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Wednesday, Nov. ?O.
Mrs. J. W. Stewart went to Co
lanibia yesterday to spend several
da\? wiib ber sister, Mrs. J. Pope
\ Mrs. Harriet Kenney of John
ston attended the flower phow Fri
day and remained here several days
with her n'eoe, Mrs. J. N" Schenk.
Barerains in typewriters at The
Adverser office, Two brand new,
tUOO-OUver typewriters, latest mod
el for *60. Call and inspect them.
Pr. F. Percy Byrd came up from
Batesburg Tuesday to visit his fa
ther in the Pleasant Lane section, j
Mr. Hy rd has Leen quite indisposed |
for several months.
The Advertiser job office is
equipped to do all kiuds of printing.
Satisfaction guaranteed on every
order, Call up phone 61 when you.
need printing of any kind.
Don't worrv children,Santa Claus
will be here in just six weeks even
if the war does continue. The toy
shops of America will supply what
the old gentlemen could not "*get
S.nce the very great decline in
the nrice of cotton many farmers
are holding for an advance. The
warehouses here and at Johnston,
we understand, are practically full
of cotton.
On the first Monday in December
J. H. Oantelou, master in equity,
will sell several valuable tracts of
land in different parts of the coun
ty. JBead the advertisements of sales
in^this issue.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cantelou
went tu (Greenwood and spent Sun
day with their ibn, Cadet Walter
{^ntelou, at the B. M. I. They
made the lourney in an automobile,
returning Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Arthur Childress, accompa
nied by her two little sons, Luther
and Benjamin Jomes, came down
from Greer to attend the funeral of
Mr. B. L. Jones. They were very
cordially greeted by their Edgefield
Mr. and Mri?. T. H. H. Wood,
accompanied by their children, Mis
ses Pauline and Josephine Wood,
and Master Walter Wood, came
down from Spartanburg in their
car last week and visited Mr. and
Mrs. T. A Highlower and Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Kirkland.
Last Sundav morning Mrs. James
Velix united with the Methodist
chm ch by letter from the Metho
dist church at Swainsboro, Ga.
There are probably other persons
residing in Edgefield who should
follow the example of Mrs. Velix
by uniting with some one of the
churches in Edgefield. Let your
meinberbhip be where you reside,
not 50 or 100 miles away.
Mr. Orlando Sheppard, Jr., will |
be married this evening to Miss j
Hannah Rogers of Society Hill. a.
.C. Mr. Orlando Sheppard, Mrs. P.
P. Burns, Mrs. T. J. Lyon and
Miss Fannie sheppard have gone to
Society Hill to attend the wedding.
Miss Roger? has been the guest of
Miss Faunie Sheppard several times
iq the past and is pleasantly re
membered here.
Meeting of Teachers.
A meeting of the teachers of the
county is auuounced iu this issue
for the 27th of November. The pro-v
gram in full is also published. Un
less providentially kept away, every
teacher in the county sjbould attend
the meeting in the court house. The
prograrn,if carried out-it will be if
the teachers attend-is one of un
usual interest, especially to those
who are actively and vitally inter
ested in the cause of education. If
you are a teacher, let nothiug inter
fere with your being present.
Delegates to W. M. U.
- Tuesday morning a number of
ladies left Edgefield and other sec
tions of our county for Spartanburg,
where the state convention of the
Woman's Missionary Union is in
progress from Tuesday until Friday
of this week.
Among jhose who are in attend
ance are Mrs. E. P. Jones, Mrs.
Abner Broadwater, Mrs.' J. L.
Micas, Mrs. L. T. May, Mrs. A. E.
Padgett, Mrs. John Mavs, Miss
Marian Clark of Trenton,- Mrs. B.
N. Talbert of Bethany and Mrs. J.
T. Littlejohn and Miss Hassle
Qnaries of Red Hill.
Meeting of County Medical As
The members of the Edgefield
County Medical association held a
meeting Tuesday in the offices of
Drs. Tompkins and Marsh. Io addi
tion to the local physicians Dr. VV.
D. Ouzts and Dr. J. H. Self were
present. The officers of the associa
tion are Dr. A. R. Nicholson, presi
dent, and Dr. J. G. Edwards, secre
A number of clinical cases were
discassed with interest and profit
to the physicians present. Sevefal
papers that were read in the pella
gra confreuce in Columbia last
week were also discussed quite gen
erally. At the meeting yesterday ar
rangements were made for holding
the district meeting of the medical
men at Johnston iu January.
Among the matters that were dis
c issed at the meeting Tuesday was
the erection of a hospital in Edge
field. A committee was appointed to
take the matter under consid?rai ion.
Death of Mr. B. L. Jones.
Sunday night, November'7, about
10 o'cloc1", Mr. ?. L. Jones passed
away at a hospital in Columbia,
where he was carred about a week
before for treatment. Fof about two
years he has been in declining
health, but Vas not confined to his
home until the past two months.
Failicg to iniprove after constantly
receiving the closest attention, he
was carried to Columbia for special
treatment. But instead of- being
benefitted by the change, be steadi
ly declined.
Mr. Jones was in his 60th year.
Nearly 20 years ago he located in
Edgefield where he has since en
gaged in the livestock business with
signal success. Prior to that time,
he resided on his farm in the Horn'*
Creek section. Mr. Jones always
took an active interest in municipal
affairs, ha.ving served as a member
of the town council for eight or ten
He always applied himself close
ly to business, ha\ ing through sound
judgment and economic manage
ment amassed a considerable es
tate. He has been regarded as a
man of unusual business ability.
20 years he has been a member of
the Edgefield lodge, Knights of
Pythias, and the members of^the
lodge assisted in the burial service.
Rev. J. R. Walker also officiated at
the grave. The interment took place
Tuesday morning in the village
cemetery, his grave being: close to
that of his son. Dr. Luther Jones,
who died four years ago.
Mr. Jones is survived by bis wife
and one son, Dr. B. Frank Joues.
Some Things I Want.
I think J. shall talk to you next
Sunday morning on "Some things
I want you to be." This may be my
last sermon in Edgefield. Come. "
J. R. Walker.
Dr. J. W. Kilgo.
Dr. Kilgo will preach at Trenton
Methodist church next Sunday
night at 8 o'clock. Lei all Treuton
come and hear and then do.
J. R. Walker.
Ga. R. R. Bank,
> 9
will find in. MOZLEY'S LEMON
ELIXIR, the ideal laxative, a pleas- '
ant and thoroughly reliable remedy,
without the least danger or possible
harm to thero in any condition pecu
liar to themselves.!
Pleasant ia taste, mild in action
and thorough in results.
vTested for 43 years.
50c. and $1.00 a Bottle.
3^*Sold and recommended by Penn
& Holstein, Edgefield, S.
(Continued from First Page.)
in Mr. Foreacre's private car called
on ino and asked for a hearing on
the matters as contained in my let
ter above.
The following gentlemen were
present in behalf of Edgetield, Mr.
Loyic Minis, Air. E. J. Mims, Mr.
L. S. Kernagrhan, Mr. M. A. Taylor
and myself. Mr. Forcacre as spokes
man for the railroad explained very
satisfactory as to the connection at
Trenton with "No. 31 from the
north, that he was forced to keep
an extra eugine in or near Aiken to
protect the tourist travel in case of
failure of regular eugine ou Aiken
and Edgetield branch, and to take
up immediate connection with this
train to Edgetield, would impose
hardship, and extra expeuse," not
justified by the travel.
As ',o our train No. 110 arriving
Edgetield at 3 p. m., which has
been caused by freight work be
tween Alkea and Tieuton, he as
sured us that this practice would be
stopped, aud that this train would
arrive as near on time as possible
in the future.
As to the freight from Augusta,
he also adjusted this matter very
satisfacen b^- promising tnat
freight loaded lil Augusta ou or be
fore 5 o'clock p. m.,* would reach
Edgetield by our 9:40 train the fol
lowing morning, making delivery
to the merchants tn less lhau f?\
hours, against from 3? to 48 hour*
in the past. This is qui?e au im
provement iu freight service, and
will make it possible for our mer
chants'tb receive cold storage or
perishable products by freight in
stead of the additional expense of
expressing this separately.
Mr. Foreacre, as spokesman for
the railroad, talked very interesting
ly along the line of service and the
desire of the Company to adjust any
aud all differences of the patrons
and the road. When asked as regards
to the possibility of inducing, the
?outhein railroad to extend line to
Greenwood, he said the policy of
the Southern at present io to im
prove their holdings and not to
make any extentions until their
present holdings were up to a
standard. He compared the rail
road business with a general store.
The store has many things to sell,
while the railroad had only one
thing tc seli, that was SERVICE.
He and Mr. McGhee talked very
interestingly as to the possibility of
Edgetield inducing new settlers into
the county, as well as. having a cli
mate equal to Aiken for the winter
tourists. jome classes of which
merely f ought quiet, and comforta
ble quarter*. They invite co-ope
ration O? the part of our citizen
ship. \Wa? free:dyer ising in their
folders whicii they puolish from
time to time. Division Superin
tendent, Mr. Wo.ssorn, assured me
it wouldyafford him great pleasure
to adjust a6 far as possible any ir
regularities existing on his division
when called to his attention.
I am getting up data for publica
tion, and any assistance rendered by
'any citizen, will be appreciated.
Would like to have rates from our
boarding houses or any private
family that would care to accommo
date any touiists during the win
ier months. It will be published
free of charge. This tourist busi
U. S. Battleship
December 13tl
The Southern Commercial Con
gress will be held at Charleston De
cember 13th to 17th, ?91 & This is
an association of prominent business
men from all over the south and
meetings are held each year for the
parp?se of discussing business- wel
fare, both of the manufacturer and
of the fanner. Last year the con
gress was held at Oklahoma City
and the year before at Mobiie.v This
year the meeting is to be held at
Charleston and very many men of
prominent business, social and pub
lic life have already accepted invi
tations to be/present. At least four
! n?ss means milch to any, town. Lets
get after it. We have*tbe climate,
the accommodations, comforts and
all desired! Write or call on me.
Let me know what you have to of
0. P. Bright.
Fourth Class Postmaster Exami
The United States Civil Service
Commission announces that on the
date named above an examination
will be held at Augusta, Ga., as a
result of which it is expected to
make certification to till a contem
plated vacancy in\ the position-of
fourth class postmaster at Clark's
Hill, S. C., and ether vacancies as
they may occur at that office, unless
it shall be decided in the interests of
the service to till the vacancy by
reinstatement. The compensation ol'
the postmaster at this office was
*295 for the last fiscal year.
Age limit, 21 years and over on
the date of the examination, with
the exception that in a state where
women are declared by statute to
be ol tull age for all purposes at
?8 years, women 18 years of age on
the date of the examination will be
Applicants must reside within the
ten no ty supplied by the pusiofliee
for which the examination is an
The examination is open to all
citizens of the ' United States who
can comply with 'the requirements.
. Application form and full infor
mation concerning the requirements
of the examination can be secured
trom the postmaster at Clark's Hill,
or from the U. S. Civil Service
Commission, Washington, 1). C.
? Application should be properly
exceuted and filled with the Coin
mission at Washington at least 7
days before the date of the exami?
nation, otherwise it may be imprac
ticable to examine the applicants.
. . U. S. Civil Service Commission.
Hundred)! More in Edgefield in
the Same Plight.
Tired all the time;
Weary and worn out night and
Back aches; head aches.
Your kidneys are probably weak
You should help them St their
Let one who knows tell you how.
Mrs. M W Padgett,., Cedar Row,
1 Edgefield, says: "I had torturing
pains in my back and general weak
ness came over me, causing me to
: feel depressed and tired during the
day. At night I couldn't get much
? sleep, owing to kidney trouble.
Nothing gave me relief until I used
Dean's kidney pills. This medicine
i brought quick and prompt relief."
(Statement given April 12, 1211.)
l?oan's never fail.
. After a lapse of over three years
Mrs. Padgett said: "Whenever I
. have backache or any other signs of
weak kidneys, Doau's kidney pills
never fail to relieve me."
Price 50o at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's kidney pills-the same
that Mrs. Padgett has twice pub
licly recommended. Foster-Miiburn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
"South Carolina"
i to 17th, 1915
members of the Cabinet o^ the
President of the United States will
be present at the meeting,
? nqnadroa of the Atlantic Fleet,
Torpedo Boats,- Submarines and'
Torpedo Boat Destroyers, as well
as- Drea I naughts,, will be in/the
Charleston harbor,- open for inspec
tion of the public,. December 14
and 15, and visitors at this time
will also haye the pleasure of seeing
a magnificent carnival.
Southern railway fis arranging
special fare tickets* and excursion
Insures the most
delicious andhealthful food
There is no better farm wagon
made than the Mitchell. Try one
and you will be convinced that they
are unequaled. We guarantee the
skeins against 'breaking, it matters
not how heavy a load 3 ou put ot?
them. Come in and make a thorough
examination of the Mitchell wagon.
The more you know of it the bet
ter you will like it.
Edgetield Mercantile Co.
FORSALE: All improved va
rieties of strawberry plants now
ready, 500 for $3.25; 1,000 for $2
f. 0. b. Edgefield, S. C. John G.
Edwards. Sf. D., Edgefield, S. C.
For Bent.
My place near Rehoboth, Edge
field Co., S. C., a good place, one
nundred acres under mower wire.
Seven acres Bermuda. Apply to
T. B. Gilchrist, Augusta, Ga., R.
F. D. 2.
Oct. 26, 1915. ' ,
Long-Term Loans to Farmers a Specialty.
Your farm land accepted as security WITHOUT ENDORSER or
oth?r COLLATERAL. Unlimited funds immediately available in de
nominations of Three Hundred and up. Established 1892.
JAS. FRANK & SON, Augusta, Ga.
Clothing for Men
and Boys
jg! Do not delay purchasing a winter
suit, i Come wjiile you can get a fit
in any color and style. We sell only
Ul clothing; made by the best manufac
giblet us fit you with a pair of Cros
ffig-jsett or Selz-Schwab Shoes. They fit
H well, look well, wear well, and the
price is reasonable.
Full stock of Underwear. Just
riM what you need for cold weather.
ft| See our Stylish Hats for Men and
Dorn & fflims
S.- M. Whitney Co.
Cotton Faetops
Augusta.i Georgia
Established 1868
Personal Attention to all Business, Correspond
ence Invited .
Slusky s Roofing Materials
Metal Shingles, Galvanized Corrugated Iron, Painted
Iron- Siding, Rubber Roofing, Mantels, Tiles, Grates,
Paints, etc. Lowest ^prices. Prompt deliveries.
Let us quote you before you buy.
Augusta; Ga.> T009 Broad St.. Agent for the Great Majestic Range.

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