and raci
differences, but it looks forward to
time when these racial and nation
differences shall cease to sunder ai
divide men as they do today. I <
not say that the Gospel looks forwa
to a time when differences shall cea:
to exist. Difference in itself ls n
an evil, for I believe that each n
tionality has its important contrib
tlon to make the civilization of ma
kind as a whole. But these diffc
enees shall cease to be sources of Je?
ousy and strife. The prophets of o
were given the vision of a unit?
world. Enmities were to be abc
lshed. The lion is to lie down wil
the lamb, the calf, the young lie
and the fatling together. Racial jes
ousies are to disappear; war ar
bloodshed are to cease; men are 1
beat their swords into ploughshare
and their spears into pruning hook
and to learn war no more. There !
no doubt about it that the Gospel j
cosmopolitan in its message and i
. its spirit
To Human Brotherhood.
Now, I believe that every eames
man who thinks seriously is a cosme
politan in the Gospel sense of th
word. No matter what causes ma
be assigned for the great war whic
ls ravaging the world today, it is ev
dent to every thinking man that th
ultimate cause of the war is nationa
Jealousies and rivalries. That ls wha
lays the great burden of armamen
upon the nations today; the burdei
which has been growing greater am
heavier every year. In spite of 1,90
years of Christianity the spirit o
war still rages among mankind, an<
God has permitted this great war t(
scourge us as the inevitable outcom?
of the jealousy and hatred and rival
rles among the nations. Perhaps w<
can now see that only in the brother
hood of nations can there be happi
ness and well-being. That does no!
mean the death of patriotism, h
means no surrender of the love which
we have for our own land. Tennysor
was a strong and vehement patriot
and yet he thought of the golden age
as a time when
The war-<3rurn throbbed no longer, and
the battle-flags were furled.
In the parliament of man, the federatioti
. of the world.
It Is an error of judgment to think
that tb.is sort of cosmopolitanism-the
kind which the Gospel teaches-is de
structive of patriotism. The error is
due to a falsie conception of what pa
triotism is. What is patriotism? My
dictionary defines lt as "love of coun
try; devotion to the welfare of one's
country; the passion which inspires
one to serve one's country." I am
.content with the definition. Patriot
Ism, you will notice, is a . positive
thing. It is love of one's country. It
J s not hatred of other countries-it is
love of your own. You can love your
own family and your own home with
out hating your neighbor. But the
mistake which so many people make
ls of interpreting patriotism as If it
meant hatred and .jealousy* of other
nations instead of love and devotion
to their own. Surely nothing has
shown mo'.e plainly the source of the
preseiit war t?an the Chants of Hate
which it has brought forth.-Rev
Stephen Paulson.
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Treasurer's Notice.
The County Treasurer's office will be
open for the purpose of receiving taxes
from the 15th day of October, 1915, to
the 15th day of March, 1916.
All taxes shall be due and payable
between the loth day of October, 1915,
and December 31st, 1915.
That when taxes charged shall not be
paid by December 31sf, 1915, the County
Auditor shall proceed to add a penalty
of one per cent, for January, and if
taxes are not paid on or before Feb
ruary 1st, 1916, the County Auditor
will proceed to add two per cent., and
five per cent, from the 1st of March to
"the 15th of March, after which time all
unpaid taxes will be collected by the
The taxflevies for the year 1915 are
af follows:
For State purposes 7 Mills
" Ordinary County 6 "
" Cons. School Tax 3 "
" Bacon School District 4 *.*
" Edgefield School District 5 "
" Long Cane S. D. 3 "
" Libertv Hill S. D. 3 "
Johnston S. D. 8 "
" Collier's S. D. 3 "
" Flat Rock S. D. 4 "
" Elmwood S. D. No. 8 2 "
" Elmwood S. D. No. 9 2 "
" Elmwood S. D. No. 30 2 "
" Hibler Township 3 M
" S. D. 3 "
?* P. Branch S. D. 5 "
" White Town S. D. 4 "
Trenton S. D. 5 "
" Ward Township 2 "
" Moss Township 3 "
" Parksville S. D. 4 "
" Mocioc S. D. 2 "
" Oak Grove ? 3 "
" Red Hill S. D. 4 "
" Antioch S. D. 2 "
" Shaw Township 4 "
" Talbert Township 2 "
"RR Bonds Wise T'sp 114 '*
"RR Bonds Pickens 3 "
"RR Bonds Johnston 3 "
"RR Bonds Pine Grove 12 "
"RR Bonds Bloc ker (portion] 12 "
"RR Bonds Elmwood 12 "
"RR Bonds Elmwood
" Pickens 3 "
" Edgefield sch'l bldg. 2 "
Town of Edgefield
Corporation purposes . 10 "
All the male citizens, between the
ages of 21 years and 60 years except
those exempt by law are liable to a
pon.iax of One "Dol lar each. A capita
tion tax of 50 cents each is to be paid
on all dogs.
The law prescribes that all male citi
zens between the ages of 18 and 55
years must pay $2 commutation tax or
Wyrk six'days on the public roads. As
this is optional with the individual, ro
commutation, tax is included in the
property tax. So ask for road tax re
ceipt when you desire to pay road tax.
Co. Treas. E. C.
Land for Sale
Life is too short to go on
renting land, when you can
buy a small farm for almost
the rent money.
I have land in small lots
around Johnston, and near
Batesburg, Meeting Street,
Celestia, Rocky Creek or
Fruit Hill, Ropers and near
Edgefield, and lots and
stores in the town of Edge
ArthurS. Tompkins
Edgefield, S. C.
Notice of Final Dis
To All Whom These Presenta May
Whereas, J. H. Holder has made
application unto* this Court for
Final Discharge as Administrator
in re the Estate of Mrs. Sarah F.
Holder deceased, on this the 9th
day of October 1915.
These Are Therefore, to cite any
and all kindred, creditors, or par
ties interested, to show cause be
fore me at my office at Edgefield
Court House, South Carolina, on
the 14th day of Isovember 1915 at
ll o'clock a. m., why said order of
Discharge should not be granted.
J. P., E. C., S. C.
Oct. 13-4t.
Will Surely Sroo That Couch.
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Stood the Test
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road that a buggy or any other ve
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built. They are cheap, yet the best
of material is used in their con
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purchasing a car? Let us show
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Warehouse Commission.
We will appreciate any business
given us.
Edgefield, South Carolina

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