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Increased Profits Made by Putting
Product of Hens in Neat and At
tractive Packages.
Tt KT- been found Dy those who han
dle foodstuffs that it pays to put the
goods up in attractive "shape or pack
ages. If is no uncommon thing to see
vegetables tied up in ribbons, and
fruit, which formerly traveled in bar
rels, is now packed in small boxes
resembling confectionery in the way
thov are handled. The same applies
Washing Eggs.
to the fruit of the hennery. An egg
farmer who gets a reputation for the
quality and appearance of his eggs
will always get a premium above the
price for hi3 product, and this in
creased price makes it worth while
for him to exercise the necessary care.
Such persons not only examine each
egg before it is shipped, but they are
also washed by hand, in order that
they present an immaculate appear
ance when placed on view. The ma
chine shown in the accompanying cut
has been recently patented for the
purpose of washing eggs. It does the
work as well as if done by hand and
much more rapidly.
May Be Picked Out on Roost at Night
by Size of Crop-Judge Capacity
by Shape of Body.
The hen with a large appetite can
be picked out on the roost at night by
the size of the crop. The capacity of
a bird may be judged by the shape of
the body. The jointed ribs allow the
rear part of the body to expand down
ward, taking on a wedge-shape, as the
digestive system and reproductive or
gans demand more room. This spread
;xnoy be judged by the distance be
itween the lear end of tte breast bone
;ftu? cae pKyic-avn?a. . ja "bira spread
?rom heavy production should not be
I confused with one spread from being
1 The high producer Invariably shows
[what we might term as quality, that is,
soft, pliable skin over breast bone and
j abdominal cavity.
I The skin of the nonproducer or the
Ibird out of condition will have a hard
; leathery or drawn feeling.
While tho shape of the overfat hen
may indicate capacity, the body cavity
ils filled with fat rather than organs of
digestion and production, and the skin
Is lacking in that quality which ap
pears in the high producer.
Easy Opportunity Afforded to Give
House Thorough Cleaning and
. Fight Injurious Vermin.
Everything in the henhouse should
be movable-nests, roosts, dust
boxes, etc. This gives an easy chance
to fight vermin, and also to give the
house a thorough cleaning. The old
practice of nailing nests, roosts and
ali fixtures to the building was a
bad mistake, and there is no wonder
that lice reigned supreme.
T. W. Vare, Hammonton, N. J., has
Common-Sense Nest Boxes.
a novel nest method. Ordinary boxes
are used; these are so placed that
the lower box provides a platform
for rjie upper nest, upon which the
hens can easily alight. These nestB
are readily taken outdoors and thor
oughly cleaned. The illustration gives
the idea very clearly.-Farm Journal.
Easier to Care for Fowls in Large
Flocks Than Small-Grower
Tumo His Money Quickly.
Ducks can be handled in large num
bers better than most other fowls and
the grower turns his money quickly,
for by the end of summer he is
cleaned out, having only a few scores
or many hundreds of breeders to
carry through the winter, the number
depending on the size of ais business.
Yet tbe work ls exceedingly exacting
and most arduous while -ha busy sea
son iasts.
Pelvic Bones of Best Layers.
The best layers usually have slen
der, pliable pelvic bones, while the
poor l&yors have hard, rigid bones
even though they are spread during
Evidently Not All Aro Satisfied With
the Condition of Affairs as Ex
isting Toaay.
Among the requests and suggestions
for government aid-which 1 quote lit
erally-were calls tor a law to mane
a farmer go shares with his wife, or
else pay her one dollar a day for her
work; for fireiess cookers, vacuum
cleaners, washing machines, dishwash
ing machines, teachers with horse
sense, a better grade of tea, coffee, and
dried fruit at country stores, a trav
eling government doctor, a traveling
government nurse, electric lights and
trolley lines for isolated farms, cook
books, books of fiction, traveling
schools and traveling libraries, illus
trated lectures, "moovies" and phono
graph concerts sent around to the
farms, a better knowledge of rural
sanitation, better supervision of chil
dren at the "little red schoolhouse,"
both in point of morals and health;
a system of rural transportation for
school children on the same free ba
sis as rural free delivery; a law that
will prevent men from lingering in
the country store instead of going
straight home with what they were
sent for. Said one discouraged woman:
"What's the use of buying more land
to raise more corn to feed more hogs
to buy more land?" Many women com
plained of excessive rates of farm
loans, showing the greater number
of letter writers lived on heavily
mortgaged farms. One woman summed
up the situation by saying: "What we
really need most is plenty of ready
money," and another hit the nail
squarely on the head when she said:
"It seems to me lt all depends on the
kind of man we live with." A Geor
gia man wrote in place of his wife,
saying: "Send us some cook books, the
women down here use too much grease
in preparing their meals." Now and
then came a letter from a contented
woman, but comparatively few seemed
satisfied with either their surround
ings or their "men folks."-"The Wom
an With the Hoe, ' by Mrs. George P.
Richards, in National Magazine.
Peculiar Comment of Iowa Boy That
Is Put on Record by Los An
geles Newspaper.
An Iowa family had located in sun
ny California and were very happy
with their surroundings, but the moth
er noticed, with regret, that her young .
son had lost all Interest in.his native
state, while she wished him always
to remember lovingly the land of his
birth. One day, calling him to her,
she said:
"Son, sit down and Hs">^ while Ir
rhc.j vuu a raw lines from a speech'
delivered at De3 Moines, Iowa, by Dr.
Newell Dwight Hillls, pastor of Ply
mouth church, Brooklyn" (who had
also been an Iowa boy).
The mother read: "Young man,
don't leave your state thinking there
ls a better country in the East or .<
West. God Almighty smiled when he
made New York and Seattle, but he
laughed outright with his blessing
when he made Iowa."
The lad, springing to his feet,
shouted, "H'm, I'll bet God Just roared
when he made California."-Los An
geles Times.
Serving Dinner.
With the help of this suggestion
women who do their own work and
have a good deal of company can ar
range things so that with the aid of
their tea wagons they can serve four
course dinners without getting up
from the table or leaving the room.
The cold dessert has presented many
a problem, as well as the hot main
course. One way to keep things hot 1
after they are ready for the table is
to put the serving dishes into a home
made "fireless" fixed up for the pur
pose. Line a large candy box with ?
asbestos and paint it white. Tightly
covered, things keep hot in it for fif
teen or twenty minutes, giving time to
get the first course out of the way.
When you do not need this box to
keep the main course hot, use it to
keep the dessert cold. It delays the |
molting of ice cream, for instance, I
Good Use for Idols.
A missionary in Travancore, south
ern India, saw one morning a native
coming to his house with a heavy bur
den. On reaching it he laid on the
ground a sack. Unfastening it, he
emptied it of its contents-a number
of idols. "What have you brought .
these here for?" asked the mission
ary. "I don't want them." "You have
taught us that we do not want them,
sir," said the .native; "but I think they
might be put ?o good use. Could they
not be melted down and made into a
bell for our church?" The hint was
taken. They sent the idols to a bell
founder, who made them into a bell I
which now summons the native con
verts to praise and prayer.
Even Then She Didn't Smile.
The young woman had spent a busy
She had browbeaten 14 salespeople,
bullyragged a floorwalker, argued vic
toriously with a milliner, laid down
the law to a modiste, nipped in the
bud a taxi chauffeur's attempt to over
charge her, made a street car conduc
tor stop the car in the middle of a
block for her, discharged her maid
and engaged another, and otherwise
refused to allow herself to be im
posed upon.
Vet she did not smile that night
when a young man begged:
"Let me be your protector through
A Touch of a
Touch a match,
utes the Perfectic
Oil Heater is spres
and warmth.
The Perfection ke
Sold in many stylesan*
Highest Award at Panam:
Look for tho Triangle T
Use Aladdin Security Oil
Oil Stoves, Lamps and H<
(New Jer?<
Washington, D. C.'
Norfolk, Va.
Richmond, Va.
Auditor's Notice.
All persons owning property of any '
kind whatsoever, or in any capacity,
a3 husband, guardian, executor, ad-'
ministrator or trustees are required to
make returns of the same to the Audi- j
tor under oath within the time men- '
tioned below and the Auditor is requir
ed by law to add a .penal tv of ??per
cent-tu alf property that' is u?t return
on or before the 2Uth day of February
in any year.
All male citizens between the ages
of 21 and 60 years except those ex
empt by law are deemed taxable polls.
The 50 per cent penalty will be added |
for failure to make returns.
For the convenience of tax payers, I
or my representative will be at the
following appointed places on the dates
mentioned to receive tax returns:
Ropers, Wednesday, Jan. 12, 1916.
Meriwether, Thursday Jan. 13.
Colliers, Friday Jan. 14.
Ked Hill, Saturday Jan. 15
Clark's Hill, Monday Jan. 17. '
Modoc, Tuesday Jan. 18.
Parksville, Wednesday Jan. 19.
Plum Branch, Thursday, Jan. 20.
Morgan's Store, Friday Jan. 21.
Liberty Hill, Saturday Jan. 22.
Cleora, Monday, Jan. 24.
Pleasant Lane, Tuesday Jan. 25.
Meeting Street, Wednesday Jan. 26.
Johnston, Thursday, Jan. 27.
Herring's Store, Friday, Jan. 28.
Trenton, Saturday, Jan. 29.
The office will be open to receive re
turns from the first day of January till
the 20th day of Feb. 1916, as prescrib
ed by law.
Auditor, E. C. S. C.
Dec. 8-1915.
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
Passenger train schedules, effec
tive October 24. 1915.
Trains arrive from
No. Time
108 Augusta, Trenton 8:20 am
130 Columbia, Trenton 9:40 a m
110 Aiken, Augusta 3:00 p m
lUtf Columbia, Augusta 8:30 pm
Trains depart for
No. Time
109 Trenton, Columbia 7:20 a m
L29 Trenton, Augusta 9:45 am
131 Aug-ColumbiarAiken 11:45 a m
107 Augusta, Columbia 7:30 p m
Schedules published only a9 in
formation and are not guaranteed.
For further information apply
Ticket Agent.
Edgefield. S. C.
A. H. Cori ey,
Surgeon Dentist
Appointments at Trenton
On Wednesdays.
Dental Surgeon"
Residence 'Phone 17-R. Office 3.
>n Smokeless
idingf comfort
eps any room
Match Brings a Touch of Spring
In five min- chill-free and cosy. Pick it up
and take it wherever you want
extra heat. Light and easily
carried. Smokeless and odorless.
Ten hours glowing warmth on
a gallon of kerosene oil.
5 sizes at ail hardware and general stores.
i-Pacific Exposition.
or Diamond V/hi'.e Oil to secure best results in
. Charlotte. N. C.
Charleston. W. Va.
Charleston, S. C.
JU lil Ct Jv g
)UP Stock
We . constantly acJdingfto our new stock of mer- ?
* chandi.sc, and extend an invitation to our friends J
? in all' p.'ir?s of* thc coi!M\ to come and give lrs~a~~?;
I trial. Our goods were bougl ! v ery close, and we are %
? making prices within reach of every purse. . J
* Wheo von lu'cd Dry Ooo ?s. Shoes and furnishings |
% of all kinds come to us before supplying your needs. %
% We ctn- ?ive you mone;
.{. ??*
* Ever ihing new arni lu ugh" from the leading manu- *
? factur?is and jobbers i;i thc country.
An invitation is ext* i .'. ' lo vou.
.fr*fr?i"fr .fr'fr'fr'fr ? . "fr v vv : . . :.
v ..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;. .r,.r.
nMinagi'iiiirirn i . -rx-r . : ^
? B. B. RUSo^LL, Ji
Cotton . Factors . and
Commission Merchants
Coi on in Storage.
V -.sortnient of Christmas
presen f- v? ry d? ; ?cul that we have ever
show ; \\ i i i 1 largely of Clocks.
. no1
.Jewelry, Sterling
! China. Every de
want we have it or
vc our entire stock
? >'?'< han you find the
.'. i i ere.
? u, Georgia
Bonded Warehouses. Liberal Advances Made on | *
?L'M >iiu. Lathe anti *>hin
:1<- \h<k Kt>?f?ne?. B??ilf*rs,
1 ii j-j lit s ;i ; u repairs, Porta
ii?. Su .mand Gasoline Kn
:i SHU 'I cc-fv. Files, Belts
mi Pipes. WOOD SAWS
i nd S P Ll TT K HS
Qi nt: :md Press Renairs.
Try i OM BARI),
%r?.CST-?', ?.A
j FIRS ?
Go to see
H ar ling
Before insuring elsewhere. We
represent the best old line com
Marling & Byrd
At the Farmers Bank, E4gefield
Treasurer's Notice.
The County Treasurer's office will be
?pen for the purpose of receiving 'taxes
rom the 15th day of October, 1915, to
he 15th day of March, 1916.
All taxes shall be due and payable
>etween the 15th dav of October, 1915,
md December 31st, 1915.
That when taxes charged shall not be
)aid by December 31st, 1915, the County
Auditor shall proceed to add a penalty
>f one per cent, for January, and if
:axes are not paid on or before Feb
ruary 1st, 1916, the County Auditor
.viii proceed to add two per cent., and
ive per cent, from the 1st of March to
the 15th of March, after which time all
jnpaid taxes will be collected by the
The tax levies for the year 1915 are
is follows!
For State purposes 7 Mills
Ordinary County^ ,_..6 44
44 Cons. School Tax 3
" Bacon School District 4 44
*' Edgefield School District 5 "
44 Long Cane S. D. 3 44
44 Liberty Hill S. D. 3 44
44 Johnston S. D. 8 44
44 Collier's S. D. 3 "
44 Flat Rock S. D. 4 44
44 Elmwood S. D. No. 8 2 44
" Elmwood S. D. No. 9 2 44
44 Elmwood S. D. No. 30 2 44
44 Hibler Township 3 44
4* P. Branch S. D. 5 44
44 White Town S. D. 4 44
" Trenton S. D. 5 44
44 Ward Township 2
14 Moss Township 3 44
44 Parksville S. D. 4 44.
44 Modoc S. D. 2 44
" Oak Grove 3 44
" Red Hill S. D. 4 44
44 Antioch S. D. 2 44
44 Shaw Township 4 44
44 Talbert Township 2 44
44 R R Bonds Wise T'sp 114 44
"RR Bonds Pickens 3 44
"RR Bonds Johnston 3 44
44 R R Bonds Pine Grove 12 44
"RR Bonds Blocker (portion] 12 44
"RR Bonds Elmwood 12 44
44 R R Bonds Elmwood
44 Pickens 3 41
44 Edgefield sch'l bldg. 2 '/
Town of Edgefield
Corporation purposes 10 44
All the male citizens between the
ges of 21 years and 60 years except
hose exempt by law are liable to a
oil tax of One Dollar each. A capita
ion tax of 50 cents each is to be paid
n all dogs.
The law prescribes that all male citi
ens between the ages of 18 and 55
ears must pay $2 commutation tax or
fork six days on the public roads. As
his is optional with the individual, no
ommutation tax is included in the
roperty tax. So ask for road tax re
eipt when you desire to pay road tax.
Co. Treas. E. C.
Rest Estate For Sale.
Immediately after the public
ales of real estate by the Master in
Iqnity on 3alesday in January,
916', the same being the 3rd day of
lie month,- 200 acres of the land
elonging to the estate of the late
lary A. Miller will be sold from
be court house steps to the highest
idder for division. The said tracts
f 200 acres is bounded oh the
ortn by the New Market road, on
ie east by land of F. F. Rainsford,
n the south by land formerly
nowa as the Harling land, and on
ie west by laud of the estate of
Irs. Miller.
Terms: One-half cash and the bal
tice in 12 months secured by a
lortgage of the land, bearing inter
it at eight per cent from the day
F sale.
S. B. Mays,
For Heirs.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
ike LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stops the
ough and Headache and works off the Cold,
iruggists refund money if it fails to aire.
. Wi GROVE'S signature on each box. 25c

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