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Parings Left From Potatoes, Pump
kins, Squash, Apples, Etc., Make
Excellent Feed.
Save all the parings, potato, pump
kin, squash, apple, etc., and when
you are cooking your noonday meal
cook these for the chickens. When it
has cooled, stir in enough wheat bran
to make a stiff mash. This makes an
excellent but economical dinner. Give
them an occasional mess of parings
chopped fine without cooking. Tur
nips and beets are much relished by
the fowls when oaten green.
If you have cabbage, take a small
sized head, fasten it to a wire and
hang low enough that the fowls can j
reach it easily. You will be surprised 1
to see how quickly they will clean up j
a cabbage in this way.
Don't feed your fowls milk in the j
watering trough. Have a separate j
trough for each. Be sure to feed a
panful of milk each day.
Don't forget to water fowls when
the weather gets cold. Milk doesn't
quench their thirst, as I have often
seen them turn from a pan of milk
to the watering trough and drink an
enormous quantity.
Keep a dust box in the henhouse
when the hens are confined.
What Chinese Breed of Geese Lack in
Size They Make Up In Egg Pro
duction-Are Quite Hardy.
Apparently what the Chinese geese
lack in size has prevented them from
becoming favorites with those who
raise large numbers annually, but
with those who keep a limited number
White Chinese Geese.
they are found to be very practical.
What they lack in size they gain in
egg production, being the most pro
lific of all breeds of geese, averaging
from 50 to 60 eggs a year. In size,
aptitude to fatten, and ease of man
agement they appear in no respect in
ferior to other geese, while the qual
ity of flesh is decidedly superior.
They are exceedingly graceful in ap
pearance, quite hardy, and the young
mature early. There are two varieties
of Chinese geese-the Brown and the
White. They have medium-sized
heads, with large knob at base of a
medium-lei.gth bill, and long, graceful
ly arched neck. The backs are me
dium in length, and the breast is
round and full; body of medium size,
round and plump; wings large and
strong; thigh bones short and stout,
and shanks of medium length.
Erroneous Impression Prevails Among
Certain Poultrymen That Fowls
Should Ee Kept Moving.
The matter oi exorcise for laying
hens is one of great importance to the
breeder, and one which means much
to the man who is producing eggs for
the market only. There is a common
impression prevailing among certain
unenlightened poultrymen that fowls
should be koot on the move vV r!ay
long, but this is extremely erroneous,
especially in the case of winter egg
production, and it has been proved
most conclusively that a fowl will lay
more eggs at a lower cost when not
required to take aa excessive amount
of exercise.
Chickens to Fatten.
Chickens of from three and one-half
to four and one-half pounds are the
most profitable to put in the fattening
crates. Two parts oats, one part buck
wheat and one part corn, all finely
ground, mixed with sufficient butter
milk to make a batter, makes an ex
cellent ration for crate feeding. With
suitable birds an increase of one
pound may be expect ed from three to
five pounds of meal fed.
; Make Up cf High Prodjcsr.
The biri/that is a high producer
;must tr.ve a vigorous appetite and a
large capacity for converting food
materials into eggs.
Results of Some Interesting Experi
ments That Were Made by Fa
mous New York Physician.
In a lecture before the New York
Acadensy of Medicine, Doctor Rose
now gave an interesting and convinc
ing account of his experiments with
germs taken from diseased organs in
various parts of the body. He showed
that bacteria taken from ulcers of
the stomach, appendices, infected gall
bladders and rheumatic joints, when
injected into animals in the majority
of instances caused infection and in
flammation in (the localities corre
sponding to those from which they
had been taken. For example: Out
of 59 animals injected with the germs
taken from cases of appendicitis, 41
developed appendicitis. Out of 79 anl- j
mais injected with the germs from
ulcer of the stomach, 50 developed |
ulcer of the stomach, 47 showed hem- j
orrhage. Out of 27 animals injected
with germs from inflamed gallbladders i
22 developed gallbladder affection. Out i
of 71 animals injected with germs de- j
rived from cases of rheumatism, 47 j
developed Joint affections, 33 devel- j
oped inflammation of the lining of the
heart, a frequent complication of rheu- ,
matism, 33 developed myocarditis, In
flammation of the heart muscle, and
19 developed pericarditis, inflamma- .
tion of the membrane surrounding the
heart, 28 kidney affections, 19 peri
tonitis. r.? .v-^-?/-i -J
Writer Points Out Itt Importance in
the Scheme of Education of
the Child.
Ignorance of fairyland ls the pun
ishment of intellectual vanity-the
vanity of the average pedagogue, who
has forgotten that education means
leading forth and not stuffing in.
It is the vanity of the physiologist
who, forgetting that the germ-plasm
is a faculty of influence and enter
prise, not an arrangement of mole
cules, thinks to create it in a test
tube. -
It is the vanity of the eugenist who
believes he will improve upon those j
ancient ways of life which, for a few
ages before Mendel and Weissmann,
managed, all untutored, to evolve a
reverent man, something more mar- !
velous than these modern academic
things who seem so ignorant of their
native virtues.
To the fairy tale we must often
look, if we are to mend our ways with
the child and lead him forth to find
that mighty world, that time self,
which is the idea of him laid up in
the heart of God.-New York Tele
Daily Housework Outline.
An outline of a system of house
work was the request made not long
ago by a bride-to-be, who wished some
directions published for her guidance
in housekeeping. The variation in
the needs of diff?rent households
makes a universal rule impracticable,
as was suggested to the inquirer at
the time; but she may find some help
in a daily outline given by Miss Par
loa. a noted authority on household
matters. Miss Parlca says: "Make
the fires, air the dining room and hall.
Prepare the breakfast and set the
table. Air the bedrooms while the
family is at breakfast. Remove the
breakfast dishes; put away the food.
Sort the dishes and put to soak all
dishes and utensils that have had
food in them which is liable to stick.
Put dining room and sitting room in
order, airing them well. Wash dishes,
put kitchen and pantries in order.
Prepare dishes that require slow
cooking and put them to cook. Make
beds and put sleeping rooms and bath
room in order. Trim lamps. Dust
halls and stairs; sweep piazzas."
A Ten in It: Way.
"Als, slightly deleted, is from tho
erstwhile sedate Outlook, which was
vront to frown upon levity as severely
as the rest of us do on the deadly i
upas tree of the tropics or tho equally
dead singletree of the mere temperate
""You can get relief from minions bj'
walking pigeon-toed. A bad case of
pigeon-toes can ne cured by walking
bow-legged The remedy for chronic
bow-legs is to 'walk knock-kneed.
Should knock-knees bring pigeon-toes
again, ono can, of course, always es
cape Sack to bunions."
Painting Walls.
Before paint cr calcimine is applied
to walls every crevice should be lilied
with plaster or cement. To the calci
mine put one-quarter pound white glue
in cold water overnight and heat grad
ually in the morning until dissolved.
Mix eight pounds of whiting with hot
water; add the dissolved glue and stir
together, adding warm water until j
the consistency of thick cream. I se a
calcimine brush and finish as you go
along. If skim milk be used instead
of water the glue may be omitted.
One Way to Make a Friend.
There are several kinds of hypocrisy,
but the one that masculinity most fa
vors is spurious devilishness. Nothing
brings the beam cf contentment so
fervently to the mediocre eye as a Don
Juan-accusation Big him in the ribs
and wink as you call him a sly dog
and he loves you. He may be the
.Vuintcssenee of domestic respectabil
ity, but if you will but insist that you
believe him capable of maintaining a
seraglio with consummate deceit, you
a; t? his friend.
What Splendid
the RAYO Give?!
ITS glow is 80 ?ft
and bright that you
can read alleveaing
without tiring yo?r
eyes. The
is the most popsjjar
kerosene lamp tmsr
-because it gives a CVMV,
powerful, mellow it^bc
-because it is easy lo
clean and light
-because it is durable,
good looking and
Use Aladdin Security
Oil or Diamond White
Oil to obtain best resal?s
in OH Stoves, Lamp* and
The Rayo is only one
of our many products
that bring comfort and
economy to the farm.
Matchless liquid Gloss
Standard Hand Separator.
Paro wax
Eureka Harness Oil
Mica Axle Grease
If your dealer does not
carry these, write to
our nearest station.
lNew Jersey)
Washington. D. C. Charlotte. N. C
Norfolk. Va. Charleston. W. Va.
Richmond, Va. Charleston. S. C
The Estate of D. A. Tompkin
deceased offers for sale in the Tow
of Edgefield, that. Store on th
Corner now occupied by Collett i
Mitchell, that Store now occupie
by Dorn & M i ms, that Store bac
nf tin- Rank of Edfirefield and oeci
oied by Lamb an Meat Market, tba
vacant lot on South pide of Main
Street, opposite the Post Ofh'c
lying between the Collett <& Milch
di Sto'e and the lot now occupiez
by Mr. Lovick Smith. For term
? tip y to
Nov. 3, 1915.
j &
Ga. R. R. Bank
Graduate Veterinarian
Sf? rf? Th??. Best Tonic,
?%n?M%% ... Mihi- f*rx?tf7c
?? . Viii- . ^?
Christmas Gift Suggestions
"Augusta's Christmas Store"
Shoot ihe-ChnteiB. $1 J.OO to $15.00
Ridiopticans, ?2.50 to $9.00
Carom Hoards, $3.50 to $4 50
Colombian Piries, #1.2.1 to $2.00
Cameras, $2 oo io $5.00
K?.iv?.0 and Forks, $1.75 lo $2 75
Handkerchiefs, 10c to 5?C
Kid Gloves, $1.00 to $1.50
Sweaters, $1.0U to $3.00
Classics, 25c to $1.00
Story Books, 25c to $1.00
Plav Snits, 15c to $2.50
Wigwam Tints, $1.79 to $3.50
Bicycles, $20.00 to $35 00
Velocipedes, $1.75 to $15.00
Tricycle?, $5.00 to 15.00
Sidewalk Gliders, 79c to $5.00
Doilp, 25c to $12.50
Teddy Bear?, 50c. to $4.00
Overcoats. $4.00 to $10.00
Toys Books, 5c. to $3.60
Novelty Calendars, 5c to 75c.
Paper Dolls, 5c to 50c
Bracelets, 50c to $2.00
Drums, 25c to $3.50
Games. 10c to $1.25 v
Doll Houses, 50o to $8.00
Doll Furniture, 25c to $12.50
American Model Builders, $1.00 to $12,50
Automobile?, $5.00 to $20 00
Trains, $1.00 to $25.00
Stoves, 15c to $9.00
Wagons, 25c to $4 00
Doll Carriages, 50c to $12.50
Household Needs
have at our two stores, and we extend a very
cordial invitation to our Edgefi-id friends to visit us
when they come to the city.
We have never before been in a better position to supply your needs, and that
too at very low prices. We haye bought in very large lots for the fall trade, be
lieving that there would be a return of normal business. We have not been disap- [(
pointed. Our business has been large, and we invite you to join the procession
that flocks to our store for dependable goods at living prices.
Everything in Furniture that can be named is here- m
$| It is not necessary to mention each item. Everything m
|| in House Furnishings is also here for your inspection,
H Come in to see. We prize our Edgefield friends, ||
% and will always welcome them most cordially.
Augusta, Georgia 5
% 372 and 1289 Broad St.

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