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The six o'clock .?inner marks th?
civilization of the world, r.o do dys
pepsia an 3 gout
Meals with very little vegetable
food except bread are undesirable from
the standpoint of dietetics.-Dr.
These dishes are not for daily use
lin the ordinary household, as they are
either too much work to
prerare or ure to1-* ex
Fillets of Game or
Chicken.-Cut the meat
from the bones in wide
strips and cook 'Jt *u
well-buttered skillet un
til i brown,' then add ~.
tablespoonful of buttery
two tablespoonfuls af
currant jelly and the strained gravy
left from the first cooking of the fowl,
or venison. Have molded a ring of
rice, place in the oven after spreading
with butter and brown. Serve on a
round dish and put the fillets in the
center with the sauce poured over. A
teaspoonful of curry and a teaspoonful
of chutney added to the sauce will
add variety to this dish.
Eggs With Cheese.-Beat six eggs
slightly with a fork. Place in a chaf- (
ing dish a tablespoonful of butter, and i
when this is melted and hot add two
tablespoonfuls of grated cheese. Stir j
until smooth, then add the eggs and
season with paprika and salt. Cook
until the eggs are scrambled. Serve
on toast. i
Nesselrode Pudding.-Make a cus- j
tard of three cupfuls of milk, 1% cup
fuls of sugar, the yolks of five eggs
and a half teaspoonful of salt, strain
and cool; add a pint of thin cream, a
fourth of a cupful of pineapple 3irup
and 1% cupfuls of cooked and mashed
chestnuts. The nuts are put through
a strainer after cooking. Line a two
quart melon mold with a part of the
mixture and to the remainder add one- '
half a cupful of candied fruit, cut in
bits, a quarter of a cupful of sultana
raisins and eight chestnuts broken in
pieces and soaked in cherry juice for
a few hours. Fill a mold, cover, pack
In salt and ice and let stand two
hours. Serve with whipped cream,
sweetened and flavored with Maraschi
no sirup.
Bombe Glac?e.-Line a mold with
sherbet or water ice, fill with ice
cream or thin charlotte russes, cover,
pack in ice and salt and let stand two
hours. Macaroon ice cream is an
other good combination.
A meal should be taken at leisure,
body and mind being for the time be
ing given up to it. and to agreeable
social intercourse.-Horace Fletcher.
Many a one has been comforted in
their sorrow by seeing a good dish
come upon the table.-Mrs. Gaskell.
Dumplings are a great emergency
dish when the ohicken or stew seems
too small for the
family. A nice fluf
fy lot of dumplings
to surround the
platter of meat
makes a most sat
isfying sight
one beaten egg to a
cupful of milk, a "little salt and two
teaspoonfuls of baking powder, sifted
with flour enough to make a mixture
stiff enough to drop from the spoon.
Flours differ so in thickening power
that no exact measurement can be
given. Drop them on the boiling stew
with a teaspoon and they will cook In
eight minutes. Leave them covered
during the entire time so they will be
puffy and light
Breed Dumplings.-Just before put-.
ting the bread into the pans, take ont
about half a loaf, add butter and make j
?mall biscuits. Let rise a few minutes
until about the site of a walnut Drop
these in the hot broth and cook, care
fully covered, twenty minutes. If larg
er dumplings are made the time must
be longer for the cooking.
Potato Dumpling*.-To a pint ot
milk add a beaten egg, a little salt *
cupful of mashed, hot seasoned potato,
and flour to make a drop batter. Add
two teaspoonfuls of baking powder to
the last of the flour, mixing well. Drop
tn small spoonfuls in chicken or beef
broth and cook twenty minutes.
Potato Dumplings With Sauce.
Cook and rice six medium sixed pota
toes; add a pint of bread crumbs,
browned in butter, also two well beat
en eggs and salt enough to season.
Form in twelve balls and steam twen
ty minutes; place on a dish and pour
over them a half cupful of melted bat
Saucer-Brown one teaspoonful of
onion and a tablespoonful of flour in
two tablespoonfuls of butter, then
add a cupful of cider vinegar and stir
until it boils, season with salt to taste.
Dumplings served cooked in sauer
kraut and sparerlb stew are well
liked by those who enjoy that savory
Farmer Should Not Be Afraid to Cull
Closely, Weeding Out All Weakly,
Undersized Fowls.
Improve the flock; it always pays.
Many of the farms have good stock,
but the trouble is they have too many
kinds of it. It is a poor policy to buy
up purebred stock and turn it loose
among a half dozen other kinds, some
so crossed they will stand for nearly
any kind of treatment; yet this is a
rule on many farms. If you give all
extra care, the purebred will respond,
to the good treatment and do good,
work as long as they live, but the pure- :
bred seldom do good work under neg- j
lect; they are not used to it. Tho j
good treatment the purebred get to
Barred Plymouth Rock Female, Bred
at United States Government Poul?
try Farm.
bring them up to the right standard
becomes a necessity, and they suffer
and lose out under rough conditions.
If your stoek is run down, improve
lt Get rid of all poor stuff. Don't be
afraid to cull and cull closely, says j
Twentieth Century Farmer. Weed out
weakly, undersized hens. Say that
you have a mixed flock, with a fair {
sprinkling of barred hens or any color
that is In close resemblance to some
of the purebreds, and yet you know
they are not purebred, there is nothing
to hinder you from making those
barred hens, or the buff, or white
whatever you may have a majority of
-the basis for an improved flock that
will come up to the purebred in size
and looks, with possibly greater laying
power and strength because of the late
crosses in their blood.
It is true that if you will Improve
you must breed from one color. You
must set aside ten or more of your
best marked hens of the color de
cided on, which may be barred. If you
have a cockerel or two as well marked
as these hens and large as the barred
breed requires, keep these to mate
with the selected hens. If there are
no cockerels of this variety to breed
from, lt will be best to put in a couple
of the purebred Barred Rocks.
There must be some arrangement
made for keeping these male hirds
and the selected hens in a pen to
themselves during the breeding sea- !
son. The expense of such a pen is
very light You cannot expect to im
pro re your flock without some slight j
expense. Ten or fifteen hens will give j
you all the eggs you need for breed- >
mg stock next year, even after close
culling. By another year you should
be able to discard all your mixed stock .
and rely on the improved birds to form
all of the flock, which will yet demand .
culling and good selection each year.
With Strict Quarantine and DUInfeet- \
ant in Drinking Water, Simplest
Cures Are Best.
There are many medicines tar roup,
and with strict quarantine and dlsln- j
fectant in the drinking water the '
simplest eures are often the best and \
surest, but here ls one that is worth
trying. When you use this you-omit
the disinfectant from the water, air ]
lowing all, sick and well to drink it, !
but never the sick with the well, re
member. Give this water to them in
their hospitals.
Get the druggist to mix it in this '
way: Two drams tincture of iron, two
drams tincture of aconite, two drams
tincture of belladonna. Add to this four
ounces of water, and, after shaking
well, put a full teaspoonful to each
quart of drinking water. This is to
be relied on in severe colds, and also
in roup if you do not let lt get the
?tart of you in the flock.
Get Rid of Vermin.
Lice live upon the bodies of th?
poultry. They deposit their eggs In
the plumage, generally near the vent,
and live upon the scurf, dead skin and
feathers. To get rid of them reme
dies must be applied to the bird.
Charcoal ls Beneficial.
Don't neglect to have a supply of
charcoal before the layers at all times.
It helps tc keep the flock healthy.
TT TT TTT't T TTl"H"l I I ? I ITirTW
Marjory tried her best not to listen,
but the conversation floated across the
table to her ears with almost fiendish
clearness. Mrs. Faashaw's voice was
a bit high pitched, and Just now she
was radiant with excitement, contra
dicting Tommy flatly about Willard
"My dear child, I was there. He was
simply mad over her. He can say what
he pleases now, but I know and so
does everybody else who saw them to
Tommy tried to divert her, catching
sight covertly of Majory'a face, the
expression in her clear blue eyes, the
hurt, close lines around her lips.
"Oh, I don't know, Mrs. Fanshaw.
Will was Just a cub. I don't think he
ever really cared for her."
"Well, he certainly did, and if you
could have seen her face last night at
the box party Arline gave, when she
heard he was in town, oh, my dear,
my dear! Women are far more faith
ful than men. Hasn't she the most
beautiful red hair you ever saw in ali
your life?"
"I can't bear red hair," said Tommy
blithely. Marjory knew she meant
Leonie Raleigh. She had met her at,)
a tea that week and had noticed what
an unusual type she was. And Will,
her Will, had been in love with her
only three years ago. She fingered
her engagement ring absently. He
was really very nice, a gentle-voiced,
well-mannered, middle-aged French
man. And suddenly something he was
saying caught her attention:
"You know, so few artists have ever
been able to catch Titian's tone.. Red
hair has always exerted an extraordi
nary effect on artists, yet it is rare.
My friend the marquis is quite wild
over a young Californian he met at
tea yesterday." .
"Miss Raleigh?" suggested Mar
jory. Of course, it was Leonie. The
men had flocked around her like bees
at the tea. She had made a complete
picture in the fading sunset light of
the studio.
"Yes. He cannot get the inspiration
for his work until he has the divine
thrill for his subject-you see? And
he has sought fer a model for his
Francesca. She must be this same
Florentine type that Titian loved to
paint, ah, the Florentine women with J
their dark eyes and red hair and faces
like whitest pearlii."
The next day Tommy took Marjory
in to dinner, as Will was west for a
few days, and he noticed her look of
I content.
ly "You know, I expect yoV*?"p(
any moment What have you been!
"Tommy," Marjory answered, "has
the marquis any money?"
"Not much. But he's a really fine
sort of chap, and his title ls O. K. An
cient regime, you know. Some of his
people lost their heads in the same
basket with Louis, I believe. Why?"
"Nothing." Marjory changed the
subject. The count kept her post
ed. Both he sud the marquis belonged
to the little MOUP of marooned conti
nentals in New York, too old to go to
war, marking time in the new world.
And it appeared that the red-haired
California girl was a splendid success.
She had enough money in her own
right to make the attentions of the
marquis acceptable. Even before
Will's return, everyone waa mating
the two and talking of their romantic
meeting. Marjory smiled and said
nothing, not until the night when
Will came back. She was at the opera
with her mother, and two boxes away
on the same tier were Leonie and the
"You know her, don't you, dear?"
she asked, very lmperonally. Tommy
eyed her from the back of the box
alertly. "Leonie Raleigh from Santa
Willard sat np, his eyes suddenly
keen with interest
"Where is sher
"Right over there In the Seward
box. Isn't she lovely, Will? Such
wonderful red hair?"
"Ah, they will be engaged la less
than two weeks, I could wager," the
count said happily, next her mother
"He ls most devoted to har. He ls per
fectly mad over har. And she ls quito
willing to be th? fair marquis, ah, yes,
quite willing."
"You know," said Will appraisingly,
"abe always seemed an awfully ordi
nary girl to me. If lt hadn't been for
her hair she'd never attracted any at
"You knew her out West didn't
you, dear?"
"Oh, In a way. Glad she's going to
marry a marquis. Leonie's tba kind
of girl that requires plenty of back
Then, feminine to har pretty finger
tips, Marjory could not resist Just the
one question:
"Were you ever really engaged to
her, Will?"
"Never!" ver/ emphatically.
"You don't hivve to say that Just to
make me feel happier, dear. I don't
suppose you can be blamed when you
hadn't met me yet, only I dread to
look even in the eyes of any girl who
may have been kissed by you, don't
you know."
"Sweetheart"-he leaned over her
chair-"don't yju know that our love
was so big and wonderful that it Just
swept away evan the memory of any
other out of my life."
And Tommy beamed and stepped
carefully hack out of the box. Even
red hair could not eclipse that strike.
(Copyright, 1915, by McClure Newspaper
A. J. Renkl
We have the largest assortment of pres
ents in every department that we have ever
shown. We have ordered largely of Clocks.
Watches, Gold and Silver Jewelry, Sterling
Silverware, Cut Glass and China. Every de
partment is filled.
lt matters not what you want we have it or
wrill order it out at "once.
Come in to see us. We have our entire stock
marked very low, much lower than you find the
same class of goods elsewhere.
70S Broad Street, Augusta, Georgia
We announce to our Edgefield friends that we carry
the largest stock of Fresh Fruits, Candies and miscella
neous Table Delacacies in Augusta. Come in to see
us when in the eity
California . Fruit. Store
Corner Jackson and Ellis Sts.
Augusta, Georgia
Commission JMerchants
Bonded Warehouses, Liberal Advances Made on
Cotton in Storage.
Our Edgefield Friends
Are invited to make our store their headquarters
when in Augusta.
Wi are better prepared than ever before to supply
their needs. Every department of our large stock is
filled with stylish fall merchandise.
In Dry Goods we were never better stocked. Our
Shoes were bought from the leading manufacturers.
Our stock of Men's and Boys' Clothing was never
more complete.
We invite the ladies to see our tailored suits from
the largest makers of women's ready-to-wear factory in
the country.
Our Millinery Department is also filled with the
most Stylish Hats and Trimmings ever brought to Au
gusta. Do not fail to call in to see us whether you
buy or not.
Augusta Bee Hive
816-918 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia
S. M. Whitney Co.
Cotton Factors
Established 1868
Personal Attention to all Business. Correspond
ence Invited
The wondefully different coffee in
Hermetically Sealed Can
Penn & Holstein
Hastings Catalogue Tells Yon AH
About Them
No matter whether you farm or only
plant vegetables or flowers in a small lot
you need Hastings 1916 Catalogue.
It is filled (100 pages) from cover to
cover with useful farm and garden infor
It tells of seeds of kind and quality that
you can't buy from your merchant or
druggist, seeds that cost no more but
give you real satisfaction and a real gar
den, i
It tells how every customer can get ab
solutely free five packets of easily grown,
yet showy and beautiful flowers.
Hastings is both the best and largest
seed Lrm in the South, the only firm that
you should buy seeds from.
When 70U plant Hastings Seeds, you
meet "Good Garden Luck" more than
half way. Write today for their big 1916
Catalogue. It is free. A postal card re
quest will bring it. H. G. HASTINGS CO.,
Atlanta, Ga.-(Advt) r 4
Auditor's Notice.
All persons owning property of any
kind whatsoever, or in any capacity,
as husband, guardian, executor, ad
ministrator or trustees are required to
make returns of the same to the Audi
tor under oath within the time men
tioned below and the Auditor is requir
ed by law to add a penalty of 50 per
cent to all property that is not return
on or before the 20th day of February
in any year.
All male citizens between the ages
of 21 and 60 years except those ex
empt by law are deemed taxable polls.
The 50 per cent penalty will be added
for failure to make returns.
For the convenience of tax payers, I
or my representative will be at the
following appointed places on the dates
mentioned to receive tax returns:
The office will be open to receive re
turns from the first day of January till
the 20th day of Feb. 1916, as prescrib
ed by law.
Auditor, E. C. S. C.
Dec. 8-1915.
Go to see
Before insuring elsewhere. We
Ljjepjeflip.nt .tfee-^eflt fllAUne?son?U
Harting & Byrd
At the Farmers Bank, Edgefield
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin
gle Mills, Engines. Boilers,
Supplies and Repairs, Porta
ble, Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth, Files. Belts
ind Pipes, WOOD SAWS
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
Passenger train schedules, effac
ive October 94, 1915.
Trains arrive from
*o. Tims
.08 Augusta, Trenton 8:30 am
30 Columbia, Trenton 9:40 a m
10 Aiken, Augusta 3:00 p m
06 Columbia, Augusta 8:80pa
Trains depart for
to. Time
09 Trenton, Colombia 7:20 a m
99 Trenton, Augusta 8:45 a m
31 Aug-Columbia-Aiken 11:45am
07 Augusta, Columbia 7:80 pm
Schedules published only as in
ormation and are not guaranteed.
For further information apply
Ticket Agent
Edgefield S. C.
A. H. Corley,
Surgeon Dentist
Appointments at Trenton
On Wednesdays.

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