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Office No. 61.
) Residence, No.17.
Wednesday, March 22
Mr. P. M. Markeri was a wel
comed visitor in Edgefield Tuesday.
Mrs. J. H. Tompkins is visiting
relatives and friends in Darlington
this week.
Mrs. J. B. Kennerlv is spending
a week in Greenville with her sister,
Mrs. E. C. Brown.
The quarterly statements of the
Farmers Bank and the Bank of
Edgefield are published in this
Little Miss Emily Bailey arrived
Friday from Jacksonville to make
an extended visit to her grandmoth
er, Mrs. Emma Marsh.
Mr. and Mrs. Capers Kirkland
nnited with the Baptist church Sun
day morning by letters from the
church where thev formerly resid
Mr. Hugh Scott was in Edgefield
several days attending court last
week. His friends regret that the in
tervals between his visits are so
Tf one is to judge the attention
that p^op'e are giving to earlv gar
dens by th** number of cabbage
plants the Edgefield merchants arp
selling, there will be better gardens
in this vicinity than usual.
Attention is directed to the fol
lowing new advertisements in this
issue: The Corner Store, Mukashy
Bargain House, Rubenstein, The
Bank of Trenton, the Bank of
Parksville and B. T. Boatwright.
Under the management of Mr.
Purrooghesa play entitled "Slocum
Inn" will soon be given in the
opera hou?e for the benefit of the
Civic League. A prominent fea
ture of the entertainment will he
several choruses by young ladies of
the town.
Having completed her examina
tions for a period covering the past
three months, Miss Florence Mims
^earae home from Coker college Sun
day and remained until this morn
ing when she will return to resume
her studies She will be accompa
nied as far as Columbia to day by
her mother, Mrs. J. L. Mims.
We do not know of a more inter
esting conversationalist than Mr.
6. W. Med lock of the Meriwether
section. He has leen attending
court as a witness in one of the
Georgia Carolina Power Company
casesand came to The Advertiser
office for a short while Monday
morning. We always enjoy his vis
Lapt week County Demonstra
tion Agent P. N. Lott made an ap
peal through the columns of Thc
.Advet tiser to the parents to co
operate with h?m in his efforts to
organize large corn clubs among
the boys and canning clubs araom?
the girls. We hope his appeals will
receive hearty responses. He is doing
a great work in Edgefield county.
The Musical Comedy Company
has been providing pleasant diver
sion for the Eilgefield people every
night thi* week by their miscella
neous programm?s in the opera
house. There will be a splendid
attraction every night throughout
tbe week- A new programme is
given each night. Wherever they
have been they have delighted their
On Saturday, April 8, the colored
people of Edgefield will celebrate
the emancipation proclamation
by President Lincoln. Rev. Rich
ard Carroll will deliver the address
of the occasion. Rev. Carroll re
sides in Columbia and is doing a
great work among the members of
bis race. lie has many friends in
Edgefiel 1 among both the white
and colored people.
My preaching services for this
Sunday are: Trenton at 11:15 and
Johnston at 8 o'clock.
E. C. Bailey.
Come in to see our new spring
offerings. A portion of our stock
has arrived and other goods are
following almost every day. We
have new spring goods marked very
J. W. Peak.
LOST: Tuesday afternoon be
tween E Igefieid and Ropers a la
dy's g''''i watch. Initials "A. S.
H." sr.ci diamond on back. Suita
ble re- ?rd will be paid if lett at
The Advertiser oiiice.
Werfern Division Institute, W. M. ?., Aiken, S. C., April 10-12
Monday Evening, April 10, 8:00 O'clock.
Devotional Service-Rev. P. J. McLean, D. D.
Vocal selection, "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth," Miss Nan
Greeting from Hostess Association, Mrs. W.
Words of Welcome from W. M. S., Y. W.
beams of the First Baptist Church of Aiken.
Response from Western Division, Mrs. J. L. Mims.
Hymn, Offering.
Address, "Christianity and the Crisis," Rev. E. P. Jones, D. D.
A. Parker.
A., R. A. and Sun
Tuesday Morning.
A. M.-Devotions, Mrs. J. L. Harris.
A. M.-The Institute-Why? Mrs. J. R. Fizer.
M.-News from the Superintendents.
M.-Song Message, Miss Nan Gunter.
M.-Mid?Year Financial Report of Western Division.
M.-The Value of Attractive Meetings, Mrs. W. H.
P. M,-A W. M. U. Message, Mrs. J. D. Chapman, State
W. M. U.
P. M. -Model Members' Contest, Mrs. J. L. Mims.
P. M.-Intermission.
Tuesday Afternoon.
2:15 P. M.-Y. W. A. Processional.
2:20 P. M.-Devotions, Mrs. Alvin Etheredge.
2:30 P. M.-"Tipping or Tithing," Mrs. George E. Davis.
3:00 P. M.-Open Conference for Y. W. A's.
3:15 P. M.-Message of Song, Duet, "One Sweetly Solemn
Thought," Mrs. Smoak, Miss Dobey.
3:20 P. M.-Education in the Western Division, Mrs. W. H.
3:40 P. M.-Promotion Day Demonstration, Mrs. J. R. Fizer.
4:15 P. M.-Y. W. A. Demonstrated Programme.
Tuesday Evening. 8:00 O'clock.
Praise service, Rev. H. R. Chapman.
Anthem, choir.
Social Service, Address, Miss Daisy Cummings of Sibley Settle
ment House.
Vocal Solo, "The Heavenly Song," Miss Nan Gunter.
Illustrated Lecture, Rev. P. J. McLean, D. D.
Music. _
Wednesday Morning.
10.00 A. M.-Devotions, Miss Ethel Brooker.
10:10 A. M.-Engineering the Association, Mrs. J. R. Fizer.
10:40 A. M.-Song Message, Miss Nan Gunter.
10:50 A. M.-Sunbeam Work, Methods, Means and Ideals, Dem
onstrated, Mrs. W. J. Hatcher.
ll :50 A. M. -Letter to Royal Ambassadors, Mrs. E. Carpenter.
12:00 M.-Music. Offering.
.12:10 A. M.-Mission Study, Mrs. J. D. Chapman.
1:00 P. M.-Has My Christian Life Made Any Difference in the
World? Mrs. George E. Davis.
1:20 P. M.-Report of Committees:
Time and Place.
Resol u tiona.
1:25 P. M.-Closing service, Mrs. Augusta Fly.
Send names at once to Mrs. R. B. Carter, Chairman of Com
mittee on Hospitality.
W. C. T. U. Meeline;.
One of the most interesting meet
ings of the year was held at the home
of Mrs. II. H. Sanders on Wednes
The occasion was the celebration
of the birthday of Mrs. Lillian Ste
vens, and a very interesting drill
on parliamentary usage conducted
by Mrs. Tillman, superintendent of
that department.
After devotions by Mrs. Peak,
business was attended to and the
place ol the reception in honor of
the most model member was an
nounced. This will take place with
Miss Eliza Mims on March 30, the
most model member in the recent
contest being the guest of honor.
At the beginning of the meeting
each subscriber to the Union Signa!
was called upon to give some incl
dent in connection with it, as a re
sult of whiol) three new subscribers
were gained.
Mitchell Wells read a little story
of Mrs. Stevens' childhood, called
Lillian's Flag." Mitchell was the
only one who received applause and
he is a gifted reader.
Mrs. Mims read a short sketch of
Mrs. Stevens' life.
Mrs. Townsend reported a pocket
for literature place! at the depot
and called for good reading matter
j^to place there. She is now the effi
cient superintendent of the local
literature department.
Perhaps the most interesting and
unique feature of the meeting was a
parliamentary drill in which a num
ber of ladies took part, among j
them Mrs. L. T. Mav, Miss Hunter, j
Mrs. B. Timmons, Mrs. E. P. |
Jones, Mrs. YV. E. Lott, Mrs. W.
B. Cogburn, Mrs. E. J. Norris,
Mrs. J. L. Mims, Mrs. Fannie
Tompkins, with Mrs. Tillman pre
A class will be formed in the YV.
C. T. IT. about ten ladies studying
for a few months and others taking
it up at the conclusion ut the first
class. Mrs. Tillman will have charge
of this study.
The next regular meeting of the
W. C. T. U. will take place with
Mrs. A. E. Padgett on April 3 with
Mrs. YV. S. Cogburn in charge.
The subject will be Medical Tem
At the conclusion of meeting
the president presented the hostess
with a picture of Mrs. Stevens in
.-^predation ol her generous hospi
Refreshments were daintily serv
ed consisting of ice cream and a
variety of cake.
Edenfield people who bought the
simple mixture of buckthorn bark,
irlycerine, etc., known as Adler-i
ka, are surprised at the INSTANT
effect of a SINGLE SPOONFUL.
This remedy is so complete a bowel
cleanser that it is used sdccessfully
in appendicitis. Adler-i-ka acts on
BOTH upper and lower bowel and
ONE SPOONFUL relieves almost
ANY CASE of constipation, sour
or gassy stomach. ONE MINUTE
after you take it the gasses rumble
and pass out. Collett & Mitchell
druggist. 4
I respectfully announce that I ara
a candidate for Mayor of the town
of Edgefield and will appreciate the
support of th" voters.
J. G. Edwards, M. D.
Every department of our stock is
being replenished with the newest
in spring merchandise. YVe are
showing many new novelties and
pretty things in spring notions.
Every tiling: io the store is bright
and new.
J. YV. Peak.
Come to us for your garden seed.
We Mill Buist's seed, the kind that
never fail to germinate. The best
cost no more than inferior seed.
Penn & Holstein.
See the new Post-Card Photos in
beautiful folders at Miss Eliza Mims'
?tudio. Something new-only $2.00 per
April llth to 14th Will be a
Ci ala Week in Augusta.
Augusta, Ga.,-The week of
April llth to the 14th, inclusive,
will be a memorable one in the his
tory of Augusta and this section of
the south, for then the first annual
Augusta Festival, put on by the
At-su-gua Week Association, will
he held. What the Mardi Gras is
to New Orleans and Mobile, and
what Gaspariila week is to Tampa
each year, Atsugua week will be to
Persons will wonder just how the
organization happened to adopt such
a name, and the answer is given by
Col. Sanford H. Cohen, manager of
the Atsugua Association, who says
that Atsugua was the name of au
Indian princess that lived here
about when the first white settlers
came, and the colonist* spelled her
name backwards, and it spelled
Augusta. The popular belief is
that Augusta was named for
princess of the reigning family
in England, and tbiii is probably
true, but Cohen insists on his Indian
During Atsugua week there will
be low rates on all railroads, and
many thousands of people will
come to Augusta. The first day,
Tuesday, April llth, will be the J
time for the big civic parade and
the opening of the big amphi
theatre on Broad Street. There
will also be aeroplane flights put
on by the masters at the Wright'
On Wednesday, tli? 12th, the big]
feature will be a Ford parade, and '
many thousands of Fords are ex
pected to come from all parts of
Georgia and South Carolina. Be
tween $500 and $1,000 will be given
in prizes.
Thursday there will bea decora
tive floral parade with over ?500 in j
prizes, and also aeroplane flights, j
There will be athletic events on the1
streets and aquatic events on the!
river also.
Friday will be the last and great- ;
est day, and there will be athletic
sports on Broadway, fantastic pa
rade, bicycle and motorcycle pa
rade, big shows in the ampkithea-:
ter an address by Senator James
Hamilton Lewis, of Illinois, a
former Augustan, while a grand
You ure
cordially invi
made every e
of treatment
our customer
for any reasoi
we try to be
we can pron
with us you ?
from the lead
did variety oi
Our Dry
and our shoe
We call espe<
now on the r
one of the be:
are fortunate
by large city
See our <
and Boys. (
prices aie as 1
us show you
them. We }
to make goo?
and under no
Absolutely Pura
No Alum-No Phosphate
ball Friday night will end the fes
y Those wisLing to have a royal
'.rood time cannot afford to miss At
sugua week in Augusta. Thousands
will be here, and will make merry
on Broadway. There will be music
in abundance of the popular kind,
and the entire week will be one
gorgeous affair right after another.
The greatest line of actors, acro
bats and sensational performers ever
seen in the South will be brought
here from New York, costing over
Notice to Stock Kaisers
My Jack will make the season at
Wm. Allen Mobley's farm west
end Edisto Street, Johnston, S. 0.
He will stand as follows: Service
fee 815 00 insuring foal, $5.00 pay
able when mare is bred, the balance
when colt is foaled. Notes or con
tracts for deferred payments must
be given. Not liable should acci
dents occur. Phone No. 12-3.
Johnston, S. C.
. 3-22 6t.
Hundreds of people may read this who have no Bank
Account. Some time or other they are going to have
one-going to start their account here. Yet out of all
these hundreds not one of them has said I WILL. If
you will make up jour mind at once-if you will say I
WILL-if yon will bring- or mail to us any sum you
can put your hands upon you will never regret haviug
made the start.
If a man but say he WILL, and follows it up,
there is nothing in reason he may not expect
to accomplish. There is no magic, no miracle,
no secret to him who is brave in heart and
determined in spirit.-London Journal.
Hours: 9:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m.
We pay 5 per cent, on time deposits.
ns :
going to do your spring shopping, and we
te you to come in to our store, as we have
ffort to have our goods, prices and methods
right. We always aim to entirely please all
s, and if any dissatisfaction arises at any time
ii or cause we ask you to be as fair to us as
to you. Therefore kindly let us know so
?ptly give same our attention. In trading
ire absolutely safe, as we buy all of our goods
mg houses. We have in our store a splen
. Spring goods.
Goods are the best we have ever shown,
stock is the biggest we have ever bought,
na! attention to our WALK-OVER Shoes
oad, and to arrive in a few days. This is
it lines of dress shoes in the country, and we
in getting the line, as it is usually sold only
elegant line of SPRING SUITS for Men
"onie in and inspect every department. Our
ow as dependable goods can be sold. Let
the goods. It is no trouble to us to show
)rotect you by our guarantee. If we failed
i our guarani e we'd lose your confidence,
circumstance do we wish to lose that,
to see you soon arid serve you, we are
Yours respectfully,

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