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VOL. 8i
NO. 6
W. C. T. U. Held Profitable
i Meeting. Civic League Ac
tive. Miss Stansell En
tertained Club.
A splendid meeting of the W.
C. T. JJ. was held on Friday with
Mrs. M. T. Turner there being a
full attendance. This was "Union
Signal day," and as Mrs. Turner bas
? charge of this, she conducted the
meeting. Several interesting mat
ters were discussed. Mrs. James
White reponed having sent on the
box to the Door of Hope, which
was valued at $15, this containing
food and clothing. A letter was
read from Miss Mary Meyer thank
ing the union for the medal. She
stated that she would now try for
the gold medal. A number of bas
kets of flowers and bouquets were
reported sent. The leader stated that
^she was ready to take subscriptions
to the Signal, and a verse of "Sub
scribe" was sung and the subscrip
tions were given. The treasurer re
ported the financial condition of the
union very good. The monthly pro
gram was carried out and the selec
tions as arranged were read by Mes
dames L. C. Latimer and Hattie
Parrish and Miss Zena Payne. Sev
eral inspiring songs were sung.
There was a very full meeting of
* the New Century club on Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs. W. P. Cas
seils and many points of interest
pertinent to club welfare were dis
cussed. One was the free library.
The club has on hand about two
hundred volumes, but they hope to
increase this to be more instructive
for the members and for the use of
the general public. They have the
promised co-operation of the other
organizations. The patriotic organi
zations will supply books of this
nature. The W. C. T. U. eau put
before the public such literature as j
*^wtiT?o doubt bring forth good re- ;
suits. The Apollo music club has
offered biographies of the masters.
"The 1 er-centenary of Shakespeare
will bj observed by the club, the
nature of this to be decided upon
by a committee. "Baby day" in
stead of a "Better babies week" was
discussed and a day during the first
of April was decided upon. A ciub
lecturer who is well informed has (
been secured for the day. A letter
was read asking that the club en- ,
dorse as president general of the
federation, Mrs. J. E. Cowies of ,
Los Angeles, California, in the next \
election. This the club will be glad (
~to do, her husband having many ,
warm friends here, at one time be- ,
ing a practicing physician. After ,
all business Miss Mallie Waters ,
took charge of the lesson study
i^>ur, six interesting women writers ,
occupying the time. "One hundred
years ago, when a woman wrote a '
book men applauded her as they
would a dancing bear, not because
?he could do it well, but because
she could do it at all. Now, there is
no branch of literature which she
does not adorn," so says Foster.
Life sketches and interesting facts
were given. "May Sinclair," Miss
Z$na Payne; "Mrs. Deland," Miss
Alma Woodward; "Anna Kathrine
Green," Mrs. James White; "Kate
L. Bosher," Mrs. C. D. Kenny;
"Ida Tarbell," Mrs. F. M. Boyd;
"Leona Dalbyrymple," Miss Clara
Sawyer. The hostess was assisted in
entertaining her guests by Mrs. L.
S. Maxwell and Miss Anna Harmes,
aj?d all enjoyed refreshing punch
and an ice course with cake.
The Civic League will meet
Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock in
the schooi auditorium. It is hoped
that there will be a full attendance,
as there will be matters- of interest
io be presented.
The Apollo music club met last
Friday with Mrs. Leon Stansell and
two enjoyable hours were spent, the
Polish composer M ou rose Mosz
kowski being studied and the piano
solos were of his productions. Miss
Gertrude Strother was leader for
the afternoon. During the business
ession two new members were add
d to the club, Mesdames W. J.
atelier and J. D. Bartley. A life
ketch of Moszkowski was given by
*^s. James Strother. Waltz Op.
17, Mrs. G. D. Walker; "Caprice
Espagnol," Mrs W. F. Scott; vo
al duet, "In God's garden of
oses," Mesdames H. W. Crouch
nd L. S. Maxwell. Bercense "Op
27," Miss Emma Bouknight; vocal
solo, "Who knows," Miss Sallie
ley ward. During the pleasant inter-1
Southern Bestows Me Jais Upon
Faithful Employees.
. Washington, D. C., March 17.
One thousand, seven hundred and
fifty-eight men in the employ of
of Southern Railway Comoany,
representing all ranks and all classes
fromgener-d officei to blacksmith
helper, who have exceeded twenty
five .years of continuous service on
the road, will shortly be awarded
a medal by President Fairfax Har
rison in recognition of their achieve
ment and to commemorate their
honorable record. The presenta
tion of the medals will be made per
sonally by Mr. Harrison to all those
entitled to them during the next
two weeks. In announcing the
plan, the following statement was
issued by President Harrison:
"Southern Railway Company has
in its service 1,758 men of all ranks
and classes, from general officer to
blacksmith helper, who have ex
ceeded twenty-five years of contin
uous service on the road. There
are, indeed, thirty-four men who
have exceeded fifty years of such
service, and it is also of interest
that there are 235 negroes ou the
list. These men are best men the
Company carries on its rolls, for
they have proven their loyalty and
their fitness for tb.3ir several respon
sibilities in the hard school of ex
perience and by survival of the
strict discipline which is necessary
in the administration of a railroad.
To recoguize their achievement and
to commemorate their honorable
record, the Company has arranged
to award each one of them a medal
which they can wear so long as they
live and hand down aj an heirloom
of'their families."
The medal is of bronze, of highly
artistic and successfal design. It is
the work of the distinguished sculp
tor Victor Brenner of New York, j
who was recommended tu the Com-1
pany by the United Stater Direc
tor of the Mint. The artist is best
known, perhaps, for hi? design of i
the current Lincoln penny.
The obverse of the medal bears i
the inscription "Southern Railway i
Company. For Loyalty," and shows
an actual scene on the road, a sec
tion of modern double track equip
ped with automatic signals, with |
an all steel passenger train runniug
through the mountains of North
Georgia. President Harrison's plan
was to show a typical industrial ;
scene with a factory in the back- i
ground, but the sculptor would not i
agree that a factory was capable
of artistic treatment and insisted
on mountains. It is, however, for
tunate for the Company and for
those who will wear the medals that i
there are factories on line as well i
as scenery. " i
The reverse of the medal shows ;
three symbols of modern railroad
ing: a telephone dispatcher at his
switch-board, a section gang eu
gaged in maintenance and a large
heavy-power press to represent the
shop crafts. Thus each principal
branch of the service is indicated.
On the reverse is also engraved the
name of the man to whom the
medal is awarded, with the dates
of his service record.
mingling of friends the hostess
served a tempting repast.
Miss Sara Stevens who is teach
ing at McCormick spent Saturday
and Sunday here at her home, hav
ing attended the teacher's convention
in Columbia.
Mr. Williams of McCormick
spent Sunday in the home of Mr.
P. C. Stevens.
The Angeline Bacon chapter, D.
of C., held a very enjoyable meet
ing on Saturday afternnoon with
Misses Sadie Lee and Jamie Bruce,
Miss Jessie Edwards conducting the
meeting. There were two new mem
bers gained, Misses Carobel Ste
vens and Leola Moffett. Miss Fran
ces Turner, historian had an inter
esting program arranged and the
meeting proved very interesting.
While chatting and making plans
for an Easter party and a camping
party during trie summer days all
enjoyed delightful refreshments
Mi. White of Saluda has been for
a visit in the home of his son, Mr.
James White.
Mrs. Elzie LaGrone and little
Irene Elizabeth spent la&t week at
Aiken in the home of the former's
mother, Mrs. Irene Coleman.
Mrs. W. L. Coleman has gone to
the Baptist hospital for treatment.
Boulevards Being Made by
Gang. Boosts Big Country
Store. Doolittle's 'Horse
and Buggv Asylum.
Dear Old Advertiser:
We people of Cleora arp so much
elated over the good work being
done around here by the chaingang,
with Capt,. Barrett in charge, that
we are just obliged to whoop up
our town a little bit. Capt. Bar
rett, with his genial smile and ac
commodating disposition, bas won
the friendship of all our people. It
is being said that he is doing more
and better work, with less fuss and
less help than has ever been done
in this section before. Yes, and
Charlie Broadwater, the Old Rock
of Gibraltar, stands pat and is god
father for the whole crew.
Now, Mr. Editor, we want you to
get in your new six-forty Paige car
and come up to see us, taking a spin
up Bartley street to Cleora, down
McClendon street to Williams street,
then to Red Land farm. Then take
down Brunson street to the Vienna
road and back to Cleora through
Reel's Southside avenue and if this
fails to make you smile, I will pay
the fiddler.
Now, if the supervisor wants to
complete the happiness of all of the
people of this burg, just let him
put Capt. Barrett and his gang on
Morgan street. This is a new street
and road leading from Cleora to
Berea church. We are not expect
ing that this road be put in thorough
repair at this time but a few days
work on it now would give us a
better way to get to Berea church
and would be highly appreciated by
us all.
Mr. Editot, just let rae speak of a
few more things and I am done for
this time. You know vre can boast,
of the largest country ?store in the
county, if not in the S;ate, run by
men of a high order of business
qualities. They put on a bargain
sale some time ago and you can bet
that our town has been thronged
with people from far and near, car
rying off bargains by the armful,
by buggy loads and wagon loads.
You see, when Albert Reel, one of
the best business boys in the coun
ty, puts a cut price on an article
you may be sure it is down. Yes,
down beiow zero and you safely
take it in.
Furthermore, we have got one of
the best hors3 shoers and wheel
wrights to be found anywhere. So
if your horse's feet need a doctor,
or your wagon or buggy goes
ura/.y, just bring them to Doolit
tle's asylum at Cleora. He stands
at his forge ready and willing to
make you .happ\V.
Brunson school is progressing
finely under the guidance of two of
the best teachers to be found any
where, Miss Sara Stevens and Miss
Carrie Collins. They have 50 pu
pils, all of whom are sound and
healthy, without a single defect of
any kind.
Grain is looking fairly well around
here, but I hear some complaint of
the fly being in it. More diversifi
cation is being practiced by our
farmers than was ever known be
fore and less guano is being used
than ever.
Old Klu Klux.
Cleora, S. C.
Edgefeid School Letter.
The preliminary contest in decla
mation and recitation took place in
the high school auditorium Mon
day morning. The contestants were
as follows: Annie Mae Culbreath,
"Biff Perkins Toboggan Slide";
Janice Morgan, "The College Oil
Cans;" Willie Peak, "Higher Cul
ture in Dixie;" Emmie Broadwater,
"The Soldier's Reprieve." .
Edwin Folk, "Devotion to Du
ty;" Pendleton Gaines, Happiness
and Liberty;' William Folk, "Sur
rey's Dream." The judges were: Mr.
S. McG. Simkins, Mr. B. E. Nich
olson and Mr. A. S. Tompkins.
Their'decision was rendered in fa
vor of Mi?s Janice Morgan and
William Folk. It was necessary to
select the second best as a substi
tute in case one should be needed,so
the following were chosen: Miss
Willie Peak and Edwin Folk. The
ones selected in the athletic contests
will appear next week.
School Correspondent.
Train Boys to be Good Citizens.
Body Found Near Modoc.
Farmers Very
Better say nothing, than noth
ing to the purpose."
Seeing facts as they present them
, as we read of current events,
e progress of science, brought
by the development of our
Ces, the demand upon us as a
makes us feel that no time
be lost on all lines of educa
How can anybody say "they
o part" in that which is for
tterraent of mankind. Some
what is done at Washington
ote?me before me and raine."
ot? Each family despite its
ness, helps round the nura
this great nation. So no
the position in life, our
t asset is the children of our
land.lt To our mind the foundation
worfaSegins at the fireside. Dis
cuss ?ie business world and its do
ings vjrith the children, teach them
by helping them to see the right
and wong of affairs. True patriot
ism iff.keeping ourselves spiritually
and intellectually informed. Tile
yoong should be encouraged to
equipjfeheraselves to encounter the
great jprobleais which progress of
time v^ll advance. Life is full of
perpexjties and grows as time ad
vances! To keep anywhere in ad
vauoejft can be done, only by an
education, and a trust in Him who
rules ojlfer ail. Comes to my mind
right bi?re, an incident of my child
hood:,' A young man of bright
ideals^jbut of poor parentage said,
"I desire above riches, an educa
tion,'? ?ny father to encourage him
said, lyou have a dictionary, study
that, aj&read your Bible to- keep
-v?a y-Wfebi-aml i( vou trvt .,.V?u
win succeed." Those were words bf
encouragement, so expressed to me
few years ago, the person having
reached to sucess as a business man
and a man of usefulness. To keep
good company is a means of educa
tion. Some writer has made this
assertion. "To keep bad company
is like playing with dirt, some is
sure to stick to you."
On the 11th inst., near Modoc I
the unidentified body of a young
man with one foot severed entirely
jus? above the shoe the other limb
at the hip almost from the body and
an ugly gash in forehead was found
by engineer early freight going
down. The railroad officials had
inquest over the body, and upon
examination, decided the killing
was accidental. In the shoe on then
severed foot was foitnd some money 11
both silver and bills so crushed that
could not determine the amount,
also a telegram in his coat pocket
from Centrai S. C., to Augusta,
Ga., by name Wiley McCallihan.
Soon the railroad was in communi
cation with the unfortunate family,
lu meantime the body was arranged
for burial, the good people of
Modoc rendering assistance, feeling
that it must be done orderly, say
ing it was "some mother's boy."
A brother came the next day and
carried the remains to Central. The
father was ill, hence the telegram,
but died day of accident.
Our farmers are busy now. Some
are using guano, but not much.
The timely warning of National
President of Farmers Union should
be, food for thought, for the entire
Irate Father-It's astonishing,
Richard, how much money you
need, y
Son-I don't need it, father; its
the hotel keepers, the tailers and
the taxicab men. - Boston Trans
Owens-My landlord has ordered
me out because I can't pay ray
Bowens--Glad I met you. So has
mine. Let's change quarters.-Bos
ton Transcript.
FOR RENT-A five-room resi,
deuce near the high school. Pos
session given at once. Apply to"
J. L. Mims.
The Best Hot Weather Tonic
GROVE'S TASTELESSchill TONIC enriches the
blood, builds up the whole system and will won
derfully strengthen and fortify you to withstand
the depressing effect of the hot summer. 50c.
ToTke Teachers of Edgefield
Remember that Friday, April 7,
is Field Day for Edgefield county.
The success or failure of the day
will depend upon the schools of the
county. Every single school should
be represented. '
The committee has arranged a
very interesting program, consist
ing of both mental and physical
contests. Each school is allowed two
representatives in each contest.
The parade will be formed on
Main street leading from the pub
lic square to the depot, promptly at
10:30 o'clock. The column will be
led by a brass band. The school
children accompanied by their teach
ers and trustees will march in col
umn of two in the following alpha
betical order:
Antioch, Beaver Dam, Berea,
Bethlehem. Brunson, Camp Branch,
Cemetery Hill, Center Spring. Col
liers, Elgemore, Edgefield, Folk,
Flat Rock, Gardnerville, Griffis
Harmony, Jeffcoat, Johnston, Le
noir, Liberty Hill, Limestone, Log
Creek, Long Branch, Long Cane,
Lott, McKendree, Meeting Street,
Modoc, Morgana, Mt. Zion, Oak
Grove, Parksville, Pine Grove No.
1, Pine Grove No. 2, Pleasant Line,
Plum Branch, Red Hill, Rehoboth,
Rapers, Sweetwater, Sullivan, Till
man, Trenton, Waycross No. 1,
Waycross No. 2, White Town,
Wimberly Branch.
The parade will end at the sohool
grounds where the welcoming ad
dress will be made by Hon. J. C.
Sheppard, announcements and in
formation given out, and when all
?ontests will be held. Before.dinner
the athletic events will take place
md after dinner the mental con
tests consisting of the spelling con
test and declamation and recitation.
Teachers bear in mind that the dec
lamation and recitation contests
A ?U ive hei'd- ia--Ehe*-afternoon--in
jtead of the' evening as at first
Remember, teachers, patrons,
trustees, April 7 is school day. Can
vou think of a day more interesting
or important? See that your school
is represented. An interesting pro
gram, a picnic and barbecued din
ier, a brass band. What more could
rou wish.
The Central Committee.
Court of Common Pleas.
At the time of our going to press
last week the court was engaged
with the suit brought by Dr. J. R. j
rimmerman against Mr. O. 0. Po-1
5ey to recover 28 acres of land and j
damages, the sum of *1,000 being
involved. A verdict was rendered
m favor of the plaintiff, restoring
io him the 23 acres of land and
iwarding damages to the amount of
The case that has attracted most
attention since the convening of the
sourt of'common pleas was the suit
brought by Mr. John O. Scott
against the Georgia-Carolina Power
Uompany for $2,500 damages. Mr.
Scott alleged that the impounded
water resulting from the dara which
the Georgia-carolina Power Com
pauy constructed across Savannah
river has caused a stream near his
home to overflow and that has
created sickness in his family, and
because of this damage to his prop
erty and menace to the health of
his family he sought redress in the
The testimony in the case was com
pleted Saturday, and Monday morn
ing the sheriff, following the order
of the court, secured four automo
biles and carried the jury down to
view the property in order that
they may act more intelligently.
After being in the room several
hours the jury rendered a verdict
Tuesday afternoon for $500 in fa
vor of Mr. Scott. The plaintiff was
represented by J. Wm. Thurmond
and B. E. Nicholson and the de
fendant by Sheppard Bros, Elliot
and Herbert of Columbia and Boy
kin Wright of Augusta.
The next case called Tuesday was
similar to the abovr, being a suit
for damages in the sum of $10 ,200
against the Georgia-Carolina Power
Company by Mr. Walter Cheatham.
The jury will be taken in automo
biles to view the property Thurs
day. There are about 10 other cases
against the Georgia,-Caroliua Power
Company but these were continued
to the next term of court. As the
suit of Mr. Cheatham will be the
last for this term, all petit jurors
except those drawn on this case
were discharged Tuesday afternoon.
Township Equalization Board
Met. Hardy's Church With
out Organist. Missiona
ry Society to Meet.
Sunday was a lovely soring day,
warm, bright and very little wind
in comparison with what we have
been having. We have h id more
wind and harder wind this season
than for years it seems to me The
trees ought surely to gr.?w well af
ter such work as the wind has given
We were truly sorry to hear of
the extreme illness of little James
McClain, son of Mr. ano Mrs. Mc
Clain, Sr., who have recently moved
to the Cooper neighborhood. He
has pneumonia and was taken to bis
aunt's Mrs. Will Walker's to be
treated by Dr. Moore, the child
specialist. We hope to hear to-day
cf his being much better.
Glad to see Mrs. Luther Reese ap
again after her severe spell of chills,
she and Miss Georgia R-ene. Mrs.
Reese spent a few days with her
sister, Mrs. Gertie Shaw, hoping to
gain some strength and get rid of
some of the malaria. She certainly
shows what malaria has done for
her. She guarantees ns a fall sap
ply of malaria if we will come spend
one night with her. Of coarse we
promised not to come.
We are glad to report that we
have just heard that little James
McClain is a little better, his fever
being less this morning.
Miss Mary Townes left this morn
ing for Shelton, S. C., where she
will take a school for a short term.
Last Tuesday the equalization
board of Meriwether township met
at Mr. John Scott's and we were in
vited to spend the dav also with
the ladies. Mrs. Scott and Miss Inez
'haWTifeircousins, a bright* 'pretty
young lady from Grovetown, Ga.,
Miss Nina Blackstone, visiting
there, also the teacher a sweet little
creature Miss Kitty Link. Mrs. H.
F. Cooper and Miss Lilla Bunch,
Herbert Bunch, Mr. H. F. Cooper,
Mr. Wiley Glover, Mr. Will Far
ris and Mr. Eu Spires were all there
to dine that day, and enjoyed the
entire day with Mr. Scott's hospita
ble family.
Since Miss Irene Scott married
we have lost our organist at Har
dy's, and we missed her Sunday
very much as no one else would play
for us. The>*e were not so many out
as should have been as pretty a day
as it was. There was a fairly good
attendance at Sunday school at
Sweetwater we were told, and after
it was over the young folks motor
ed to Augusta for a joy ride.
We were very sorry to Lear of
Mrs. T. J. Briggs being so sick.
Hope she will soon be up again and
be able to attend the missionary
meeting which will be at Hardy's
church, owing to Mrs. Townes not
being at home. Sorry to hear Mr.
Will Briggs is not at all well.
Attention j Woman's Missie n
The Institute of the western
division will take place at Aiken on
April 10, 31 and 12. The first meet
ing will be held on Monday night
at the first Baptist church and will
be one of great interest. The prox
imity of Aiken to Edgefield is %
great advantage in this instance and
every member of the mission socie
ties who can possibly do so should
derive the benefit and inspiration
from this occasion.
The institutes are arranged for
the convenience of those belonging
to the respective divisions as* many
can not attend the state meetings.
There is uo restriction a s to dele
gates. As many as can be secured
.are expected and the Aiken people
are preparing for a large number.
Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Fizer and
Mrs. Davis will be present. Dr. E.
P. Jones will make the Monday
evening address.
Mrs. Tillman as vice-president of
the western division will preside
over all the sessions.
Mrs. J. L. Mims.
Seed Irish Potatoes.
We can supply you with the cele
brated Buist Irish.... potatoes for
planting, none better on the market.
We have the Bliss, Early Rose,
Cobbler and other popular varie
Penn & Holstein.

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