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Trustee?, Notice.
Our first meeting of county teach
ers' associatiou will be in the court
house .Saturday, 27th inst. We es
pecially urge trustees to be with us
as a feature ol' the meeting will be
for them.
W. W. Fuller.
Co. Supt. Education.
Very Pleasant Occasion.
The ladies of Stevens Creek
churGh gave an oyster supper at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Allen
Friday night last, the occasion being
a distinct success. The amount
realized was about 838, which will
be used in improving the church
buildiug. The spacious home of Mr.
and Mrs. Allen is an ideal place for
any social gathering, and especially
for one that is largely attended.
We trust that success will continue
to attend the efforts of the good
women who compose Stevens Creek
Thi ef on Gang.
Sheriff Swearingen recruited the
ranks of the chaingansr Saturday
with one Jim Brunson, colored. He
was 'convicted in the Magistrate's
court at Johnston for stealing a
watch and 30 days on the road.
After serving this term he will be
tried for a more serious offense.
Jim formerly resided in the Cleora
section. Some months ago he stole
another negro's wife andr betook i
himself "to Johnston to -make his
home. His next arraignment-will be "
for stealing the ginger-cake colored
fraud, who, by the way. being a '.
willing victim, will likewise have
to explain some things in court, i
A New Plant
Mr. O. B. Anderson purchased!
some seed and planted them in the
summer, thinking they were turnip
seed. But when they came up it
was altogether a new pl int, being
something of a cross between vetch
and turnips. He has sent a speci-!
men of the plant to Clemson coi- ?,
lege but the horticulturist there
says there is nothing like it in his
collection of 400 seeds. A speci
men has also been sent to Washing
ton to the agricultural department.
It is hardly probable that Mr. An- j
dereon was the only one who pur-j
chased and planted the seed. Who
else in this section has some of the j
new plant? Please report it to The j
The State of South Carolina,
Conn tv of Edgefield.
By W. T. Kinnaird, Probate Judge.
Whereas, W. L. and J. L. Der
rick nade suit to me, to grant them I
Letters of Administration of the;
Est?n? of and effects of Lewis But- :
1er Derrick,
These Are Therefore to cite aud
admonish all and singular thp kin-j
dred and creditors of the said Lewis 1
Butler Derrick deceased, that they .
be and appear before me, in the j
Court of Probate, to be held at.
Edgefield C. H., S. C., in ray office i
on the 18th December next, after
publication thereof, at ll o'clock in
the forenoon, to show canse, if any
they have, why the said Adminis
tration should be granted.
Given under my Hand this 23rd
day of Nov., A. A .1915.
P. J., E. C.
Nov. 24, 1915-3t. f
--- j
FOR SALE: All improved va-'
rieties of strawberry plants now j
ready, 500 for 81.25; 1.000 for $2
f. o. b. Edenfield, 8: C. John G.
Edwards, M. D.,Edgefield, S. C.
STRAYED-A small, short horn,
ginger-colored milk cow strayed
November i 7, from my home on
the A. R. Nicholson place 8 miles
north of Edgefield. John Lake,
Cleora, S, C. R. F. D.
fly Pure
Major J W. Aiton Dead.
We were informed Monday morn?
inp of the death of Major Aiton
which occurred Thursday last at
ins hom- in the Callison section of
Greenwood county, formerly Edge
Held. He has been a regular sub
scriber of The Advertiser for more
than 60 years, being in his 86th
year at the'ti me of his death. For
the past 10 years or rr ore The Ad
vertiser has been going to Mr. Ai
ton every week gratis, \\ ith the com
pliments of the editor.
Major Aiton wa? a good man, a
valuable citizen. For many years he
was a deacon in Mountain Creek
church, from which church he was
buried Friday afternoon. He was
noted for his faithfulness in every
duty assigned bim. Notwithstand
ing the fact that he resided some
distance away, no member of the
church was more regular in attend
ance upon public worship than he.
Unless prevented by sickness, Maj.
Aiton was always in his place. Even
the weight of years which gradually
grew upon him did not interfere with
his faithful discharge of religious du
ties. In the active years of his life
Major Aiton was one of the leading
factors in his community life. Noth
ing was undertaken without his
counsel and he always rendered a
full measure of service. As he has
been such a loyal member of The
Advertiser circle of readers so long,
it is with profound regret that we
strike his name from our list.
Major Aiton is survived by-bis
wife,-five-daughters, Mesdames" J.
M. Rogers, Walter Rogers, A. W.
Rogers, S?be Agnew and Burt
Dorn, arid three sons, Thomas,
William and Samuel Aiton.
D. A. R. Meeting.
Mrs. James R. Cantelou was the
hostess for the Old 96 District
Chapter, D. A. R. on Tuesday af
ternoon at the regular November
All of the organizations of women
in Edgefield are in a flourishing
condition, and enthusiastic along
their respective lines of interest.
All the recent meetings have been
of special importance because of
the three state conventions which
have taken place so recently, the
Woman's Missionary Union in Spar
tanburs', the Daughters of the
American Revolution in Greenville
and the Daughters of the Confed
eracy in Aiken, delegates from each
of these occasions bringing back
enthusiastic accounts of the con
ventions. The regent of the local
D. A. R., Mrs. N. G. Evans, pre
sided and business having been? at
tended to, Mrs. Evans gave a very
comprehensive and interesting ac
count of the D. A. R. Conference
in Greenville. Mrs. D. B. Hol
lingsworth, also in a very entertain
ing manner, described othur features
of the conference.
The new year books were distrib
uted, which will greatly facilitate
tne work of the ensuing year.
Mrs. Tillman, as historian, took
charge of the remainder of the pro
gramme, and a very interesting in
cident was the display of the South
Carolina Flag which the chapter
hai presented to the Edgefield High
Schoo1, and which had been carried
to Seattle and used on the platform
Jubilee night when Mrs. Tillman
and Mrs. Tompkins represented the
state of South Carolina at the na
tional convention of the Christian
Temperance .Union So the South
Carolina Flag owned by the Edge
field High School and the gift of
the local chapter D. A. R. pro
claimed to the United States at
Seattle the freedom of South Caro
lina from the shackles of King
Alcohol, as had in the long aso
floated to the breeze proclaiming
the freedom of the colonies from
the tyanny of Great Britain.
As the day of the meeting was so
near Thanksgiving, something of
the spirit of the season pervaded the
occasion. The members responded
to the roll call with a Thanksgiving
sentiment; and ihe chaplain, Mrs.
?. L. Mime, read a poem on that
The fir?* Thanksgiving was. a
very suggestive and interesting pa
rw?r read and prepared by Mrs.
Maner Lawton. William Jones sanjr
a Thanksgiving song, a reminiscent,
sketch of William Royall was read
by Mrs. J. W. Teak. The chapter
lound this paper of great interest?
and a relic of the past belonging to
thia distinguished gentleman was
an old copy book one hundred and
three years old which was an- ob
ject of great interest to the chapter,
md was viewed by each one.
At the close of the historical pro
gramme, the chapter was invited to |
the dining room, where seated
around the table, a most delightful
season of social enjoyment was
spent. The table was spread with
veritable banquet-, an elaborate
?alad course with whipped cream
and coffee, and a second course of
delightful cake and nut-jelly with
The December meeting will be ?
very pleasant one, and will have a?
ita subject, "The Indian," and will,
meet with Mrs. Mamie N. Tillman.
See the new coat suits $12.50 and
The Corner St?re.
25 ladies all wool white sweaters^
worth up to 83.50 while they last )
going at 81.59 each.
The Corner Sto-e. '
Do you need a typewriter? The
Advertiser is offering a great bar
gain in Oliver typewriters. Nothing]
better on the market. h
Bank of Trenton
Located at Trenton, S. C.; at the)
close of business November 10, 1915.
Loans and Discounts $63,371.76
Overdrafts 881.81
Furniture and Fixtures 2,350.00
Banking House 1,350.00
Due from Banks and Bankers 8,396.02
Currency 2,067.00
Gold 60.00
Silver and Other Minor Coin 423.?5
Checks and Cash Items 66.19
Total $78,966,23]
Capital Stock Paid in $16,300.00
Surplus Fund 1,938:46
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid 2,102.41'I
Individual Deposits Subject
to Check 38,915.84 !
Time Certificates of Deposit . 12,209.52 [
Bills Payable,- including Certi
ficates for Money Borrowed 7,500.00.)
% Total $78,966.23
State ot South Carolina, ) oa
County of Edgefield. (S3'
Before me came W. W. Miller,
Cashier of the above named bank, who,
being duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a true con
dition of said bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
W. W. Miller. \,
. CT
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 22nd day of November, 1915.
Wallace W. Wise, [L.S.]
Magistrate E. C., S. C.
Correct Attest:
A. S. J. Miller,
J. F. Bettis,
J. C. Long,
Bank of Parksville
Located at Parksville, S. C., at the
close of business November 10, 1915.
Loans and Discounts $28,194.38
Overdrafts 155.32
Furniture and Fixtures 1,350.00
Banking House 1,973.20
Due from Banks and Bank
ers 1,626.86
Currency 907.00
Silver and Other Minor Coin 393.84
Checks and Cash Items 564.36
Total $35,164.96
Capital Stock Paid in 18,035.00
Surplus Fund 4,000.00
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid 2,897.82
Individual Deposits
Subject to Check $6,898.02
Time Certificates of
Deposit 2,974,91
Cashier's Checks 359.21
Total $35,164.96
State of South Carolina, )
County of Edgefield. )' bS
Before me came W. P. Parks, Cash
ier of the above named bank, who, be
ing duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement is a true con
dition of said bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
W. P. Parks.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 22nd day of November, 1915.
Joseph P. Bronson,
Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
W. R. Parks,
, R. N. Edmunds,'
J. C. Pprks,
Plans to be betti
to stand still
Corner Store bet
your patronage.
are constantly b
creased. Where
service. Tis ou
I lowest prices oui
us to secure.
The (
I Just in to-day 1,500 yards, 86
inch sea island 25 yards to the
The Corner Store.
? .
; #1.00 a pair for shoes worth up
to 13.00. About 100 pairs, sizes 2
i^d 4. !
The Corner Store. >
A Beautiful
No woman can hope to be beauti
ful, who has not a good complexion.
Nor can any woman hope to have a
Sood complexion, who suffers with
lyspepsia, Indigestion, Sick Head
ache, Torpid Liver or other Irregu
j Mozley's Lemon Elixir.
wiri-.cleanse your system of all im
purities, build you up, give you per
fect health, and as a consequence a
beautiful complexion.
Pleasant to take, gentle in action,
but thorough in results. No un
pleasant effects.
50c. and $1.00 a Bottle.
For Sale and Recommended by Penn
<S; Holstein, Edge?eld, S. C.
We have had
ment this seasc
shipment which
see this line.
Our line of M
of a competent i
are constantly
this stock. Th
will find such a
sr than ever. We are not content *
Every day we work .to make The
:ter, bigger and more deserving of j
New Goods
% .....
eing added. Stocks are being in
>ver possible we are increasing our
r aim to give the best goods at the.
r experience and facilities enables
horner Store
roprietor Fdgefield, South Carolina
Long-Term Loans to Farmers a Specialty.
Your farm land accepted ad security WITHOUT ENDORSER or
nher COLLATERAL. Unlimited funds immediately available in de
nominations of Three Hundred and up. Established 1892.
JAS. FRANK & SON, Augusta? Ga..
We are better than ever prepared to serve
you. Our stock is complete and
up to the minute. .
Prescription Work Our Specialty
ed Coat Suits
remarkable success in this depart
an, and have just received a new
we are now showing. Call and
illinery is complete and in charge
nilliner, who will please you. We
receiving new things to add to
roughout our other departments
rticles that you may need.
Yours truly,
ss Brothers

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