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Strong Cardboard and Creamy Linen
Are the Materials to Be Employed
-Many Other Styles May
Be Put to Use.
There is no home that contains too
many scrap baskets. In fact, if such
a receptacle were found in every room,
io say nothing of halls and stairways,
I am confident they would, by their
Tise, save very much of the constant
picking up necessary in the average
household. So if in doubt as to what
to give for a holiday gift, send a scrap
Some of the prettiest and daintiest
designs in these receptacles can be
carried out at home, as, for instance,
the one pictured. As seen, it is stove
pipe fashion, made from a strip of
strong cardboard and covered with a
creamy linen. The decoration is a
large spray of flowers, embroidered in
silks the natural colors of the flowers.
The finish is lace edging at the top,
one and one-quarter inches wide,
standing up quite plain, not frilled. A
plain, coarse linen lace should be used.
Then it will not fall.
To make the basket take a piece of
cardboard about 18 by 22 inches. Paste
the longer length together to make the
pipe. Embroider the linen and sew on
the lace. Stitch the edges together on
the wrong side and hem the bottom.
Line the inside ot the basket with a bit
Of sateen or thin silk. Draw the outer
covering over the cardboard, and for
the bottom cut a round of cardboard
the size to flt. Glue or paste the edge
and then push it into the pipe, resting
Jbalf an inch or so inside of it Of
course, any outer covering could be
osed, the selection depending upon the
room where it would be placed. The
crashes in gray, tan or ecru tints are
always in good taste for living rooms
generally, cretonne for bedrooms,
tapestry for the Library and the dining
room and lace over a dainty color for
A boudoir or a girl's room. A light
decoration in dainty colorings will be
prettiest for white and cream linens.
The ecrus can take a heavier design,
also more vivid colorings, as a spray
of asters, and should hand embroidery
be beyond the skill of the house dec
orator a spray of flowers cut from cre
tonne and carefully applied with a
Scrap Basket,
Simple outline stitch will be equally
effective and save lots of time.
A narrow upholstery gimp is used
as a trimming for cretonne baskets
and the French gilt for those covered
in tapestry. I saw a lovely basket on
this order recently, but It was square
in shape, so I chose the round model
lor illustration because it was so
mach easier to make than the square.
It was of dull old rose, green and In
dian yellow tapestry lined with lighter
old rose silk and all edges finished
.with the gilt gimp. If one feels equal
to the attempt the result will be a
Tory beautiful bit of handiwork.
The cost of the ordinary basket will
tie: Cardboard, ten cents; half a yard
of linen, twenty cents; a transfer de
sign, five or ten cents; lining, ten
cents, and silks for working, probably
fifteen cents.-Boston Globe.
New Models Shown Almost Invariably
Have This Embellishment, With
the Best of Results.
As might be expected, quite a few
Of the new waist models are embel
lished with fur. The fur stock is
jQOvel, but H is not likely to be gener
ally adopted because of its discomfort
in a heated room, and also because a
woman will prefer the fur neckband
on her coat and a softer finish for the
When fur is used lt is cut in the
narrowest possible width and is hard
ly more than a fringe. On light waists,
such as white, flesh, pink, orchid and
peach, dark fur is preferred to light,
because of its greater decorative con
Surplice effects are back in fashion.
They are, perhaps, a little newer and
more feminine than the jabot style,
bot the latter, too, are to have a win
ter Inning.' A good many of the lin
gerie blouses are fashioned along
these Uc??S. There is not a great d^al
of embroidery, either hand or ma
chine, applied to such model;;.
Mothers, Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar
Honey is just the remedy for your
children's cold ailments. The fact
is that pine is a quick enemy of
cold conditions. Its qualities loosen
the mucous in the throat, soothe
the liyigs and open up the air pas
sages. The combination of honey,
soothing and pleasant, with the
loosening pine quality makes this an
ideal cough remedy for children.
Each passing year brings for it.
new friends. A family of growing
children cannot afford to be without
it. 25c. a bottle.-3
Ga. R. R. Bank
For Kent.
My place near Rehoboth, Edge
field Co.. S. C., a good place, one
nundred acres under mower wire.
Seven# acres Bermuda. Apply to
T. B. Gilchrist, Augusta, Ga., R.
F. D. 2.
Oct. 26, 1915.
Cures Old Sons, Otha? Remedies Won't Cure
The \rorst cases, no matter cf how Ions standing
are cured by the wonderful, old reliable Cr
Porter's Antiseptic Healing OIL It reUevei
?ain and Heals at the sam* ??sc. 25c. 50c. $1.0?
SINCE we {
mother keeps
In five minut
tion makes
easy to carry a
the furnace
and during cc
the most use
the house.
The Perfection gi
of comfort on a ga
the most inexpen
Use Aladdin Securi
White Oil to obtair
Stoves, Lamps and ?
(New Je
Washington, D. C.
Norfolk. Va.
Richmond, Va.
Look for the Triangle T
Sold in many styles ;
hardware and general si
Highest award Panama-Pacific Expos itii
Master's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Edgefield,
Court Common Pleas.
Hattie Hading, et. al.,-Plaintiffs
-against-W. H. Hading-De
Pursuant to the decree in this
cause, I ?hall offer for sale at pub
lic out-cry to the highest bidder,
before the Court House, Town of
Edgefield, county and State afore
said, on salesday in December 1915,
same being the 6th day of said
i mouth, between the legal hours of
sale the following described realty
I consisting of two adjoining lots, to
' wit:
J Lot No. 1: A certain lot, piece or
j parcel of lan 3 40x46 feet on Cot
eau e St., 40 feet front on Cot
? tage street and 46 feet back, bouuded
:Noith by old Ferguson Ferry road;
East by Cottage St., South by lands
i of W. J. Wells and West by lauds
of W. J. Wells.
I Lot No. 3: Also a certain lot of
j land containing one-half of an acre,
j more or less, with buildings there
on, beginning at corner of W. J.
and L. E. White lot and Collier St.,
and down Collier St., to Cottage
St., and bounded North by lands of
Annie L. Collier, East.by W. J.
and L. E. White; South by Collier
and West by Cottage St. Said
two lots or parcels of land being
situate in the town of Plum Branch,
county of Ed?efield, State of South
Terms of Sale: Cash. If purchaser
at said sale shall fail to comply
with the terras thereof within one
hour from the time of said sale,
said premises, upon direction of
plaintiff's attorney, will be re-sold
on said day at the risk of the for
mer purchaser.
Purchaber to pay for papers.
Master E. C.
Nov. 8 1915.
?jot a PERFEC
ATER, Grand
; cozy all day
es the Perfec
chilly rooms
It is light and
round. When
breaks down
)ld snaps, it is
rful thing in
ves you ten hours
Hon of kerosene
sive form of heat
ty Oil or Diamond
i best results in Oil
Cher I oit e, N C.
Charleitou, W. Va.
Charleston. S C.
and sizes at all.
n^^svrt. J ewttji.re ^ Ter**-?.
Having received profitable prices for your farm products, and having paid off
pressing obligations, is it not a good time to make some needed purchases for the
home? The rigid economy that has been wisely practiced by many during the past
year has caused scores and scores of persons to let their household needs go unsupplied.
Now make the home brighter and happier by adding some new furniture and other
things that are needed.
FURNITURE! We have a carefully selected stock of furniture that was
bought from leading manufacturers at a close price. Let us sell you a suit. We are
offering solid bed-room suits for $20.00 up. Come in to see them. We also carry a
large assortment of mattresses and springs.
ROCKERS! We have a beautiful line of Rocking Chairs, just what you would
like for your home, and the price is within your reach.
RUGS AND ART SQUARES! We invite the ladies especially to call and let
us show them our large stock of art squares with Rugs to match. The largest assort
ment of rugs that we have ever carried, all sizes and all grades. Also see our linoleums
in attractive patterns.
STOVES, RANGES AND HEATERS ! Do you not need a new cook stove or
range? We can sell you one at a very reasonable price, and have a large assortment to
select from. We are also well supplied with heaters, both for wood and coal. You
will make a mistake if you do not see our stock before you make your purchase.
BUGGIES and WAGONS! One of our strongest departments is our
vehicle department. We can show you a large stock of buggies to select from_all of
them made by manufacturers that are absolutely dependable. Let us show you our
buggies before you purchase a new one this fall.
There is no better farm wagon made than our "Mitchell" wagons. Do not take
our word for it, but ask those who have used them for years. They stand the test of
bad roads and heavy loads.
Every department of our store is well supplied, and we invite you to call before
making your purchases.
Edgefield Mercantile Company
Now That These Ornaments Are So
Large Some Such Receptacle lt
Absolutely Necessary.
An ordinary pincushion ls not much
jse for hatpins because, unless lt ls
i very large cushion, the weight of
the heads of the pins will cause it
:o fall over. Our sketch snows a prac
tical little cushion for this purpose
that will not fall over, on account ox
[ts weight.
It is made from an ordinary Jam Jar.
The Jar in the first place is covered
with thin silk, the material being fas
:ened on just inside and underneath
;he jar with a strong adhesive. The
2dge and the base of the jar are next
finished off with a plaited silk cord.
ls the heavier the weight of this little
irticle the better, the jar can be filled
tvith sand, shot, or anything of weight,
ind then the remaining part filled
with cotton wool and covered in at
the top with some pretty little rem
nant of brocade.
The colors of the material are a
matter of choice, but this little cush
ion looks very pretty carried out with
pale pink silk and gold cord, and cov
ared in at the top with colored bro
The conies;ion of the bio-a in
ts flow c.nws pain. Sloan's Lini
nent p?n?tr?t* s to the congestion
md starts the blood tu flow freely,
rhe body's warmth is renewed; the
>ain in ?ro?e. Th** man who has
.heumatism. neuralgia or other pain
ind f ti ls to keep Sloan's Liniment
n their hume is like a drowning
nan a ru pe. Why suffer, (-?et a
wttle of Sloan's. 25c. and 50c.
51.C0 hold six times as much as
Ibo. size.-3
I have a fine well-bred bull at my
lome. Fee for service 50c. cash.
Edgefield. S. C.
Wil? S?re?y S(0? Ths? Couch.
J. C. LEE, President
F. E. Gibson, Sec. and Treas.
if you are going to build, remodel or repair,
we invite your inquiries.
We manufacture and deal in doors, sash,.blinds
stairs, interior trim, store fronts and fixtures,
pews, pulpits, etc., rough and dressed lumber,
iath, pine and cypress shingles, flooring, ceiling
and siding.
Distributing agents for Flintkote roofing
Estimates cheerfully and carefully mane.
Woodard Lumber Co
Corner Roberts and Dugas Streets,
Our Motto: SS
Our Edgefield Friends
Are invited to make our store their headquarters
when in Augusta.
Wk are better prepared than ever before to supply
their needs. Every department of our large stock is
filled with stylish fall merchandise.
In Dry Goods we were never better stocked. Our
Shoes were bought from the leading n-anufacturers.
Our stock of Men's and Boys* Clothing was never
more complete.
We invite the ladies to see our tailored suits frcm
the largest makers of women's ready-to-wear factory in
the country.
Our Millinery Department is also filled with the
most Stylish Hats and Trimmings ever brought to Au
gusta. Do not fail to call in to see us whether you
buy or not.
Augusta Bee Hive
Augusta, Georgia
810-018 Broad Street

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