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Practice of Fall Plowing and Burning
All Rubbish Will Lessen Num
ber of Harmful Bugs.
It ls much easier to ward off an
attack of Insects or to make condi
tions unfavorable for their multiplica
tion than to destroy them after they
are once in possession. Certain meth
ods of control have long been recog
nized among farmers and horticultur
Control by cultural methods must
come first, for Insecticides can only
stop an injury already begun. Insects
thrive on neglect, multiply most rap
idly in land seldom or never cultivat
ed, and winter over in rubbish, prim
ings or the undisturbed soil where
they get their food. It is the neglect
ed farm, vineyard or orchard, filled
with weeds or wild growth, which is
certain to contain the greatest stock
of insect enemies.
Thorough and constant culture, with
the removal and buming of rubbish,
diseased fruit, etc., with the practice
of fall plowing, will almost certainly
lessen the number of destructive in
sects. Constant cropping of large
areas of lend year after year to the
same etaple is largely responsible for
the excessive loss from insects in this
country as compared with Europe. A
most valuable cultural plan, therefore,
is a system of rotation of crops.
Plant All Trees In Straight and Even
Rows-Wire Netting Affords Pro
tection From Vermin.
The fruit garden may be adjoining
the vegetable garden, but should not
be a part of it.
Plant all trees in straight, even
rows. Standard apple trees 40 feet
apart each way.
Standard pears 25 feet apart each
way. Peaches and plums and morello
cherries 20 feet apart each way. A
peach or sour cherry tree may be
planted in between the rows of ap
ples, as the apples will not shade
these trees for six or eight years.
After planting two-year-old :rees,
stake and tie the trees to the stakes.
To prevent injury to the trees, it is
well to run a piece of wire netting
wound each tree and tie it securely to
the stakes. The wire netting should
be four feet in height. This will af
ford protection from vermin and also
from careless cultivation.
Low-growing vegetables may be
planted in between the rows of trees.
Give thorough culture throughout the
season. No grass or weeds should
be allowed to grow around the trees.
Keep the ground mellow.
Automatic Machine Shown In Illustra
tion Designed Especially for the
Smaller Orchards.
Spraying becomes more popular
every year, not only for apples,
peaches, and other orchard fruit, but
for potatoes, garden and even field
crops as the farming business comes
to recognize the value of fighting
pests that cut off the profits. For the
one-man orchardist and gardener the
Spraying Machine.
automatic spraying machine shown in
the illustration is especially designed,
though the automatic idea will likely
be seen soon on larger sprayers. As
the sprayer is wheeled along it auto
matically pumps the material to be
sprayed through the hose line, and the
man wheeling the machine along like
a wheelbarrow can pass around a tree
or bush, spraying it as he trundles the
Weil-Known Spray.
Some people have been looking for
a better and cheaper spray than ar
senate of lead and have been trying
arsenate of zinc It is advisable to go
a little slow In this matter because so
far arsenate of zinc has been found
to be much more dangerous to iota
fruit and foliage and also fully as
costly. Arsenate of lead has been
used for a long time, for its strength
and character is known to practically
Frost Protection Pays.
Does frost protection pay? Judging
by the experience of the citrus fruit
growers in California, it seems quite
apparent that it does, that it is one of
the greatest factors in assuring a fruit
crop, and that while the expense of
equipping an orchard is considerable,
lt pays dividends that are almost fab
Orchard ?s Neglected.
Many good farmers will keep every
thing on the place in ship shape al)
the ye?? except the orchard. These
men are a'. unis ....ag that, if
doesn't pay to ralr; fruit.
Vegetable Soup as ft Should Be Made
for the Best Results-Potato That
Will Be Attractive to the
Vegetable Soup.-Take one large po
tato or two small ones, one carrot and
one turnip of medium stae, and on?
small onion; wash, pare and slice
them, and let them boll for one hour in
one quart of water, adding parsley 01
any herb preferred for flavoring, and
more water as lt boils away, so that
there will be a quart when done.
Thicken with a spoonful of flour 01
cornstarch, dissolved in a little cold
water; or a spoonful of rice or any
coarse cereal may be added when the
vegetables are half cooked. Strain off
the liquid, season to taste, and add a
few spoonfuls of sweet cream. If a
dish a little more substantial is de
sired, the vegetables may be rubbed
through the strainer also and mixed
with the liquid.
Bread Panada.-Toast slowly several
slices of stale light bread, until they
are a golden brown all through. Pile
them in a bowl, sprinkling each one
with a little sugar and a pinch of salt;
then cover with boiling water, close
tightly, set the bowl in a pan of boil
ing water and let simmer gently until
the bread is like Jelly. Serve warm,
with sugar and cream and a grating of
- Potato foran Invalid*-Where potato
is allowed, select such as will boll up
dry and mealy. Peel them and boil un
til well done, then mash very thor
oughly with a wire masher until per
fectly free from lumps. Add rather
more salt tinn usual and several
spoonfuls of thick, sweet cream; then
beat until perfectly smooth and light,
and serve at once. Potato served in
this way is delicious and much more
easily digested by a weak stomach
theta when eaten with butter.
Fruit Toast-Fruit toasts are de
licious and appetizing and may be
made either with fresh or canned
fruit. Dip the slices of toast in the hot
juice, removing them quickly to a hot
dish, tUen thicken the juice slightly
with cornstarch, adding the pulp,
rubbed through a sieve or finely
chopped, ar d pour all over the toast.
Fruit Whip.-A nourishing way of
serving fruit, either fresh or canned,
is to press it through a sieve or wire
gravy strainer and then stir it Into
whipped cream, regulating the amount
of fruit as desired and sweetening to
Egg Souflle Toast.-Place a slice of
toast on a white enameled plate,
spread with fresh butter or very thick
syeet cream, heap'on top the stiffly
whipped white of an egg, hollowing
out the top to form a nest In this
place the yolk. Set In the oven to
cook the egg lightly.
Oyster Pate.
One pint oysters, one tablespoonful
each butter and flour, one cupful
cream, cayenne, grated nutmeg, yolk
of one egg, chopped parsley. Line a
shallow baking dish with rich crust.
Make sauce of butter, flour, cream,
sauce, and when heated through whip
in the well-beaten egg yolk. At once
pour into the pastry crust (previously
baked) and heat in oven about eight
minutes. The crust can be molded
over inverted muffin cups or made in
the regular baking dish lined with
paste, and even covered with a second
crust is most attractive.
Economical Cake.
The most surprising of cakes can
he produced without eggs or butter.
To a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of
soda dissolved in a teaspoonful of
warm water add a cupful of sour milk,
three-quarters of a cupful of brown
sugar and a half a cupful of treacle.
See that the sugar is well dissolved,
and then add two cupfuls of brown
flour, a good pinch of ginger and a
teaspoonful of cinnamon. Beat to
smoothness, and pour in while stir
ring a quarter of a pound of floured
raisins-less can be used. Bake in a
slow oven for a good hour. This cake
is economical, and will keep a long
time, but it is better not to cut it
for a day or two.
Manhattan Pudding.
Mix together the juice of three or
anges, a lemon and a half cupful of
sugar; let stand several hours. Whip
a cupful of heavy cream, add a half
cupful of powdered sugar and a cup
ful of chopped nuts or candied fruit.
Rub a mold sparingly with olive oil,
pour in the fruit juices, spread with
the whipped cream mixture and cover
with paraffin paper, put on the lid and
bury in ice and salt for three hours.
Serve garnished with sections of or
ange which have stood over night in
a thick sirup of sugar and water.
Scrambled Eggs With Asparagus Tops.
Melt three ounces of butter in a
saucepan, break into it six fresh eggs ;
season with a pinch of salt, half a
pinch of pepper and a third of a pinch
of grated nutmeg. Mix thoroughly
without stopping for three minutes,
using a spatula and having the pan
cm a very hot stove. Add a quarter
of a bunch of freshly boiled asparagus
Apple Float.
When making apple float, try bak
ing the apples instead ot stewing them.
The pulp is removed from the skins
and nixed with tho whites ot the egg
which makes the float much ltghtei
than the old way.
Master's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
Count* of Rde-pfleld,
Court Common Pleas.
John D. Kidson, Plaintiff-against
Mrs. Hattie W. Mobley, in her own
Right, and as Administratrix of the
Estate of James F. Mobley, deceased,
and Louis T. Wilds-Defendants.
Report of Master.
Pursuant to the decree in this cause,
I shall offer for sale at public out-cry,
to the highest bidder, .before the Court
House. Town of Edgefield and State
of South Carolina, on Sales-day in De
cember 1915, the same being the 6th
day of said month, between the legal
hours of sale, the following described
realty, to wit:
Tract No. 1. All that tract of land,
situate in the County and State afore
said containing sixty (60) acres more or
less, bounded on North by land of Mrs.
Ella Bland; on the Eeastby lands now,
or formerly belonging to John Schum
pert; on the South by land, now or
formerly, belonging to Mrs. F. E.
Wright, and on the West by land now,
or formerly belonging to W. G. Kerna
Iract No. 2. Also all that tract of
Land in said county and State contain
ing Fifty-eight and one-fourth (58-14)
acres, more or less, bounded by lands
on the North now, or formally, belong
ing to J. L. and D. R. Strother;.on the
East by the Edgefield public road; on
the South by lands of S?ss Betty and
Jennie Warran, and on the West by
'-nd row, or formerly, belonging to J.
W. Crim.
lerms of Sale: One-half cash, bal
ance on a credit of one year, with in
terest from date, or for all cash, at
purchaser's option; the credit por
tion, if any, to be secured by the bond
of the purchaser and a mortgage of the
premises, said bond and mortgage to
provide for ten percent Attorney's fees
m case same be placed in the hands of
Attornnys for collection.
If purchaser at said sale shall fail to
comply with the terms thereof, within
one hour from the time of said sale,
said premises, upon direction of Plain
tiff's Attorneys will be resold on said
day, at the risk of the forffw pur
chaser. Purchaser to be let into pos
session of said premises on production
ot Master's deed thereto. Rights to
all growing crop* for the year 1915
hereby reserved.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
Nov. 8, 1915.
Master's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
Count.\ of Edgetield,
Court Common Pleas.
Kate P. Miller and W. W. Miller,
Plaintiffs-against-J. H. Stalnaker
et. all.-Defendants.
Pursuant to the decree in this cause,
I shall offer for sale at public out-cry,
to the highest bidder, before the Court
House, Town of Edgefield and State of
South Carolina, on sales-day in De
cember 1915, the same being the 6th
day of said month, betweenY*he legal
hours of sale, the following'i^cribed
realty, to wit:
All and singular that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land situate, lying
and being in the County of Edgefield
and in the State of South Carolina, con
taining Sixty-four and 5-7(645-7) acres,
more or less, and bounded on the North
by lands of Alfred Hood, formerly L.
H. Prescott; on the East by lands of
Sherod Holmes, formerly Dr. W. E.
Prescott; on the South by lands of J. j
H. Stalnaker formerly Ellen Prescott;
and on the West by lands ot' T. J. Calli
Terms of Sale: One-half cash, bal
ance on a credit of one year, with inter
est from date of sale, or for all cash,
at purchaser's option; the credit por
tion, if ar.y, to be secured by the bond
of the purchaser and a mortgage of
the premises, said bond and Mortgage
to provide for ten per cent Attorney's
fees in case same shall be placed in the
hands ot Attorneys for collection.
If purchaser at said sale shall fail to
comply with the terms thereof, within
one hour from the time of said sale,
said premises, upon direction of Plain
tiff's Attorneys will be resold on said
day, at the risk of the former pur
chaser. Purchaser to be let into pos
session of said premises on production
of Master's deed thereto.
i Purchaser to pay for papers.
Alaster E. C.
Nov. 8, 1915.
Master's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Edgetield,
Court Common Pleas.
The Bank of McCormick, Plaintiff
Against-M. L. Carroll, et. al.,
Pursuant to the decree in this cause
I shall offer for sale at public outcry to
the highest bidder before the Court
House, Town of Edgefield and State of
South Carolina, on Salesday in Decem
ber 1915, the same being the 6th day of
said month, between the legal hours of
sale, the following described realty, to
All that certain tract, parcel or plan
tation of land known as "Swift Creek
Tract," said originally, to contain
Seven Hundred (700) acres, now con
taining Six Hundred and Fifty (650)
acres, more or less adjoining lands now,
or formerly, belonging to Mrs. M ary
Calhoun; Chesley Wells;Marthp. Black
well and others, situate in Edgefield
County, State of South Carolina, on
waters of Savannah River, being the
same tract conveyed to the said M. L.
Carroll andR. L. Tucker, by Martha
Blackwell by Deed dated April 5th
1879. and Recorded in the Office of
Clerk of Court for Edgefield County in
Book No. 4, Page 572.
Terms of Sale Cash: If purchaser at
said sale shall fail to comply with the
terms thereof within one hour from the
time of said sale, said premises, upon
direction of Plaintiff's Attorneys, will
be re-sold on said day at the risk of
the former purchaser.
Purchaser to be let into possession of
said premises or production of Mas
ter's deed thereto.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
Nov. 8, 1915.
State of South Carolinas-Ex
ecutive Department.
1. WHEREAS, heretofore petitions
have been filed with the Governor of
this State and signed by more than
one-third of the qualified electors of
certain portions ot Abbeville, Green
wood and Edgefield Counties propos
ed to be cut off to form a new coun
ty styled and called McDuffie Coun
ty and embraced within the follow
ing lines, to-wit:
2. Beginning at a point on the
South Carolina-Georgia line in the
Savannah River, opposite the mouth
ot' Coffer Creek, thence a straight
line. N. 45 degrees E. 25,728 feet to
the forks of roads at Riley's; thence,
the public road, in an easterly direc
tion to Island Ford Bridge over Little,
River; thence, continuing 6,978 feet to!
the fork of the road; thence, turning to
the east, following the right hand road
to the south fork of Little River, known
as White's Creek; thence, a straight
line S. 85 degrees, 30 minutes E. 28,800
feet to a point in the near Clatworthy's
cross roads; thence, a straight line N.
78 degrees, 15 minutes. E. 15,700 feet
to a point on the Greenwood-Abbeville
county line; in a southerly direction to
its intersection with the C. & W. C. !
Railway, about one mile south of Troy;;
thence, a straight line north 58 degrees
east 5,000 feet to a stake, south of ;
the incorporated limits of Troy; thence, |
a straight line N. 46 degrees E. 19,659
feet to a stake on the Abbeville, Edge
field public road; thence, the said Ab
beville, Edgefield public road in a
southerly direction to a road opposite
the Jabe Stone place; thence, N. 44
degrees, 30 minutes E. 7,200 feet to a
stake; thence, a straight line S. 83 de
grees E. 13,361 feet to a stake near or
at Callison's oid mill on Cuffytown
Creek ; thence, up the run of said creek
to the Callison-JCirksey township line;
thence, the said township line in an
easterly direction to the. Martintown
road; thence, the said Martintown road
in a southeasterly direction to the
Greenwood-Edgefield county line;
thence, the said Greenwood-Edgefield
county line in a westerly direction to a
stake about one quarter of a mile west
of the old White place; thence, a straight
line south 13 degrees East 10,978 feet to
a stake; thence, a straight line S. 77
degrees W. 3,750 feet to a stake;
thence, a straight line S. 13 degrees E.
8,522 feet to a pine; thence, a straight
line S. 35 degrees 45 minutes E. 20,400
feet to Cochran Bridge on Turkey
Creek; thence, a stright line S. 26 de
grees 30 minutes E. 16,800 feet to a
point where a branch crosses a public
road; thence, a straight line S. 59 de
grees 30 minutes W. 27,908 feet to the
run of Big Stevens Creek; thence,
down the run of Big Stevens Creek to
a stake; thence, a straight line S. 50
degrees W. 22,826 feet to the South
Carolina-Georgia State line in the Sa
vannah River; thence, the said South
Carolina-Georgia State line in a north
erly direction to the beginning point.
3. Whereas, the boundaries of the
proposed new county, tne number of
inhabitants, the taxable property, as
well as all other requirements of the
Constitution and Statutes have been
found and are as set forth in said peti
tion, j
4. Whereas, the report of the com
missioners, appointed to ascertain the
facts as provided for by law constitu
tion and statutes as to area, distance,
wealth and population and shape, et
cetera, are complied with and are as
stated in the petition, has been filed in
this office, wherein it appears that the
law has been fully complied with in
every particular, which is hereby con
5. Whereas, no election had been
held upon said petition in said area
upon the question of the formation of
such new county, upon the name there
of and the location of the county seat
6. Whereas, under the Constitution
and laws of this State the petitioners
are entitled to have ordered and it is
made the duty of the Governor of the
State to order an election in said area
upon said questions.
7. Whereas, an opportunity to be
heard was given to both proponents
and opponents of said proposed new1
county, and proponents or the new
county and their counsel appeared in
response to said notice, and some writ
ten communication in opposition there
to was received and considered but no !
person appeared in opposition thereto.
Manning, as Governor of the State of
South Carolina, by virtue of the power
conferred upon me by the Constitution
and laws of this State do hereby order:
That an election be held in the terri
tory embrased within the proposed new
county on the second Tuesday, the 14th |
day of December, A. D., 1915, upon
the question of creating the said new i
county and that at such election the 1
qualified electors within the proposed
area shall vote upon said question,
those favoring the proposed new coun
ty to vote "yes" and those opposed to
vote "no." ?-j
9. That the Commissioners of State
and County elections of the Counties
of Abbeville, Greenwood, Edgefield
respectively make all necessary ar
rangements for holding said election
and shall appoint managers and do all
things necessary for the holding of the
10. That the Commissioners of Elec
tion of each of said counties shall have
prepared printed tickets as provided
for in Se:tion 236 in the Code of Laws,
1912, Vol. 1. as amended by an act
passed by the General Assembly at its
special session in 1914, and approved
the 30th day of Oct., 1914, said act be
ing No. 6 in the acts of said special
session; and the said commissioner shall
furnish the same to the managers of
election for the use of the voters at
said election. The form of the ticket
shall be as follows:
Form of Ballot.
Special election upon the question of
the formation of a new county out of
Abbeville, Edgefield and Greenwood
Counties, held December 14th, 1915.
Shall the new county be formed?
What shall be its name?
Where shall the county seat be lo
11. That at said election the question
of a name and a county seat for said
proposed new county shall also be sub
mitted to the said qualified electors.
12. That said election shall be held
and conducted under the same rules and
regulations as provided for by law for
regular and general elections. That
the commissioners of election shall ap
point managers of election as provided
for by law, who shall be sworn before
entprine lipon the discharge of their
duties as provided for by law, and they
3hall open and close the polls as pro
vided for by law. In case no voting
place now established by law shall exist
in any part of the territory by reason
of the voting place of the voters r ?sid
ing in this territory being on the out
side of the lines of the proposed new
county, the commissioners of election
shall m that event open the regular and
usual voting place for these voters on
the outside of the territory of the pro
posed new county and the election shall
be otherwise conducted there just the
same as if the said voting place were
located on the outside of the territory
of the proposed new county; provided,
however, the managers of election shall
be careful not to allow ony one to vote
at said voting place unless he resides
and lives within the territory of the
proposed new county, and be otherwise
qualified to vote at such ellection ac
cording to law.
The managers of election when the !
polls shall have been closed shall pro
ceed without interruption to count and
tabulate the same; they shall make a
written return of the number of votes
cast for and against the formation of j
the new county, as well as upon the
same thereof, and the location of the
county seat therein; they shall sign,
seal and certify to the managers the
result of said election; the same to
gether with the ballot DOX, ballot and
poll lists and everything else apper
taming to said election shall be by
them forthwith turned over to the com
missioners of election as required by
law; that the commissioners of elec
tion for each of said old counties shall
as provided by law tabulate the vote
and declare the result of the election
and make due and proper return there
of as required by law to the Clerk of
the Court of their respective counties,
to the Governor of the State and to the
Secretary of State, in all of which
careful and detailed compliance with
the law is enjoined and ordained.
13. That tne commissioners of elec
tion of each of the old counties do
forthwith inform J. E. Bradley, Secre
tary and Treasurer of the petitioners
seeking to form said new county of the
amount of money necessary to cover
the costs of the expenses of said elec
tion, and the said J. E. Bradley, as
treasurer, shall forthwith deposit with
the Clerks of Court of each of the re
spective old counties said amount so
designated by said commissioners and
any other and further amount which
may be necessary under the law to
meefjand defray the expenses of said
election as provide 1 for by law.
14. That the board of registration
for Greenwood county, for the pur
poses of said special election and in
view of the fact that the Legislature
has established two new polling places
in Greenwood county wit.iin the terri
tory proposed to be cut off from said
county, wherein heretofore no voting
places have existed, to-wit: At B. C.
Talbert's store in Troy township and at
T. B. Bell's in Callison township, do
afford'an opportunity to all the quali
fied electors in said area where nere
tofore as aforesaid no polling places
have existed, to register or transfer to
said two polling places provided no
transfer or registration shall be made
by said board within thirty days of the
date upon which said election is or
dered to be held; and provided further,
that the law governing transfer and
registration be carefully observed in
this matter. The said commissioners
shall provide the usual books of regis
tration for said two new poling places
and furnish the same to the managers
of election for said voting places on
the day of the election as provided for
hereunto set my hand and caused the
Great Seal of the State to be affixed
at Columbia, this 29th day of Octo
ber, in the year of our Lord One
Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifteen,
of the Independence of the United
States of America the one hundred
and fortieth.
Governor of the State of South Caro
By the Governor:
R. M. McCowN,
Secretary of State.
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
Passenger train schedules, effec
tive October 24, 1915.
Trains arrive from
No. Time
?108 Augusta, Trenton 8:20 am
1130 Columbia, Trenton 9:40 a m
?110 Aiken, Augusta 3:00 pm
j 108 Columbia, Augusta 8:30 p m
Trains depart for
1 No. Time
1109 Trenton, Columbia. 7:20 a ra
1129 Trenton. Augusta 9:45 a m
131 Aug-Columbia-Aiken 11:45 a ra
107 Augusta, Columbia 7:30 p ra
Schedules published only as in
formation and are not guaranieed.
For further information apply
Ticket Agent.
Edgefield. S. C.
Land For kSale.
For the heirs of the estate of Mrs.
Mary A. Miller, I offer for sale the
tract of 500 acres of land belong
ing to said estate. It is located one
mile north of Roper's and lies on
both sides of the Five Notch road.
Improvements consist of dwelling,
five tenant houses and pasture en
closed by barbed wire, abundantly
supplied with water. There is con
siderable oak and pine timber on
the land. Possesion given at ouce.
For terms, etc., apply to
Edgefield, S. C.
Nov. 3-4t.
Treasurer's Notice,
The County Treasurer's office will be
open for the purpose of receiving taxes
from the L5th day of October, 1915, to
the 15th day of March. 1916.
All taxes shall be due and payable
between the 15th day of October, 1915?
and December 31st, 1915.
That when taxes charged shall not be
paid by December 31st, 1915, the County
Auditor shall proceed td add a penalty
of one per cent, for January, and if
taxes are not paid on or before Feb
ruary 1st, 1916, the County Auditor
will proceed to add two per cent., and
five per cent, from the 1st of March to
the 15th of March, after which time all
unpaid taxes will be collected by the
The tax levies for the year 1915 are
as follows:
For State purposes 7 Mills
" Ordinary County 6 44
44 Cons. School Tax 3 "
" Bacon School District 4 44
" Edgefield School District 5 "
44 Long Cane S. D. 3 44
44 Liberty Hill S. D. 3 44
44 Johnston S. D. 8 44
44 Collier's S. D. . 3 "
44 Flat Rock S. D. 4 44
44 Elmwood S. D. No. 8 2 44
44 Elmwood S. D. No. 9 2 44
44 Elmwood S. D. No. 30 2 44
44 Hibler Township 3 44
44 P. Branch S. D. 5 44
" White Town S. D. 4 44
44 Trenton S. D. 5 44
44 Ward Township 2 4*
44 Moss Township 3 44
44 Parksville S. D. 4 44
" Modoc S. D. 2 44
44 Oak Grove 3 44
44 Red Hill S. D. 4 44
44 Antioch S. D. 2 "
44 Shaw Township 4 44
44 Talbert Township 2 44
44 R R Bonds Wise T'sp 1 14 44
44 R R Bonds Pickens 3 44
44 R R Bonds Johnston 3 44
44 R R Bonds Pine Grove 12 44
44 R R Bonds Blocker (portion] 12 44
44 R R Bonds Elmwood 12 44
"RR Bonds Elrawood
44 Pickens 3 44
" Edgefield sch'l bldg. 2 44
Town of Edgefield
Corporation purposes . 10 44
Ali the male citizens- between the
ages of 21 years and 60 years except
those exempt by law are liable to a
poll tax of One Dollar each. A capita
tion tax of 50 cents each is to be paid
on all dogs.
The law prescribes that all male citi
zens between the ages of 18 and 55
years must pay $2 commutation tax or
work six days on the public roads. As
this is'optional with the individual, no
commutation tax is included in the
property tax. So ask for road tax re
ceipt when you desire to pay road tax.
Co. Treas. E. C.
Land for Sale
Life is too short to go on
renting land, when you ean
buy a small farm for almost
the rent money.
I have land in small lots
around Johnston, and near
Batesburg, Meeting Street,
Celestia, Rocky Creek or
Fruit Hill, Ropers and near
Edgefield, and lots and
stores in the town of Edge
ArthurS. Tompkins
Edgefield, S. C.
Notice of Final Dis
To All Whom Thes? Presents May
Whereas, J. H. Holder has made
application unto this Court for
Final Discharge as Administrator
in re the Estate of Mrs. Sarah F.
Holder deceased, on this the 9th
day of October 1915.
These Are Therefore, to cite any
and all kindred, creditors, or par
ties interested, to show cause b?
fore rae at my office at Edgefield
Court House, South Carolina, on
the 14th day of November 1915 at
ll o'clock a. m., why said order of
Discharge should not be granted.
J. P., E. C., S. C.
Oct. 13-4t.
are genuine values. Look at these
"Monroe Roadster" at $460.00.
Touring Car, "Chevrolet Four
Ninety" at $490.00. Chevrolet
"Baby Grand" (touring) at $750.00.
A product of experience. Fully
When in Greenwood make our
o-arage headquarters. The glad
hand awaits you. We need a rep
resentative at Edgefield. We can
sell your Ford if you have one.
Greenwood, S. C.

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