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Office No. Gl.
Residence, No. 17.
Wednesday, March 15
Service in the Presbyterian
.church Sunday at 11:15.
Mrs. S. W. Nicholson recently
.DUTcha-i<-d a handsome new Cornish
The W. C. T. U. will meet tlvs
afternoon at the home of Mrs. H.
H. Sanders.
Miss Virginia Addison has been
spendiny several days with relatives
in Augusta.
Miss Bessie Plunkett and Mis.s
Gill were w?ek end visitors of Mrs.
H. H. Sanders.
Miss Ruth DeLoach spent the
week-end in Edgefield with her
mother, Mrs. Cat lie DeLoach.
Mr. J. D. Holstein, Jr., has sold
his Ford and i? now the happy pos
sessor of a 1916 model Overland.
Mrs. Mamie N. Tillman attended
4 missionary eonfeience of the Ai
le-n W. M. TJ. at Langley Satur
Miss CaTrie Lou Able of Lees
ville spent the week-end in Edge
field with her sister, Mrs. A. L.
Rev. P. B. Lanham preached at
-Gilgal <hurch Sunday morning and
at the Brunson school house Sunday
Union service will be held in the
Presbyterian church Sunday night
Dr, E. Pendleton Jones will preach
the sermon.
Capt. and Mrs. L. Y. Moore
?petit the week end in Columbia,
where they resided before coming
to Edgt field.
Mr. William Love, a prominent
young business man of Augusta,
spent Mundav with his aunt, Mrs.
Siliie Moseley.
Mrs. John K. Aull and her little
?laughter are over from Columbia
?.lending this w?ek with Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur S. Tompkins.
The schools generally will par
ticipate in Field Day exercises.
Everv school in the county should
participate in one or more of the
Married, Suuday morning, March
12, Mr. J. L. Corley and xMiss Lona
Taylor, ny Kev. P. B. Lanham, at
the home nf Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Lott Corley.
Mrs. .Ellie B.Jones of Columbia
?8 vtailing her sister, Mrs. Sallie
Moseley. Mrs. Jones has many
.friends in Edg.'field who are always
glad io see ber.
Nothing yet has been heard from
the supreme court with refererencc
to question involving the formation
of McCormick county. The decision
is expected daily.
About 12:30 o'clock Thursday
night a negro house was burned
near the trestle. It was owned and
occupied by negroes. It is thought
that the tire caught from a stove
Miss Mamie Cheatham, who is
the popular and efficient teacher of
the Mt. Zion school, spent Saturday
and Sunday at home with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cheat
Those who have recently traveled
'-over the newly made road from the
Pine House to Augusta say the
sand-clay road is fine-just a little
rough in places, but in the main
very good.
The members of the Civic League
will hold iheir regular meeting
Monday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. J. H. Cantelou at 4 o'clock.
All members are requested to pay
Jtheir dues at the meeting.
The D. A. R. chapter will hold
'their next meeting at the home of
Mrs. B. E. Nicholson on Tuesday
afternoon, March 21, at 4 o'clock.
"South Carolina" will be the topic
.for the historical program.
.Already the demand for cotton
-seed for planting has opened. Scores
o? improvident persons who sold
practically all of their seed at the
high price last fall will soon be
pa.\ing two prices for seed for
As it is about time for newspa
pers to begin their annual swatting
-campaign, we w ould like to see the
man swatted who feeds his mu!e on
the bare ground. Who can blame a
mule lor kicking when it i,ets an
Mrs. T. C. Mayson of Callison
spent last week with her sister, Mrs.
H. Y. Dorn.
Mr. A. D. Oliphant, the assistant
secretary of the State Board of
Charities and Corrections, arrived
in Edirefield this morning to make
an official inspection of the jail,
county home and chaingangs.
Miss Fannie Sheppard, accompa
nied by little George Edward Shep
pard, left Thursday for Birming
ham to visit Mrs. P. P. Burns.
Prof. and Mrs. Burns will soon
have their first experience in keep
ing house.
Congressman James F. Byrnes
has recommended Mr. George Har
dy, the second son of Mr. and
Mrs J. W. Hardy, to be postmas
ter of Johnston. There is practical
ly no douta that Mr. Hardy will
get the position.
Agricultural implements of all
kinds are advancing on account of
the advance of steel. If you need
any implements you had better buy
them at once and raavbe you can
get what you need at the old be
fore-de-war prices.
Mr. D. J. LaGrone, the proprie
tor of the Eatraore Grocery, has
added a large modern refrigerator
to his store fixtures, which will en
able him to keep many delicacies
during the warm weather that other
wise would be impossible.
County Treasurer J. T. M imp,
after five months of ?teady, strenu
ous work, closed his books, as pro
vided by law, last night and turned
them over to the sheriff. Mr. M i ms
states that he bas collected about 95
per cent of the taxes.
All of Edgefield-Buncombe par
ticularly-eagerly await the coming
of little Miss Byrd from Columbia
Dr. J. S. Bvrd is a resident of
Edgefield and Columbia both these
days. His body is here but his Leart
and mind are in the capital city.
Interest increases in the skating
rink that ii being conducted by
Glover Tompkins and Dr. Beverly
Epes in one of the county fair
buildings. The building is open for
skating every afternoon in the
week from four to six and every
evening except Friday and Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Rainsford
and Miss Sadie Mims went to Aiken
Thursday to witness the game of
polo which was played between the
Aiken and Camden teams. The
leading polo players of the country
were in Aiken last week either par
ticipating in the contests or as spec
Milliner Arrived.
Miss Orelia Ewing of Atlanta has
arrived to take charge of Ruben
stein's millinery department for the
spring season. She has had six or
eight years experience and during
that time has been employed in
some very large establishments, al
ways giving entire satisfaction. She
will take pleasure in receiving the
ladies at the Rubenstein store.
Located at Cleora.
Dr. J. T. Pattison has located in
the ?leora section for the practice
of medicine, making his home with
his daughter, M rs. B. E. Timmer
man. His Edgefield friends wish
him a fall measure of success. He is
among people who have known him
all of his life and who also know of
his professional skill, which is far
better for him than locating among
Court of Common Pleas.
The spring term of the court of
common pleas convened Monday,
but as the case which was set for
Monday was continued early in the
day the court adjourned until Tues
day morning. At that time the suit
of Dr. J.R.Timraerraan of Bateeburg
against Mr. O. O. Posey of the
Tiinmerman or Philippi section was
taken up. Dr. Timmerman has
brought suit against Mr. Posey to
recover 23 acres of land and
damages, involving the sum of
$1,000. Geo. Bell Timmerman and
J. Wm. Thurmond are represent
ing Dr. Timmerman and N. G.
Evans and S. McG. Simkins are
representing Mr. Posey. The court
is still engaged with this case, this
Wednesday, morning.
The civil cases abont which gieat
est interest centres are those brought
by certain citizens against the
Georgia-Carolina Power Company.
Two of these cases have been set
for Friday of this week and one or
two others will be disposed of next
week. The jury for next week,
commonly spoken of as the third
week's jury, appear? in this issue.
BUNG'S RiEW fc*fl???VE?f?*
Will Surely Stou That Cough.
Two Bad Holes.
Mr. W. H. Turner pays the road
leading from Ridgefield to Green
wood is very, very erood except for
two very, very bad places: One is
near the home of Mr. Sloan Watson
and the other is near the home of
.Mr. Minick. Will somebody whis
per this into the ears of our good
natured supervisor? Mr. Turner
says '.hese two very, very bad
places could be worked in a few
hours. Several almost impassable
place- in a road make it impossible
to haul a heavy load over the en
tire road - being something like a
weak link in a chain.
The Corner Store.
Spring* is full blown at the popu
lar Corner Store. We call atten-j
lion to what Mr. Turner says in his
advertisement this week. He "ever
indulges in extravagant, unreliable
statements about his merchandise.
What he sajs of the large pur
chases which he made in Kew York
io person several weeks ago can be
altogether depended upon. Espe
cial attention of the ladies is called
to the many items which are enu
merated in The Corner Store's ad
advertisement this week. Before
supplying any of your spring needs
do not fail to see the pretty new
goods, in staples and novelties, at
The Corner Store.
A Plea For the Dumb Brutes.
There are different wayB of being
cruel to animals. You can be cruel
in a positive sense by administering
an unmerciful beating, and you can
be cruel in a negative seuse by neg
lecting a beast of burden or pour
ing its feed on the bare ground, as
is done by some persons almost
every day on the public square in
Edgefield. The Advertiser is a
friend of the dumb brute and we
shall continue to cry aloud until
this thoughtless practice is stopped.
If you can't get a box for the feed,
get? an old bag and spread it down,
and if you can't get that come to.
The Advertiser office and we will
give you aud the mule some old
newspapers to spread upon the
ground. . Every farmer who sends
his team to town should caution the
driver about properly feeding the
faithful beast of burden. Better give
a horse or mule six ears of corn in
a box than 12 on the bare ground.
"Pa, said Willie, a man's wife ie
his better half, isn't she?"
"Weil, we are told so, my son,
said father noncommittally.
"Well, then, continued Willie, if
a man marries twice there isn't any
thing left of him, is there?"
- m - -
I respectfully announce that I am
a candidate for Mayor of the town
of Edgefield and will appreciate the
support of the voters.
J. G. Edwards, M. D.
We have a large assortment of
furniture of all kinds and grades.
Come see our stock before buying.
We buy from the leading factories
in car lots, consequently eau make
low prices.
B. B. Jones.
The State of South Carolina,
County of Edgefield.
By W. T. Kinnaird, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Frank L. Middleton, of
above County and State, made snit
to me, to grant him Letters of Ad
ministration of the Estate and ef
fects of P. C. Middleton, late of
above County and State.
These Are Therefore to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and Creditors of the said P.
C. Middleton, deceased, that they
be and appear before me, in the
Court of Probate, to be held at
Edgefield C. H.,' S. C., in my of
fice on the 30th day of March 1916
next, after publication thereof, at
ll o'clock in the forenoon, to show
cause, if any they have, why the
said Administration should not be
Given under my Hand, this 1st
day of March, A. D., 1916.
P. J., E. C.
March V-3t.
Becau3e they contain the best
liver medicines, no matter how bit
ter or nau>eating for the sweet su
gar coating hides the taste. Dr.
King's New Life Pills contain in
gredients that put the liver work
ing, move the bowels freely. No
gripe, no nausea, and digestion,
.lust try a bottle of Dr. King's
New Life Pills and notice how
much better you feel 25c at drug
gists. 2
Letter From Edgefield Schools.
Kev. E. C. Hailey made a visit it
the school Wednesday morning. He
conducted the chapel exercises aiu.
made a very interesting and in
strudive talk to the students. Tin
children from the youngest to the
oldest, arc glad to see Mr. Bailey
come for he always brings a mes
sage of love or advice to each. We
Would like to have more of the pa
trons attend the chapel exercises,
visit the different class rooms and
see just what we are doing, lt
would be a pleasure to us as well as
to them.
On next Monday morning, the
preliminary declamation and recita
tion contest will take place in the
chapel exercises. This is io be held
for the purpose t f selecting one boy
and girl to represent us in the med
al contest for Field Day. It will be
exceedingly interesting, as several
have entered the contest and all are
putting forth great effort to be the
chosen one. Throughout the day our
representatives in the different ath
letic contes1 s will be selected. The
public is cordially invited to at
tend. We urge YOU tu come so that
those in the declamation and reci
tation contest will not be embarass
ed by having to address a small au
dience of fellow students. The chap
el exercises begin promptly at nine
There will be no school Friday
as the teachers are going to Colum
bia on thal day lo attend the teach
ers convention
School Correspondent.
Card From Dr. Corley.
To the voters of the town of
Edgefieli: I am being asked b"
quite a number if I will be in thc
race for mayor. So I beg to state
with due regard for the responsi
bilities and obligations resting on a
public servant that I offer my ser
vices as mayor to you for another
Whatever may be your estimate
o/,the value of my service to you
in the past, my own conscience is
clear as to the purity of my motives
in every instance and while I may
have made mistakes, as humans all
make them, never have I permitted
an error to remain uncorrected if it
were possible to correct it.
j It has been ray purpose to per
form the duties of the office of may
or so as to take care of the interests
of the town and people of the coun
ty as well.
ja The law is clear and specific and
I have endeavored to follow the lat
ter and spirit of it. Efficiency in the
work of the office has been ray aim.
Your loyal support in the past is
one of my most pleasing memories
and for it you have ray sincere
thanks. I shall just as truly appre
ciate a continuance of this support
and should you choose rae to serve
you again, there shall be no varia
tion from the principles which have
acuated rae in the past.
Yours sincerely,
A. H. Corley.
Edgefield Testimony Remains
* Unshaken.
Time is the best test of truth.
Here is an Edgefield story that has
stood the test of time. It is a story
with a point which will come
straight home to many of us.
Mrs E P Jackson, Cedar Row,
Edgefield, says: "I suffered greitly
from a weak .'and lame back which
became so bad that I could hardly
get around. My sides and hips also
got sore and lame and loss of sleep
made rae weak and exhausted,
Doan's kidney pills rid me of the
attack." (Statement given April 12,
1911.) Has used Doan's since. Over
three years later Mrs. Jackson said:
"My back or kidneys seldom troub
le rae now but when they do, Doan's
kidney pills always give me quick
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's kinney pills-the same
that Mrs. Jackson has twice pub
licly recommended. Foster-Mil burn
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
The approach of spring suggests
that now is the time to brighten up
the home by puning new matting
on the floors. . VVe have beautiful
patterns at reasonable price.
B. B. Jones.
There is no excuse to put up with
shabby floors when one application
of Luca? Floor Stain will restore
their beauty. Stains and varnishes
with one application.
\V. E. Lynch & Co.
Tor Aveakness and Loss of Appetite
The Old Standard general strengthening tonic,
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONTC, drives out
Alalaria and builds up the system. A true tonie
ip? we Appetizer. For adults ami children. ?Qc
England, Germany and
France Agree
on one thing, if on no other. They all prohibit
the sale of alum baking powders.
There must be a good reason for this.
It is because alum was found to be un
Royal Baking Powder is made of cream
of tartar, derived from grapes, a natural
food product, and contains no alum nor
other questionable ingredients.
New York
Using Good Judgment.
In no other occupation is goori
judgment of moro importance than
farming. The business ?nan must
use bis judgment as to making in
vestments, securing labor, market
ing products, etc. He often finds
after it is too late that his judg
ment as to ceitain transaction was
ooor. The only remedy is to be
more careful in the future.
But where business men have a
few risks and a few opportunities
for using good judgment, farmers
have many. There are more un
known quantities in the mathemat
ics of farming than in the equations
of the ordinary business man in the
town or city.
At this season of the year the
weather is often deceiving. A. few
brii; ht, pleasant spring days mr
cause the planter to begin too soon.
It sometimes happens that valuable
seeds are lost by planting so early
that a freeze kills the plants. Yet
late planting may cause the plants
to be injured by dn>uth, poor mar
kets, insects or other enemies of
the farmer.
Markets are now the most in
definite and uncertain of the far
mer's problems. There are many
factors with reference to markets
not under the control of the
grower. The producer is only
one of the many that have a part
in marketing farm products. But
if the producer uses good judgment
he has far greater opportunities for
In arranging tha capital, in buy
ing the things not raised on the
farm, in cultivation, harvesting,
storing, etc., the farm manager
must exercise his best judgment.
Poor judgment may mean consid
erable loss.-Farm and Ranch.
Our stock of saddles, and harness
of all kinds is complete. Can sup
ply you with anything you want.
B. B. Jones.
Prescriptions. Compounded
Any Hour of the Day or Night
Only the Purest Drugs are Used
Your Patronage Solicited
Complete Stock of Fancy Groceries
Spring Oxfords
We invite the men and boys
to come in and see our SPRING
OXFORDS. A large shipment
just received from the olebrated g
Crossett factory. Wear Crossett
shoes once and you will always
wear them.
We have the latest toes and m
latest lasts in all of the popular ||
Come in and get a fit from the ?
large stock of stylish footwear.
Dorn & Mims

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