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Insures I
delicious and
A New Year Prayer.,
I ask not wealth, but power to take
And use the things 1 have aright;
Not years, but wisdom that shall make
My life a profit and delight
I ask not that for me the plan
Of good and ill be set aside;
But that the common lot of man
Be nobly borne, and glorified.
I know I may not always keep
My steps in places green and sweet,
Nor find the pathway of the deep
A place of safety for my feet;
But pray, that when the tempter's
breath 1 .
. Shall fiercely sweep my way about,
I make not shipwreck of my faith
In the unbottomed sea of doubt;
And that, though it be mine to know
How hard the stoniest pillow seems,
Good angels still may come and go
About th i places of my dreams.
I do not ask for love below,
That friends shall never be estranged;
But for the power of loving, so
My heart may keep its youth un
Prohibition Will Not Increase
A. C. Bane.
In every wet and dry campaign
the liquor men cover the bulletin
boards with the statement that tax
es will be increased if prohibition
is adopted. They mail to the voters
circular letters containing the same
It does not concern the liquor
men in the least that the statement
is untrue, for it often works, in
alarming men who are opposed to
the saloons, into voting to retain
The liquor men never go into de
tails and tell the name of the city,
county or ?t?te where a loss of li
quor revenue increased taxes, for
the simple reason that such places
do not exist.
We challenge the liquor men to
truthfully name one state, county or
city in this nation that ever raised
its tax rate because it lost its liquor
In some wet cities, most of the
revenue has gone to play politics,
and no municipal improvements
have been made for years. When
such cities have voted dry, the peo
ple begin to wake up, become en
terprising, want a clean city, and
they immediately demand an in
crease in taxes for much needed im
provements, such as schools, streets,
sewers and a water system that have
been needed for years, but not sup
plied by the wet administration.
The loss in saloon revenue is
easily made tip by two facts:
First: It costs less to govern a
dry city than it does a wet city and
less revenue is needed.
Second. Closing the saloons leads
to a saving in money, increased im
provements, enlarged business, in
creased property values, so that!
there is au increased value of prop-,
erty to be assessed, which keeps tax [
rates low.
We knew a wet city oflu0,u00'
population and a dry city of 5U,UUU,
population, sid'? by side, i#nly al
street between, but the tax rat* in j
the wet city was il.Tu per hundred i
and the tax rate in me dry city was j
90 cents per hundred.
In 1S80 the tax rate in Kansas,
was 5.? mills on the dollar aad tue ;
lix rate of Nebraska was 3 mills;!
botii were ^et. Since I8b;2 Kansas
has bad prohibition and tu U?14- its
tax rate was 1.2 mills; ?ince 1882 j
Nebraska has bad saloons and her j
tax rate in 1914 was 7.8 mills.
The tax rate in div Atlanta, (-ra.,
which is larger thau Toiedo, Ohio,
and nearly as large as Colambas,
Ohio, is ?7.50 per thousand, ?viiile
the tax rate in wet Columbus is
?13.50 per thousand, and in wet To
ledo is $14 per thousand.
We will continue to deny that
prphibitiun increases laxes, until
the liquor traffic lurnishes us the
evidence to the contrary.-Ameri
can Issue.
Come to see us before Christmas.
We can please you in anything you
want for Christmas gifts. We al>o
have a strong line of Shot-s ai>d
Dry Goods at very low prices.
Siuith-Mai?h Co.
the most
healthful food
Feeding Frost-bitten Corn and
A reader wishes to know if oorn
and cane (sorghum) are dangerous
to feed tcj lifestock after they have
been frost-bitten.
As applies to corn at least, the
danger, if any exists, is in the condi
tion which develops after the freez
ing. If it is cut promptly-which
should be done if it is green be
fore the frost and is killed or seri
ously affected, by the frost-and
properly cured, so that neither de
composition nor mold develops, the
cured corn will make good feed and
will probably contain about the
same feeding value as if cut and
cured just before the frost. If the)
frost is severe and the corn green
and if it is allowed to stand and
die and dry out after the frost, be
fore it is cut, the feeding value will
probably be considerably lessened,
but if cut at once there will be
only slight if any loss in feeding
As to the sorghum, there is prob
ably some more danger of the frost
producing changes or causing the
formation of injurious sub
stances in the stalks. If such dan
ger exists, it will probably be much
greater if the sorghum is allowed
to stand for some time after the
frost. If cut at once, we do not
think the conditions will be dif
ferent from those stated as to corn.
If the sorghum is only partially
killed by the frost and is thou al
li wed to stand for some time, we
would advise caution in feeding it
until it has been thoroughly cured
or made into hay. While green
sorghum, that has been stunted or
checked in its growth, especially as
with tho necond growth during dry
weather, sometimes develops prus
sic acid, a deadly poison, we have
not heard of poisoning with cured
sorghum hay and if the frosted sor
ghum is promptly cut and cured
we feel certain there is very little
danger if any at all, in feeding it.
-Progressive Farmer'
For Christmas.
If you would please a gentleman
friend Christmas morning, send him
a box of cigars. We have just what
you want in the popular brands.
Penn & Holstein.
For Christmas.
Spjcial order of Xunnally's can
dy in attractive holidav boxes-all
sizes. Everybody knows what the
Nunnally qualitv is,
Penn tfc Holstpjp.
For Christmas.
Large assortment of popular
books at popular prices for boys
and men. Come in and look over
Penn ?fc Holstein.
for Christmas.
We have made a special order of
Bibles for the holiday season. Sa
llie teacher's Bibb-s and the red
letter e lition.
Penn & Holstein.
For Christmas.
For those who prefer to bake
their Christmas cakes at home, we
have all necessary ingredients such
as currants, seeded raisins, rigs, cit
ron, nut-, etc. Let us fill your or
ders. All goods absolutely fresh.
Penn <fc Holstein.
There is no better farm wagon
made than the Mitchell. Try ono!
?and you will bo convinced that they
are unequaled. We guarantee the
skeins against breaking, it matters
j not how heavy a load > ou put on
them. Come in and make a thorough
examination of the Mitchell wagon.
? The more you know of it the bet
ter you will like it.
EdgeHeld .Mercantile Co.
To every customer whose Christ
mas purchases amount to ?5.00 we
will a bunch nf bananas free.
James Velix.
To the Spirit oF Christina &
Once more the Blessed Day has come
To sooth the hearts of Christendom:
Like some cool hand that's pressed
Upon the fevered pulse of pain,
The Christmas Spirit comes again
To quiet our unrest.
Forgot awhile are grief and loss,
The brooding cares that irk and cross
From farthest sea to sea,
From northern lands of ice and snow
To where the rose and jasmine bloom
The Holy Mystery.
Its influence benign outspreads;
On bended knees, with low-bowed heads
With myrrh and spices sweet,
Fit recognition we would make,
Our alabaster boxes break
In tribute at His feet.
O holy, blessed Christmas-time,
Of perfumed conser, pealing chime,
Tny fairest gifts, we pray,
In boundless measures, full and free,
bestow on those across the sea,
So sore their need today!
The old and frail, forget them not;
And those about whose liv?? ari
So much of hope and prayer- .
Our little ones, the coming race
Bestow on them thy tenderest grace
To grow in wisdom fair!
Sweet Yule-tide, of thy fulness bring
Peace unto hearts now sorrowing, '
And unto great and small,
To man, bird, beast-to all thatlive
Thy richest benediction give,
Thy happiness to all!
Small Things?
[Mrs. August Burghard, Treasurer Ga,
W. C. T. U.]
In order to grow it is neceuarj
to add to last year's membership
not add new members and leave of
old ones. VVe lost a number b\
death and removal from th?' State,
The majority of those who seem tc
be lost are not lost at all-josi
omitted to pay. dues in time to bc
Do you think it was a small thing
not to have placed your White Rib
bon dues in the White Kibbor
treasury? Others acting like yoi!
kept our state from reaching ' th(
goal in membership gain.
How do*you know that your dues,
if sent on a temperance misttiou
with prayer would not have been
used of God to cause an arrest of
thought by the literature it printed
and distributed, savingsome youri];
life and thereby giving the World
another Frauces Willard, LU liai
Stevens or N- al Dow? God mighi
have used that money, s an eli li ec
by prayer, to save your son from ?
drunkard's grave, or your daughtei
from being a diunkard's wife!
"Farfetched," do you say? Lei
us glance over some of the magul
indin?os results from just at seem
ingly insignificant causes.
The great law-giver of the age:
was saved in infaucy in a tiny boai
of leaves on the Nile; a pebbh
from a sling in a youthful hand
felled the giant terror of Israel, 2
recent convert let down in a ba?kei
from a Damascus wall helped Pau
to start on the missionary journey
which caused ours to be a Christian
aud not a barbarian nation; tin
cackle of geese saved mighty Rome;
one peasant stood on the shoulden
of another, down the human laddei
a little boy climbed from his bu ra
ing home and John Wesley anc
Methodism blesses the world; a mat
in Bedford jail wrote a book, anc
Pilgrim's Progress, in many lair
guages, has led multitudes to a clus
er walk with God; the boiling of 1
bettie in his mother's kitchen led ?
Scotch lad to discover the propell
ing power of steam; the miracle!
of electricity came about througl
the flying ol a kite; the fall of ai
apple disclosed the law of gravita
tion; observing the vibrations of 1
hanging lamp gives us the necessary
modern clock; the kick of a cow ano
a vasfcity is in conflagration; ih<
lovely flower, perfume, color anc
foliage is bouud up ina seed; tilt
towering oak was encompassed b?
an acorn; the heavens are reflected
in a dew drop. The widow's mit(
has been the example for geiierusi
ty throughout the centuries. "lli?
eye is on the sparrow, anti I know
ho watches me."
Who can estimate the purchasing
power ot a dollar, winged witt
prayer, or the power for evil in ;
dollar weighted will) w rong usage;
Let us begin no* to furnish tin
"sinews ol war" in the ba ttl?
against the groat intemperance
David could not fight in Saul's ar
tnor, neither can you organize lik<
Miss Willard, lead ?ike Mrs. Ste
veus, write like Miss Gordon, 01
speak like Mrs. Armor, but we cati
each bu faithful in thc use of om
pebbles ami sling, ol giving om
money with our prayers, of prac
ticing and teaching total abstinence,
doing whatsoever our hands find lt
do, "here a little and there a little,'
until the complete overthrow of tht
giant of intemperance who is stil
defying the annie? ol the Lord.
Trespass Notice.
All persons are hereby warne:
not to hunt or trespass in any man
uer whatsoever upon the lands 0
ihe undersign d. All Ire-passers wi
be dealt willi according to law.
Mrs. Susan B. Hill,
Mrs. W. S. Cothrau
It is time no1
that you intend
We have mar
ceptable gifts,
you u ish.
We have a t
We will make
Blankets to clos
You will find
Master's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Ederefield,
Court Common Pleas,
the Bank of McCormick, Plaintiff
Against-M. L. Carroll, et. al.,
Pursuant to the decree in this cause
I shall offer for sale at public outcry to
the highest bidder before the Court
House,.Townof Edgefield and State pf I
South Carolina, on Salesday in Janua
ry 1916, the same being the 3rd day of !
said month, between the legal hours of I
sale, the following described realty, to |
All that certain tract, parcel or plan
Jation of land known as "Swift Creek
Tract," said originally, to contain
Seven Hundred (700) acres, now con
taining Six Hundred and Fifty (650)
acr*s, more or less adjoining lands now,
or formerly, belonging to Mrs. Mary
Calhoun; Chesley Wells; Martha Black
well and others, situate in Edgefield
County, State of South Carolina, on
waters of Savannah River, being the
same tract conveyed to the said M. L.
Carroll and R. L. Tucker, by Martha
Blackwell by Deed dated April 5th
1879, and Recorded in the Office of
Clerk of Court for Edgefield County in
Book No. 4, Page 572.
j Terms of Sale Cash: If purchaser at I
said sale shall fail to comply with the f
terms thereof within one hour from the
time of said sale, said premises, upon
direction of Plaintiff's Attorneys, will
be re-sold on said day at the risk of
the former purchaser.
Purchaser to be let into possession of
said premises on production of Mas
ter's deed thereto.
Purchaser to pav for papers.
Master E. C.
Dec. 15, 1915.
Master's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
Conn tv of Edgefield,
Court Common Pleas.
John D. Eidson, Plaintiff-against
Mrs. Hattie W. Mobley, in her own
Right, and as Administratrix of the
Estate of James F. Mobley, deceased,
and Louis T. Wilds-Defendants.
Report of Master.
Pursuant to the decree in this cause,
I shall offer for sale at public out-cry,
to the highest bidder, before the Court
House, Town of Edge?ela and State
of South Carolina, on Sales-day in Jan
uary 1916, the same being the 3rd
day of said month, Detween the legal
hours of sale, the following described
realty, to wit:
Tract No. 2. Also ?ll that tract of
Land in said county and State contain
ing Fifty-eight and one-fourth (58-14)
acres, more or less, bounded by lands on
the North now, or i'ormeraily, belong
ing to J. L. and D. R. Strother; on the
East by the Edgelield public road; on
tne South by lands of Miss Betty and ?
Jennie Warren, and on the West by j
land now, or formerly, belonging to J. j
W. Grim.
Terms of Sale: One-half cash, bal- j
ance on a credit of one year, with in- j
terest from date, or for all cash, at
purchaser's option; the credit por-,
tion, if any, to be secured by the bond :
of the purchaser and a mortgage of the j
premises, said bond and mortgage to j
provide for ten per cent Attorney's lees '.
in case same oe placed in the hands of j
Attorneys for collection.
If purchaser at said sale shall fail to
comply with the terms thereof, within
one nour from the lime of said sale
said premises, upon direction of Plain
tii?'s Attorneys will be resoid on said j
day, at the risk of the former pur- {
chaser. Purchaser tobe let into pos-;
session of said premises on production !
or Master's deed thereto, tiigiits to j
all growing cropj for the year 1915
hereby reserved.
Re-sold at risk of former purchaser.
Purchaser to pav for papers.
Master E. C.
Dec. ll, 1915.
For Christmas.
Large assortment of manicure
and toilet sets in the most attractive
cases and designs. See them and
you will be pleased.
Penn & Hlostein.
w to buy your Christmas Presents
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ly articles that will make most ac
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>eautiful line of Handkerchiefs and
? special prices on our line of Wool
e out the stock we have of them.
many things in our line that you
BS Brothers
The Tea of
Marked Distinctiveness
A reason for it being handled by us
Penn & Holstein
You can get a present for
every member of the family at
our store.
In addition to toys, fancy ar
ticles and fireworks, we have
candy, fruits and nuts of all
Send Us Your Orders
Holiday Goods
Our stock of holiday goods is now on display.
Dressed Dolls, Kid Body Dolls, Toy Trunks, Doll
Carriages, Alphabet and Building Blocks, Mechanical
Toys, Friction Toys, Christmas Tree Ornaments, etc.
j Our prices are reasonable. Now is the time to get the
best. We invite your inspection.
E. Lynch & Co.
fiat jk
The wondefully different coffee in
Hermetically Sealed Can
Penn & Holstein

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