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Practically No More Important Things
Can Be Given Attention by
City Planners.
It may be said that there is no plane
of human existence in society which
the housing question does not touch.
There is no form of vice, crime, debil
ity or shiftlessness which bad housing
does not tend to nurture. Keeping up
appearances is often decried, and de
serves much of the reproach cast upon
it when it simply means unwarranted
extravagance to maintain a position
which one's income does not justify,
but among the poor it is an ever
present aid to the maintenance of self
respect and is to be encouraged rather
than decried.
During his campaign for the presi
dency the late Benjamin Harrison ut
tered an epigram which made him the
target of much criticism. He said: "A
cheap coat makes a cheap man," and
this statement, which was intended to
epitomize his views on the protective
tariff, was twisted into meaning that
people whose clothes were cheap were
purchasable. This was not true, and
lt would be no more true that bad
housing made bad citizens under all
circumstances. But, next to an inade
quate and unwholesome food supply,
poor housing does stand as the most
deleterious element in our civic life.
Sanitary research shows how, import
ant ls the reaction of adequate light
and ventilation on the health, stamina
and moral character of individuals.
Bad housing furnishes the fruitful nur
series of disease germs of all kinds,
while at the same time creating con
ditions which prevent the building up
of resistance to their inroads.
Elm Famous for Developing Fine Sym
metry When Allowed to
Grow Alone.
"The elm is essentially a self-suffi
cient tree. It does not thrive in
groves," Walter Prichard Eaton writes
in the Century. "It has a standard
type of its own, and it either attains
this type or is lost to view. The elm
which comes to maturity is usually
the one which has lodged in a favored
spot where there is no competition,
Euch as a river meadow, where the
spring freshets have dropped the seed
on fertile soil and the roots can get
down to water.
"We all know the, type, the noble
WUUlT6?',ni?ssive girth tapering very
gradually upward to the flrst spring
of branches, and then dissolving in
those branches as a water jet might
dissolve in many upward and outcurv
iug streams, till the whole is lost in
the spray of the foliage. Like many
other trees that grow alone, it devel
ops an exquisite symmetry; but with
the ?im this symmetry is not only one
of general contour, but of individual
limbs Not only is the silhouette sym
metrical, but the skeleton also, branch
balancing branch. That is what gives
it its remarkable fitness to comport
with architectural lines, with geome
trically designed vistas. It has a
formal structure and a consequent dig
nity which makes it the logical shade
for a village street, a chapel, a library,
the scholarly procession in cap and
gown. Add to that dignity its arched
and airy lightness and its splendid
size, and you have the king of urban
Builder In Western City Has Proved
That He Had the Right Idea in
Its Construction.
In constructing a building in a
western city, a sanitary drinking
fountain has been
set in a niche pro
vided in the front
wall of the struc
ture between two
stores. The out
er edge of the
porcelain water
bowl is flush
with the face of
the brickwork,
so that it does not
jut out in the way
of pedestrians.
By placing the
fountain here, in
stead of erecting
a pedestal at the
curb, as is fre
quently done, the
sidewalk was left
free from obstruc
tions. The foun
tain is both a convenience to the pub
lic and an ornament.-Popular Me
I Municipal Enterprise.
Rochester, N. Y., has an annual ex
position thi.t is partly a municipal en
terprise. The exposition was started
by a number of private concerns, but
its success was so great that the city
government; provided it with an expo
sition ground of 45 acres, fitted up
with handsome buildings. Here both
manufacturing and agricultural ex
hibits are shown, the former including
the lines that have made Rochester
famci?. such as cameras, optical
goods, shoes, clothing, office fixtures
and prepared foods.
French Astronomer Claims the Stare,
as Aiways, Foretold Coming
of War In Europe.
In a recent number of L'Astronomie
Camille Flammarion publishes an in
genious memoir, illustrated with
quaint woodcuts from a sixteenth cen
tury work on prodigies, in which he
shows that all the celestial and terres
trial omens, of war in which our fore
fathers so firmly believed duly ush
ered in the great conflict now raging
in Europe. These include (1) the
total solar eclipse of August 21, 1914,
visible In Europe and Asia; (2) Dela*
van's naked-eye comet, known as the
"war comet," discovered at the close
of 1913 and destined to remain visible
for the next five years (from which
the superstitious might augur seven
years of war); (3) the transit of Mer
cury on November 7, 1914; (4) the fall
of a 35-pound meteorite in England
last October; (5) the great Italian
earthquake of January 13. 1915; (6) a
"tricolored" star, of which M. Flam
marion promises to furnish particu
lars later, only remarking for the
present that it was an optical effect
much exaggerated by the popular
imagination; and lastly all sorts of
remarkable weather, including a win
try day in June of last year, with a
minimum temperature of 41 degrees
in Paris. It would be too bad, adds
the Scientific American, to refute this
accumulated evidence of the futility
of modern science by seeking for pre
vious periods of a year or so in which
similar omens were manifested and
no war followed.
Man Kills Animal and Finds His $200
Gem in Stomach, as He
Had Suspected.
While William A. Thompson was
trying to drive a pup away from him
the animal closed on his fingers and
pulled off and swallowed a $200 dia
mond ring. Mr. Thompson was not
certain what had become of the ring,
but when he failed to find it he sus
pected the dog. He bought the ani
mal, nominally a ten-cent pup, from
H. R. Rogers, the negro owner, for
$10 after much parley, took the dog
home, killed him and found the dia
mond ring in his stomach.
He was luckier than a man in a
neighboring town who owned a vari
able vase, a family heirloom. His dog
poked his head into the neck of the
vase and it stuck. The owner cut off
the dog's head to save the vase and
then had to break the vase to get out
the dog's head to bury it.-Beckley
(W. Va.) Dispatch to New York
Old Men Are on Top.
Oldish men still remain on top in
this war after a jrear of hard fighting
The four conspicuous commanders are
Joffre of the French, Von Hindenburg
of the Germans, French of the English
and Grand Duke Nicholas of the Rus
sians. All are well up in the sixties.
That is an unusual circumstance.
Caesar was a young man when he in
vaded Gaul. Alexander was a boy
when he made his great conquests.
Napoleon became the military meteor
on earth before he was thirty, and he
and Wellington were only forty-six
when they met at Waterloo for the
last fight either ever witnessed.
Washington was but forty-five when
he wintered at Valley Forge, and he
was not yet fifty-six when Cornwallis
surrendered to him his army at York
town. Grant was only forty-three as
he steed at Appomattox. Stonewall
Jackson had won a military record for
all time before he was killed at thir
Von Mojke was the exception, as he
was seventy when, 45 years ago this
summer, he trapped the armies of
France in six weeks. But these seem
to be the days when age gets the
Didn't our governor just designate
as Pennsylvania's three greatest men
one seventy-three, another seventy
five and a third seventy-seven?
"Girard," In Philadelphia Ledger.
Authority on Steel Production,
Sir Robert Hadfield, who has been
selected by the British government to
assume charge cf the engineering
works that it has obtained power to
take over for the manufacture of war
material, is one of the greatest liv
ing authorities on the production of
steel. In addition to the Bessemer
medal, which is the blue ribbon of the
Iron and Steel Institute of Great Brit
ain, he has received equally high
awards from similar societies in al*
most every country of the civilized
w*?rld. Inventor of manganese steel,
ho is chairman of the Hadfield Steel
Foundry company Ltd., at Sheffield,
one of the biggest ordnance and pro
jectile concerns in the United king
dom, in fact, in the world.
His Accustomed Place.
Seven-year-old Frances was watch
ing her papa start for tLe office and
reporting his progress to mamma,
who was a little near-sighted.
"The car's stopping for him," said
"Has he got on?" asked mamma.
"Yes, mamma. He has jumped on
and taken his place on a strap."
Just Picks the Kind-Hearted.
' George, you're always happy and
smiling. Is everybody good to you?"
"No, I wouldn't jes' say dat, boss.
Dere'8 some pow'ful mean folks in dis
wori\ "zjl when I discover 'em I jes'
nacherally don* 'soclate wif 'em."-De
troit Free Pres?.
To be Held at ridgefield, S. C.,
Friday, April 7,1916.
All the people ot Edgefield county
are given a cordial invitation to at
tend Field Day.
Thf trustees, patrons and friend<
in each district are urged to aceoiu
pany tht-ir school, and thus <rive ?*.n
couragement and inspiration to the
Parade-T. .1. Lyon.
The parade will Iv formed prompt
ly al 10:30 o'clock on Main street,
leading from the public square to
ihedeuot. Schools will be placed
in line in alphabetical order. Each
school should carry a banner willi
the name of the school on it. A
$10.00 prize will be ?riven to the
school having the greatest per cent,
of its enrollment present. Edge
Held school is n<>t eligible for this
prize. In case of a tie the prize
will go to the school making the
best appearance on parade. In or
der to raise money for this prize
fflcb school will be assessed. It
twenty schools are in the parade
?.ach school will pay fifty cents. Jf
fortv schools enter each would pay
twenty-five cents.
Welcome Address-Ex Gov. J. C
Each school is limited to two
i'oiitpstants except in the humorous
(Harris Copenhaven.)
50 Yard Dash-Boys under and
over fourteen.
100-Ya rd Dash- Boys under and
over fourteen.
220-Yard Dash-Boys over four
440 Y.trd Dash-Boys over four
Running High Jump-Boys un
der and over fourteen.
Running Broad Jump-Boys un
der and over fourteen.
Standing Broad Jump-Boys un
der and over fourteen.
Standing High Jump-Boys un
der and over foin teen.
Rope climbing contest open to all
Sack Race-Open to all boys.
Shoe Race-Open to all boys.
Three-Legged Race-Open tt^tfl
boys. '
(Misses Ella V. Hiott, Hortense Padgett.)
50-Yard Dash-Open to all girls.
Running High Jump-Open to
all girls.
Running Broad Jump-Open to
all girls.
Standing Broad Jump-Open to
all girls.
Standing High Jump-Open to
all girls.
Rope Climbing Contest-Open to
all girls.
Flag Race-Girls under fourteen.
(Miss Sara Nicholson.)
In this contest each school is al
lowed one boy and one girl to be se
lected from ihe seventh grade or
above. The contest will be in
writing. Paper will be furnished
the contestants, but each one should
bring his own pencil well trimmed.
Each pupil will be numbered and
they will write their number plainly
at the top of the page.
This contest will take place in
the evening. Each school is al
lowed one boy and one girl to be
selected from the sixth grade or
above. No selection can be over
ten minutes. Eighty per cent, will
be allowed for delivery and tweniy
per cent, for selection. Each con
testant will be numbered and no
names will be called. Gold medals
will be presented to the boy and
gill who makes the highest per
Appropriate prizes will be award
ed to the winner in each contest.
Competent and impartial judges
will be selected for each contest.
(Mesdames W. C. Tompkins, G. N. En
nett, Miss Mamie Sill.)
Dinner will be served on the
school grounds. We urge that
everybody, who can possibly do so,
bring well filled baskets. The com
mittee will take ebarpe of your
baskets at the school building.
l here will be no charge for en
trance to any contest. The only re
quirement being to notify the Cen
tral Committee, giving the names
if contestants from each school.
Let every teacher of the county do
ibis as soon as possible.
(Miss Elizabeth Rainsford.)
In the afternoon a game of basket
ball will take place. The teams
will be selected from Edgefield,
?Toll ixion i?r Tren ton. A series of
??an.... uri 11 I?? played h"l\v eeii th?
teams of I hes?* school.? prior to Field
? hi . Ti.?* . v\ ?. if.nt.s making int?
highest si-.liv uj|| play fi>r ih?>
county champion- hip.
For further information address
K.igvtidd, S. C.
i ? - T. .1. ?.YON.
Sudden changes, high winds,
shifting Hansons cause colds ami
grippe and th? se spring colds arc
?tnnoving and dangerous and are
likely ti? turn into a chronic sum
mer cough. In stn h cast's take a
[treatment of Dr. King's New Dis
covery, a pleasant Laxative Tar
Syrup. It. soothes the cough,check?
the co'd and helps break up au at
tack of grippe. Us already prepar
I ed, no mixing or fussing. Just a>k
vour druggi.-t for a bottle of Ur.
I King's New Discovery. Tested
and tried for over 4U yearn. 3
The State of South Carolina,
Countv of Edgetield.
By W. T. Kinnaird. Piobate Judge.
Whereas, Frank L. Middleton, of
above Couti ty and State, made suit
to me. to grant him Letters of Ad
ministration of the E-tate and ef
fects of P. C. Middleton, Jaie of
above Countv and State.
These Are Therefore to cite and
admonish all and singular thc kin
dred and Creditors of the said P.
C. Middleton, d<'eeaset3, that they
be and anpear before me, in the
Court of Probate, to be held at
Edgefield C. H., S. C., in my of
fice on the 30th day of March 19lt?
next, after publication thereof, at
ll o'clock in the forenoon, to show
cause, if any they have, why the
said Administration should not be
Given under my Hand, this ls;
day of March, A. D., J.916.
P. J., E. C.
March 7-3t.
should be "nipped in the
bud", for if allowed to run
unchecked, serious results
may follow. Numerous
cases of consumption, pneu
monia, and other fatal dis
eases, can be traced back to
a cold. At the first sign of a
cold, protect yourself by
thoroughly cleansing your
system with a few doses of
the old reliable, vegetable
liver powder.
Mr. Chas. A. Ragland, O'
Madison Heights, Va., says:
'I have been using Thed
ford's Black-Draught for
stomach troubles, indiges
tion, and colds, and find it to
be the very best medicine I
ever used, lt makes an old
man feel like a young one."
Insist on Thedford's, the
original and genuine. E-67
Light Saw, Lathe and Shin
gle Mills, Engines. Boilers,
Supplies and Repairs, Porta
ble, Steam and Gasoline En
gines, Saw Teeth, Files. Belts
and Pipes, WOOD SAWS
To Cure a Coln in One Day
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It stops the
Cough and Headache and works off the Cold.
Druggists refund money if it fails to cure.
E. \V. GROVE'S signature on each bos- 25c
Have You Tried
Kopps Redebaik Self-Rising
Columbian Plain Flour
Both are guaranteed to give satisfaction. Made by
Rockport Milling Company of Rockport, Indiana.
'Phone 38
A. J. Renkl
We have the largest assortment of pres
ents in every department that we have ever
shown. We have ordered largely of Clocks.
Watches, Gold and Silver Jewelry, Sterling
Silverware, Cut Glass and China. Every de
partment is filled.
It matters not what you want we have it or
will order it out at once.
Come in to see us. We have our entire stock
marked very low, much lower than you find the
same class of goods elsewhere.
706 Broad Street, Augusta, Georgia
The wondefullv different coffee in
Hermetically Sealed Can
Penn & Holstein
Cut Y&iir Ste Bill
ie Half
We ha-e the agency for Ford auto-1 Iens of thousands of fara*rs as well as
mobiles for the western part of Edge- !town and cit-r folks cut down their store
field countv. There is no better car on ' biUs one-haIf last -vear and saved mone7
the market for the money. The Ford jin s?ite of generally shore crops and re
owners who have thoroughly tested ? "uce" wage*
these cars will tell you that. If you | Absolutely millions cf dollars were
want a car, drop us a card and we will j saved and countless families lived better
call on vou and demonstrate the Ford ! than ever before in the face of the cotton
I crisis and general business depression.
W. F. RUSH & CO.
How were these burdensome store b?s
cut down? By the real money-saving
power of good home gardens, rightly
planted and kept planted and tended
through the season.
S, , D . 1 ! Hastings 1916 Seed Catalogue tells how
OUtil?rn K 8.11W ay ? to rut store bills down ; tells about gar
Premier Carrier of the South ; d"n and farm secds of kinds aRd a ^ual_
. itv that cannot be bought from your mer
j chant or druggist. It's full of garden and
farm information. It's free if you ask
for it. Write for it now. K. G. HASTINGS
CO., Atlanta, Ga.-(Advt.)
8:20 am
0:40 amil
3:00 p m !
8:30 p m
Passenger train schedules, effec
tive October 24, 1915.
Trains arrive from
108 Augusta, Trenton
130 Columbia, Trenton
110 Aiken, Augusta
106 Columbia, Augusta
Trains depart for
No. Time
109 Trenton, Columbia 7:20 am
129 Trenton, Augusta 8:45 a m
131 Aug-Oolumbia-Aiken 11:45 am
107 Augusta, Columbia 7:30 p m
Schedules published only as in
formation and are not guaranteed.
For further information apply
Ticket Agent.
Edgefield S. C.
Go to see
Before insuring elsewhere. We
represent the best old line com
Harling & Byrd
At the Farmers Bank, Edgefield
AA your ?rcfcght for CHI-CHES-TER'S
GOLD metallic boxes scaled with IHue\w
Ribbon. TAKE NO OTEES. Buy oF your^Yi
DragffUt and ask for CRI-CUES.T?R'S
??JA3ION? BltAN? PILLS, for twenty-five
years regarded as Best,Safest, Always Reliable.
Eyes examined and glasses fitted
only when necessary. Optical
work of all kinds.
."/.-. v.

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