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Please Pay at Once.
Have you yet heeded our appeal
to come forward and pay joursub
scriptum? A good many Jhave paid.
Look at the label on your paper,
and if you still owe, please come
forward at once. We have carried
a large number of subscriber*
through the period of financial de
pression and must now urge them
to pay. Will you not heed our very
reasonable request?
Returned From Market
After spending several weeks in
New York making large purchases
for his Greenwood stores and for
the Corner Store, Mr. Turner re
turned last week. He is an expe
rienced buyer, not only in knowing
what to buy but where to buy to
tba best advantage. The new goods
are already arriving at the Corner
Store. Watch for the announcement
in The Advertiser when everything
is on display.
A Goodly Som Realized.
The Valentine party which was
given in the opera house Friday
night by the Methodist ladies was
a distinct success, financially and
socially. The program by the chil
dren waa a pleasing feature. The
sam of $33- net was realised by the
ladies and considerably more could
have been added to their treasury,
had not the supply of refreshments
become I exhausted before the de
mand was-supplied? .
An Agent Wanted.
Attention is directed to the large
advertisement of Messrs. Grant snd
Yon ce on our eighth page in whioh
they make a detailed statement con
cerning the merits of the New
Grant Six automobiles, for which
they are agents. These cars have
stood the test and have proven over
and over again that they are de
signed by the most skillful mechan
ics and constructed of the best ma
terial. Should you contemplate pur
chasing a car Write or phone Mes
srs. Grant and Yonce at. Johnston
and they will have their demon
strator, Mr. J. P. Bland, call upon
you. The price of the Grant is
reasonable, being within reach of
every person who is able to own a
good car.
Good Work on Plank Road.
.Several reports have reached us
of the good work" that Supervisor
Edmunds ia doing in claying the
heavy sand beds on the old Piauk
road below Trenton. If the county
puts this road in first-class condi
tion, it seems that the citizens, es
pecially the automobile owners,
should devise some way of keeping
the bad places repaired. It is im
possible for the county's road work
ing force to-cover the roads of the
county more than once in 15 or 18
months, and in that time the best
of our roads need much repair
work. The automobile owners wbo
use the road to Augusta frequently
should devise some some way of
keeping the road in good order af
ter Mr. Edmunds does the .heavy
Celebrated Civic Worker Com
Having been engaged by the
State Federation of clubs to make
a tour of the state in the interest of
Civics, Miss Van Buren, a cele
brated civic worker, will come to
Edgefield early next week, and
while among us she will deliver
five lectu8es. To the children of the
third and higher grades she will
speak on 'A boy I knew and bis
town." To the high school pupils
she will speak on "Practical ci ti- :
zenship" and she will address the
teachers on the "Teaching of Civ
ics." The members of the Civic
League will bear Miss Van Buren
on 'Practical civics for practical
women." A meeting will be helJ
for the public at large and on that
occasion the specialist will deliver
a lecture on "Your town and its
improvements." In order to raise
sufficient funds with which to pay
the expenses of Miss Van Buren an
admission fee of 25 cents for adults
and 10 cents for children will be
charged for the lecture to the pub
lic. The exact date of Miss Van
Buren's coming will be made known
Death of a Confederate Veteran.
The death of Mr. John Galloway
last Wednesday afternoon marks
the passing of another gallant vet
eran. Mr. Galloway was in his
72nd year. While he has been
gradually yielding to the weight of
increasing years for some time, yet
until quite recently his health was
good. Mr. Galloway was a good
citizen, a man of sterling qualities
and always managed his business
and farming operations with more
than usual success. He was a mem
ber of Rocky Creek church but the
interment took place in the ceme
tery adjoining Philippi church,
where some of his relatives were
buried. The funeral was conducted
by Rev. H. B. White, the' pastor of
Rocky Creek church. The Edgefield
friends of Mr. Galloway will miss
his visits to our town.
Mr. Galloway is survived by his
wife and four daughters. Mrs. J.
C. Harris who resided in our town
several years was his daughter.
Petit Jury For 1916-First
J W Quarles, Colliers,
J T Mims, Jr., Pickens,
J Foster Talbert, Antioch,
B T Mims, Collier,
J L Couch, Ward,
W H Moyer, Ward,
W F White, Hibler,
J R Hammond, Collier,
T J Dorn, Clark's Hill,
J D May, Pickens,
J B McCreight, Johnston,
A Boron Holmes, Moss,
John H Wright, Johnston,
R F Yonce, Ward,
J A Suber, Johnston,
G R Logue, Elmwood,
B J liarrison, Trenton,
L G Bell, Clark's Hill,
J W Morgan, Moss,
Earl Ousts, Elmwood,
C T Mathis, Collier,
S J Reynolds, Collier,
R J Mann, Hibler, .
J M Edwards, Johnston,
J W McDaniel, Jr., Modoc,
I W Holley, Plum Branch,
J A Self, Plum Branch,;
W ? Turner, Elmwood,
J D Cothran, Moss,
M R Yonce, Johnston,
W J Harlin g. Collier,
Henry H Smith, Red Hill,
J F Stone, Rehoboth,
Bud Berry, Pickens.
Grand Jurors.
Julius Yann, Shaw; L. G. Wat
son, Shaw; Henry T. Medlopk,
Meriwether; J. W. Mundy, Roper;
J. L. Miller, Collier; J. P. Nixon,
Clark's Hill; C. C. Jones, Collier;
W. 6. Stevens, Meeting Street; L.
H. Hamilton, Blocker; L. R. Brun
son, Sr., Moss; R. L. Dunovant,
Pickens; Clifford Robertson, Parks
Hold-over grand jurors: J. A.
Lott, H. H. Herlong, W. L. Hol
ston, H. A. Smith, E. R. Clark and
G. W. Bussey, Jr.
D. A. R Meeting.
The Edgefield D. A. R., celebrat
ed the second anniversary of its ex
istence at the home of Mrs. J. H.
Cantelou where occured two years
ago the organization through the
state regent, Mrs. Louise Mayes. A
paper on the chapter's birthday
written by Mrs. J. W. Peak eave
interesting facts of its development
and growth attributing much of
the success to its faithful founder
and recent, Mrs. Agatha Woodson.
Mrs. Maner Lawton prepared a
sketch of her revolutionary ances
tor, Nathaniel Abney which was
full of valuable information not
only of the family but of the times
and conditions in which he
lived. Mrs. J. R. Tompkins sang
with unusual sweetness Tosiis'
Serenade. Mrs. Tillman talked on
music of Washington's times when
the minuet was played on the har
pichord and Washington and his
friends joined in the stately dance
and when at the same time across
the water Bach, Handel and Mo
zart were startling the world with
their wonderful oratorios and mu
sical compositions.
Catechee, the swift-footed Indian
maiden who traveled ninety-six
miles to warn her white sweethearts
of threatened Indian raids on the
town now called Ninety Six, was
beautifully described in a sketch
read by Mrs. James Cantelou.
There was a short business ses
sion and payment of annual dues.
Resolutions on the death of Mrs.
J. H. Allen the beloved registrar of
the chapter were read and adopted
each member related some incident
in the life of George Washington
whose birthday .is co-incident with
that of the chapter.
A delicious salad course with
coffee ana whipped cream was serv
ed by tiie hostess assisted by Mrs.
L. T. May.
A Member.
Tailor-How many pockets in
your trousers?
Customer-Only one please ray
wife is a busy woman and I want
to save her time when she goes
through them.-Buffalo Courier.
The Sunday school teacher asked
several questions about the cities
of the Bible.
"What happened to Babylon?"
was the point question.
"lt fell/' replied one boy.
"And what became of Nineveh?"
"It was destroyed."
And what of Tyre?"
See the new Post-Card Photos in
beautiful folders at Miss Eliza Mims'
Studio. Something new-only S2.00 per
"John Barleycorn's Christmas.?
Under thia caption the Tem perc
ance Society of the Methodist Epis
copal church recently gives a sur
vey of the results of liquor drinking
during holiday week, as obtained
from the public press and from the
reports of about 17,000 Methodist
pastors. Of course, the purpose
was to show how "booze"-far
from increasing the happiness of
the world, as its defenders claim,
turns mirth into mourning, misery
and death. In this unique record
no effort was made to keep account
of those arrested merely for drunk
enness, estimated at 5,000 on New
Year's Eve alone, the Denver po
lice declaring that they ''only ar
rested those (54 men) who were so
drunk that they could not navi
gate,"-nor those whose crimes
window breaking, and the 'like
might be termed "inconsequential/'
But the week's records includes:
Murderers (3 children) 77
Suicides 18
Wounded 155
Dead by accident or exposure 31
Wounded by accident 19
Child victim of drink 16
Miscellaneous cases. 388
Gave Me Three
Months TO Live
Miss Garrick Waa Told Her
Case Waa Hopeless.
"You have about three months
to live." Miss Effie Garrick, of
1110 Huger street, Columbia, was
told after she had undergone an op
eration for stomach trouble, more,
than a year ago. Miss Garrick said
"I did not die, bet I did continue
to feel terrible until I recently;
fonnd a means of combatting my
troubles. ,
Miss Garriok says she believes
she has at last found a means of
restoring her health, which, all too
soon for her years, has threatened
daring the past years to break down
oomoletely. She was a sufferer for.
a long time with stomach troubles,
and other kindred ailments, which
reduced her health to a ?. state which
made her almost wretched all the.
time, she said. Tanlac, the master
medioine, Miss Garrick believes,
will prove its superior worth in her
case, as it has in hundreds of other
cases in South Carolina. Her state
ment follows:
. "I have suffered for ten years
with stomach troubles, indigestion,
nervousness, sleeplessness and head
aches. My system all the time has
been in a very much run down con
dition. More than a year ago I be
came so ill I felt that I would die.
After I had undergone an opera
tion, I was told I could hardly live
more than three months.
"Of course, I did not die, but I
did continue to feel terribly. Nt th
ing seemed to relieve my troubles.
I took many kinds of medicines,
but to no avail. I would have head
aches frequently, and they were so
painful I thought surely I would go
orazy, so nervous would I become.
While I had headache, I - would be
forced to stay in bed. I would
suffer with a full, heavy feeling
about my stomach after eating, and
I was forced to eat only a light
diet. MY condition has been steadily
growing worse during t?ie past ten
"I decided to try Tanlac, as a
sort of forlorn hope, as I had read
so much about its wonderful effects.
The first bottle relieved my stomach
trouble to an extent that I consider
remarkable. 1 began to sleep wei!,
and my appetite became so enor
mous, so much did it improve. I
would have to get something to
eat. My system responded imme
diately to Tanlac and built up rap
"Tanlac is a great medicine, and
I am always glad to recommend it.
It is due many good words, for it
is so valuable a remedy."
Tanlac, the master medicine, is
sold exclusively by Penn & Hol
stein, Edgefield; Johnston Drug
Co., Johnston; G. W. Wise, Tren
ton. Price $1.00 per bottle straight.
Pain is a visitor to every home
and usually it comes quite unex
pectedly. But you are prepared for
every emergency if you keep a
small bottle of Sloan's Liniment
handy. It is the greatest pain kill
er ever discovered. Simply laid
on the skin-no rubbing required
it drives tho pain away. It is really
wonderful. Melvin H. Soister,
Berkeley Cal. writes: "Last Satur
day, after tramping around the Pan
ama Exposition with wet feet, I
came home with my neck so stiff
that I couldn't turn. I applied
Sloan's Liniment freely and went to
bed. To my surprise, next morn
ing the stiffness had almost disap
peared, four hours after the second
application I was as good as new."
all 25c druggists.-1
Fertilizers with Pota
Fertilizers with Amii
atv O',- '
Call on the E<
Armour's, Royster'
We will be able
Gall on R, C. Pad
Candidates' Column
? To the Citizens of Edge fie ld County: j
I respectfully announce myself as a
candidate for Supervisor of your coun
ty, ' and if elected will try to serve the
people as near right as I conceive,
pledging myself to abide by the results j
of ! the election, and support the
nominees of the democratic party.
" -, W.G.WELLS.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the office of Supervisor of
Edgefield county and solicit the sup
port of the people., pledging myself, if
elected, to serve the people to the best
of my ability and to abide the results
of the Democratic primary election.
.." ' J. W. HUDSON.
Morgana, S. C.
t respectfully announce tb the voters
of Edgefield county that I am a candi
date for the office of supervisor and
Sledge' myself to abide the result of the
'empcratic primary election.
I hereby announce that I am a can
didate for the supervisor of Edgefield
county; and solicit the support of the
people, pledging myself to abide by
the result of the primary election.
J. 0. SCOTT.
Berkshire and Poland China
I have 25 beautiful Berkshire and
Poland China Pigs (grades), two
and two and a half months old, that
I will sell for $3.00 to *3.50.
M od oe, S. C.
Notice to Creditors!
All persons indebted to the late
T. B. Quarles will please make pay
.rnent at once to the undersigned,
and all persons holding claims
against the said estate will present
them to me properly attested for.
Stock I
I find that I am over-stockec
in order to convert
Special Ca
From Febr
During this time every ite
partments will be cut to Actua
once, I will sell many things B
This gives the people with
had.' The goods I am offering
sold it will pay you to borrow
We also have a large st
sh Fertilizers with Phosphate
ionia Fertilizers That Make Crops I
leefield Mercantile Company
he Best Goods Made
s, Swift's, and American Agricultural
mica! Company's Goods
to furnish some Two Per Cent Potash
oods for Making Cotton
gett or A. E. Padgett at their office
.'- . . ' ' ? uniform
Have You Tried
Kopps Redebaik Self-Rising
Columbian Plain Flour
Both are guaranteed to give satisfaction. Made by
Rockport Milling Company of Rockport, Indiana.
'Phone 38
Collett & Mitchell
Prescriptions Compounded from Pure 5:
Drugs at all hours.
Prompt and Accurate
Fancy Groceries
deduction Sale
I on Dry Goods* Notions, Clothing, Shoes and Hats, and
the goods into cash, instead of carrying them
?r, I have decided to put on a
sh Sale for SO Days
uary 19 to March 20
im in our Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Shoe and Hat De
ll Wholesale Cost. In fact, in order to move the goods at
lin reach of my store the greatest opportunity they have ever
; are strictly first-class, and at the very low price they will be
the money, if you have not the cash,
j at VERY Reasonable Prices.

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