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Scatter Equal Parts of Cracked Corn,
: Wheat and Oat? in Litter-Make
Hens Exercise.
i In order to obtain eggs it is neces
sary to have healthy, vigorous stock,
'properly fed.
' A splendid mixture for laying bens
Iff equal parts of cracked cora, wheat,
-and oats, which should be scattered
in the litter.
Bran or middlings and beef scraps
should be kept in receptacles to which
the fowls have access at all times.
Plenty of exercise increases the
egg yield.
Provide four or five inches of good,
clean litter in which to scatter the
Cabbages, mangels, potatoes, sprout
ed oats, etc., make excellent green
When wet mashes are fed be sure
they are crumbly and not sticky.
For the first three days chicks may
be fed a mixture of equal parts hard
boiled eggs and stale bread, or stale
bread soaked in milk. When bread
and milk are used, care should be ex
ercised to squeeze all milk out of Che
bread. From the third or fourth day
until the chicks can eat wheat and
cracked cora, commercial chick feed
ls a good ration.
Plenty of pure, fresh water, grit,
shell, and green feed should be avail
able from the first day.
? , There ls very little danger of over
feeding young stock.
Feed the chickens about five times
daily and only what they will eat up
.clean in a few minutes, except at
night, when they should receive all
they want.
Device ls Easily Constructed Out of
Old Soap Box-Grain Supply
Kept Properly Screened.
A feed hopper for chickens can eas
ily be made by sawing the sides of a
laundry soap box as indicated. A lid
jis fastened oh the top by hinges, and
the feed is poured in at the top. The
front slants, which keeps the feed al
ways sliding down as it is taken out
A Feed Hopper for Chickens.
of the opening. The opening is covered
with chicken wire to keep the fowls
from stepping into the . feed and foul
ilng it. The dotted lines show the orig
inal construction of the box.-Popu
lar Science.
Presence of Male Bird Has No Influ
, ence on Number of Eggs Laid
Infertile Eggs Best.
Produce the infertile eggs.
Infertile eggs are produced by hens
having no male bird with them.
Removing the male bird has no in
fluence on the number of eggs laid
by hens.
The hen's greatest profit-producing
period is the first and second years,
and unless a hen is an exceptionally
good breeder she should be disposed
of at the end of her second laying
season and before starting to molt.
Few eggs can be expected until the
pullets are matured.
If possible, mark the pullets that
lay in the fall, and use them in the
breeding pen for the following spring.
Soft-shelled eggs are often caused
by fowls being confined, becoming
overfat, and from lack of mineral
Cabbage Tied to Stake ls Excellent
! Long Stuff is Liable to Cause
Trouble With Hens.
When green food is given to hens in
confinement It should always be cut
or chopped fine. A cabbage tied to
a stake is excellent, but a variety is
White clover, red clover, lawn grass,
tops of vegetables, or even young
corn fodder, will be relished by the
hens if chopped into short lengths so
that they can easily eat it.
Long food sometimes causes the
hens to become crop bound.
Grit Is Necessary.
It i3 absolutely necessary to suppl?
grit, in order to keep fowls healthy,
as grit t?.kes the place cf teeth.
Frenchmen Wonder That Great War
Has Not Produced Literary Man
of Great Ability.
That the epoch 1914-15 has not pro
duced a single genius in France ls
made the occasion for comment by the
French journal, Le Cri de Paris.
"In fact," says the Cri, "it appears
that the stars in our literary heav
ens have been growing pale for some
time. But the time has produced an
astonishing, almost miraculous phe
nomenon. Certain works already an
cient, of which the authors are dead,
have suddenly become noted as in
comparable, which before were not
considered so beautiful It is the war
that all at once has revealed their
splendor, and today'they evoke uni
versal enthusiasm. One may count
them upon the Angers, for there are
but four of them: A poem, a piece of
music, a sculpture and a painting.
"The poem is the hymn of Victor
Hugo, The Devoted Ones Who Died
for Their Country.' Few French knew
it before the war; now everyone
knows it by heart, or pretends to know
iL The piece of music is 'The Mar
ceillaise.' The young people lmag
ined it was a ritournelle, a mero flour
ish. They have just found that lt is
a masterpiece. The sculpture is the
'Marseillaise' that Rude cut upon one
of the door jambs of the arch of tri
umph. The painting is a panel by
Puvis de Chavannes, in the Pantheon,
'St Genevieve Watching Over Paris.'
So in the midst of the storm that
which was great has become very
great; and that which was mediocre
has become small, very small."
i -
Natives of Orkney Islands Refuse to
Admit That They Are of Scot
tish Blood.
Miss Elinor Root, who has been vis
iting the little-known Orkney islands,
tells us that the natives are very
proud of their Norse origin, indignant
ly repudiating the idea that their for
bears were Scottish.
"People do not speak here with
nearly so broad an accent as the peo
ple in Scotland," Miss Root remarked
to her hostess, "and I notice the names
do not sound Scotch-Cutt, Twatt,
Flett, Cursitor, and so on. How is
My hostess stiffened visibly.
"They are not Scotch. We are not
Scotch. We did not come from Scot
land. Have ye never heard of the
Norsemen from beyond the seas? We
are the descendants of them. We are
not of Scotch biocd. Ye do not call
the Irish English; ye're not to call us
"I beg your pardon," I returned hum
bly, and to change the subject,
plunged into the theme of afforesta
tion. The venture was an unfortunate
one, as trees refuse to grow in the
"Trees spoil the scenery," declared
my hostess. "We would not have them
if we could. If ye go to the southland,
ye cannot see anything of the scenery
for the trees. We like to see scenery.
-Lippincott's Magazine.
Mesa Verde Prophets.
The season so far verifies the weath
er predictions of the Indians who oc
casionally visit the Mesa Verde na
tional park in southwestern Colorado
for trading purposes, but who never
stay an hour longer than is necessary,
because of their dread of the "little
people" who they believe still in
habit, in spirit form, the prehistoric
cliff dwellings that have made the
Mancos valley famous the world over.
Last fall the Mesa Verde prairie dogs
deserted their villages for new ones,
and the Indians have been shaking
their heads over It all winter. "Rain,
much rain," they say; "rain all sum
mer." So far they seem to have pre
dicted right. And now they are again
shaking their heads. "Cold, much
cold," they say; "bad winter coming."
And why? Eecause this summer
game has been unusually plentiful on
the Mesa Verde. Deer are more fre
quently seen than for years. Rab
bits and hares are so numeroua one
can scarcely go about without seeing
them in large numbers. Coyote? and
mountain liens are also unusually
plentiful, which may be explained by
the abundance of the small game on
which they live.
Mobilizing Brains.
Some world-famous names appear
on the list of the consulting panel
which has been added to the inven
tions board. Sir William Crookes, O.
M., discovered thallium and invented
the radiometer, among ether valuable
services to science, and has written
books cn such diverse subjects as
beet sugar, dyeing, calice printing and
fertilizers. Sir Oliver Lodge is a high
authority on wireless telegraphy and
other matters. The other names are
equally distinguished and show that
England has at lact waked up to the
necessity of mobilizing the brains of
the nation.
Cautious Preparation.
"Do you study a subject thorough
ly before you make a speech on it?"
"Not too thoroughly," replied Sen
ator Sorghum. 'You're liable to find
there's so much about it that you
don't know, that you'll get discour
Frank Confession.
"When you got out of college 1 dare
say there was nothing you thought you
couldn't do."
"Not rj'uite. I knew I couldn't get a
pass in Greek, If I had it to do over
' Commend us to the man who do??
J not agree with you always. You
; might as well go out in th? timber
: and talk to an echo as to the person
j who agrees to everything you say.
j A delicious dessert is made by piling
i charlotte russe mixture on pieces ol
chocolate cake. An
other combination
with charlotte
russe is the orange
marmalade, using
it as a garnish and
serving the char
lotte in sherbet
glasses. The com
jbinatlon is especially pleasing.
! Hneapple Toast.-Add a little sugar
! to the sirup in a can of pineapple, us
i lng half of a can of fruit for this dish,
i Add a tablespoonful of lemon Juice
'and boil three minutes; then add the
j slices of pineapple and keep the whole
I hot. Cut rounds of sponge cake, but^j
j ter and dredge with sugar, then set in
I the oven to brown When ready to
' serve set a round of pineapple on tho
: round of cake and pou- over the sauce,
j Hashed Lamb With Rice and Peas.- !
Chop fine edible portions of cold j
. cooked lamb, to the meat; add a little j
j of the broth or gravy and bolling wa- j
' ter, season well with salt and peppei \
and heat very hot Place the meat on
hot platter, surround with cooked, i
, seasoned rice and surround the rice ;
: with seasoned green peas or the
j canned variety.
Curried Potatoes.-Peel a small
? onion and cut into thin rings; melt
three tablespoonfuls of butter in s ;
frying pan and cook the onion until
it lr so ft ene1 and yellow; add six or
eight sliced potatoes, sprinkle with j
salt, pepper and a levo.: teaspoonful of
curry powder, stirred smooth, with a
cupful of broth; simmer ten minutes.
Squeeze over the juice of half a lem*
on, turn and serve very hot.
A delicious combination when ons
desires something especially dainty is
creamed celery with shredded al
monds. Prepare u rich cream sauce,
add cooked, tender celery and the al?
monds. Serve in timbale cases or patty
Baked Ham.-The Swedish people
use the following covering over a ham
while baking. Take tw? cupfuls ol
bread crumbs, four tablespoonfuls of
vinegar, one tablespoonful of mustard,
one egg and a dash of pepper and salt
to season, spread over the ham before
baking. It forms a delicious crust and
keeps In all the flavor of the meat
Kat?. 7>W**ti?.
If thou of fortune be bereft,
And in thy store there be but left
Two loaves-sell one, and with the
Ituy hyanclnths to feed thy souL
1 Pineapple juice is one of the whole
some nonalcoholic drinks which maybe
bought in bottles or cai
be put up at home. The
wonderful Hawaiian
pineapple is now well
known and appreciated
all over the country
Medical scientists have
been experimenting foi
years with the fruit and
juice to discover itt
, w- therapeutic qualities. Il
has been decided by these experts
j that while pineapple juice is not a
: cure-all it is especially good for the
j digestive organs and a great benefit tc
; sufferers of sore throat. It ls also
used in the treatment for tubercu
losis. It ls a delightful drink served
< with carbonated water or simply as
: one does grape juice.
All cooks who use gelatin with pine
I apple know that they need to use
' more of the gelatin with pineapple
than with other juices as it shows its
digestive power on gelatin.
Regents Punch.-Take the juice of
three lemons, one pound of sugar, two
quart bottles of pineapple juice a
quart of strong Oolong tea and a quart j
of carbonated water.
Fruit Punch.--Take two lemons,
two oranges sliced thin, add two quarts
of pineapple juice, one quart of find
large strawberries or raspberries, one
quart of Apollinaris water and a
pound of sugar. Serve with plenty
of ice.
Pineapple Punch.-Add to the Juice
of three lemons a pound of sugar,
three quarts of pineapple juice and
six slices of pineapple, cut in pieces.
Serve in a punch bowl with a quart
of carbonated water and a large piece
of ice. This will serve a small com
pany liberally. Let stand a while to
get thoroughly cold and somewhat di
luted with the ice.
Pineapple juice may be used in any
number of ways as desserts. A de
licious frappe is the following: Boll
together for a quarter of an hour, one
and a half pints of water with two
cupfuls of sugar. Pour the hot sirup
over a can of grated pineapple, then
add the juice of three lemons, and let
stand until cold. Strain and add a
pint of pineapple juice and a pint of
water. Freeze to a mush.
/taut lyiw?*ML
Cut Your Store Bili
Down One Half
Tens of thousands of farmer, as well as
town and city folks cut down their store
bills one-half last year and saved money
in spite of generally short crops and re
duced wages.
Absolutely millions of dollars were
saved and countless families lived better
than ever before in the face of the cotton
crisis and general business depression.
How were these burdensome store bWa
cut down? By the real money-saving
power of good home gardens, rightly
planted and kept planted and tended
through the season.
Hastings 1910 Seed Catalogue tells how
to cut store bills dowe; tells about gar
den and farm seeds of kinds and a qual
ity that cannot be bought from your mer
chant or druggist It's full of garden and
farm information. It's free if you ask
for it Write for it now. H. G. HASTINGS
CO., Atlanta, Ga.-(Advt)
Go to see
Before insuring elsewhere. We
represent the best old line com
Harting & Byrd
At the Farmers Bank, Edgefield
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin
gle Mills, Engines. Boilers,
Supplies and Repairs, Porta
ble, Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth. Files. Belts
and Pipes, WOOD SAWS
Southern Railway
Premier Carrier of the South
Passenger train schedules, effec
tive October 24, 1915.
I Trains arrive from
No. Time
108 Augusta, Trenton 8:20 am
i 130 Columbia, Trenton 9:40 a rn
?110 Aiken, Augusta 3:uo p m
106 Columbia, Augusta 8:30 pm
Trains depart for
No. Time
109 Trenton, Columbia 7:20 am
129 Trenton, Augusta 8:45 a m
131 Aug-Columbia-Aiken 11:45 am
107 Augusta, Columbia 7:30 p m
Schedules published only as in
formation and are not guaranteed.
For further information apply
Ticket Agent.
Edgefield S. C.
Make the Old Suits
Look New
We are better prepared
than ever to do first-class
work in cleaning and press
ing of all kinds. M?ke your
old pants or suit new by let
ing us clean and press them.
Ladies skirts and suits al
so cleaned and pressed. Sat
isfaction guaranteed.
Spee?l attention giv?n to La
dies' Silk Waists and Skirts.
Edgef?eld Pressing Club
A. H. Cori ey,
Surgeon Dentist
Appointments at Trenton
On Wednesdays.
To Prevei.t Blood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reliaHe DI
grical dressing that relieves pain and heals a>
the same time. Not a liniment. 25c. 50c. fl.ca
J v 4
W ?
We have the larges"
ents in every depart m<
shown. We have orde
Watches, Gold ana Si
Silverware, Cut Glass
partment is filled.
It matters not what y
will order it out at once.
Come in to see us. H
marked very low, much
same class of goods elsev\
706 Broad Street,
We announce to our Edg
the largest stock of Fresh F
neous Table Delacacies in .
us when in the city
California. '.
Corner Jacksoi
Bank of Parksvilie
Established 1908
Capital $18,000.00
Resources $35,000.00
Pays 5 per cent, on depos
Loans on liberal terms on
good security.
A bank is the business heart of the
community. Into and out of it flows
the capital which quickens the life of
the community.
Your deposit will help to
do this work.
We Are Conservative
We Are Safe
We have the agency for Ford auto-|
mobiles for the western part of Edge
field county. There is no better car on
the market for the money. The Ford
owners who have thoroughly tested
these cars will tell you that. If you
want a car, drop us a card and we will
call on you and demonstrate the Ford
W. F. RUSH & CO.
Arte youi? ?rnp-cloi for CHI-CI-I2S-TER'S
GOLD metallic boxes sealed with Bltiov
llibbon. TASE ?;O OTEBa. Br.v ?? vor
'>iun?int, end asl: f r ?.Uli.C?.-.S.TfcK'S .
'..(AMOS? BK A NB PIT.T.S, ?"or twc:ity-9ve
rears regarded aa Best,Safest, Always Eeiiable.
: L
I assortment of pres
ent that we have ever
red largely of Clocks,
ilver Jewelry, Sterling
and China. Every de
ou want we have it or
Je have our entire stock
lower than you find the
Augusta, Georgia
efield friends that we carry
ruits, Candies'and miscella
Augusta. Come in to, see
Fruit. Store
i and Ellis Sts.
wondefully different coffee in
ermetically Sealed Can
snn & Holstein
Turn On the Lights!
Invincible Dayton
Electric Lighting System
will give jon
Better Service--Last Longer
Cost Loss
Than any other kind of lighting plant
on the market. It Is cheaper than
acetylene-cleaner, safer, les? expen
sive to operate, and will last a life
that tells you all about Electric
Lights for the Farm.
Write for a copy or call and see ns.
?Thc Dayton Electrical Mfg. Co. cf]
Dayton. Ohio. U.S.A. M
Clark's Hill, S. C.
Dealer in
? Beautiful
No woman can hope to be beauti
ful, who has not a good complexion.
Nor can any woman hope to have a
good complexion, who suffers with
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Sick Head
ache, Torpid Liver or other Irregu
Mozley's Lemon Elixir i
will cleanse your system of all im
purities, build you up, give you per
fect health, and as a consequence a
beautiful complexion.
Pleasant to take, gentle in action,
but thorough in results. No un
pleasant effects.
50c. and $1.00 a Bottle
??TSold and recommended by Penn
& Holstein, Edgefield, S. C.
To Cure a Cola in One Day
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stops the
Cough aud Headache and works oft the Cold.
Druggists refund money if it fails to cure.
E. VY. GROVE'S signature oa each box. 25c,

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