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?iHiaMtalp? 1S35.
Published every Wednesday in The
Advertiser Building at SI.50 per year
lo advance.
Entered as second class matter at
the postoffice at Edgefield. S. C.
No communications will be published
onless accompanied by the writer's
Cards of Thanks. Obituaries, Resolu
tions and Political Notices published at
advertising rates.
Tranquil pleasures last the longest;
we are not fitted to bear long the bur
den of great joy.-Boree.
Wednesday, Nov. IO.
Mr. Bryan is adding too much water
to his grape juice.
. The increased size of the big dailies
?? another evidence of returning pros
England is convinced that not all let
ters written by the President these
days are love letters.
Barbers should supply their needs be
fore the "hot-supper" season opens.
The increased demand will cause a sud
den rise in price.
We like Dr. Evans of The State. He
advises an afternoon nap. But what's
the use, if one can't afford to indulge
in such a luxury.
It is not now a question of what shall
we do with our ex-presidents, but
rather what shall we do with our ex
secretaries of State.
With anything but good grace, the
recently defeated candidate for "the
mayoralty of Charleston submits to the
3-esult of the primary.
In h":s consistent advocacy of pre
paredness as a means pf promoting
peace, President Wilson will have six
teen followers to Mr. Bryan's one.
The theatre of war seems to be
?quiescent everywhere except in the
south, where the Germans are dealing
cut death to the Serbs as they did to
the Belgians.
It seems just a bit incongruous. This
thing of holding a "six day cookery jr
course" in South Carolina's town of j t
square meals. Have they fallen below j ?
the standard? t
Once in a very great while you come
across a recent college graduate who
.will admit that he doesn't know every
thing.-The State. We haven't yet M
seen one so frank and honest. j I
Sometimes we wisn editors, like j t
State and municipal officials, were sub
ject to the recall statute. Then, some- i .
body else who knows how to run a j .
newspaper would be jjut in charge. ?
-~- I z
The amount fixed for the punsters' s
feast in Columbia leads one to suspect j
that prices are advancing as the stocks i.
diminish with the approaching: drought1
that shall prevail after the New Year.
We planed to have several big bugs j1
?rreet the paragraphers when they m<?et ' '
here in a week or so. and it just strikes ! ?
us as rather a cute idea to invite the K
chief of police to be present and give !
a little fatherly advice.-The State, i1
What chief, please? If Charleston's,
we object.
The Emperor of Japan acceded to
the throne upon the death of his father
< in June, 1912, but has not yet been
crowned. In fact, his coronation has
been set for to-day. Think of Kaiser
William waiting more than two years
for his crown! Impossible.
The charter mill in Columbia grinds
ont a number of new enterprises every
day, but never one for Edgefield. We
need a number of small industrial en
terprises. In addition to swelling the
volume of business of the town by the I ?
weekly pay rolls, they would give em- i g
pbyment to our young men. It is bet- ! (
ter for them to remain at home than to j,
go away to the large cities; that is, if I,
they can find employment here. It is I j
better to go away, however, than to
The sink in 2: of a big Italian liner
Tuesday by an Austrian submarine,
causing the loss of 200 lives, will neces
sitate the writing of some more notes
by President Wilson. But as Austria
is not at liberty to decide any question
v.-ithout consulting the Kaiser. Wash
ington bad might as well take the mat
ter op with Berlin to begin with. As
Germany goes so goes, Austria.
We'll wager a considerable sum that
Robert Gonzales had his grip packed
for a vacation in "narts unknown" be
fore he penned off the following para
graph: ""The women are making a big
hullabaloo over equal suffrage now.
But the ope, best bet is that they would
get so tired of the thing iii a few years
that you couldn't get one to the polls if
you promised 'em a new lid apiece. ?
Vanquished One Tima.
"Pat," the Irishman, usually comes
out victorious, but he and about nine
hundred of his fellows were vanquished
the other day when they planned to
embark from Liverpool for America in
order to escape enlistment in the
English anny. Ignoring the cries of
"Coward," Traitor," and refusing to
heed the appeals of the recruiting offi
cers, the Irishmen marched to the dock,
where, to their disappointment and
humiliation, they were refused passage.
The firemen of the steamship threat
ened to strike if the fleeing men were
taken aboard, hence the company had
to refuse to transport all able-bodied
English subjects of military age. Af
ter finding themselves thus vanguished,
it is quite probable that what "Pat"
and his fellow countrymen said would
not be printable: To add to their hu
miliation, several Irishmen were knock
ed down by women in their efforts to
decorate the men with white feathers.
We believe we prefer the bullets to
such a plight.
Demonstration by the Lawlessness.
Recently the mayor of Chicago mus
tered sufficient courage to order al) sa
loons closed on Sunday. Hitherto for
the past score of years and more
than 4,000 saloons in Chicago had vio
lated the Sunday-closing ? ordinance.
Last Sunday a demonstration was made
by the saloon keepers and their friends
against the Sunday closing. A pageant
of more than 100.000 persons passed I
through the main streets, of the city
and the mayor was invited to review
the parade. He very properly declined
to give sanction to this disrespect for
According to a dispatch from Chicago
the demonstration was conducted by
foreigners, being "under the direction
Df the United Societies for Local Self
aovernment, an organization compris
ing 925 American, German, Lithuanian,
Italian, Bohemian, Polishs Roumanian,
iewish, Croatian, Swedish, Swiss, Dan
sh, Norwegian, Irish and Austro-Hun
?arian subsidiary societies."
' Officers of the United Societies said
101,470 persons participated, 32,930 op
'oot and 68,540 in vehicles. Those on
loot marched ten abreast, paralleling
it first a double line of automobiles
ind horse-drrwn vehicles. It required
nore than two hours for the pedes
rians to pass the reviewing stand in
jr rant Park."
"The marchers were grouped ' by
?aces, and many wore the brilliant cos
;umes of their native lands. By the
lide of each division rode the women of
;he same race, many also in national
* This demonstration against law and
>rder by the foreign element of Chicago
ihows what a problem large cities have
n dealing with the undesirable class of
)eople who flock to America from al
)ar.ts of the old country. After the
European war closes it is probable that
he influx will be greater, unless more
itringent laws are passed regulating
mmigration. Of course, there are
iotable exceptions. Not all foreigners
ire bad. Some of them make good cit
ons; but the vast majority are a men
ice to our government.
Bethany Sunbeams on Honor
The Sunbeam society at Bethany
inder the direction of their leader
Urs. B ST. Talbert, recently held
?plendid exercise at the church. The
lou-je was filled and a collection
.iken which amounted to enough to
inisb raisintr their annual appor
ionment. This society with one
Uher were the two honor roll Sun
beam societies in Edgefield associa
,ion this year.
'Uncle" Iv Morgan Moves t?
New Home.
Editor Edgefield Advertiser:- I
vrite to let yon know th it we are
iow housed near Harlem, Ga., in
McDuffie county. We finished mov
ng last Friday evening. Can't tell
ret how we will be phased with
)iir new place of abode. I have met
l?verai of ou?* near neighbors and
ill insist on our attending Sunday
ichool and preaching at their
;hurch (Missionary Baptist) but
rery little over a mile from where
ive live. A good day school in about
ia!f a mile. My address will now
3e Harlem, Ga, R. F. D. No. 2,
rvill write yon more about this sec
ion when I know more.
Uncle Iv.
Harlem, Ga.
For Sale Or Rent-My nine-room
louse in north Edgefield, eight acres
>f land, pasture, good well and
'pring-, ? ervant bouse and store
louse on the premires. Terms easy,
ipply to W. C. Jackson. i
& .
f What Others .Say
All Wasted.
If the amount of brain, ingenuity,
money and time that have been put
into the present war had only been con
secrated to the service of humanity
what an advance in happiness and con
tentment would have resulted.- On
angeburg Times and Democrat.
Improve the Opportunity.
What are you going to do the long
winter nights from dark to bedtime?
Mighty good time to mark out a course
of good reading. The picture shows
and rook are well enough in their places,
but should not monopolize all $ne'
leisure.-Spartanburg Journal.
Not Wisely Spent.
While the navy of the United States
ranks fifth among the navies of the"
world, this country has spent more for
naval purposes than any other country
except Great Britain. Most of the
money was spent under republican ad
ministrations, ii the republicans had
spent the people's money honestly and
economically, we would now have a
better and stronger navy.-Abbeville
Speak a Good Word.
Speak a good word for the schools,
I ana the churcnes, and the business aha
professional men, and tne industries,
and vo?f neignoors, and frienas, and
the people generally. Speak a good
word lor thc whoie community, and
keep^on speaking until others ?et the
habit and begin speaking witn you.
It is a good thing ior the town, and in?
time others will be speaking well of
you.-Anaerson Intelligencer.
Americans Like Sweets.
People of the United States evince a]
great ionaness tor sugar, according to
statistical reports, lt seems uirhcultl
to Delieve tnat every man, woman and |
child in the country last year consumed
an average 01 b? pounus of sugar, ana
yet sucn is tne iact, as reported by the
department oi commerce. An indica
tion ol the importance of the sugar in
dustry may be found in the statement j
that the worjd's total production last |
year was sometning like 4U"ouU,Out),,
ooo pounds.-I1 ann and Kancn.
England Holding Back.
When the great Napoleon was run
ning rough snud over Europe, England
o?a little until sne was directly thr?at
eneu oy army invasion. So in the pres
ent war, she stood still and saw poor
little Belgium literally wiped out ol
existence. bhe also witnessed the
great drive of the Austro-German
wedge into Rjissia and now brave little
beroia is oeing sacrinced. During the
wnole war the ftirave Frenchmen nave
been standing in tne brtacn. riow long
will England continue to use the cat s
paw to pull ' the chestnuts out oi th?
nre?-Lancaster News.
Smile Provokers
I . j
"Doesn't it ?ive you a terrible
feeling when you run over a man?*
they asked him.
''Well, if he's a lar?e man, re
plied tbe automobilist, it does give
me a pretty rough jolt."
l4Whtt kind of meat have yon
this morning, asked the husband of
the butcner."
"The beet steak we have ever
had, sir, replied the butcher. Here
yon a/e, sir; as smooth as velvet
and as tender as a woman's heart."
The husband looked up and said:J
"I'll take sausage."
A Missourian from the Ozarks
recently went to St. Louis to see the
sights. He had never been in a big
city before, so he walked down the
street, looking in the windows and
enjoying himself hugely. At one
place he saw a sisrn reading, "Wo
man's Exchange." The mountaineer
hurried into the store, which was
filled with various specimens of
leminine handicraft.
"Be this the woman's exchange?''
he asked.
"It is, answered a very tall, very
gaunt and spinster-like person be
hind tie counter." . <
"Be yon the woman?" and he
eyed* her keenlv.
"I srue^S'I am."
"Wa'al, I guess I'll kejp Sal," he
said apobgetically, hurrying oui.
Father's voice rolled down the
stairs and into the dim and silent
"Yes, papa dear."
"Ask that young man if he has
the time."
"Yes, George has his watoh with
"Then ask him what is the time/'
"He says it is 11:48, papa "
*'Then ask him if he doesn't think
it about bedtime."
Another moment of silence. r
"He says, papa, the silvery voice
announced impersonally, he says
that he rarely goes to bed before 1,
hut it seems to him that it is a mat
ter of personal preference merely,
and that if he were in your plaoe he
would ero to bed now if he fAf
Where Your Money Does Extra Duty
Where Satisfaction is Certain
The large crowd that visited our store last Sat
urday was beyond our expectation: Our store was
crowded from morning until night, and a great
m'any of our customers left our store ,not waited
on, but we promise to be better prepared next Sat
urday. We nave also received a big line of new
goods this week. . *
A large assortment of Ladies' and Misses' Hats,
Trimmed and Untrimmed. ?
A handsome line of Ladies' Dress Skirts in all
sizes. Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and suits.
We have bought Seventy-five 'Ladies' Coat Suits
from one of the leading houses of* New York at
almost at half of the price. We will have them by
express in time for Saturday. So be on hand early.
We are receiving goods daily by express.
i 1
Remember We Sell Everything for Less
Edgefield, South Carolina
e and
Having received profitable prices for your farm products, and having paid off
pressing obligations, is it not a good time to make some needed purchases for the
home? The rigid economy that has been wisely practiced by many during the past
year has caused scores and scores of persons to let their household needs go unsupplied.
Now make the home brighter and happier by adding some new furniture and other
things that are needed.
FURNITURE! We have a carefully selected .stock of furniture that was
bought from leading manufacturers at a close price. Let us sell vou a suit. We are
offering solid bed-room suits for #20.00 up. Come in to see them. We also carry a
large assortment of mattresses and springs.
ROCKERS! We have a beautiful line of Rocking Chairs, just what you would
like for your home, and the price is wk h in your reach.
RUGS AND ART SQUARES! We invite the ladies especially to-call and Jet
us show them our large stock of art squares with Rugs to match. The largest assort
ment of rugs that we have ever carried, all sizes and all grades. Also see our linoleums
in attractive patterns.
STOVES, RANGES AND HEATERS! Do you not need a new cook stove or
range \ We can sell you one at a very reasonable price, and have a large assortment to
select from. We are af?o well supplied with heaters, both for wood and coal. Vou
will make a mistake if you do not see our stock before you make your purchase.
BUGGIES QTid WAGONS! Oneof our strongest departments is our
vehicle department. We can show you a large stock of buggies to select from-all of
them made by manufacturers that are absolutely dependable. Let us show you our
buggies before you purchase a new one this fall.
There is no better farm wagon made than our "Mitchell" wagons. Do not take
our word for it, but ask those who have used them for years. They stand the test of
bad roads and heavy loads. *
Every department of our store is well supplied, and we invite you to call before
making your purchases. *
Edgefield Mercantile Company |

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